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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GreyJediAntarFodoh, Aug 5, 2002.

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    May 22, 2001
    OOC: GreyJediAntarFodoh, We'll be looking forward to your return ;)

    Gorin_Zachian, I thought you might want to know that the Empire has allied itself with the New Rebel Alliance. I could be wrong so you might want to confirm this with someone else... ;)

    Coruscant,Black Ziggurat sparring chamber

    As Rogloth Norr lept up to one of the smaller platforms that hung 10m above the floor Vransha Killar knew he had an advantage.

    There are only a few reasons one would retreat, even if it is momentarily. He is tired and needs a quick rest, he is scared and wants to delay his own defeat, or he hopes to gain an advantage (which means he would be otherwise at a disadvantage). Either way, I will be the victor.

    His enemy was obviously in need of a change in battlefield if he was going to win. Vransha Killar decided that allowing him the illusion of comfort would work to his own advantage. He jumped up beside Rogloth Norr and began to battle as he had before.

    Vransha Killar refused to use his full potential, but he also refused to be defeated by an inferior warrior. If indeed he was facing a true warrior.

    So it was that the battle continued, if it could be called that at all...

    ... The fight was long but the fighters weren't keeping track of time. Soon Vransha Killar became a little impatient. He summoned the Dark Side and Force pushed his opponent. It would be a ground level battle once again.

    Rogloth Norr had been given a chance to enjoy the comfort and safety he believed he had on the catwalks. It was now however time to show the enemy how a true Sith should battle...

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Coruscant,Black Ziggurat sparring chamber

    This excersise had gone far enough,Rogloth Norr had decided, it was time to show Vransha Killar the true fury of a Sith Knight, but before either combatant could execute their next move, both of them were nearly knocked out as if by an invisible blow due to a tremor in the Force.
    Even the Arbiter seemed affected by it.
    Someone was manipulating the Force on unimaginable levels.
    The Arbiter quickly intervened and declared the sparring match a draw.
    Both combatants were somewhat dismayed , but did not allow the emotion to show through.
    The Arbiter informed Vransha to make himself presentable and be ready for his 'sponsor' Lord Scythe in one standard hour.
    Rogloth Norr was to escort Vransha to his quarters immediately.
    Rogloth Norr noded to Vransha, a modicum of respect showed in his eyes, the grin returned, but less mocking.
    The pair quickly exited the sparring chamber, still wondering who would have been victorious...a question that could be answered in the near future.
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    May 22, 2001
    Coruscant,Black Ziggurat, Vransha's Quarters

    Vransha Killar wondered who had interfered with the battle in the sparring chamber and who his mysterious sponser really was.

    He spent the hour of waiting summoning the Dark Side trying to make contact with his own Master but Darth Obdurate was distant, attending to business of his own.

    The hour passed quickly and Vransha preparted for his meeting with Lord Scythe

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Coruscant,Inside the Black Ziggurat

    The page took Vransha Killar to a 'Meeting Room' located two floors above his quarters.
    The guard at the door was armed, alert and unmoving.
    Vransha entered the meeting room which was rectangular in shape,well furnished and had large floor to ceiling view ports.
    Coruscant at night was indeed breathtaking.
    Vransha sensed then turned to see a large figure satnding at the head of the long balck table that dominated the room.
    It was a tall male figure, measuring almost 2 meters in height and quite large for a human of his size.
    His skin was pale, his expresion calculating with piercing dark eyes.
    He wore his jet black hair short, in an almost military fashion.
    He dressed in black leathers and wore a large cape. A Sith Medallion adorned his chest.

    "Punctuality. I like that." said the figure as he strode towards Vransha, hands clasped behind him. He gave Vransha an appraising look as he approached.

    " I am Lord Scythe, and as you know I shall be your sponsor and 'Master' for the duration of your stay."

    Lord Scythe waited.

    "Yes, my Lord." came Vransha's reply.

    "Your fighting skills are impressive. Your Master has taught you well. I would like to know more about him...but first, do make yourself comfortable if you wish."
    Lord Scythe motioned to one of the chairs.

    "Comfort is for the imfirmed" Vransha stated matter of factly."the Jedi in particular".

