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    Disclaimer: This is the second installment of an ongoing Qui-Gon and Xanatos series similar to the Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan series Jedi Apprentice. It is going to be a series about Qui-Gon and Xanatos from when they first became master and apprentice up until the fall of Xanatos on Telos. I hope fans of Xanatos will enjoy it.

    [link=]The Uncertain Promise[/link] This is the first story of how Qui-Gon found Xanatos.

    Special Thanks: George Lucas. The Jedi Apprentice series. Wookiepedia. The Expanded Universe writers.

    Part I: Coruscant

    Chapter 1

    The sun of Coruscant rose slowly this morning. The tallest of the spired buildings had a gleaming shine while the lower parts were still in a cool shade. The traffic of the morning was frequent and busy on the ground and in the skies. Regarding the traffic of Coruscant it was always like that. The city was always in motion as was the living Force.

    This was the thought of Qui-Gon Jinn as he looked out of the windows of a corridor he was walking in the Jedi Temple. It was a new day and he was a new Master. The previous day had marked his ascension to Jedi Master from Jedi Knight. After successfully guiding a Padawan to Knighthood the Jedi Council knighted his apprentice and raised his rank in the Jedi Order.

    It was a proud day in his career as a Jedi. His former Master Dooku had been there and had nothing but words of encouragement and looked on him as a proud father would a son. Tahl who had been made the chief librarian of the Jedi Temple a handful of months before was glad to see that Qui-Gon had finally become a Master. She felt he was more than ready and that training a padawan was all he needed to do according to the Council which he did. Even though he had trained his padawan he had to admit that it was almost too easy. His student was very near the title of Jedi Knight and after a little bit of training he had done it. It was almost as if he had put in the last piece of a massive puzzle that someone else had been working on. While he was a Jedi Master he was not sure that he had really trained an apprentice.

    His walk through the morning hours led him to the base of the Jedi Temple and at this level he came to the Room of a Thousand Fountains. It was a large room with waterfalls and stone walkways and Hylaain marsh bambo. This room flowed with the Force and its calming effects were perfect for meditation and healing. In the room there was a large wroshyr tree that nearly touched the roof of the room. There was talk that one day when the tree reached that point the room would have to be modified so the tree could continue to grow. Tyvokka, the Wookie Jedi Master who sat on the High Council, had considered building rooms inside the tree for meditation. The tree had originally been brought to the temple by Tyvokka and Yoda after a mission to Kashyyk, the homeworld of the Wookies. It was a gift from the chieftain of Kichiro named Tarful. This was certainly an honor since the Wookies were in a harmony with their environment that matched that of a Jedi with the Force.

    On a stone the great master Yoda sat in meditation. Eyes closed and pointed ears seeming alert. His green skin illuminated by light and his breathing calm. Qui-Gon approached him and sat down cross-legged on a stone opposite the creature and began his own meditation. He was continuing his thoughts about whether or not he really could train an apprentice.

    Five years ago he had discovered a boy on Telos named Xanatos. He did not feel then he could train an apprentice yet he did feel a connection to the boy and had asked if he could train him. Sometimes he wondered what had prompted him to do so. He still felt a tinge of guilt at serperating the boy from his father but it was for the greater good and Crion had realized this. He had just become a Jedi Master but he knew in the back of his mind that he had had it easy. He knew that he did not get the full experience of Master
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    Very nice

    I loved Qui-Gon's talk with Yoda, though it's unfortunate he wasn't as weary about Xanatos as the rest of the Council. Perhaps being the one to bring Xani to the Temple clouded his judgement a bit.

    I was glad he sought the Council's permission to become Xanatos' Master.

