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SWRPF Archive The new DARK TIMES (35 years after ANH)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GreyJediAntarFodoh, Aug 5, 2002.

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  1. Miccu_Resea

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    Mar 17, 2002
    OOC: ok, after reading Traitor in the NJO series, i have really started to believe in this thread. It really rekindled my liking for this, and now that my views are changed by that book, i totally see this to be true. Just thought id like everyone to know that.

    greyjedi125: [face_blush]

    Oh, and btw, to avoid confusion, Sanity's Requiem is Pellaeon's little unknown hideaway, only know by him, his friends, and high ranking Rebels. :D

    IC: Admiral Pellaeon

    Sanity's Requiem

    Pellaeon stared in horror over the battle images that replayed in his office. He was shocked that the Empire had the time, resources, and skill to hide this from anyone-that the Empire recreated its most feared weapon of all time, and that nobody forwarned them that there was a fully functional Death Star Roaming around open space. And, Pellaeon realized, that that wasnt the worst part. The fact that The Death Star could cloak gave the Reconstructed Death Star more fuel to feed it fear growing fire. Pellaeon didnt know where it was or where it could be---for all he knew, that Death Star could be right above him waiting to kill him. He realized that he had to do the best thing in mind. Warn the Rebel Alliance..

    To: Commander-In-Chief Leia Solo
    From: Admiral Pellaeon
    Code: Pellaeon657
    Body: Leia, i contact you in most dire circumstances. The Empire has done something to far surpass its prior accomplishments. it has constructed its most feared Weapon-the Death Star. It is far deadlier than you have ever imagined. i have sent you all the information that i recieved from the Jagged Ice, including Size, schematics, and firepower.

    Pellaeon wiped back a tear for that crew.

    it must be stopped at all costs. I leave this in your hands. I will be willing and able to lend myself to the cause. Pellaeon out. End Transmission

    Plague, Byss system

    IC: Reventerndo Nuruodo

    Nuruodo smiled as he came aboard the Eye of Thrawn. He finally realized the Dream that his Beloved Thrawn realized. As he walked through all the halls of the Black sphere of Terror, he reached Admiral Dhalm Questis

    RN: are all things going according to schedule?

    DQ: Yes sir. We have neutralized the Threat at Bespin. They are no longer a threat to us.

    RN: It is the beginning of the End for the Rebels. Can you feel it?

    DQ: i can. And they will not be able to stand up to the threat that we give them. It will be the downfall of the Rebel Scum.

    OOC: sorry about the long post. Had a lot on my mind. ;) And i hope you dont mind that i used Admiral Dhalm Questis for my post.
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    May 22, 2001
    OOC: greyjedi125, LOL !!!

    "Oh and by the way... no 'soup hunts' within the premisses. "

    (Will we be soon making an attack with the taskforce?)

  3. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    No worries, Miccu. Long posts really push the story forward and are the best to read. Heck, look at half of mine.


    "Exiting hyperspace, master. We're entering the Tatooine system.", Jikar Horan announced from the co-pilot's seat of the Chrimson Blade as he throttled down from hyperspace.

    "I can sence the Dark side, Jikar... Can you?", Tiernin asked.

    "Yes, Master, but it's faint... Elusive."

    "Yes, but stationary...", Tiernin added then paused. "Scan the system for starship traffic. Look for a ship that's powered down or otherwise motionless..."

    "Scanning...", Jikar replied. "I've found three stationary ships in the system. A Corellian YT-1100, another Lambda-Class shuttle... Imperial. And the third ship is of unknown class... Somehow it is jamming our sensors and I can't get a positive reading on it. It is definatly the source of the Dark Side presance."

    Tiernin closed his eyes and reached out with the Force... "He's felt our presance. And he's stolen something. Our priority has to be to retrieve whatever he's stolen."

    "Yes Master."
  4. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Ord Mantell, Junkyard

    Kyp Durron kept his senses open. And, as he looked at the Imperial Patrol coming, he unhooked his lightsaber, but then he sensed three jedi to his left.

    Don't these kids know any better?, he thought.

    Bravo feeling Kyp Durron's readniess to attack, instructed his two fellow Jedi to do the same. In union, four lightsabers burst to life and four figures jumped from the rumble and surpised attacked the patrol of Imperial Troopers...
  5. Gorin_Zachian

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    May 13, 2002
    Kahlass had been feeling a growing sense of danger for most of the hour before he felt a definate spike in it followed by a new sense. Someone powerful in the force had just entered the system, and even Kahlass knew that in a direct fight he would lose. He quickly looked at the coutdown on his computer. He still had about an hour before he could take off. Slipping off of his ship he engaged all his security features and closed the doors, slipping out in the tatooine afternoon. It was hot, very hot, and Kahlass was almpst tempted to throw off his robes. he kept them on, but headed off into the town, still carrying the information, and was quickly getting himself lost in the crowd.

