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SWRPF Archive The new DARK TIMES (35 years after ANH)

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  1. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    The Battle of Corlag

    Jason Bravo relaxed in the pilot's seat. As his Shadow Fighter came closer to the Imperial Defensive formation, the Jedi Meld was activated.

    "Jason," The Shadow Fighter's droid brain annouced, "We are within turbolaser range of enemy ships. Cloaking devices are holding."

    "Thank you." Bravo switched to the comm channel that was secured between the other Shadow Fighters. "Okay ladies and gentlemen, stay calm. Don't rely on the Force fully. The Force can be a great tool for Jedi but you must not use it if you don't have to. Bravo Squadron, we got those two Imperial Class I Star Destroyer escorts on that Super Star Destroyer. Strike Squadron, you got the two other Imperial Class I Star Destroyers. That Super Star Destroyer will have no escorts then. Good luck."

    Bravo rolled his fighter down. As he rolled towards the Imp Duce, Archon's message went through his head. Before he knew it, he was pulling up, along with Bravo 4 and Bravo 5 behind him. As the bridge of the giant ship came closer, Bravo armed his proton torpedos. The yellow box jumped around as it searched for its target. Once a target was found, it locked on and turned red. Bravo 4 and Bravo 5 also found their targets, the two shield generators. Bravo 2, Bravo 6 and Bravo 7 also found their targets as they lined up just above Bravo's flight. Bravo 2 had the bridge and Bravo 6 and Bravo 7 had the shield generators.

    The bridge came closer and through the Jedi Meld, Bravo gave his order.

    Bravo 4, 5, 6, and

    In the Jedi Meld, you couldn't talk with words, rather you talked with imagines. Bravo sent the imagines of Bravo 4, 5, 6, and 7 firing their proton torpedos at the bridge.

    The 8 blue missiles shot for the shield generators. When they hit, four per shield generator, both were destrroyed in great balls of fire. Antar Fodoh sent a series of messages to the four pilots that just shot the proton torpedos. When translated it said to bank off and away from the explosion. Luke Skywalker then sent his own message to both Bravo 1 and Bravo 2 to fire their missiles. The four proton torpedos hit the bridge seconds after the ones hit the shield generators. The bridge blew apart, with a fire ball going threw to the rear of the mighty bridge tower. Both starfighters banked left and right as Luke sent imagines to them to bank.

    The same short of Jedi Meld was going on with Strike Squadron. And it happened at the same time. Mara Jade Skywalker and Kyp Durron did the next flight, while Corran Horn, Jacen Solo, and two other Jedi Masters did the other four flights. This all happened mere seconds apart from each other. Four Imperial Class I Star Destroyers now were with out shields. Although the crews had gained access to the secondary bridges, the ships were sitting ducks and the two squadrons quickly destroyed the four vessels. Enemy starfighters searched for the cloaked starfighters but were unable to find them. Then, the massive Rebel Assault came.

    "All Assault Groups check in." Admiral Tobsee said over the fleet's comm channel. "This is Blue Group standing by." The Admiral annouced (sp?).

    Blue Group was the main assault group with Jedi's Hope, 2 Defender Star Destroyers, 4 Majestic Heavy Cruisers, 2 Republic-class Star Destroyers, 2 Lancer Frigates, one Interdictor Cruiser, and four MC80B Mon Calamari Star Cruisers.

    "This is Red Group standing by. Annouced (sp?) Vice-Admiral Gerleek, a human from Crouscant (sp?).

    Red Group was the next largest assault group, with the MC80B Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Wind Break as it's command ship. It had two other MC80B Mon Calamari Star Cruisers, 2 Defender Star Destroyers, 2 Republic-class Star Destroyers, 2 Majestic Heavy Cruisers, 2 Corellian Gunships, one Interdictor Cruiser, and two CR90 Corellian Corvettes.

    "This is Orange Gro
  2. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Anakin Omega was wreathed in glorious Blue fire and walked beatifically upon the ruins of the great city, illuminating the landscape as he slowly advanced.
    All manner of monsters and twisted darkside creatures once sentient and now but mere shadows of themselves launched attacks and themselves at him, simply to be comsumed by purifying blue fire. Their passing went unnoticed by Anakin as he advanced methodically towards the Harbinger of Doom...Arraganos Shiva. The Force is Life and Death, the force is One.
    Anakin Omega walked on as if in a trance, for in truth, the body was Anakin's, but it was the Will of the Force which drove the body.
    Late was the hour and nigh was the moment of truth, Fate and Destiny were truely inexorable.
  3. Snowin_Zachian

    Snowin_Zachian Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 15, 2002

    ?Well it was worth a shot?.? Jikar said, looking out over the empty space in the area.