    Great job on this

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
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    Thank you. I have Qui-Gon written like this because I went over the The Dark Rival last night and when Qui-Gon is telling Obi-Wan about Xanatos you can tell he was blind to a lot of things that Xanatos did. He even wanted to believe that Xanatos wouldn't do the mischievous things he did. At the same time Xanatos was also good at covering his tracks and being very sincere to Qui-Gon. Also keep in mind that while Qui-Gon is argueably one of the greatest Jedi Masters he did have a past in which he failed with Xanatos and there were repercussions of this. He was very hesistant to take another and thankfully he did with Obi-Wan. Glad you like what you've read so far.

    *bows to Keila*
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    whoot! Great start!. I would say more, but I'm tired here. Keep it up.
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    The fight was broken up and Xanatos smiled with a bloody face saying "I always have a backup plan" and with that he tripped Cin Drallig with the Force declaring he won as they were being seperated. Qui-Gon had reprimanded Xanatos for that when the boy told him.

    That's the kind of stuff I'd expect from a Jedi whose destined to become a Dark Jedi.

    Good post. Hopefully I can keep up with this one. [face_worried]

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    Chapter 2

    The Jedi Council was assembled. It was the middle of the day on Coruscant and the room was bright. Yoda had called the meeting knowing that some issues had needed to be addressed and Jedi needed assignments. They chose which Jedi would receive which mission. Qui-Gon Jinn was being assigned to a mission and when it was time to see him they received the human male in his brown cloak and Jedi tunic. Long hair flowing past his shoulders in a brown that went with the cloak. Blue eyes ready and alive with the Force. His calm demeanor and successful career as a Jedi so far made Yoda wonder when he would see him on the council. A decade or two perhaps?

    "Master Qui-Gon summoned you to the High Chamber we have to inform you of your next assignment", said Yoda and then he nodded to Thame Cerulian.

    "As you know the Senate-Interspecies Advisory Committee that Master Jorus C'boath serves on dispatched the Ando Demilitarization Observation Group almost a decade ago. C'boath was instrumental in this group and was able to reduce the violence and escalation that was occuring on that planet. C'boath was needed elsewhere so he left Master Nuondo to continue his work. Before leaving he asked the permission of the Council and we agreed since Master Nuondo was an Aqualish and had already worked with C'boath on the planet. We had not heard reports for a while, as you know we are spread thin across the galaxy so we could not immediately dispatch help. Later when you went to Telos you had found his lightsaber. We inquired about his death and from searches that turned up nothing we deduced that he was dead. We sent another Jedi Knight, Ron Tune, to take Nuondo's place and over these handful of years he has done considerably well considering it is his first major mission. That Knight has failed to report to us in the past standard month", said Thame leaning forward.

    "No doubt you can sense the urgency of this mission. We will not allow another repeat of Nuondo's fate. Ando is as dangerous as navigating an asteroid field. There is hope for Ando but it is a dangerous place nonetheless", said Sifo-Dyas.

    "With the Andoan Free Colonies established that is a relevant point in terms of there being hope for Ando. However the conflict runs deep, it's as much apart of that world as its oceans I'm afraid to say", said Mace.

    "We have not heard of any uprisings or exteme warfare on the planet. The last report from Tune is here. We are going to play it for you", said Thame and with that a holoprojector was activated and the transmission that was recorded began to play. Ron Tune stood in his Jedi cloak with the wind blowing intensely.

    "I've been investigating some murders that have been occuring. The victims have all been crucial players in the Andoan Civil War. What stands out from these murders is all the victims have wounds that were cauterized after being slashed. I wonder if perhaps a Dark Jedi is what did this. I am not sure of this but I thought I would voice my speculations. I still have the pirate attacks as well, they are becoming more frequent. The group is one called the Great Dark Hunters. I may need backup from this point because the pirates seem to be growing in their numbers. I will report if I have found out anything else on both fronts", and with that the transmission ended.

    "Pirates on Ando are as common as pirates in space. If they are truly an overwhleming threat we will need to intervene with more force. What concerns us the most is the possibility of a Dark Jedi. We ask that you would follow up on this lead. However, finding Ron Tune is the most important aspect of this mission", said Ki-Adi-Mundi.