  6. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Ord Mantell, Junkyard

    Although the battle was short, the enemy did get a few shots off and the four Jedi knew what that meant...Trouble.

    Kyp Duron: "Who do you think you are, doing a risky stunt like that?" Kyp Durron demaned towards Bravo.

    Bravo: "We had come to free this world of the Gaklactic Empire, and then we sensed you, pleading for help. We thought..."

    Kyp Durron: "You thought wrong. Now, we are in more trouble then ever! Do you have a ship?"

    Bravo: "Yes, follow us."

    The four Jedi switched thier lightsabers off and sprinte dout of the junkyard...before the Imperials came to aid their now falen comrades.

    Bravo started up the old YT-1300 Transport and when they were ready, the Jedi blasted off.

    Vail Binn: "We can't just leave, what about the civilians on that planet and..."

    Kyp Durron: "Listen here. No four Jedi can't take down a whole invasion force, even with help from the locals. Even through its just regular Army, Army Troopers are deadly."

    Kyp urron snapped back as Vail Binn, Kyp Durron, and Frowbatta sat around the table.

    Vail Binn: "But..."

    Kyp Durron: "Look," Kyp snapped back again, "Our best hope is to get in touch with the New Rebellion and the Jedi Master Skywalker. I have to talk with your brave...but very stupid leader on this mission."

    With that Kyp Durron left for the cockpit.

    As Kyp Durron entered the cockpit, he held on to the third seat in the rear, as the ship jumped into hyperspace. Then, he took a seat in the co-pilot seat.

    Kyp Durron: "Jason," Kyp said in a rather rude tone, "What in the Sith were you doing? Trying to save me from the Empire with only three of you?"

    Jason knew he was in trouble for his acts, and as he did, his face took on a more of a defense/sad/scare look. He looked at Kyp.

    Jason Bravo: "Master Durron, we thought w ecould save you...and we did. Although I know my actions might of been rather childess, we completed part of a mission we thought we would take weeks."

    Kyp Durron: "Look," Kyp sanpped again, "By rescueing me, you signed all those people's deaths! Now the Empire will take revenge and kill all of the civilians they want on that planet until they think revenge is done!"

    Jason Bravo: "Look, I said I am sorry!"

    With that, Jason Bravo stormed out of the cockpit, to think over his last mistake that coasts hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of livies. Jason Bravo went to the cargo hold and sat crouched up against the wall and started to get angry and started to drewll (sp?) on his latest mistake. Only his Jedi cailming excrises kept him in check.
  7. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Bravo Ship

    While Bravo meditated,there was 'another' stirring in the Force, and then a voice inside his head, like a coiling whisper, intruded upon his meditation.

    DISEMBODIED VOICE:"Another mistake,another failure...You failed against Darth Maximums, you've failed your friends.
    After all the Imperial soldiers you've killed, it is not enough.Master Duron is dissapointed in you. You have a right to be angry. Are you not the Chosen One.?"

    The voice continued on, softly,but proding,distant and yet, affecting familiarity.

    DISEMBODIED VOICE:"Yes...draw upon that infinite reservoir of ANGER...see, the jedi don't want you,how easily were you left to the care of the so called "GREY" Jedi.
    Even they see the benefits of the DARKSIDE. But don't be a Hypocrite like them BRAVO, let your ANGER guide you, let it grow into all-empowering HATE...give in Bravo, give in, you know you want to. Only then can you exact your rightful VENGEANCE."

    The voice could sense the conflict within bravo...but it would be there for BRAVO, for he certainly needed guidance and reasurance at such a crucial time.


    Endor,Grey Jedi Temple

    Jedi Ghanthror turned away, slightly embarrased that Master Fodoh had not finished his conversation with the visiting Jedi Master, and he had nearly interrupted them. They certainly had important things to discuss.
    Ghanthror, left to find an isolated garden where he could explore the answers to his burning questions.
    By vertue of stealth and great determination, the Noghri warrior moved unseen until he found an isolated area within the temple before proceeding.
    Once settled, he focused on the Force and the 'fabric' that surounded the temple.
    He was resolved that there would be answers and results.

    Elsewhere, in his quarters Scholar Zu Dharma was deep in meditation.
    The Darkside was definately at work, for though he was wont of clarity in the Force, it was not forthcoming. All seemed so clouded, but the sense of impending danger would not relent.
    He needed to go deeper if he was to learn anything at all, and with one meditative breath, Zu Dharma plunged into the currents of the Force.
  8. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    Antar walked slowly but intently through the halls of the Grey Jedi Temple towards the location of the Noghri Jedi Knight, Ghanthror. As he walked through the long halls on the well polished marble floor, he could hear his footsteps resonating through the seemingly endless corridors of the temple. The spacious temple was nearly empty with the exception of its eleven residents, but Antar was sure that one day it would be bustling with activity as the Grey Jedi order grows in numbers.