    Lord Scythe could not help but to be amused by the comment.

    "Yes, the Jedi are tractable and easily seduced by the DarkSide."
    Lord Scythe said these words as if dissmissing the Jedi from the topic of conversation.

    "It's the Grey Jedi that concern us." He added in a serious tone.

    "The Sith High Council has 'agreed' that the Grey Jedi Order is more powerful than the Jedi of Old, since they draw upon the DarkSide just as we do."
    He seemed to reflect on this for just a moment.

    "They seem to side with the weaker Jedi...and that makes them our enemy."

    Lord Scythe walked over to the viewport and motioned for Vransha to join him.

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    Mesa back! lol

    "Gorin_Zachian, I thought you might want to know that the Empire has allied itself with the New Rebel Alliance. I could be wrong so you might want to confirm this with someone else..."

    This is incorrect. The uber-basic version of this RPG's premise is: the Sith and Empire vs. the Jedi and New Rebel Alliance.

    I'm headed out for the eve but I'll be posting tomorow. I'm glad to see that things kept up in my absence.
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    Jun 6, 2002
    OOC: I need a little help to get established here.

    IC: Teria glanced at her small fighter and boarded it. Using an open comm frequency, she started to speak. "Hello? Can anyone read me?"
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    Mar 17, 2002
    OOC; sorry i havent posted in a long time.

    IC: Admiral Pellaeon

    The four ships arrived at the system of Bespin. As soon as they entered the system, their comms were bombarded by requests for help, and tatical information by the Rebel forces. They dived into the battle between the Empire and thier forces. As soon as they entered the fray, a holocom transmission came over to his ship

    Reventerndo Nuruodo: Admiral Pellaeon, i should have guessed. I noticed your cowardly ways as soon as you entered the system.

    Admiral Pellaeon: Reventerndo Nuruodo

    RN: the one and only.

    AP: i should have known you would be here. You always have to follow and not lead, right?

    RN: And you always were the weakest link. you always desert your comrads when things get... how did you put it?... "dangerous?" You weak minded infidel. You will fall like the rest of this "alliance"

    AP: We are stronger than you think, Nuruodo. We will destroy you and your little pathetic excuse of a Navy.

    RN: We will see, Pellaeon. This will be the last time you will ever hear of my name...alive.

    AP: you got that right. to the comm officer shut it off.

    The holocom went silent as the ship rocked with the hitting of energy on thier shields.

    Begin evasive maneuvers.
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    May 13, 2002
    Somewhere in deep Space, Near the Med Frigate Healer, and the main rebel fleet.

    The ship had docked with the frigate and was offloading it supplies, contraband for the rebels. Kahlass was still hidden on the ship, tring to find a way off. there had been some close scrapes with more than one person on the ship, but with his force senses and the ability to be invisiable for a small amount of time, Kahlass was still not found. He was watching from a hidden alcove as the men unloaded the medical supplies. He waited untill the men left the ship to deliver this batch of goods and then he slipped back into the hold, looking for something to hide in. All around him were boxes but they were all full of supplies which would be missed if they didn't show up on the physical count they were no doubt doing. Kahlass looked around for a specific thing and managed to find it in the back of the bay. They were body cases inside a large box. he quickly opened the box and slipped into one just as he heard the men coming back in. He held the box closed with the force and waited as it was lifed off the floor. He was hidden in the darkness and waited untill the men went back into the ship for another load. he then sliped out of the box and resaeled it, running into the ship itself, finally at his goal.

    Now to cause a little carnage. First things first i'm going to need more weapons and something explosive. I'll have to find the armory and somewhere to stay hidden.

    He darted into the ship itself keeping hidden using his Invisabilty and slipping into different rooms as people walked by. Most of the rooms wer eempty becuse almost everyone on the ship was in sickbay, eiuther helping or being helped. So it was that Kahlass managed to slip into engineering without being seen. it was then that someone spotted him, darting between a couple of boxes.

    "Hey you! Who are you? Arew you athorized to be in here?"

