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SWRPF Archive The new DARK TIMES (35 years after ANH)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GreyJediAntarFodoh, Aug 5, 2002.

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  1. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    To the Mods,
    I am opening this new thread for the Grey Jedi Temple RPG because the RPG has evolved far beyond the definition of the old thread.

    "The new Dark Times" (Formerly, "Grey Jedi temple RPG")

    It has been ten years since the Yuuzhan Vong first invaded the Galaxy. The war raged on for years but eventually the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant chased the deadly Yuuzhan Vong threat from the galaxy. Millions have perished and the galaxy lays in partial ruins after the long and costly war. With the Yuuzhan Vong threat eliminated, the New Republic began to rebuild what had been worked so hard for but with the common threat on the Yuuzhan Vong eliminated, the Senate again broke down into internal squabbles of corruption and was unprepared for what was to come next.

    In the shadows of the Yuuzhan Vong war, the New Sith Order has arisen, comprised of hundreds of Dark Lords that have learned the Dark ways of the Sith. Allying themselves with the Imperial Remnant, the New Sith Order has set forth a plan to eliminate the Jedi forever and rule the galaxy, lead by a new Emperor.

    Now, the Dark Times have returned to the galaxy and the Empire has again conquered the newly restored Corruscant and much of the inner core. The New Republic has been vanquished spreading it's few loyalists throughout the galaxy to form the New Rebel Alliance with the Jedi as one of their few allies. In the new Dark Times of the deadly Sith and Empire, the New Rebel Alliance and the Jedi may be all that stands between the galaxy's freedom and the Galactic Empire......


    This is a freeform RPG that began as [link=]The Grey Jedi Temple RPG, here[/link].

    Rules are very lax, but players are asked to keep things as realistic as possible. Minor God-modding is allowed if handled responsibly. After all, Yoda and Palpatine were God-moddish on George Lucas' behalf.

    New players can be one of the following:
    Rebel - Any kind of Rebel soldier or agent. Diversity will give the RPG depth.
    Jedi (Rebel) - Jedi of the New Jedi Order are among the most valued agents of the New Rebel Alliance.
    Empire - Any Imperial character would be accepted from some of the highest ranking Admirals to a lowly Storm Trooper. Any Imperial perspective would be great.
    Sith (Empire) - The New Sith Order has abandoned the old rule of two and has risen in numbers. There are over 200 Sith above the rank of Knight serving the Empire under the leadership of the new Emperor (Sith Lord).
    Neutral - Neutral characters like bounty hunters or smugglers are always what made Star Wars so colorful and some of these characters would be apreciated.
    New race in development - A new race is currently in development to be a rebel ally. For now, details are being kept secret and they are being run as NPC's but if a new player wishes to take them over, that can be discussed in PM.

    Current major NPC's in the RPG are:
    New Rebel Alliance:
    New Rebel Alliance Commander in Chief: Jedi Leia Solo - During the latter part of the Yuuzhan Vong war, Leia left politics to persue the Jedi path to honor her fallen son, Anakin. She reached the rank of Jedi Knight, a title she still carries.
    Senior Jedi Master: Luke Skywalker - You all know who he is.
    Emperor: The new Emperor is Darth Thrawn, the younger brother of the legendary Imperial Admiral. He is a powerful Sith Lord on par with Emperor Palpatine.
    NOTE: Players CAN take over for major NPC's if they can prove that they can do so properly. For example, Admiral Pellaeon was an NPC but is now being played by Miccu_Resea. Pellaeon is a high ranking Rebel Admiral, having defected to the Rebels when the Sith took control of the Empire.

    Here is my main character bio for use as a template and example:
    Name: Antar Fodoh
    Title: Grey Jedi Master
    Race: Hu
  2. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: I have first post! :D Antar, I need to ask to a question about those credits. I'll send you a PM ASAP.

    Endor,Grey Jedi Temple: Infermary

    Bravo looked up at his friend. A friend, Bravo thought, who probally like Bravo had had enough of these shockers and wanted to get down to business.

    "Master, sir," Bravo started, "I was shocked. I have no memory of this. my only memory was a flash back I never had before and that was when I burst out of the bacta tank. I think, whoever did this to me, put me in some type of tank. That must of triggered the memory. I had never been in a bacta tank before.