    Finally, he came to a wide opening to one of the many arboretums of the temple, who's plant life and fresh air lent a comforting and peaceful air to the temple. Sitting among the many plants and assorted flora of the arboretum was Jedi Ghanthror, sitting in meditation. When Antar quietly entered the area, Ghanthror was roused from his meditation.

    "Master Fodoh. Am I not supposed to be here?", he asked, begining to rise from his seated position.

    "Please, don't get up. You're welcome to remain anywhere in the temple you wish.", Antar said, raising a hand slightly. As Ghanthror settled back into position, Antar took a seat by his side. "This is one of my favorite rooms for meditation... The sounds the plants here make as the gentle air flow passes over them is nearly hypnotic. In nature, as in all things, you can hear and see and feel the Force. The hypnotic sounds of the rustling leaves in here sing to me. In this singing, I can hear the Force... Can you, my young friend?"

    "I can, Master Fodoh.", Ghanthror replied. "This is a way of thinking I never considered before.", the young Noghri added.

    Antar smiled. "Then I'm glad that your mind is open enough to still consider new things. You are truly a tallented Jedi, Ghanthror."

    "Thank you, Master Fodoh."

    "You asked me something earlier and though I was occupied already, I did hear your questions."

    Ghanthror allowed what would be a smile among the Noghri, no longer embarassed. "I am very curious on these subjects..."

    "No doubt.", Antar replied. "It is true that this temple once held temporal properties. I created a temporal nexus around these walls for a time as the Force willed me to do, in preperation for these Dark times, but the nexus is no more. When open, Force sencitives from the past would see this temple standing on Endore where we now are, though it was not there in their time. When they entered, they were brought to our time, but when they left, they returned to their own. Traveling to the past was impossible with this nexus, however, for when we stepped outside of these walls, all we would find is what we would expect... Endor as we now know it."

    "I see...", Ghanthror replied.

    "You are dissapointed. I can feel it."

    "Somewhat, Master Fodoh. To travel to the past would present unlimited possibilities and opritunities to learn.

    "Indeed. A wise and learned motive, my young friend.", Antar said with a smile. "The past is a teacher like no other. What has passed before us will come to pass again. Conflicts will occur over and over untill we learn from our mistakes. Knowlege lost to the Jedi purges of the old Empire and from other events passed holds secrets that could teach us so much."

    Ghanthror considered Antar's words for a moment. "Is it true that you can see the past?.. And the future?"

    "It is. Like a great Jedi Master once said, the future is hard to see. This Jedi made the mistake of assuming that the future was ever changing, however the Force has laid everything out before us already and we cannot escape our destinies. It is only our perceptions that alter how we see the future...", Antar paused. "But he was right that it is hard to see. The past however is much easier to see if one knows how to look."

    "And this is how you have learned so much...", Ghanthror half asked of the Grey Jedi Master.

    "It is.", Antar replied and reached to his belt to remove something. "Here, allow me to lead you in meditation so that you, too, can lear
  9. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001

    Following their sences in the Force, Tiernin and his new aprentice, Jikar Horan, landed on Tatooine just outside of Mos Eklun.

    "Be wary, my aprentice. The Force is strong with this one.. Trickery, deception and violence are his ways.", Tiernin said.

    Jikar nodded and replied, "Yes, master."

    The Grey Jedi Master and his Jedi Knight aprentice walked casually but intently into the crowded streets of Mos Eklun and quickly faded away into the crowd. Clad in their Jedi-style robes, they almost appeared to be over-sized Jawas with their large hooded cloaks. Tiernin lead on, wearing his long black cloak, followed by his Zabrak aprentice in his brown. They wove through the crowded streets with ease as Tiernin used the Force to guide people to subconsiously make way for himself and his aprentice.

    "He's felt our presence... Jikar, I want you to continue persuit. I'm going to try to head him off. We cannot let him escape.", Tiernin commanded.

    "Yes Master.", Jikar replied. With that, his master dissapeared from his sight.
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    Apr 29, 2002
    Endor,Grey Jedi Temple

    The great feeling of anxiety was lifted from
    Jedi Ghanthror, his mind regaining the familiar tranquility he was accustomed to feeling.
    He marveled at Master Fodoh and his ways. Certainly here was a man who had discovered great mysteries in the Force.
    Ghanthror felt honored that Master Skywalker had sent him to this wonderous place.

    Elsewhere, In his quarters, Scholar Zu Dharma could feel the immediate danger become more distant. Somehow an imminent disaster was averted..."Praise the Force."
    He felt Master Fodoh was somehow involved in this,although it was not clear to him how.
    Zu Dharma continued his meditation, trusting that the Force would lead him where he ought to be or do.