    Kahlass knew it was time. He stood up slowly, activateing his fear power and radiating it as he slowly stood, clam and detached. The man began to quiver and tried to draw his blaster but kahl;ass was on him faster than the eye could see. He slumped to the floor, Kahlass having broken his neck. While Kahlass reached out and flipped the door lock, closing and locking the door. He tyen proceeded to slaugther every single person in that room, which was not hard becuse almost nobody saw him before he killed them, siwiftly, which was unfortunate becuse they could feel no pain before they died. He now stood alone in the engin room of a rebel medical frigate, 15 bodied behind him, as he began to engage in insidius activitys.

    OOC: I hope i didn't go to far but i didn't know who to tag, if any body wants to pick up something go ahead, otherwise i will complete my mission soon.
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    OOC: Sorry for the wasted posts up there. Let me try again.

    IC: She shook her head and tried again. "I'm looking for the Grey Jedi. Someone pick up, please."
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    OOC: GreyJediAntarFodoh, thanks for clearing things up.

    Gorin_Zachian, my apologies for the mix up. I was confused due to Admiral Pellaeon's defection...


    Coruscant,Inside the Black Ziggurat

    [This might be out of line but we'll see what happens]

    "The Sith High Council has 'agreed' that the Grey Jedi Order is more powerful than the Jedi of Old, since they draw upon the DarkSide just as we do."
    He seemed to reflect on this for just a moment.

    "They seem to side with the weaker Jedi...and that makes them our enemy."

    Lord Scythe walked over to the viewport and motioned for Vransha to join him. Vransha did so and then spoke freely, not fearing the Sith Lord's possible reaction.

    "I must disagree with the Sith High Council's judement..."

    "... the Grey Jedi are just exploring the Dark Side. We, the Sith, are its Masters. The Grey Jedi are fools and will be turned. They are the ones who are weak because they beleive they can use the Dark Side against the Sith who have been long using it and have since mastered countless tehniques."

    "I mean no disrespect but that is the way I see it. Some members of the Sith Council no doubt could be wasting our energy and resources where others should be in their place... We might need some restructuring" [face_mischief]

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Coruscant, Inside the Black Ziggurat

    Lord Scythe tried so very hard to contain his laughter,but failed.
    He had to let it out.
    Then his expression showed both amusement and exhasperation.
    "Are you aware that The Emperor himself
    presides over the Sith High Council!?"

    "Your words could be misconstrued as treason, or wisdom,depending on the ears on which they fall...I simply view them as uninformed."

    Lord Scythe looked at Vransha Killar as if for the first time.
    His expresion was neutral and appraising.

    "You have a keen mind, but there's much you must learn before making a final conclusion."

    "How are your tracking skills?"
    Lord Scythe voice just hinted of mischief.
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    May 22, 2001
    Coruscant, Inside the Black Ziggurat

    Vransha Killar was still surprised at the Sith Lord's reaction to his words but he would not apologise because that is what he truly believed. He quickly answered.

    "I believe that my tracking skills are more than adequate..."
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    Oct 3, 2001
    Endor, Lambda-class shuttle, Chrimson Blade

    "All systems ready, Master Koliah.", Jikar Horan announced from the co-pilot's seat of Tiernin's shuttle.

    "Thank you, Jikar.", Tiernin replied simply. With practiced skill, Tiernin throttled up the engines and flew from the confines of the Grey Jedi Temple hangar.

    "If I may ask, what is our mission, Master Koliah?"

    "We are to adress the situation of the Sith trying to interfere with the Grey Jedi.", Tiernin replied as though it were a simple answer.

    "How are we to do this, Master Koliah?", Jikar asked.

    "I don't yet know." Tiernin paused. "The Force will guide us where and when we should be. Our path will become clear in time."

    "Very well...", Jikar replied uneasily.

    "You have doubts...", Tiernin prompted.

    "I do. I've learned to trust the Force and to use it as a tool and a guide but even so, when I've gone on missions in the past, I knew what I was ahead of me. I was to go to a certain location or to complete a specific task.", Jikar admitted.

    "You must have faith in the Force, my young friend. We cannot escape our destinies any more than we can run from our shadows. Wherever we are and wherever we go, we are fulfilling our destinies as the Force has laid them out before us. We are always where we should be."

    "I agree, Master, but how do we know that our destinies will take us to this Sith threat that is trying to undermine the Grey Jedi?", Klendo asked.