    "All I remember was one year ago, Bravo Team 3 went on a mission. When HQ didn't hear from them, they sent in Bravo Team. All I remember from the mission is the dark tunnels that still had water in them and that is it. Maybe, Bravo Ship[/b]'s memory banks may have a record on what happened to that mission. All I know, is that the longer I sit around doing nothing, another person may be going through the same thing I went through.

    "With your permission, master, I would like to be given a mission. Any type of mission. The Rebel Alliance needs supplies, send me on a mission to raid a supply depot that the Imps own. If I can get their attetion destracted from the Jedi with a few missions, sir, that will give both the New Jedi Order and the Grey Jedi Order time to meet with the Rebel Alliance and start to form up a fleet and an army that can stand up against the Imps."
  3. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002

    As Kahlass got back abord his ship there was a holo-message wait for him from his master.

    "Kahlass, you are to infiltrate the rebel alliance. You are to go wherever you think they may be hiding and when you find them you are to slaughter them all. If you run into any jedi avoid them, for they may be able to sense your taint. That is all." the Zabrak faded from the screen as Kahlass sat back thinking.

    "I will find this rebel alliance, and i will crush them once and for all."

    OOC: [face_devil]
  4. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    Antar considered Bravo's words for a moment. "For right now, Bravo, rest easy. Let your strength return to you fully. We can discuss a mission later... A fair amount's happened while you were unconsious."

    Later that day, when the med droid cleared Bravo for release from the infirmary, he met with Antar again. Antar told him about the growth that was senced in the Sith ranks and told him about the small Jedi group assigned to the Grey Jedi.

    "Bravo, you have my permission to go out on a mission at your discression. Please take Jedi Frowbatta and Jedi Binn with you... The Force's will will always unfold as it should but there's no need to be reckless.", Antar said.

    Here's what I know so far of these two Jedi. You're absolutely free to develop them further in any way you wish on this mission. The whole reason I made them up was for missions just like the one Bravo wants to go on.

    Name: Frowbatta
    Title: Jedi Knight
    Race: Wookie
    Gender: female
    Year of birth: 11 years after ANH
    Age: 24
    Planet of birth: Khashyyk
    Current planet: Yavin 4, Endor
    Eye/Hair color:
    Force level/power: 4/70

    Name: Vail Binn
    Title: Jedi Knight
    Race: Human
    Gender: female
    Year of birth: 11 years after ANH
    Age: 24
    Planet of birth:
    Current planet: Yavin 4, Endor
    Eye/Hair color: brown-green/light brown
    Height/Weight: 5'6"/130 lbs
    Force level/power: 3/58
  5. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Coruscant,inside the Black Ziggurat

    The turbo lift had reached its destination.
    the 150th floor.
    Rogloth Norr led Vransha Killar
    down a wide hall with closed double doors on both sides. The lights were dimm and moody.
    At the end of the Hall was an entrance way.
    Double doors already open and inviting.
    It was dark inside and nothing could be seen inside as they approached.
    Rogloth Norr motioned for Vransha to step inside,giving him the toothy predatory grin that seemed typical of the warrior.
    Vransha extended his senses thru the Force as he stepped inside and could feel two distinct
    individuals deeper in the chamber though it was pitch black inside.
    The doors slowly closed behind him as he stepped in the chamber,cutting off the only source of dim illumination.
    As the doors closed dim lights turned on in succession at the edges of the chamber,revealing its circular shape.
    Then the podium light came on illuminating the two figures that he had sensed earlier.
    A circular disc came on infront of the raised podium and one of the figures motioned for Vransha to step into the circle.
    Vransha moved slowly and methodically,caution
    in every step.He could make out banners with Sith writing adorning the walls,but it was too dark to see them in detail.
    The first figure was a beautiful Faleen female dressed in flowing black robes, with red trimming and red sith symbols embroidered
    infront of her robes all the way down to the seams.
    She wore a Sith Augmentation talisman on her right hand,beautifuly ornate in design,its red jewel gleamed under the light of the podium.
    Her movements were sinuous and she seemed to glide forward to be better illuminated by the podium's light.

