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    Cyberbio synopsis

    the new space police is set. the space sheriff Gunstorm runs after the space criminal W.C man straight to Earth, and figures out that an intergalactic criminal organization has been installed on our planet.
    in order to break down this criminal organization, he asks the help of two new space academy degree agents:

    GunCyber - The metallic guardian
    Karatcha - A space cop equipped with the newest technology of bio-armors.

    the Cyberbio team is set!


    Since I saw Juspion and the other series from the called "golden age of tokusatsu" on brazilian TV, I started to think on how to create an original character like the Metal Heroes. since then, I tried many times to model copies of their armors, a very long time before the "costume-play mania" has arrived in Brazil.
    Many years after, I've been succeeded on modeling Jaspion's armor! It has made me very popular among the "otaku" and brazilian "cosplayers".

    after modeling many armored characters, I felt I was ready to start my old project of filming the adventures of an original character. In 2002 I started to model the Karatcha and Guncyber's armors, at this time, the main characters was named "Tokusan". I was thinking on make a film about a flash animation that I've done... however, nowadays Tokusan became the HERO FACTORY(my cosplay team) logo, and the series, that's being filmed now, is named COSMO PATROL CYBERBIO a result of mature ideas
    When I made the first changes in the project in 2002, the main idea was based on the space sheriff series format, however when Karatcha was inserted it got bigger...
    actually Karatcha is an character upgrade from a comic that I've drawn many years ago called Kick'n'Punch, where ninjas took inspiration from cockroaches, in order to develop their capacity to survive under critical situations. the new Karatcha looks like a Kamen Rider, but he is 98% insect and a little bit cybernetic.
    Guncyber is the main character of the plot, but Karatcha is as important as him.
    the cyberbio is a state of conscience, where a mind of a living body merge on total harmony with a machine that will be controlled by him, becoming a part of it! once merged, the mind can improve the body capacities or the machine capacities sometimes.
    I won't tell more about it, however it will be explained in Cyberbio.
    the humor will be emphasized, in order to give atmosphere to the adventures of the space partners, including brand new allies and villains!
    Then, just wait for what's coming up next!

    Irlayne Silveira.

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