    "Seeing one's destiny is a skill that can be learned with time. It is a skill I have learned from my master, but there are none that can see the past and future as MAster Fodoh does. He instricted me to leave the temple to adress this threat and so we have. He has foreseen that our destinies lay with this task."

    Jikar hesitated for a few moments, staggered by the revelation of Master Fodoh's powers. He knew that the Grey Jedi were the keepers of great power, but he never knew how much and still didn't know the bounds of their powers. "It's almost impossible to believe.", he finally said.

    "Almost, yes... I once questioned the limits of Master Fodoh's powers as you now do... I never questioned him again.", Tiernin said, recalling his early days as Antar's Sith aprentice and the price he payed for his insolence. "Tell me, Jikar. Do you see where your destiny leads?", Tiernin asked.

    "I do not, Master Koliah.", he answered.

    "Listen to the Force... What does it say to you?", Tiernin prompted, trying to guide his young Jedi friend.

    "My path is uncertain... In motion, to paraphrase."

    Outside of Endor's atmosphere, Tiernin initiated the hyperspace jump. "I can see the uncertainty in your future... The motion of your path and the changes that are to come."

    "I am not to be a Jedi.", Jikar said suddenly, as if the Force finally whispered a hint to him.

    "You must learn the ways of the Grey Jedi, Jikar. You have the strength within you to complete our trials and learn our ways. I have forseen your destiny.", Tiernin said. "I have consulted my master on this matter and he has granted me permission to train you. Do you accept the responsibility of this undertaking?"

    Jikar considered the question carefully, looking into himself and looking to the Force for the answer. "I am ready... I am always ready to learn.", he answered.

    "A good answer, my aprentice."

    "Thank you, master."
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    May 13, 2002
    Engineering of Med Frigate, Main Rebel Fleet

    The bridge was quiet as the men mostley just sat around with nothing to do. there were the occisional reports and requests from the Sickbay, plus the new cargo delivery to deal with, but the men were not the most vigalant, which allowed Kahlass' plan to begin. Less then 5 minutes after he had secured engineering Kahlass had re-routed all main shjip fuctions though engineering without anyone noticing. With practied care he activated a silent self-destruct and dowloaded the entire medical frigates computer onto the data pack he carried. He was looking for an escape ship when the computer winked out on him. Someone had notyiced his tampering and shut him down. It was no matter becuse the ship would self-destruct before they could break the new security seals he had put in place. All he had to do now was get to the hanger. He wipped out his lightsabers and activated them as he opened the door out. Outside he found himself facing about 15 rebel security troops, all with blasters pointing at him. He smiled a cold smile as the leader said, "Deactivate your weapons and come with us. You will not be harmed."

    Kahlass knew from the ships computer that in order for them to take him to the brig they would need to pass by the hanger and so Kahlass deactivated his sabers and walked with them. They disarmed him but they mearly held his sabers, wityh nowhere to put them. As they walked by the hanger he reached out with the force, drawing his saber to him, just as ducked down and knockd the legs out from under the gaurds behind him. he then activated his sabers and blocked the incoming blaster bolts and sent them back to their sorces, killing almost all of them. The rest ran away as Kahlass entered the hanger. Inside there were two fighters, an X-Wing class and an A-Wing Class. He quickly ran to the A-Wing and managed to kill the pilot, who was about to take off becuse the ship's captian had reliised the sith would need an escape ship, and got inside the now activated A-Wing. He activated the missles and blew out the hanger door and blew out of there. Once outside the ship he immediately entered hyperspace for about a second, just as the frigate behind him beagn to fall apart. he turned his ship around and watched as the escape pod departed and the ship blew in on itself, consumed in fire. he then flew in the A-Wing and began to destroy the escape pods. He got almost all of them before the other ships got too close for comfort. He entered hyperspace once again and then ploted a coruse back to tatooine and to his real ship. His mission was accoplished, he had almost priceless iteligence information from the Rebel Frigate and it would definately be of some intrest to the empire. So he flew on, content with his first real succsess against the Rebels.

    OOC: :D
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    Oct 3, 2001
    Chrimson Blade

    In the quiet cockpit of the Lambda-Class shuttle, Jikar was roused from his meditation.