    "I am Inquisitor Uxial" she intoned evenly.
    "If your answers are found acceptable, and I've no doubt that they will, you need not make the aquaintance of Executioner Armunn."
    She gestured at the second figure, a four arm
    monstrosity standing a full 2m in height clad in dark red plate armor with four lightsabers and two vibro-axes hanging form his utility belt.
    A Sith Mutant no doubt.
    "Now tell me Vransha Killar, why are you here....?"
    Although her voice was calm and inviting, Vransha could feel the cold delivery.
    He sensed the Inquisitor's determined focus and the Executioner's isatiable bloodlust, a beast waiting to be set loose after prey.
    This was surely the final test, for it was his life that was at stake.
    Vransha had trained for moments like this one and his confidence did not falter.

    Black Ziggurat,Main Audience Chamber

    Inside the huge chamber many cloacked figures waited their turn to approach the monolithic dais in which the BLACK THRONE slowly revolved .
    One cloacked figure quicky ascended the stairs and knelt before the one sitting upon the throne,he did not look up.

    DISEMBODIED VOICE: Keep tabs on Khalass and find the source of that transmission...and i want a full update on the Bespin situation."

    "Yes Master, at once." But he did not move until his 'Master' gave the signal.

    There was still much to be done, enemies to crush and obliterate, but there was no doubt that the Sith would once again reign supreme in the galaxy.

  6. JFettG

    JFettG Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    Can I join?
  7. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Name: Liam Tanek (Not his true name.)
    Title: Jedi Master
    Race: Seems human, but is not, (is it allowed to have our own species here?)
    Gender: male
    Year of birth: 10262 years before TPM
    Age: around 10342, looks around forty when he is in human form
    Planet of birth: unknown
    Current planet: Endor
    Eye/Hair/Fur color: Green, Black
    Height/Weight: 7'0, 150
    Description: Tall black cat with human like hands and feet, shape changer
    Master: unknown
    Aprentice(s): unknown
    Weapon: lightsaber, gold blade, dagger, claws, teeth, tail
    Family: unknown
    History: Its rather long. This is a brief look. He came to this part of the galaxy when he was three hundred and seventy nine. He fought in the Sith Wars. Records of him are lost, half because of the Purge, half because he constantly travels between his world and this part of the galaxy.

    Name: Zandra Toshi, goes by Shadow
    Title: Rebel fighter
    Race: human
    Gender: female
    Year of birth: unknown
    Age: around 27
    Planet of birth: unknown
    Current planet: Endor
    Eye/Hair color: blue/green,blonde/silver
    Height/Weight: 5'6, 128
    Description: Firey woman that fights for what she believes is right. Will only discuss some things of her past. Came with Liam when he returned. She isn't Force senstive, though she has power.
    Weapon: Blaster, dagger, crossbow
    Family: unknown
    History: Relatively unknown, except to a scarce few, such as Leia Solo.

    Shadow looked at her solem commrade.

    "Liam, are you sure this is right?" she asked.

    "Shadow, I appreciate the concern, but I am sure. It has been a long time since I have been in contact with another Jedi," Liam said, smiling at her.

    "But truely, in your natural form?" Shadow asked.

    "Tsk, now I know why Nicholas sent you with me. Do not worry so. I am sure he will not skin me where I stand," Liam chuckled.

    Shadow started to say something more when Liam shushed her. He then walked forward, to meet the small group nearby.

    "Master Antar?"Liam asked.
  8. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    OOC: Neon Star, I'd like to keep new races to a minimum, but it's pretty much a given that there are many races in SW that we don't yet know of, so it's cool.


    "Master Antar?"

    Antar turned towards the new voice. "Master Tanek.", he replied evenly. "Your presence isn't one many could mistake.", he added.
  9. Deneveon

    Deneveon Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 6, 2002
    Can I join?

    Name: Teria Desarvas
    Title: Force Adept
    Race: Human
    Gender: female
    Year of birth: unknown
    Age: 20
    Planet of birth: Coruscant
    Current planet: Corellia
    Eye/Hair color: green/ dark auburn
    Height/Weight: 1.65 meters/105 lbs
    Description: Strong-willed and ambitous, she excells in hand-to-hand combat. She keeps mostly to herself unless necessary. A bitterness still resides in her, coming from the shock of her parents' deaths. She is tall and athletic, and is easily mistaken for one much older.
    Master: None yet
    Aprentice(s): none
    Grand-Aprentice(s): none
    Weapon: an aging blaster rifle
    Force level/power: unknown
    Talents: Piloting, blaster shooting, combat, espionage.
    Family: Her smuggler parents were both killed by the Empire before the Death Star destroyed Alderaan. She has since lived alone on Corellia.
    Notes: None
    History: ...
  10. LightSide_Apprentice

    LightSide_Apprentice Manager Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 22, 2001
    Coruscant,inside the Black Ziggurat

    It was such a simple question but obviously a wrong answer would mean death. Vransha Killar spoke exactly what the purpose of his visit was.

