CT The Move! Now scheduled for March 21st!

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  1. DarthBoba

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    Jun 29, 2000
    Key points:

    -The conversion/move process will begin March 21st, and will take a couple weeks.

    -During that time, there will be a temp board available at the same web address as here.

    -Your account WILL transfer over to the new board, however, your password WILL NOT. You will have to request a new password at the new board.

    -To make sure this can happen, be sure you have a valid email address on record with us (public or private) or there will be nothing we can do to help you and you'll have to re-register.


    Or just clone yourself in a series of comics that went on much too long.


    -Which would suck, right?

    -So make sure you have a valid email address!

    -The new board will have the same address as this one.

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    May the force be with us.
  3. Darth Dark Helmet

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    Once the transfer is complete, will I be able to change my password to my usual "Password1234"?