    "Will I have support on this mission?", asked Qui-Gon.

    "No. You will be disguised as a traveler. We have an old stock freighter that was confiscated by the Republic. They have lent it to us for you to use as part of your cover. Your name will be Leen Neeson. You'll be traveling to Ando to find a new trade in fish", said Saesee Tinn.

    "Crucial this mission is. Grave danger there could be. Caution you
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    ooh this is SO good. More, More!
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    Hmmmm....possible dark Jedi on Ando.

    That cannot be a good thing. I certainly hope Qui-Gon/Leen will be able to handle whatever he encounters.

    I loved his conversation with Xanatos....though I don't have high hopes Xani will take his advice.

    Great update

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
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    Chapter 3

    The Dead Pool was in hyperspace now and Qui-Gon checked the instruments in the cockpit to make sure that the ship was fine and then he went back to TC-12. He had heard the droid fussing about something so he decided to see what was going on back there. Moving through the corridors of the ship he wondered what the droid was having complaints about, probably the unkept interior. He found the gray droid and someone else, his jaw almost dropped. In the center of the ship was TC-12 waving its arms in disarray and a black haired boy with blue eyes from Telos. Xanatos was on the ship.

    "What are you doing here?", he asked scolding the boy.

    "I'm coming to Ando with you", he said innocently as if nothing were wrong with him being onboard The Dead Pool.

    "Xanatos you are in so much trouble right now I don't think I'll be able to explain it to you", said Qui-Gon crossing his arms and frowning. What was this boy hoping to accomplish? He had left the Temple which was a huge no-no for a youngling. He was already in trouble as it was serving detention and now he was comprimising the mission to Ando.

    "I know I'm in trouble and that it's only worse now, but I had to go", he said. The look in his eyes said that he honestly felt he would be pardoned for this stunt.

    "Why would you have to go to Ando? You are a youngling and your place is at the Temple to be instructed in the ways of the Force. You do not go onto missions until you have been taken as a Padawan learner. Xanatos you are very intelligent but right now you are not demonstrating that intelligence. I'm going to turn the ship around and take you back to the Temple. I only hope that you are not expelled. You already push the limits of your education with your behavior", he said. He was not angry so his voice was calm. He was annoyed that he'd have to go back to the Temple to take Xanatos. For all he knew Ron Tune depended on every second that he had to spare and instead he was taking longer all because this boy felt he needed to go to Ando with Qui-Gon.

    "Don't do that please. You don't understand", he pleaded.

    "I understand that you have violated your privileges as a youngling", he countered.

    "I know but you don't understand what it's like at the Temple. I know what I do makes everyone mad but they make me mad", he said becoming upset as he thought about the Temple.

    "Xanatos, anger is not something that a Jedi should be indulging in", warned Qui-Gon. He had said that he was going to turn around the ship but now it seemed that Xanatos needed help. Perhaps Qui-Gon should give it to him.

    "I know that anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering. I've heard it enough. I am not indulging in anger but sometimes I feel mad. I feel like everyone at the Temple doesn't like me and that they keep me in the same classes as everyone else so I won't do better. I don't think anyone wants me to be better even though I can. Most of my classes are boring because it's so easy and when I am done with everything I never get more work. Instead they tell me to help everyone else out. It's not my fault that they can't do it", he said almost shouting.

    "Xanatos everyone at the Temple knows how strong you are in the Force. As your power grows so should your maturity and your sense of responsibility. This is the reason for why you are kept with your peers. Xanatos you haven't showed the Masters that you can be mature. You cause trouble for your own amusement and that makes them weary of you", explained Qui-Gon.

    "But I can be better. I just am so bored that it's fun to see something different instead of the same easy boring stuff", said Xanatos.