    "I have sought you out to form an Alliance. No doubt you have learnt that there are two orders of Jedi, our Light Side enemies of old and some new allies. The Greay Jedi are using Dark Side techniques and pose a small threat to us. I believe that such use of the Dark Side leaves them open to seduction..."

    "It is an offer to increase the power of the Sith and bring the Order one step closer to total domination."
  11. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001

    Of course you can join. One minor problem, however, is that there's no way that Teria Desarvas could be 20 years old when her parents died over 35 years ago.
  12. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    OOC: This post takes place before Liam Tanek spoke to Antar.

    "You summoned me, my Master?"

    "Yes, thank you, Tiernin.", Antar replied, his eyes still closed from his meditation. He spoke on, motionless. "I can sence a growing threat in the Dark Side. Our Sith opponants' ranks are constantly being bolstered while ours and the Jedi methods of training are leaving us trailing in numbers."

    "I have felt it too, Master. The Dark side is easier."

    "Indeed. Power without dicipline has its seduction..." Antar paused. "I have felt a more direct threat in the Force... I'm sure you've felt it too."

    "Yes, my Master. There is one who would corrupt us.", Tiernin replied.

    "As long as this game of seduction and manipulation carries on, our limited resources will be spread thin. I want you to adress this situation.", Antar said, speaking softly from his still motionless meditative position.

    "Very well, Master. I'll leave immediatly.", Tiernin replied but cought himself. "But there's more, isn't there?"

    "Very perceptive, my aprentice.", Antar said, allowing a smile. "You and the Jedi Jikar Horan have found a rapport..."

    "Yes, Master. He is a tallented Jedi Knight and strong in the Force."

    "And you wish to train him.", Antar stated, more than asked.

    "I believe that he can face the trials of our ways. His will is strong and his heart pure.", Tiernin answered simply.

    "... And you haven't yet spoken to him on this matter... I agree with you, Tiernin. His path has remained with the Jedi as long as it was meant to. His coming to us was no accident. Take Jedi Horan with you on this assignment. You have my permission and blessing to take him on as your first aprentice."

    Tiernin bowed slightly. "Thank you, Master.", he replied and with no further words, he turned and left the chamber his master occupied.
  13. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: JFettG - Welcome! If you have any questions, throw Antar a PM. :)

    Endor,Grey Jedi Temple

    Bravo bowed respectfully.

    "Yes my master."

    With that, Bravo bowed respectfully and left Antar, his Jedi Robes moving with out a winkle with him. When Bravo reached both Jedi Frowbatta and Jedi Binn, he greeted them and both Jedi bowed respectfully.

    "Get your gear," Bravo said with as much authority as he could muster, "We will be leaving in three hours. You will find a list of all you need in your chambers. We will meet at the landing platform. May the Force be with you."

    With that, both Jedi bowed respectfully again and Bravo left left to perpare for his mission.
  14. StarBreaker12

    StarBreaker12 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 25, 2002
    Name: Jaerl Mynx
    Home world:Coruscant
    Current Planet:Naboo
    Family Name:Mynx
    Native Language:Basic
    Foreign Language:

    ---Weight:130 lbs
    ---Eye Color:dark brown
    ---Hair/Fur Color:multicolored
    ---Skin Color:tan
    ---Other:Jaerl is a small person. And is often mistaken to be not much older than 15 because of his young appearance.

    Personality:Extrovert, Optimist
    Habits:biting lip
    Likes:collecting starships
    Talents:intuitive, intelligent, clever
    Weakness:doesnt trust most people
    Limitations:afraid of heights
    Racial Attributes: Eyes are protected from bursts of light, and flying debris. Can heal very quickly.