    "You felt that too, didn't you?", Tiernin asked of his new aprentice.

    "Yes.", Jikar replied simply, disturbed by the wave in the Force.

    "Feeling their deaths was no accident.", Tiernin replied. "Our path has been made clear."

    "Indeed. But where are we to go?"

    "What do your feelings tell you, Jikar?"

    "I... I don't know, Master."

    "Of course you do. Trust your feelings. Reach beyond your perceptions and yourself. Set us a new course.", Tiernin told his aprentice.

    Jikar sat silent for a moment and reached out to the Force. He felt the flow of the power though his body and felt the Force touching all living things. He felt the deaths of those aboard the Rebel medical frigate and the faint hint of their Sith attacker. "Setting a course for Tatooine."

    Tiernin smiled widly, having known all along precisely where they were to go. "Well done, my aprentice. When you shed your preconceptions of what is and is not possible, all of your horizons will expand."


    Lanna and her young Jedi aprentice, Klendo, sat quietly in one of the Grey Jedi temple's workshops. Lanna watched on as Klendo tinkered with a broken tranciever. As he made adjustments to various recievers and circuits in the tranciever, it sprang to life.

    "I'm looking for the Grey Jedi. Someone pick up, please."

    "That's strange.", Klendo commented.

    "Not strange. Just the Force speaking to us.", Lanna replied. She picked up the microphone attatched to the tranciever and spoke into it. "This is Grey Jedi Master Lanna Hanishe. How can I be of service?"
  16. Miccu_Resea

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    Mar 17, 2002
    IC: Admiral Pellaeon

    AP: How many ship on each side are there?

    Sir. The Empire has 10 ships, 4 capital and 6 support. We have a total of 8, 4 capital, four support.

    AP: this could take longer than we expected. Begin evasive maneuvers.


    The battle over Bespine raged for hours. The Two forces battled hard and tire wore into the battle. The Empire strove on, pressing each advantage they had, opening themselves up never to any disadvatages. But the Battle was too long for the Empire. used to Ambush tactics, the Empire struggled at Wars of Attrition.


    As the Plague and the Black Viper passed near the Gallant Venture, Admiral Pellaeon shouted out...

    AP: concentrate on the Engines of the Black Viper! Disable her!

    As the lances of pure energy shot out of the ship, The shields of the Black Viper Tried its hardest to absorb the shots. But they failed quickly, and the engines took hit after merciless hit, stopping the ship dead in its tracks. As Pellaeon ordered his ship to go after the Plague, He recieved another holocom message...

    You may have won the battle, but you will lose the war. Thrawn will destroy you and your pathetic excuse for a government. I will see you again.

    Pellaeon stared at the minature version of the Admiral, he silently quieted himself. Another close call like that and he would have to retire again. But he set his coordinates for the Rebel Base. He had an appointment to keep.
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    Apr 29, 2002
    Bespin,Far Orbit

    Communications Officer:"It seems we just missed the battle , sir."

    Admiral Dhalm Questis regarded the floor to ceiling holo-representation of the Bespin system and all the space activity at the time. The control station was 3 floors tall and as wide as a boulevard.
    He studied the Holo-display from the second floor station.

    ADQ: "Captain Lennmark,Give the order to decloack. Assist all Imperial vessels if there are any left in system. Launch a sortie to take care of the rebel scum. We are reclaiming what is ours by right."

    CL: "Should i also inform Grand Moff Commodus of the situation,sir?"

    Admiral Dhalm Questis' face blanched briefly, but he quickly recovered.

    ADQ: " I will inform the Grand Moff and his Sith Entourage of our situation, you see that we reclaim the system without fail...captain."

    CL: "Yes, sir"

    In a few moments a sphere was visible in the Bespin sky.It was a black sphere.
    A black sphere...for in space THE EYE OF THRAWN was decloacking.
    It was a DEATH STAR, just as large as its predecessor, but with a completed surface, and a harbinger of certain DOOM.
    Any forces not friendly to the Empire would certainly suffer swift and terrible retribution .
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    Jun 6, 2002
    IC: She heard the reply come in. "This is Teria Desarvas, I wish to find the Grey Jedi so I may train with them."
  19. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Endor,Grey Jedi Temple

    Jedi Ghanthror waited until Master Fodoh was finished speaking with his visitor before approaching him with his questions.