    "I know this Xanatos. Every time I check in on you I hear about the incidents you have done. I hear how promising you are and how at the same time you are a menace to the Temple. I knew in the back of my mind that you needed to be challenged. I know that you can be a great Jedi Xanatos. I know how strong you are. I want to see you do better but doing things like this will not help you out in any way.
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    I hope Qui-Gon doesn't regret his decision to allow Xanatos to accompany him to Ando.

    I have a feeling things are going to be much more complicated than he can possibly anticipate.

    The Council isn't going to be happy with either of them

    [face_worried] [face_worried] [face_worried] [face_worried]

    Great update

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
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    Thank you. It's definitely something that isn't going to bode well with the Council. There is sure to be trouble for both of them.
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    Chapter 4

    TC-12 had completed its duties on the ship. All it had taken was some time to clean and the ship was most certainly presentable. Afterall, it was a representation of not only Master Qui-Gon but of TC-12 as well. TC-12 took pride in this. In the cockpit of The Dead Pool TC-12 found its master reading over a datapad the Jedi Council had provided. TC-12 did not speak knowing that much needed studying was taking place.

    Qui-Gon looked up at the droid from his datapad acknowledging the droid. Seeing that TC-12 had not spoken Qui-Gon went back to his review of Andoan fish. The main fish in trade on Ando was the Andoan mineral-fish. Aside from its value as a fish it contained minerals in its outer shell. One of these minerals was Sedrilillium, if Qui-Gon remembered, could be used for the production of laser weapons. It was a black market item, he knew that much. The production of laser weapons was something he still not sure of. Ando had laws on this matter and the Andoan mineral-fish was to be harvested for its value as a fish and nothing more.

    Qui-Gon also refreshed his memory on the history of Ando. It was located in the Mid-Rim of the galaxy in the Dufilvian Sector. The Ando System itself had three planets; Ando, Ando Prime, and Andando. The world was ninety-five percent water which meant that everything else went to islands and pieces of land that were a little bit larger than that.

    Aside from humans, who could be considered the subspecies of the planet, there were three main groups of native Andoans. The first was the Aquala who had finned hands and were known for being savage thugs. The second was the Quara who had five-fingered hands. The last was the Ualaq who were a result of genetic mutation. The Ualaq varied in their appearance in terms of number of digits to their hands and when it came to their eyes some had four. The species almost seemed to be a cross breed of aquatic lifeforms and arachnids.

    Relations with these three groups had never been on good terms and so the planet had erupted into the Aqualish-Civil War. The races disputed when the Aquala blamed the Quara and the Ualaq for a decline in fish harvesting. All three species had lost a lot in the war until a visit came to the planet that would change the course of the Aqualish in the history of the galaxy. No one knew for certain who it was but some offworlders came to the planet from space. Uniting together the three species killed the crew and took over the ship. From this point the new union learned of space travel and compiled a fleet of starships to wage war on a neighboring planet rendering that planet unihabitable.

    During its time of expansion in the galaxy the Republic sent a vessel to Ando so that the crew could meet the Aqualish and persuade them to join the Republic. The Aqualish were not interested in joining the Republic so they attacked the diplomatic mission. With superior firepower the group managed to escape Ando and the Aqualish-Republic War began. It was short and cost the Aqualish just as much if not more than the civil war. The outcome led to Ando joining the Republic and for a time there was peace even though there was still tensions. At the same time the trade in fish thrived.

    Some Aqualish wanted simply to be apart of the Republic and let go of their bloody past so the Andoan Free Colonies was created which consisted a fifteen planets. Andosha II was the strong point for the Republic in these colonies since it remained loyal to the Republic. Back on Ando things had not really changed even though Ando was allied with the Republic.

    Because of the tensions and civil war still a possibilty the Republic forced demilitarization on the Aqualish which led to the battle of Raquish. Thousands of Aqualish died at this battle until the Treaty of Raquish was signed which stated that no opposing sign could take lethal action against each other. The Jedi Master Jorus C'boath had been instrumental in this outcome since he had been appointed as the head of the demilitarization group.