    ---Station: Black Widow, Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer left to him by Liiryc when he was killed fighting the Vong.
    ---Primary Weapons:Blaster Rifle, force pike
    ---Secondary Weapons:Disruptor, seeker gun

    Personal Ship
    ---Name:Black Widow
    ---Class:Eclipse-Class SSD
    ---Engines:Drive Engines
    ---Weapons:500 heavy laser canons, 550 turbolasers, superlaser 2/3 as powerful as the death stars. can crack a planets crust,
    ---Star fighter complement:400 e wing type b fighters,200 x wing fighters,and 94 y wing fighters
    ---Cargo:5 prefabricated garrison bases, 100 at-at walkers
    ---Accessories:212,500 4 bunk rooms with refresher and kitchenette. 10,000 suites, 500 staterooms, 100 presidential suites,

    The Force
    ---Yes or No?:No
    ---Lightsaber Type:None
    ---Blade Color:None
    ---# of Lightsabers:None
    ---Other: None

    Background: Born and raised on Coruscant. Jaerd became the Cheir of State of the Rebellion when he inherited the Shi'ido fleet from Liiryc. After the great resurgance of the Empire and Sith, Jaerl gave up his position as Cheif of State to Leia Solo. Who he felt would rule better than he possibly could.
    I hope this is ok. If you see anything wrong just tell me and ill change it. :)
  15. JFettG

    JFettG Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    Name: JC Corell
    Title: Bounty Hunter
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Year of birth:10 years pre ROTJ
    Age: 23
    Planet of birth: Corellia
    Current planet: Near Endor
    Eye/Hair color: blue/Blonde
    Height/Weight: 6'3"/215 lbs
    Description: A tall muscular man bearing many scars from other jobs he has done.He has a scar above his right eye from a blaster duel.
    Weapon:Duel Blaster Pistols,Thermal detonator,Heavy Blaster Rifle.
    Talents: Great Marksman and great with using pistols and a great pilot.
    Family: His whole family was killed by the Vong and he never says their names.
    Notes: The first Grey Jedi Master, Antar History:
    Age 18-Became bounty hunter
    Age 19-destroyed secret Vong base
    Age 21-Built own ship
    Age 22-Killed Beedo
  16. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Coruscant,Inside the Black Ziggurat

    Vransha Killar's words hung in the air for a moment.
    Slowly, very slowly did Inquisitor Uxial allow his words to affect her. She shivered,and savored Vransha's conviction,and gave him a most approving look. Her Augmentation Crystal glowing all the while.

    "You have answered well Vransha Killar" she said pridefully. " spoken like a True Sith."

    Executioner Armunn's dismay was palbable, although his posture did not betray him. The Inquisitor did not react to this.

    " I must say that i am impressed by your knowledege of the Grey Jedi, this works to your advantage...but that is for later."
    She paused briefly.
    "Rogloth Norr will show you to your quarters, you've had a long night. Later when you've rested you will meet with your sponsor,Lord Scythe, He will be your
    'Master' in lieu of yours for the duration of your stay."

    "Hail the Emperor"

    Inquisitor Uxial gave Vransha a deceptivly inviting look before the podium light went out.
    The Doors behind him opened and Rogloth Norr stood silouetted against the door frame.
    With his initial mission accomplished Vransha
    walked with greater confidence.
    Rogloth Norr still grinned at Vransha, and Vransha could feel mischief wafting from the warrior.

    "Quarters or Sparring chamber?" came the low raspy voice as Vransha passed by.

    Vransha kept walking towards the waiting turbo lift, then turned and stared into Rogloth Norr's eyes.

    "You're the guide." he simply stated holding
    the warriors gaze.

    Rogloth Norr joined Vransha inside the Turbo lift, his grin illuminating the way.

    With a small hisss , the turbo lift doors closed and then they were away.

    Black Ziggurat, Main Audience Hall

    There were still many petitioners on line waiting to speak with the Overlord of the Sith, their Sovereign, their potentate and Emperor.
    He lifted a hand to silence the speaker before him, his attention suddenly drawn 'elsewhere'.
    He dismissed the speaker with an absent wave of his hand, his eyes seemed to flare just then.
    A nearly imperceptible smile dared to form itself.

    DISEMBODIED VOICE: "Prepare my Focusing Chamber".

    Only those meant to hear the command immediately obeyed.

    Those in the Audience Hall were made aware that the proceedings were ended and they were to take their issues to 'His' subordinates.
    The elite Crimson and Obsidian Guard cleared the Hall of stragglers.

    The smile widened just a little.

