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Before - Legends The misadventures of Padawan Xanatos (round robin, humor)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Neon Star, Aug 29, 2004.

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  1. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Okay, round robins are certainly not as popular as they were in the old days, but here I go starting one to see if it can live. ;)

    This is a humorous round robin.
    For those who don't know what a round robin is, its a pass around story. One person writes a post, then another one takes it up, and so on. :)

    Hope everyone has fun with this, and remember you can take it in almost any direction you want. :) Just no killing off Xan or elsewise chars, unless you introduce one to be killed for some odd purpose.

    Anyways, can't wait to see how this goes. :D

    The misadventures of Padawan Xanatos

    Xanatos had always considered himself a normal, average Jedi Padawan. Sure, he had a very rich and powerful father on Telos that tried to bribe him with expensive gifts every month or so. Sure, he was the best looking guy in the galaxy and had been named so since he was sixteen, and this was his fifth year in the running. Sure, he spent three hours in the fresher making himself look the best he could, he wouldn?t with his looks? Fine, he he was Qui-gon, best swordsman in the order, and also most rebellious, Jinn?s Padawan. Yet, all in all, he really was just a regular guy. Or so he thought.

    ?Xanatos!? the normal bellow rang through the apartment the two shared.

    ?Yes, Master?? Xanatos called back from the fresher, long sense used to his Master?s morning greetings.

    ?Get out of there, we have to go see the Council today,? Qui-gon said.

    ?But Master, I haven?t finished!? Xanatos protested.

    ?Padawan, the Council could care less how you look.?

    ?Perhaps. But the ladies will kill you if I am less then perfect,? Xanatos?s voice couldn?t be more smug.

    Qui-gon muttered, he knew he was right. None could forget the one thing that made Xan rather infamous around the temple, his obsessive, and over protective fan group. Which happened to be lounging around outside. He didn?t have to look, he knew they were there, they always were.

    ?Fine, I don?t feel like being mauled today. So, just hurry up,? he sighed.

    ?Can?t rush perfection, but I guess this?ll do,? Xanatos said, stepping out of the fresher.

    Qui-gon suspected if he was anymore clean he would sparkle, in fact, he did sparkle in some areas, but that was due more to the silver ornaments he had donned here and there. His black pants were, as always, just that tad bit too tight, while his black tunic was half unfastened, showing a fair peek of pale tanned chest, and the corner of a tattoo on his right shoulder. His raven black hair, which he had refused to cut and was nearing mid back by that time, was left unbound, except for his braid, which neatly hung over his shoulder. Qui-gon though he saw the faintest glitter behind the curtain of hair hiding one of Xan?s ears, but decided to ignore it .He had long given up questioning his Padawan?s tastes, simply because he knew he wouldn?t get anywhere.

    ?Let?s go,? Qui-gon sighed yet again, stealing himself before opening the door and stepping out.

    Carefully, he maneuvered over the lounging females near his from door, silently marveling at the fact that they would keep up such devotion. His Padawan was just a mostly normal man. Or so he tried to make himself believe.

    He felt an almost tentive pull on his robe, and looked down into the hopeful green eyes of one of the girls he really didn?t want to wake. In fact, he nearly winced noticing her normal blushing features at his notice, for he knew very well that she wasn?t just one of Xan?s devotees, she was one of his as well.

    For a moment, they stared at each other, while Xanatos silently laughed behind his back. Finally, Qui-gon spoke, ?Yes??

    She grew a bit redder, and he wondered if that color was possible on a human, ?Just wanted to say good morning, Qui-qui.?

    He did wince at that, ?Good morning to you as well, little one.?

    She seemed to melt at that, so he quickly took the advantage and slipped out of her grasp. Glancing once to look at his Padawan, who was of now being fawned over by others of his group.

    ?Xan, we don?t h
  2. Rogue_JediKnight

    Rogue_JediKnight Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 19, 2002
    Hello. I thought I'd give this a try. If it's not what you wanted let me know. Anyway here goes :D

    Luckily the rest of the trip from the residence quarters was uneventful and quiet but rarely were these good things; it usually meant that they were lurking somewhere else. But cowardice had no place here besides that they were, after all, Jedi and so they stepped off the lift undaunted as they headed towards the most central location of the Temple, the Grand Hall.

    And it was at this point that Qui-Gon was reminded that as if the squeeing fan girls weren?t bad enough, the fan boys were even worse. Sometimes walking through the Grand Hall was like opening the door on a Xanatos convention, and yes, imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but really, there ought to be limitations.

    Today was obviously no different.

    The throngs were definitely en masse between the archway and the turbo lift that would speed them off to the spire that housed the Council chamber.

    Now, they only had to make it there.

    ?Did all the Padawan?s in the Temple know you had a meeting with the Council this morning?? Qui-Gon leaned down and whispered accusingly to Xanatos.

    Xanatos could even make being offended look good, ?Of course everyone knows my schedule. It?s updated regularly on the Temple Holonet at my Jedi-Journal site Xanatos Daily.?

    ?Of course,? Qui-Gon muttered as he began to make a pathway amongst all the black clad, black haired youths that continued to impede their progress just to get a look at their idol. It was days like today that Qui-Gon wished he could call security.

    Thanks for letting me play.
  3. Layren

    Layren Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 28, 2003
    "Xanatos," Qui-Gon hissed as he was tried to make his way through the throng without any success. "Do something about this would you?"

    Xanatos sighed regretfully. "Alright Master, I'm coming." He raised his voice. "I'll be back later for you to admire, but my Master and I have an important Council meeting now. I'll sign autographs after the meeting. Thank you."

    Disappointed, the fangirls and boys began to disperse looking disgruntled that they would have to wait for autographs. The pair made their way to the lift tube and boarded. One fan girl however decided to sneak aboard with them, but stopped short of crossing the threshold at a glowering look from Qui-Gon.

    "Now master that wasn't nice," Xanatos commented as the lift tube rose. "She just wanted my autograph."

    Qui-Gon rolled his eyes. "She can get it later. We have work to do."

    "Yes Master."

    The pair arrived at the Council chambers several minutes late for their appointment.
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