    Coruscant ,

    The VEHEMENT FIST exited hyperspace and entered the Coruscant star system.
    The ship was returning to the capital.
    Aboard, Commander Essex finalized his report to the IMPERIAL HIGH COMMAND.
    Their mission to TATOOINE had failed and the
    Dreaded Sith Lord, Darth Specter had perished during the mission, but his apprentice survived.
    This would not be an easy report to make.

    In her chambers, Darth Synistra had no more tears for her slain Master.
    Her grief was transformed into an instrument of HATE most foul.
    Things were very clear to her now,for she had one sole purpuose and focus.
    She was so consumed by hate, that no act would be beneath her, no obstacle would deter her, no being was innocent to her.
    Her failure on TATOOINE came at a great cost.
    'NEVER AGAIN'...she vowed silently to herself.
    She would make her report to the Sith High
    , and be strengthened by the punishment for failure that was to follow.
    All these things would she use to achieve her final victory against the Grey Jedi.
  11. Gorin_Zachian

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    May 13, 2002
    Tatooine, Mos Eklun

    Something was changing, something was different then the last time he had reached out. Before he had felt the powerful force presence as a unified whole, still behind him as he led them though the streets. Now it seemed to have split, though unevenly. The force presence behind him was weaker, more susceptible, while the one moving, constantly fading in and out of his sense was incredibly powerful.

    "Heh, the fool." Kahlass said, whispering, "He thinks that I do not sense him and so he has left his shadow behind to continue to force me this way. Well, I can play that game too. Kahlass looked quickly around and found what appeared to be a tourist station. Grabbing a map he went outside and looked for a parked speeder. Grabbing one he hotwired it as the force senses grew closer. Lifting off he sped into the desert, his destination set, and at least one Jedi's doom set. His eyes began to burn the pale blue of sith hate, as he thought of how he had been left alone, completely alone, by his supposed masters. As he rode across the desert he reminisced about a particularly fond time, to his sensibilities anyway.....

    The past, Space transport Uhura.

    Kahlass had been on the Sith world for almost 2 years and in that time his pain had not stopped, nor had his anger. The sith on that world were very wise, they had said, and they knew his torment. It was necessary, they said, but Kahlass, in his shortsightedness, had only seen the hate and deception of the Sith, the mantra practiced by the Jedi and forced into his mind. Constantly they told him of how they could feel his master. He had forgotten Kahlass, they said, he was nothing to the Jedi, he was merely a pawn in their infinite game of war. Slowly, over the course of years, he had begun to believe, slowly they had turned him.

    After two years on their world the Jedi came. They stormed down and fought a massive battle, setting Kahlass free. Unsuspecting they handed him his old lightsaber, recovered by his master they said. Rushing into the main chamber they faced the Sith Lord of the world.

    Darth Untimiral

    The battle fought was fierce and long, and Kahlass did nothing. In the end the sith lord had forced them back, back into the hall, and even Kahlass could see, though his clouded vision, that they were n9t going to survive this encounter. Then Kahlass came up from behind and, unexpectedly, struck down the Sith Master. Just before he died, just before Kahlass's surprise blade hit his flesh and took him from the world of mortals, he said...

    It is Done.

    The Jedi were too exhausted to notice but when Kahlass had struck down that Sith Master, it was not to save hi 'Friends', indeed he had not even though about them when he did it. All he had wanted to do was pay back his tormenter in full, with the price of death. The thoughts that filled his head while he struck that master down were not thoughts of saving his friends, thoughts of honorable things, but thoughts of grief, anger, and pain.

    Kahlass was hailed as a hero as they brought him back to the transport. The mission had been a success, the darkside cleansed from that world. He was reunited with his master who had been injured earlier on in the fighting. He greeted his old master just as he would have two years ago, showing no signs of the hatred and anger that coursed though his veins, focused on his old master.

    He worked with the Jedi for another month, often times with his old master. All the while he appeared to be unchanged by his torture and was the perfectly dutiful Jedi padawan. Then, when the time was right, he struck. He stared into his old masters eyes as his saber lanced though the fool?s body and into his heart. He saw the pain, the betrayal, and finally the acceptance in those eyes as the man crumpled into Kahlass' arms. All the pain and anger he had been saving up coursed though him as he drained the blood of his old master. Then, as a final insult to his 'old Friend' he had infused that blood with the darkside, a
  12. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001

    Kahlass sped across the Tatooine desert, quickly escaping the Force signature of his persuers. In the dark Tatooine Desert night, he couldn't see the dark figure in front of him untill it was too late. The dark figure raised a hand and long bolts of lightning lashed out from his outstretched hand, shorting the speeder out and bringing it to a halt mere meters from him.

    "You've stolen something that I mean to take back.", Tiernin said evenly. "Peacefully if possible, by force if nessicary."

    The fury rose in Kahless when the realisation hit him that he'd been tricked into leaving the streets of Mos Eklun and he lept from the speeder.