    "Greetings Master Fodoh,I was meditating but a few questions kept resurfacing during meditation."
    The jedi was abit embarrased admiting to his difficulties, but went on.

    " Is it true that the Grey Jedi Temple posseses temporal properties? would one be able to travel to the past or the future? or could one encounter a person or item from another time...and could they exist outside the temple?"
    The Jedi looked away momentarily.

    "I do not mean to trouble you, but i can't seem to get these questions out of my mind."


    Coruscant,the Black Ziggurat

    Although he did hear Vransha Killar's
    answer, Lord Scythe's attention was focused elsewhere.
    He returned to his calculating expression and noded at Vransha.

    "Soon we will face the Grey will be part of that TASKFORCE; Rogloth Norr and a few others are part of it. All warriors at their peak. It is my task to lead you all."
    Lord Scythe looked out the viewport as he spoke.

    " You may contact your Master, you should have clearance to access our comm-system in about a standard hour ."

    Lord Scythe turned to regard Vranshah. He spoke with conviction to the sith apprentice.

    " For this TASKFORCE, failure is not an option..."
    He let the words and their implications hang between them.

    "...and remember, DISCIPLINE IS ALL."

    "yes, my lord." Vransha said in acknowledgement,understanding all that was implied.

    "You are dismissed."

    Lord Scythe gave Vransha a curt nod and returned to gazing out of the viewport.

    Vransha wanted to say more but knew better.
    He turned and left for his quarters.


    Endor,Grey jedi temple

    Scholar Zu Dharma sat in lotus position in his quarters deep in meditation.
    He opened up to all the nuances of the Force.
    He sought to decypher his 'vision' as well as
    listening to any whispers in the Force.
    There was so much happening.
    He felt a deep tremor in the force.

    "It begins...Praise the Force."

    The conflict between light and dark was rapidly escalating...what price would the galaxy have to pay to attain harmony.

  20. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001

    Seeing as how I'm the nut that started this whole thing up, I thought I'd let you know when I'll be away for more than a day.

    I'm logging off shortly and won't be online for approx 24 hours while building a new PC.

    Keep it up while I'm gone!
  21. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002

    An A-Wing poped out of hyperspace and hurtled twords the planet. He began to prepare for landing and calculating he proximity to his ship. It was still in dock, that much he could tell, but he didn't know what her status was. He landed and began to make his way twords the ship. Once on-board he activated the computer and had it get ready for lift off. the computer calmly told him that due to the extended nature of his absence the ship had been mostley shut down and that it would take a few hours to get her back up from a cold start. He smiled and sat back, after all what could happen in the few hours he would be there.

    How little he knew as the Grey Jedi's ship drew closer.

  22. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001
    Coruscant, The Black Ziggurat

    Vransha Killar once again tired to contact his Master through the Force but he was unable to. It was not unusual, there had been times he hadn't heard of his Master for what seemed an eternity and then he would turn up when Vransha least expected it...

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: Although I won?t be able to read Antar?s answer to my question for some time to come, I hope this will be okay. The next series of posts are be created do to the fact that I won?t be at the JC boards for a while, and I don?t want my character to just be doing nothing during that time. I?ll post the date by every post and a number. When I am done, if I talk to anyone in a post, I?ll put a number by your user or character name up top here in OOC.

    2 ? Antar


    Bravo Ship (Friday, August 09, 2002)

    Everything was set. The group of three Jedi Knights? first mission would be a simple supply raid on an Imperial Supply Station?

    Imperial Supply Station, Mid Rim

    The Supply Station commander, a younger man, looked over the shoulder of one of the sensor officers. On the screen, the disabled ship came out as:


    Commander: ?Docking control, send out a rescue ship or two. Lets get our friends back within the safety of our Imperial Supply Station.?

    Senior Docking Control Officer: ?Yes commander.?

    Disabled Imperial Shuttle

    To make everything look real, Bravo made sure they had extra crew that were ?dead?. In reality, the bodies lying there were just fakes. Fakes that had everything a real body dead. And, the shuttle did have one ?Wookie Slave? who was in all truth Frowbatta. Vail Binn acted as the pilot, while Bravo acted as the guard.