    With tensions still ar
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    Part II:Ando

    Chapter 5

    The watery orb of Ando came into the viewport of The Dead Pool's cockpit and Qui-Gon checked all systems to make sure they were ready to land. He had recently changed into a pair of trousers, slipped on a pair of boots and put on a long sleeve shirt. He also wore a vest to give him more of a "common" look. A voice came over the intercom.

    "The Dead Pool captain please state your name and intentions. We also ask that you send us your registration", said the voice.

    "My name is Leen Neeson and I am going to look for a new trade on Ando", said Qui-Gon sending the registration information.

    "What trade were you looking at?", asked the voice.

    "Andoan mineral-fish", replied Qui-Gon.

    "Good luck. Everything checks out. I'm sending you an approach vector, please use it or we will be forced to take action upon you", said the voice and the transmission was over. The voice sounded as though it belonged to a human.

    Qui-Gon called up the approach vector on his nav-computer and began the landing on Ando. TC-12 had remained silent the whole time but had been there in case Qui-Gon needed help. The planet became larger in the viewport as Qui-Gon guided the controls and soon they entered the atmosphere. Once The Dead Pool left the clouds it was now flying over the seemingly endless seas of Ando. They were headed to Quantill City, the capital of Ando. Here and there ships sailed on the ocean, all of them were fishing boats.

    Quantill City was located on one of the very few habitable land masses of Ando. Most islands were either rocky or swampy marshlands covered in mist. The city was coming closer as the waves passed under The Dead Pool. Some parts of the city that had been added on were constructed on platforms over the water. Qui-Gon found the spaceport and landed the ship.

    Qui-Gon unstrapped the seat belt straps of his pilot seat and left the cockpit with TC-12 following his lead. Xanatos had awoken and was pacing around in the central area. He still had on his Jedi tunic and robes from the Temple. Qui-Gon knew he'd have to acquire some clothing for the boy before he brought him out into the public.

    "Xanatos you need to stay on the ship until I can get you some clothing", said Qui-Gon.

    "Yes Master", said Xanatos. The tone in the boy's voice told Qui-Gon that Xanatos knew that new clothing would be essential to a disguise. However he could sense the boy wanted nothing more than to accompany him.

    "I'm going to lock up the ship. It should not take long to gather some clothing. I also need to look around and see if I can find someone who will either sell us a ship or let us accompany them. I'm not sure if we'll be able to do the second option since we have no experience in fishing for mineral-fish", said Qui-Gon.

    "The Force will guide us Master", said Xanatos. Though the boy called him Master because that was natural and a sign of respect it still felt different to hear it.

    Qui-Gon nodded and opened the landing ramp. He led TC-12 down the ramp and then closed it back up and locked the ship. Once they left the spaceport they came to the streets of Quantill City. The streets were crowded with Aqualish, some humans here and there. Occasionally he could see a Nikto or a Zabrak. Almost instantly when he breathed in the air of Ando he could feel the tensions. Tensions between the Aqualish. He could also sense fear from everyone in the streets. Confusion and anger came in and out of people as well.

    The Jedi Master and his droid companion made their way to a vendor market and found a stand that was selling clothing for humans and Aqualish. There wasn't too much difference in the clothing since the Aqualish were humanoids. He found a couple pairs of clothing for Xanatos and paid for them with some Republic credits he had on hand. Jedi did not make money, nor did they have money most of the time. Usually the Council could provide them with money through an account they had on Coruscant. Donations and transfer funds from people who felt the need
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    Glad to see Qui and Xanatos finally on Ando.

    I certainly hope Xani will continue to listen to Qui-Gon, especially given everything he felt during his brief trip from the ship.