    Endor,Grey Jedi Temple

    Jedi KnightGhanthror had finished his excersise drills some time ago and was now trying to meditate in his quarters.
    This grey Jedi Temple was very fascinating indeed. He had heard talk about the temple having temporal qualities.
    An incredible claim.
    He had some questions he wanted to ask Master Fodoh sometime later, but he couldn't seem to put aside the issue.
    Unable to meditate,Ghanthror made his way to find the Grey Jedi Master.
    After getting directions, he found him speaking with a tall feline Jedi Master and a female.
    He patiently waited his turn to speak with Master Fodoh.

  17. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002

    Kahlass sat in a bar on the planet tatooine. the plent had mostlyt avoided the scars of war and so it was not in the rebuilding phase like so many planets were after the Vong wars and the Imperial Takeover. It was still a "hive of scum and villany" on the maps, and as such could be considered rebellion loyal. So here he was, sipping at his beer, and waiting for the fight he had caused to die off. It was so simple manipulating these fools, simply planting the idea of a imaginary insult in each mind and they took it over from there. The fight was coming to a close with one man fading from life as his challeger, spurred on by Kahlass, continued to pound on him. Eventually the man collapsed, dead at the challegers feet, just as the doors slid open to allow the waiting troopers in to arrest him. the door ha dbeen strangely reluctant to open but with the death of the man they oipened invitingly. The peacekeeping forces came in and carted away the dead body, arresting the perputrator, at least, so they thought.

    Later that evening, still full of the hate and anger from the battle Kahlass was listening to the bar conversations going on between the drinkers, the braggers, and the scum. he managed to catch one thing of intrest, just a snippet of conversation really, but it was the first lead he had gotten all week.

    "...gonna deliver to the Med Frig within the week."

    "You sure? The imperials are on high gaurd there now."

    "I gotta the Rebs need these supplies stat and i'm the one to bring them."

    "Well if you...."

    Kahlass got up and followed the man outside, keeping himself hidden in the rare full night on the desert world, and using the force to hide his presence. he followed him all the way onto his ship and then ducked into what appered to be a spare quarters on his ship. Maybe for guests or just for extra space, Kahlass didn't care as he waited to here the man leave again.

    OOC: So begins the infiltration.
  18. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Bravo Ship

    Bravo explianed the mission to both Jedi Frowbatta and Jedi Binn. The two Jedi Knights listened and gave advice and Bravo took their advice and edited the plan as needed. The Empire's supply lines and ships would slowly become the Rebels' supply lines and ships.

    OOC: I am having some personal life problems that are rather big. Because of these problems, I don't know when I'll be online again. So, I will type my posts on my personal computer, save them to a floppy, and post them here. So, even if I am not here for a while, I will be making up a few posts.
  19. LightSide_Apprentice

    LightSide_Apprentice Manager Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 22, 2001
    Coruscant,Inside the Black Ziggurat

    Vransha believed that Rogloth Norr wouldn't pass up an opportunity to see him fight. He decided that heading to the sparring chamber would be an excellent practice session...
  20. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Coruscant, Black Ziggurat sparring chamber

    On their way to the sparring chamber Rogloth Norr explained to Vransha the rules, they were simple and basic.
    They were not allowed to kill each other, for their lives were not their own, but belonged to their Masters.
    Due to the high mortality rate, all sparring was to be done with training versions of their weapons. Training with real lightsabers was relegated to Master and apprentice, any Master that was bested by his apprentice deserved his fate.
    An arbiter who usually did not interfere, was present during sparring matches just in case things got out of hand.
    Arbiters were usually good enough to take on both sparring individuals and they also brandished real lightsabers, unlike those who were sparring.
    Other than that,sparring matches went on until one of the two combatants conceded defeat or was too injured to continue.

    Soon after, they arrived at the sparring chamber. A large room measuring about 20m in length, width and height. There were interconecting catwalks, planks and platforms
    at about 10m high up.
    There was an incredibly vast array of weapons on wall mounted racks and free standing ones.
    As expected the mysterious arbiter was present,his hood over his head and face making his features hard to see.
    There were no mats and no cushions.
    The Sith banners that were hung from the rafters were the only decoration.