    OOC: Tag, GZ
  13. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Coruscant, Black Ziggurat

    The Order came suddenly, a high priority edict to immediately mobilize the anti-jedi
    TASKFORCE code named:Shadow Reavers.
    Rogloth Norr burst into Vransha Killar's quarters and spirited away the Sith Apprentice to one of the Black Ziggurat's ubiquitous landing plataforms
    where a SITH INFILTRATOR was primed for take off.
    Once inside the ship, it quickly rose to orbit, where it made a pit stop to pick up the eagerly awaiting Darth Synistra aboard the VEHEMENT FIST.
    Lord Scythe piloted the ship to a secret jump coordinate.
    Suddenly, there was a flash before the ship, and a great tear in space appeared before them. Lord Scythe raised a hand for his passengers to remain calm.
    Executioner Armunn was alarmed, but seeing that the Sith Lord demanded composture, he forced himself to remain calm.
    The Fissure in space became an oval, and it stabilized.
    Lord Scythe put away any thoughts of wonder at the power that had created their door way.
    He focused on the mission at hand.
    The SITH INFILTRATOR passed through the gate with no incident and emerged intact on the other side...within the TATOOINE SYSTEM.
    Lord Scythe could almost hear all the jaws dropping in the passenger section, but he did not allow the feeling of wonder to linger.

    "You know why we are here..." He said looking sternly at the gathering of SITH WARRIORS behind him.
    " The Grey Jedi must be destroyed at all costs.....Hail the Emperor."

    "Hail the EMPEROR" came back the unified chorus.

    Aboard the SITH INFILTRATOR Lanvarok,
    Lord Scythe, his apprentice Rogloth Norr, Vransha Killar,the four armed monstrosity Executioner Armunn, and the hatefull Darth Synistra, represented quite a lethal contingent, bent solely on the destruction of their target.

    The Lanvarok still cloacked, descended
    into TATOOINE like a bird of prey, ready to deal a mortal blow.

  14. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001
    Aboard the Lanvarok, Tatooine.

    Vransha Killar awaited his first confrontation with the Grey Jedi. He had heard much about their great strength and wanted to test his own abilities against them...
  15. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001

    Grey Jedi Master Lanna Hanishe and her Jedi Padawan, Klendo Noore came running into the temple's hangar where they met the equally hurried Antar Fodoh and his aprentice, Darth Mennai.

    "I felt your urgent summons, Lanna.", Antar said.

    "It's Tiernin, Master. He is in danger.", Lanna said.

    "I haven't felt anything...", Antar admitted.

    "Trust me... I know.", Lanna replied. "We must get to Tatooine as quickly as possible.", she added as she led her master aboard the Starry Knight.

    "I'll have to trust your sences on this matter.", Antar replied, already making himself comfortable in the pilot's seat of the Sentinel-Class shuttle. "Plotting a course for Tatooine.", he said as Lanna was already piloting the craft into space.

    Sitting in the passanger seats of the Starry Knight's cockpit, Klendo and Mennai prepared themselves for what was to come. Klendo, still a relatively inexperienced Jedi Padawan was uncertain about entering into a hostile and dangerous situation. Oppositely, Mennai was an experienced Knight of the Sith and was both eager and excited for the impending battle. She only hoped that they could reach Tatooine in time to help Tiernin.

    I thought now would be an apt time for bio re-posting, seeing as how we're likely to have a lot of character interaction soon.

    Name: Antar Fodoh
    Title: Grey Jedi Master
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Year of birth: 21 years pre-ANH
    Age: 56
    Planet of birth: Corellia
    Current planet: Endor
    Eye/Hair color: blue-grey/brown with greying streaks
    Height/Weight: 5'8"/162 lbs
    Description: Antar Fodoh is 56 standard years old. He's a Human orriginally from Corellia. He spends most of his time indoors meditating and is middle aged, so he has pretty pale skin. His hair is brown, but it is now turning gray and a good half of his hair would be gray. He wears his hair pretty short and swept back, out of his face. He wears a closely cut beard similar to Obi-Wan's in AOTC that has gray scattered through it. Antar is wise beyond his years, age and time. His blue-gray eyes convey his age and wisdom. He has a strong, chisseled, handsome face and a strong and athletic build that is mostly concealed by his robes.
    Master: Jedi Master Luke Skywalker / self tought
    Aprentice(s): Grey Jedi Master Tiernin Koliah, Grey Jedi Master Lanna Hanishe, Dark Knight of the Sith Mennai Hardoon
    Grand-Aprentice(s): Jedi Padawan Klendo Noore
    Weapon: Red-bladded Kitana-style Lightsaber
    Force level/power: 11/390
    Talents: As the first Grey Jedi of the New Republic era, Antar's attunement to the Force is beyond that of any other known living Force user. He is a Master of almost every Jedi or Sith art that ever was. Antar Fodoh has mastered the long forgotted Form XIII dicipline of combat, banished by the Jedi before the great Sith wars and sought by the Jedi Battlemasters.
    Family: Antar's mother (Jolana Fodoh), father (Horn Fodoh) and sister (Mia Fodoh) were all killed during the Galactic Rebellion while visiting Alderaan. With no living family, Antar was able to comit himself fully to learning the ways of the Force.
    Notes: The first Grey Jedi Master, Antar Fodoh is a master of both the Jedi and Sith arts and has a perticular mastery of Telekenysis.
    age 22 - Jedi padawan
    age 25 - Jedi Knight
    age 29 - Jedi Master
    age 31 - Grey Jedi Knight
    age 31 - Fallen padawan incident (Foran Melar)
    age 37 - Grey Jedi Master
    age 39 - Takes Lanna on as an aprentice
    age 40 - Takes Tiernin on as an aprentice
    age 48 - Begins creation of the Shadow Fighter
    age 50 - Takes Mennai Hardoon on as an aprentice
    age 54 - Begins creation of Grey Jedi Temple
    age 56 - Grey Jedi Temple "opens"
    age 56 - Completes design and construction of Shadow Fighter