    Great updates

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
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    *sighs* poor Qui Gon. He's gonna be in trouble when he comes back. In fact I'm surprised the temple hasn't contacted him.
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    Chapter 6

    Qui-Gon was about to leave The Dead Pool when it struck him that he hadn't even called the Jedi Temple yet and they would most certainly be waiting for him to call. He activated the holotransmitter and called the temple via the encrypted code and waited for a few seconds for the image of the twelve masters to appear.

    "Qui-Gon, we were beginning to wonder about you. Afterall you should have called an hour ago according to the ETA we had", said Mace Windu with a look of concern.

    "I am on Ando now", he said smoothly.

    "And what do you intend to do next?", asked Ki-Adi-Mundi also with concern in his eyes.

    "I'm going to need to find a way to either become part of a crew of fisherman or obtain my own fishing boat", said Qui-Gon.

    "It would be best if you could find a way to get your own boat that way you can follow up on leads about Ron Tune without working around a fishing crew schedule", said Mace.

    "That was what I was thinking. I am not sure if the funds I have will make this possible", said Qui-Gon in a flat out way.

    "Use persuassion if you must", advised Mace.

    "Yes Master", said Qui-Gon.

    "Master Qui-Gon, gone from the temple is the youngling Xanatos. Find him we cannot", said Yoda, as the Master spoke he looked at Xanatos in the hologram. He knew that Xanatos was there with Qui-Gon and though it was unlikely that he could see the boy it was unnerving that he looked in Xanatos' direction when he said this.

    "Xanatos is with me", said Qui-Gon as if he were a teacher answering a question.

    "Why is Xanatos with you Qui-Gon?", demanded Mace allowing his countenance confusion.

    "The boy was able to sneak aboard The Dead Pool. I discovered him shortly after I entered hyperspace en route to Ando. I should have turned the ship around but I feel that I must help the boy", said Qui-Gon.

    "Help the boy? Qui-Gon preventing him from his instruction as a Youngling so he can accompany you on a potentially dangerous and risky mission is hardly what I would call helping him. You should not have done that", said Mace, he was clearly not happy with Qui-Gon at all.

    "I understand that the boy is serving detention and that sneaking aboard the ship will only worsen his punishment and restrict his privileges further. I have spoken with the boy and he seems lost and I feel that his behavior at the temple is because of this. I want to try to help him and I feel that it is the will of the Force that the boy is here now on Ando", said Qui-Gon.

    "You feel that it is the will of the Force? Perhaps I should do something irrational and call it the will of the Force. Are you sure you comprehend this Qui-Gon? A Jedi Master helping a boy ditch his classes to go on an adventure! I never thought I'd be able to hear of it!", said Kal Xenthor almost laughing but angry with Qui-Gon at the same time.

    "Qui-Gon this compromises the mission highly", said Mace looking at Qui-Gon in a very serious manner.

    "Maybe he can help the boy", said Saesee Tinn.

    "You're not sanctioning this are you?", asked Ki-Adi-Mundi.

    "No but I have wondered if perhaps this promising boy acts out because he is held back", reasoned Saesee Tinn.

    "A formidable Master is Qui-Gon. Watch the boy well he would. Discipline the boy he might be able to. A connection they have, felt it we did on the first day we met Xanatos", said Yaddle.

    "No one else can know about this", said Thame Cerulian.

    "Master Yoda?", asked Mace.

    "Knew I did, that the boy was with Qui-Gon. Knew I did, that the boy would one day become united to Qui-Gon. Bonded they are through the Force, a powerful connection it is. Allow the boy to remain on Ando I would. Consequences debate we can later. Work there is to be done on Ando", said Yoda.

    "Very well, for now the boy stays with you. He is as much a responsibily as the mission itself. There is sure to be consequences but we will deal with it later. Right now every moment counts, you must find Ron Tune", said Mace.

    "I will", said Qui-Gon.