    Rogloth Norr called a double bladed lightsaber to his eager hand from one of the nearby weapon racks. He ignited one end with the familiar snap-hisss and rushed at Vransha.
    Vransha had already spied the lightsaber he would be using. the one with the spiked ball at the end.
    In one swift and smooth motion he called the weapon to his hand and ignited it while spining around to meet Rogloth Norr's eager attack.
    Their lightsabers clashed and sparked from the forceful contact.
    They both were exactly where they wanted to be; engaged in glorious combat, and ironically shared the same philosophy at the moment.
    " no retreat, no surrender."

  21. LightSide_Apprentice

    LightSide_Apprentice Manager Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 22, 2001
    Coruscant, Black Ziggurat sparring chambe

    Vransha knew even before the weapons were chosen which his enemy would use.Rogloth Norr was too eager for a fight, a fight he was not ready for. A fact he proved in his choice to use a double bladed lightsaber.

    Althought the double bladed weapon was possibly the greatest Sith weapon of all (aside from the Dark Side), Vransha had trained against it countless times. Its weilder had been his Master, the greatest swordsman and Force manipulator Vransha had ever seen. By practising against the best he was ready to defeat all others...

    So it was that the Sith Apprentice fought well, deflecting, attacking, blocking and lunging at his opponent. The duel raged on and on. Vransha refused to lose but he also refused to bring out his full potential. First he would wear down his opponent...

    OOC: greyjedi125, If I ever do something inappropriate eg. act as if my character is invincible, that is not my intention. You might want to defeat him but I like for the Anzati Sith to be one of the best. That is, he can only be beaten by the best. That's why I play the way I do. Eventually I will fall, but not yet ;)

  22. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Coruscant,Black Ziggurat sparring chamber

    The sparring became very intense,so intense that it boardered on a real fight.
    Rogloth Norr was becoming frustrated with Vransha's fighting style.
    He was becoming increasingly angry with Vransha and himself. The easy victory he was so sure would follow was not forthcoming.
    He would use this anger, for it was a living thing. Feed it, and it would grow.
    Rogloth Norr ignited the other end of his double bladed lightsaber and launched a renewed attack.
    He struck with greater speed and strength.
    He included kicking techniques to his arsenal. sweeps,spinkicks, thrust kicks and round house combinations.
    Vransha seemed to have a defense and counter for all of these.
    Rogloth Norr suddenly lept up to one of the smaller platforms that hung 10m above the floor and among the interconecting catwalks.
    His grin mostly faded, he gave Vransha a derisive look and motioned for him to leap up to the platform as well.
    The Arbiter looked on, knowing that this would be a long and interesting sparring match, since both warriors were obviously still holding back and had enough energy in reserve. Sith warriors trained for endurance.
    They did not recognize fatigue.
    Things were only begining to get interesting.
  23. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    OOC: I'm leaving shortly for the weekend and won't be able to post.
  24. Deneveon

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    OOC: Sorry about that. One minor thing I overlooked. They were killed ten years ago, then.

    IC: Teria looked suspiciously around her outside the temple. "Is anyone here?"
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    Kahlass dropped from the ceiling and crouched back as the man exited his ship once again. He immediately went to the front compartment and to what he hoped was the bridge. Once inside he began to serch though the logs of the ship, serching for places repetedly visted or maybe a specific pattern in his locations. He downloaded all the logs he could onto a data card and was about to leave when he heard the man clomping back up the landing ramp. He ducked into a side chamber, this one a janitor closte type room, as he passed by on his way to the bridge. Kahlass waited till he passed and was about to leave when he got a sinking feeling in his stomach, literaly. the ship was lifting off and there was nothing kahlass could do to escape or to stop it. He began to ignight his sabers, ready to cut the man down and force the ship to the ground, but something stayed his wrathful hand. It was his reason. He thought that if he let the man live, and hid on-board his ship perhaps he could be ferryed to the rebel drop off point, thereby learning at least one vital thing for the empire. Kahlass slipped out of the janitor closet, silent as a cat, and wlaked back to the engign room, content to hide there where, hopfully, he wouldn't look.

    As Gerrik Grador, Rebel Supplier, Cpatian of the ship curretnly holding Kahlass

    Gerrik relaxed in his seat as the stars streaked out and became the blue tunnel of hyperspace. He was almost too relaxed and as such he didn't notice the accses to his logs, or the fact that they had been downloaded. He was tired and had a hangover so he went back to his quarters to rest.

    OOC: :D you rebels are in for a treat, Darkside Style
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