General The merging of The EU and canon by disney

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    So the fact that Thrawn was brought in from the EU could other characters such as Mara Jade be Incorporated in to canonical universe, because it was never mentioned who was being trained by Luke Skywalker and he was never taught the Jedi code so is it possible that Mara jade could of been helping Luke Skywalker with the training a was brutally murdered by Kylo Ren. Also could Dash Rendar be brought into the universe in the Han solo movie as they were competitive smugglers but also friends,yet this would mean that prince Xizor would be made canon which would require an additional movie to explain the back story between the two characters and what happened to the prince as he would be one of the most powerful characters yet not be affected by the empires movement and in the Eu he is killed by Darth Vader for trying to replace him as the emperors right hand man.