    "May the Force be with you", said Mace
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    Chapter 7

    It was evening on Ando and Qui-Gon, Xanatos and TC-12 walked a pier that had small business' selling products out of stands. Qui-Gon was becoming hungry and Xanatos had just voiced his hunger so they found a food vendor. Qui-Gon paid the Aquara vendor some credits to get a meal of a squid-like species. It had many tentacles and eyes all about its main body. Qui-Gon ate it vigorously and Xanatos who eyeballed it suspicously began to eat it and matched Qui-Gon's vigor in eating the creature. After they ate they came to an open spot in the pier and watched the sun reflecting off of the water.

    "Xanatos I want you to stretch out with your feelings in the Force and tell me what you sense in the waters", instructed Qui-Gon.

    Xanatos closed his eyes and let the Force seep into his body. He tried to feel for the water and felt the rhythm of the waves. He then tried to see if he could go below the water and could sense some fish.

    "I can feel the waves and the fish below it", said Xanatos eyes still closed.

    "How many?", asked Qui-Gon.

    "Two", replied Xanatos.

    "Are you sure?", asked Qui-Gon.

    "Yes", said Xanatos.

    "There are three more moving to join them", said Qui-Gon looking at the boy.

    "I can't feel them", said Xanatos.

    "Is it because they are moving faster than the others?", asked Qui-Gon as the fish became a group of five.

    "Now I feel the others", said Xanatos now sensing the group since they slowed to a steady pace together.

    "Good. I can see that you can sense them but you had trouble with the ones moving faster", noticed Qui-Gon.

    "It's because I have to track them", said Xanatos.

    "The more you keep yourself open to the Force the easier it will become to sense everything in your environment", said Qui-Gon.

    "Easy for you to say. You're a Jedi Master", said Xanatos opening his eyes now.

    "What does that mean Xanatos?", asked Qui-Gon curious to know what Xanatos was thinking.

    "It means that you are at a higher level than me. That's how it's easier for you", explained Xanatos.

    "Then what is your point?", asked Qui-Gon.

    "What kind of question is that? I'm saying it's easier for you", said Xanatos.

    "I am saying that as long as you can continue to stay open to Force your senses will be sharpened. It does not matter what level you are at. Yes I have a greater knowledge than you but you can still advance yourself no matter where you are at", said Qui-Gon.

    "One day", said Xanatos.

    "No Xanatos not one day. You're thinking that one day you will be stronger. Logically speaking that is true. However you should think that anyday and anytime is a chance to become stronger. Your skills increase with practice", said Qui-Gon.

    "Like everything else", said Xanatos.

    "Like everything else", said Qui-Gon.

    Before nightfall they came back to the spaceport and were met by an angry spaceport official who was smoking a cigaro. He blew smoke at them and started yelling at them.

    "Hey, it's good you came because you need to pay your spaceport fee", said the official waving his datapad.

    "We've already paid our docking fee", said Qui-Gon putting the Force into his words as he waved his hand subtly.

    "You already paid your fee so never mind. I need to go somewhere else", said the official who left as soon as he came.

    "That was awesome I want to do that", said Xanatos.

    "You were impressed?", asked Qui-Gon.

    "Yeah. I want to make people change their minds", said Xanatos.

    "Why?", asked Qui-Gon.

    "Because that makes everything so easy. You can just change everyone's mind so that way you won't have to worry about anything", said Xanatos starting up the landing ramp.

    "How would you not have to worry about anything", asked Qui-Gon with TC-12 at his heels.

    "Because everyone could do what I wanted", said Xanatos. They were in the ship now.

    "Xanatos you realize that I only did that because we don't have enough funds to take care of the fee's and purchasing a boat?",

    "Well yeah but we can do that when we need a boat", said Xanatos as if it were absurd no
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    hehe I'm loving this. Teachers have to teach even if they don't want to and Xan knows this.
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    I think it is time Jinn woke up. I-)
    I am sure that Xanatos is into mischief.

    Waiting for the next posting,

    so I thought it was time to make this story go up^.

    Hope to read more soon.
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