Macon, GA The Macon Clones are now official (Meeting #3 details)

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by Allie Fox, Nov 22, 2002.

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  1. Allie Fox FanForce CR Macon GA US

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    It is finished.

    Well not for good but our status has now been elevated to that of "Official." Last night(November 21) Grand Admiral Jedi, Litlle Jedi, Smiling Otter, Whip Warrior and me held our third meeting at Macon State College. Whip Warrior brought his DVD player, wave radio and AOTC DVD. We hooked it up to a multimedia projector and watched the movie on the ?small? big screen. It was awesome. We discussed plot points, easter eggs, cameos, etc. We generally MST3Ked though the whole thing. I should have gotten that big bag of popcorn L. After the movie we discussed group business.

    The first thing discussed was the name for the group. I had a list of names that had been suggested on the messageboard and it was decided that MACON CLONES would be our official name.

    Allie Fox (little ol? me) was voted as the Macon Clones? first City Rep. We decided that the City Rep would be responsible for organizing and presiding over meetings and would serve a one year term. A ?constitution? will be drafted which will reflect the rules by which we will conduct ourselves. I will prepare the by-laws and present them at the next meeting.

    Recruitment will be the primary mission to begin with. Being that the group consists of members from several communities, each member will be tasked with spreading the word in their respective areas. I will email a flyer to members for posting in libraries, comic & book stores and on college campuses. I will also contact local TV stations to have our meetings posted on the local community calendar.

    Official logo ideas were bantered about and the issue will be bumped to the next meeting to further develop the ideas that were presented. By the way I think a combo of everyone?s ideas would be cool(you know what I mean guys;) ) The logo will be (of course)incorporated into our group promo campaigns and will be used on the website. Hosting and domain registration will be checked into by ME. I?ll give a report next meeting.

    Who will be going to Dragon*Con? That was the question posed. The membership rate will remain steady until February 14. It was advised that all who wanted to attend D*C inform the group by the January meeting and we?ll make arrangements for lodging, etc.

    The next meeting will be held a Fuddrucker?s in Macon on December 19. After meeting and eating we will head to the AmStar for The Two Towers. Further details will be posted soon.

    After we adjourned we checked out Litlle Jedi?s Electronic Artoo Detoo in the parking lot. I was decided that it was WAY TOO COOL and that we all must have one.

  2. Grand_Admiral_Jedi Jedi Youngling

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    See George Wash uh I mean Allie Fox, dreams do come true in America.

    Anyway, all I gotta say is yeah!!!!

    The Darkest spot for Star Wars Fandom just got brighter.

    Take notice, Fan Forces, the Macon Clones have arrived.
  3. sabrann Jedi Youngling

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    We are making the world better one Cloned Peach at a time :p
  4. whipwarrior Jedi Youngling

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    The time: November 21, 2002
    The place: Macon State College
    The event: Star Wars 101

    As a rule, college campuses have always made me feel extremely uncomfortable, but last night I was completely at ease. The meeting went effortlessly due to the support and enthusiasm of everyone in attendance. Kudos to the fine multimedia girl who was kind enough to unlock the room and let us in. My only regret is that I wasn't allowed to crank up the Bose to the point where its audio capabilities could be fully appreciated. Still, the boardroom acoustics were great, and the picture was sensational (once we figured out how to make the projector work!). I particularly enjoyed the outtake reel, a feature that I have been unable to access on my DVD player.
    It was agreed upon that we should strive to keep the group hierarchy as informal as possible, and thus retain a fun-filled atmosphere for all group functions. That in mind, we had a really great time, a lot of laughs, and the rest is history. I'm looking forward to the fourth meeting in December, as well as attending the Dragon Con next year as Indiana Jones! (see May the Force be with everyone!

  5. Southernjedi Jedi Padawan

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    Way to go Macon!

    Sounds like an excellent meeting, y'all. It must have been pretty cool watching Clones on the "small" big screen.

    I've seen a few ideas here I might use for the Chattanooga FF effort.

    Once you have your constitution in place, could I get a copy of it for us?

    Thanks! :)
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