CT "The Man Behind Darth Vader" - New Interview with David Prowse

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    Nice interview! Glad to hear his thoughts on the prequels.
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    Does he still think his Cornwall accent was ever considered as an option for Vader's?

    As Carrie Fisher tells it, Prowse was referred to on set as 'Darth Farmer', because that's what he sounded like delivering his lines. He might as well have been saying "Get orff moy land" to Obi-Wan.

    This is hogwash, too:

    I read an interview with Sebastian Shaw a while back, Alec Guinness wasn't even aware he was in ROTJ until he bumped into him one day at the studio. When Guinness asked him what he was working on, Shaw replied, "Some science-fiction thing."
    So no, Prowse wasn't somehow robbed of the role of Anakin Skywalker by the old-boys' network.
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    Prowse's ego is always something to behold. Don't see Ray Park going on and on about being "the man behind Darth Maul", do you? :p
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    Good interview, thanks for posting.
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    Interesting read, good post.
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    I'd never heard the story about Sebastian Shaw before .