    Name: Lanna Hanishe
    Title: Grey Jedi Master
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Year of birth: 2 years post-ANH
    Age: 33
    Planet of birth: Corellia
    Current planet: Endor
    Eye/Hair color: blue-gr
  16. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Lord Scythe:SITH LORD
    Human Male
    Level : 7
    Power : 105
    Advanced Skill(S): LightSaber combat,Piloting,combat tactics,leader
    Advanced Force Skill(s): Force lightning, Power strike,dominate,subterfuge

    Executioner Armunn:Sith Knight
    Four Armed Sith Mutant (male)
    Level : 5
    Power : 90
    Advanced skill(s) : Quadruple(4) Lightsaber combat, Wampa Grappling , Vibro-Axes.
    Advanced Force Skill(s): Power strike, Induce fear, intimidate,Berserker Rage.

    Rogloth Norr :Sith Knight
    Iridonian Zabrak Male
    Level :5
    Power :87
    Advanced Skill(s) : Double-Bladed lightsaber combat,Martial Arts, blind-fighting, Acrobatics,Hunting.
    Advanced Force skill(s):power strike,Rage,Evade and Counter, intimidate

    Darth Synistra :Sith Knight
    Human female
    Level :5
    Power :85
    Advance Skills :Lightsaber combat, Acrobatics, Sith Witchcraft, forensics
    Advanced Force skill(s): Illusion, Mind Control, Drain Force, Hatred, Mesmerize

    OOC: I hope the short version is OK.

  17. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    Starry Knight

    "There is no room for fear or anticipation, Klendo.", Lanna said to her young Jedi aprentice. "Place your trust in the Force and let all else fade away. With the Force as your ally, you will remain safe."

    "But I have never fought the Sith like this before, Master."

    "I know... There was once a time when I'd never fought the Sith either but the Force is my ally as it is yours. Keep a clear mind and allow the Force to guide your movements. Do not think, do not anticipate, just react."

    "Very well, Master. I'll do as you've instructed.", Klendo replied.

    "Good. Now let us resume the exercise.", Lanna replied then ignighted her blue lightsaber.


    "Can you sence what is happening, Master?", Mennai asked of Antar.

    "Only partially, Mennai. Tiernin isn't yet in immediate danger but he soon will be.", Antar replied. "And I'm afraid that this threat against him is because of my doings..."
  18. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002
    Kahlass: Blackgaurd (Sith Knight)
    Human Male
    Level : 4
    Power : 76
    Advanced Skill(S): He is a perfect Lightsaber Combatant, that is his specilty. He also focuses on altering common people's minds and hiding in shadows.
    Advanced Force Skill(s): Mind tricki, Control Mind, Alter perception, Invisability

    Kahlass Slowly Stepped off the speeder, watching this man thw whole time. He was the powerful force sense that Kahlass had felt, Kahlass knew that. Putting the DataCard into his robes he pulled out his sith Sabers, one black, and one Red.

    "So... you dare to challenge me human.
    Im impressed i must say. However, i have importiant business to attend to why don' you and i get... aquainted... for a short time but then i must be off. I'm sure you understand."

    Then something unexpected by either side hapopened. A Giant ship, dwarfing both Kahlass and The Jedi lowed onto the and, forceing them to get out from under it. Kahlass felt a great power from within that ship, and was triumphant, becuse they were his bretheren. All Kahlass and the jedi could do was watch as the sith entouage exited the ship, ready for anyhting. Kahlass quickyl ran up and dropped to his knee and offered his sabers to them, just as a jedi might have done for his own masters.

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  19. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    Tiernin had little time to act, so he put his faith in the Force and hoped he would be successful in the path he chose just now.

