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The Most Powerful Force-Sensitives (Jedi / Sith)

Discussion in 'EU Community' started by ForceMasterCASZ, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. ForceMasterCASZ

    ForceMasterCASZ Jedi Youngling

    Jun 3, 2011
    Greetings SWFans

    Here´s the list of the best and most Powerful Jedi and Sith (In every aspect: Force Power, Lightsaber Skills, Knowledge, Achievements etc.)

    *In my opinion...

    (Top Ten)


    1. Yoda
    2. Dooku
    3. Anakin Skywalker
    4. Mace Windu
    5. Obi-Wan-Kenobi
    6. Luke Skywalker
    7. Qui-Gon-Jin
    8. Ki-Adi-Mundi
    9. Plo-Koon


    1. Darth Sidious
    2. Darth Plagueis
    3. Darth Tyranus
    4. Darth Vader
    5. Darth Krayt
    6. Darth Maul
    7. Darth Bane
    8. Darth Revan
    9. Darth Nihilus
    10.Darth Wyyrlok

    Its based also on everything they did and what they can do.

    May the Force be with you all!
  2. Wade888

    Wade888 Jedi Youngling

    Jun 13, 2011
    See, here's the thing, because I just made a post about this before I saw this thread.

    Luke undeniably performs some feats of power and skill even in the movies which absolutely are not matched by any other character, even in the movies.

    Then, in the expanded universe, by the time you get to Jedi Accademy trilogy, Luke's telekinesis far, far stronger than Yoda or even the Emperor in the movies:

    Levitating himself and something like 20 other objects ranging in size from rocks to droids to trees as a demonstration to the students.

    Walking on molten lava while fighting the lava dragon as a demonstration to convince Gantoris...

    By comparison, in the movies, Vader and Obi Wan are terrified of the lava in their fight, and run from the scattered volcanic bombs during the eruptions, and of course, Vader is nearly burned alive on contact...This makes "Master Luke" in Jedi Accademy era far, far more powerful than Obi Wan or Vader EVER became, like an order of magnitude more powerful...

    Pyrokinesis to explode and destroy an alien attacker in "Planet of Twilight".

    As for Sith, Darth Traya should be like right beside Sidious and Vader, because she single handedly killed the entire Jedi Council in one force attack, and performs the levitated lightsaber combat greatly exceeding any skill level seen in any of the movies.

    Then there's the Jedi Exile, who solo kills ALL of Trayas students, including several encounters with multiple "Sith Lords" and "Sith Marauders" simultaneously, before Killing Traya herself...making the Exile far stronger than anyone in the movies except Luke...

    If you want to get an idea of how powerful Traya really is, you can use the "Triple levitated Lightsabers" as a benchmark in the old pen and paper RPG. The minimum Force Powers stats required to do this under the old pen and paper rules and have a statistically guaranteed success rate is roughly 20d6 in each of the 3 force powers, which puts Traya as being slightly weaker than source book "stats" for Jedi Accademy trilogy era Luke Skywalker.

    This feat requires at least one instance of the "LIghtsaber Combat" force power, three instances of the "Telekinesis" force power at presumably heroic difficulty since she is levitating lightsabers with extreme precision, three feats of "Lightsaber Parry" and three feats of "Lightsaber attack" per round, for a total of 11 Heroic or Very difficult Force actions per round, giving an negative 10d6 penalty to all actions. Thus requiring at least a remaining 10d6 to actually succeed on the roles consistently. This gives Traya the minimum 20d6 per force power needed to replicate the feats she performs in the final battle of KotoR.
  3. Wade888

    Wade888 Jedi Youngling

    Jun 13, 2011
    Ok, I'd like to address this again, using both movie, book, game, and sourcebook materials.

    In the movies, it's pretty clear the most powerful acts of telekinesis that we see are done by:

    1) Darth Sidious (up to 4 of those pods simultaneously)
    2) Yoda- levitates the x-wing, the pillar vs Dooku, and in the senate.
    3) Vader at the end of episode 3 and again in Episode 5.
    *4) It is unclear to ME whether Luke levitated the door of Jabba's palace, or whether he mind controlled a guard, since they had strict orders not to admit him. Maybe someone else knows the official canon explaination.
    5) Count Dooku "pushes" the pillar in episode 2, causing it to topple, but this isn't as impressive as Yoda catching and lifting it, nor even Luke forcing open a locked blast door.

    Now that's for the movies anyway.

    If we take the novels, we know in the Jedi Accademy trilogy, Luke is seen levitating no less than 20-something objects, while also levitating himself, this was as a demonstration to his students, and not as a "maximum effort" heroic feat. If we want to produce some sort of objective benchmark or guideline for comparing character's powers, this would require Luke to have, according to the original rules, no less than 21D6 in "Alter" in order to replicate this feat without using a Force Point. This is probably how the stats in the Jedi Accademy Sourcebook were determined.

    Now I forget Yoda's stats to be honest, but if I remember correctly, Yoda "Only" has 10d6 in "Alter". You might think this makes Luke twice as strong as Yoda, but you would be wrong.

    In the movie, Yoda STRAINS at maximum effort to levitate the X-wing out of the swamp at a velocity around 1 meter per second. So we assume Yoda is "using a Force Point" to double his Alter stat, since this is a critical plot point in the movie: It is absolutely imperitve that they retrieve the X-wing one way or another, else Luke will be trapped here forever.

    So if Yoda used a Force Point, then by the rules, he would then have, I think, 20d6 in Alter, which is still less than "Master Luke's" Alter in the Jedi Accademy Sourcebook. In fact, based on the rules for penalties for multiple actions, Master Luke, with his 21d6 Alter, could perform this feat TWICE simultaneously with minimal effort WITHOUT using a Force Point.

    Thus as of Jedi Accademy Trilogy, Luke is so powerful that he is twice as powerful as Yoda's best effort, even when Luke is barely even making an effort.

    If Jedi Accademy era Luke used a Force Point, then by the West End rules and stats, he could actually replicate this feat around 22 times simultaneously: that is levitate entire squadrons of X-wings out of a swamp simultaneously.

    This actually makes Jedi Accademy Trilogy "Master Luke" at least 22 times more powerful than Yoda in terms of brute Force power

    In fact, Luke's skills and powers are so high that, by the West End pen and paper rules, if he fought TEN Yoda clones simultaneously, he would be guaranteed to kill ALL of them within the first round. If all TEN Yodas used Force Points and Luke used force points, Luke's stats would be so high than none of the Yodas could EVER hit or block Luke, and Luke would be gauranteed to land every attack, plus, Luke's Control stat is so high that his lightsaber would be guaranteed to kill Yoda in one hit, even if he rolled all 1s on his 23d6 + 5d6 Lightsaber damage roll.

    Now then, even if the Yodas used the Command and Tactics skills to coordinate their efforts, the maximum bonuses they can achieve is not enough to overcome Luke's superior skill and power

    There is no combination of strategy, coordination, circumstancial bonuses, or tactics which would allow 10 Yoda clones to defeat "Master Luke Skywalker", given then Accademy Trilogy West End stats...
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