    As the sparks flew around them, as the air lock was being cut open, the three Jedi relaxed and got into a Battle Meld. Once the door fell inward, a squad of Stomtroopers rushed in supported by two squads of Imperial Army Troopers. Behind the three squads, a squad of Imperial Medics supported by one squad of Imperial Army Troopers came in.

    As the ?injured? Imperials were taken off ship, the rest of the ship was hauled back. Its supplies, which were real, were also hauled off to the supply station. None of the Imperials knew the truth and didn?t expect what would happen next?

    Once within the infirmary, Imperial medics and doctors, supported by a few Medical Droids took care of the ?patients?. Just as they were going to see the extend of the injuries, all three Jedi Knights jumped up in union. With their Imperial flight suits and in Frowbatta?s case, slave suit, had large pockets, thus allowing a lightsaber to be stored away in the pockets without worry of being found right away.

    With speed that was unbelievable by all but Force users, three lightsaber blades came to life. A green one came first, Bravo?s, followed by a red one, Frowbatta?s, and then by a purple one, Vail Binn?s. In no time, everyone but the three Jedi were no longer standing. A few limbs lay across the floor, but for the most part, it was a fight that involved very little missing limbs.

    As the three Jedi Knights ran out of the infirmary, the two guards standing guard, two Imperial Army Troopers, turned around in shock. But, they had no time to react as Frowbatta beheaded one and Vail Binn the other. As alarms sounded as the three Jedi made more and more noise as they ran into more guards, all three Jedi worked as a team, as one. By the time they reached the Command Level, all 200 Imperial Army Troopers and 52 Imperial Stormtroopers. Out of the 100 Imperial Navy Troopers, only 80 were dead, thus leaving 20 left. Although many had died, Bravo stayed true to the Jedi?s main rule and never attacked. He always defended himself, allowing his attackers to attack first, as did all the Jedi with Bravo.

    As the three Jedi Knights cut through the blast doors, 5 Imperial Navy Troopers welcomed them with blaster fire. All three Jedi defected all the laser blasts from the 5 Imperial Navy Troopers and the bridge crew. With a few Jedi Mind Tricks, everyone surrendered after a few blaster shots. After Frowb
  24. Miccu_Resea

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    Mar 17, 2002
    OOC: i hope you dont mind if i test fire your Eye of Thrawn, do you? if not, ill null this post.

    IC: Admiral Pellaeon

    Admiral Pellaeon's convoy of three ships streaked out of the gravitational well of Bespin. As they neared their point of departure, something caught the attention of the Tatcial officer.

    Ummm, sir? we have a giant anomoly decloaking off the Starboard Bow near Bespin.


    Sir?!?! Its the Death Star!


    Admiral Pellaeon ordered a halt as he turned his ships towards the anaomoly, the giant black sphere appeared over the unsuspeciting citizens of the planet. As the Jagged Ice, the ship left over to guard the planet, moved to attack it, Pellaeon heard the last of the crew that bravely guarded the planet.

    Jysela Navarra: Are you seeing this sir? we are sending you all the information that we are gathering. This seems similar to the Death Star of the Empire 35 years ago, or what ive seen from history. But it much different from before. it is built and colored totally black, and it has the ability to cloak: thats why we didnt see it before.

    As she continued on with the description, the Eye of Thrawn charged up its laser and fired upon the Star Destroyer. As the ship exploded in flames, Admiral Pellaeon stared in horror as he lost one of his best upcoming officers. As he snapped out of the shock...

    GET US OUT OF HERE NOW! Before that thing fires again!

    The ships lept into hyperspace and headed as far away from that monstrosisity as possible
  25. greyjedi125

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    OOC: Miccu_Resea, i am honored,(bows). ;)


    Coruscant,Black Ziggurat

    Inside Vransha Killar's room, the comm unit begins to flash and a text message appears on the screen.


    You have been granted 'Sith Apprentice' clearance within the Black Ziggurat effective immediately. You can receive your access code from any security station.
    That is all for now.
    Oh and by the 'soup hunts' within the premisses.

    Rogloth Norr

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