    "Kahless... Please, consider your sitation.", Tiernin began, reaching into his opponant's memories. "You hate the Jedi... You hate that they abandoned you and can never forgive them for this, but why? For leaving you with the Sith?", Tiernin spoke on, keeping a neutral tone and stance as Kahlass ran to his fellow Sith. "If the Sith are so bad as to merit your hatred of the Jedi then think about what you're now doing. Think about the others like you that may be captured and tortured. Please, consider my words... You have a choice...", Tiernin urged, imbuing his words with just enough Force power to get through Kahlass' defences... Just enough to make Kahlass hear him... Wether these words would effect Kahlass or not remained to be seen.

    Kahlass fell to his knees and offered his sabers to his fellow Sith as a pledge of alliegience. All Tiernin could now do was hope that his words reached his troubled opponant... And that they reached him in time.

    Mos Eklun

    Jikar Horan felt the urgent trouble that his Master was in. He was vastly outnumbered but able to buy some time. Jikar considered the situation and the severety of the same and made a choice. Tiernin is his Master now and that meant that Jikar's path was no longer the one of the Jedi. There wasn't meerly right and wrong but so much of a gray area in between and when lives hung in the balance, one had to do what was required.

    "YOU! STOP!", he shouted to a passing swoop rider and reached out with the force to deactivate the aging repulsor vehicle. "I need your swoop!", he said, pulling the man from his vehicle.

    "Hey! You can't do that!", the man yelled after Jikar, but his words weren't heard as Jikar sped off, into the desert, after his Master.
  20. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Tatooine,Outside Mos Eklun

    The desert heat beat down indifferently upon the figures that stood in the scorching desert sand , none of which gave any indication that the heat was unbearable.

    On the ramp of the SITH INFILTRATOR LANVAROK,Sith Apprentice Kahlass knelt before Lord Scythe,who stared at the Grey Jedi who had just issued a plea to Kahlass.
    With nearly imperceptible motions of his eyes, Lord Scythe issued orders to his apprentice Rogloth Norr, and Executioner Armunn.
    Both Warriors quickly made their way down the ramp and began to circle the Grey Jedi Tiernin in a flanking pattern.
    Rogloth Norr flashed his predatory grin and let his malevolence show in his vermillion eyes. Executioner Armunn, let his full 2m in height, four arms and dark armor speak for him; arms moving menacingly as he paced.
    They were pouring waves of intimidation at the Grey Jedi all the while, the Grey Jedi did not seem affected at the moment.
    Satisfied, Lord Scythe turned to Kahlass,just as Darth Synistra came to stand beside
    the Sith Lord.

    "Rise young warrior..."commanded the Sith Lord.
    Kahlass rose and waited for Lord Scythe to continue.
    " Your mission must be of consequence to have drawn the Jedi to you like this...."
    Lord Scythe gave the Sith Apprentice one of his appraising looks which ended with a slight knowing nod.
    " Complete your mission and report your success to the Sith High Council in
    Coruscant....however.." His expression turning quite mischevious, "...You are more than welcome to exact punishment from these foolish jedi for their affront. Consider well,before deciding..."

    "I understand." answered Kahlass with a curt
    bow and then stepped to one side to let the Sith Lord through.

    Lord Scythe walked down the ramp of the Lanvarok, scorn and disgust etched upon his face, Darth Synistra walked at his side, her face impassive.

    "You Grey Jedi are nothing more than opportunistic hypocrites!" He accused loudly and derisevily.
    "You would side with whomever has the advantage...Jedi or Sith. Well, we won't suffer such simplistic treachery."

    "We serve the Force, while you serve your own
    ambitions." Tiernin shot back in defense,calm and ready.
    Knowing that a confrontation could not be avoided,Tiernin could only resign the outcome of the battle to the will of the Force.

    Lord Scythe cast a brief look at distant Mos Eklun and could feel another Jedi
    speeding to their location.
    He turned back slowly and gave Tiernin a predatory grin then said..." We shall see Jedi."

    In an instant seven lightsabers sprang immediatly to life, a seven part snap-hiss choir, as Executioner Armunn ignited his four lightsabers, Rogloth Norr ignited both ends of his double lightsaber and Tiernin ignited his blade as well.
    In a Blurr of motion all lightsabers moved simultaniously thru the air, creating a lethal buzzing harmony.
    At that moment,Tiernin trusted implicitly in the Force.

  21. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002

    Kahlass let the Sith Lord pass and hurried onto the ship. he put his data Card into the computer, that way the only way it wouldn't leave this planet was if none of the Sith did. He walked back outside to see the sith and the jedi locked in the battle of death, the fury and rage in the area was intense. It swept Kahlass away and carried him along for the ride as he ignighted his sabers and joined the battle, unable to think of anything but rage and hate. he blamed this jedi, even if he wasen't a true one, just as much as the others. All he could think of in that moment was his rage and hate. His sbaers flashed like his soul, black with hate, and red with anger as he joined the dance of death. Maybe later he could think about what the grey Jedi master said, till then the rage had taken him.

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  22. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    Tiernin was locked in the firecest of combat against almost overwhelming Sith forces. In a fluid motion, he ignighted the second red blade of his double bladed lightsaber and fought on without thought. He allowed the Force to guide his blades in battle as he'd learned to do early in his Sith training so long ago...

    Eleven years earlier...

    Antar and his two apprentices were grouped together in the open area on the cargo deck of their ship like many times before. With an area of only six meters by six meters, it was a bit of a cramped area to practice but that space limitation forced the three of them to be better than they were and be that much faster. Antar stood out of the way at one end and watched as Lanna and Tiernin dueled together, using every tactic they knew of. Having practiced together for the past 6 years, their skills were nearly equal. Where Tiernin exceeded Lanna, she exceeded him in other ways.
    As Lanna and Tiernin fought, Tier only used one of the red blades of his duel bladed lightsaber. Their blades crackled over and over as they battled each other. Lanna swung in from her right and was blocked by Tiernin. He pushed her blade back, spun and with his back to her, he quickly ignited his second blade witch he jabbed in at her on their left side. She was unprotected on that side, having just swung in from the right a moment earlier and was forced to dive over the incoming stab and recover with a roll. She quickly stabbed back at his exposed stomach before getting back to her feet and was again blocked. If anyone were to observe their battle, they would think that Lanna and Tiernin were fighting to the death. All Antar saw was his two skilled apprentices practicing.
    The two Grey Jedi hopefuls were equally skilled when it came to lightsaber battle and it rarely came to the point when they had to stop themselves from hurting each other. It was the other aspects of the Force in combat that differentiated them. After guiding his lightsaber away from his legs to his upper body, Lanna spun and sweep kicked his legs from under him and pushed him back with the Force. Tiernin's body flew back and he nearly fell to the ground on his side but with a well placed hand on the ground, he recovered and landed on his feet.
    He immediately counter attacked with force a blow to her face witch forced her to close her eyes for a moment. With Lanna temporarily blinded, Tiernin shot out a bolt of lightning from his hand but the Force guided her blade to deflect the attack. After those few short moments of force attacks, their blades met again and they pushed on, never showing any sign of fatigue. They were truly strong in the Force.
    Without a word or sound, Antar increased the gravity in the cargo hold by a factor of fifteen and his apprentices were immediately crushed to the deck under the immense weight. Before they could even hit the ground, an enormous lightning storm shot out from his hands at his apprentices witch of course was blocked by their lightsabers. Antar leapt from the floor and flipped upside down to land on his feet on the ceiling witch was now the floor after another gravity change. A split second after he landed, Lanna and Tiernin both landed on their feet with their lightsabers ignited again and at the ready. If there was one lesson they'd learned well it was that in battle, one's enemy is not the only hazard.
    "On me.", Antar declared and was instantly under attack from his apprentices. Blow after blow was easily deflected by his lightsaber and he blocked others by holding his attackers' lightsabers back.
    After a few moments, he spoke again. "On Tier." At once Lanna stopped her attack on her master and swung at her fellow student. He was forced to fight his hardest and use everything he'd ever learned before. Tiernin pushed his attackers back, shot lightening at them, swung at them with his blade and his limbs and even struck them with the Force to fend off their attacks. After a few years of these exercises, Tiernin could hold his own for a while but after a fe
  23. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
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    Starry Knight

    In the cockpit of the Sentinel-Class shuttle, Antar whispered more to himself than anyone else. "It's started..."


    Jikar sped across the desert and his master was now within sight. The sight was a friteful one, however as he bore witness to his master fighting off five skilled Sith wariors.
  24. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001
    Tatooine, Outside Mos Eklun

    Vransha Killar watched the Grey Jedi called Tiernin. He knew that the Grey Jedi was foolish and had no chance against his Sith enemies. As such, Vransha remained nearby the Lanvarok watching the battle, if indeed it could be called even that.

    He decided not to intervene in what he thought was a battle beneath his own skills. The Grey Jedi would soon be dead. It would not matter if he fought against him and aid the Sith, thier paths had already been laid down by the Unifying Force. Of this he was certain.
  25. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    As Jikar closed on the battle, his initial sence of panic fadded as he didn't feel his master in any imediate danger. It was strange, but he trusted the Force. This realisation, made it aparant to Jikar just how powerful in the Force his new Master truly was.

    He dismounted his borrowed swoop and walked up to a dark figure who watched the battle quietly. Though Jikar didn't know why, the dark figure didn't feel him aproaching, due to the extreme turmoil in the Force in the immediate area.

    "I sence the dark side in you, yet you don't join in the battle... Why?", Jikar asked, offering peace before assuming hostilities.
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