    ?It was a good Guess, but now we?re back to square one.? Killrandor Said.

    ?Wait? Something isn?t quite right here?.? Kahlass said. Unless his eyes were deceiving him, the stars were almost shimmering in a circle pattern directly ahead.

    ?Your right my apprentice, there is a planet there. Well hidden, both in the force, and to sensors, as well as sight.? Tiernin said.

    Just then something miraculous happened, the stars that had been shimmering disappeared, and then something began to grow, out of the center. Slowly it expanded, and the World appeared.

    ?A PLANETARY CLOAKING DEVICE!? Yelled Jikar, incredulously.

    ?Apparently; remember though, they?ve had since before the Old Republic was formed to hide themselves. And with our life spans it is quite possible.? Said Telsarrr, while obviously still impressed.

    ?AHHHH!? Kahlass yelled, as he felt his mind being ripped though, sensed, and scanned at speed high enough and at a power level extreme enough to make each and every image flash by him at an incredibly fast rate. The flashing images, emotions, and body responses sent him flying into one constant feeling of pain, and he collapsed to the deck, out cold?


    Kahlass saw before him a hallway, with three doors. One was on the left, which was made of some Glassy, black stone, probably onyx. Straight ahead, at the end of the hall, a Door made of something Grey and shiny, probably Silver stood. Too his left a door, shining light everywhere except the black door, stood. It was likely to be made of gold, but it was so bright Kahlass couldn?t tell.

    Suddenly in the middle of the hall was a statue, carved of granite, made in the shape of a small, old Dragonkin, gazing at Kahlass.

    Kahlass could think of nothing else to do, so he began to move towards the black door. When he began to move he heard a grinding sound, and he quickly turned to look where it came from. The stature was still staring directly at him, even though he had moved about half way down the hallway. Looking at it curiously he moved on, and examined the black door. E could feel cold radiating off of it, and as he put his hand to the handle cold seared though his body. He quickly pulled his hand away, and looked down at his hand. It was incased in ice, and somehow, the ice was GROWING! He shook his hand mercilessly, beat it against the wall, but all to no avail, as the ice climbed up his arm. Soon his entire arm was made of ice, then his torso, legs, neck, other arm, and finally his head became covered in ice.

    He could see the ice in front of his eyes, like mirrors he saw his own face. Suddenly the image shifted, and before him he saw nothing buy blackness. The a Throne appeared, and on it sat Thrawn.

    Kahlass startled, but he still couldn?t move as he stood up and walked forward, saying ?Why Kahlass, so good to see you again. However, I?m afraid we have no time to discuss pleasantries.?

    ?You?re not the real Thrawn!? Kahlass spat at him.

    ?Aren?t I? What?s real Kahlass? Is this blackness real? Is this Hallway real? Is your life REAL Kahlass? Reality is such a mutable thing.?

    ?Reality?. Mutable??

    ?I?ve not come to discuss reality with you Kahlass, I?ve come to discuss the past. I?ve come to discuss you Kahlass, no matter what form you shape yourself into.?

    Kahlass burned at this, but remained silent. He didn?t know how or why Thrawn had reached out to him so powerfully, but he would give the Emperor nothing.

    ?I have a question for you Kahlass, and your answer will determine where you go from here. If the darkness is evil, if anger is evil, if rage, hate, and despair are evil, and the force is good, then why did the force give them to us??

    ?Evil? Good? Those terms don?t matter to the force, life, in all its forms, is all the matters. Life is born though anger, the energy you get from it can cause good things. Hate gives you purpose, it drives you, giving you energy and life. All those things of evi
  4. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Nar Shaddaa

    Scholar Zu Dharma was deep in the Jedi Mind Meld, experiencing all that the others experienced. He felt Bravo's exuberance as if it were his own. He poured his strength to all of them. They needed this victory.
    He hoped that Aurra Sing would join him in this experience , but the choice was not his to make.
  5. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    The Jungles of Moha-Dan

    The retreat of Emperor Thrawn had left the better part of the largest fleet in the galaxy intact and his forces could go forward whenever they desired to wage war on the rest of the universe and smash them utterly. However there were those in the universe who knew that the power of evil was often best confronted indirectly by stealing from it the will to fight and its tools to inflict damage rather than slaying those directly out of hand.

    "There is light and darkness in every single being. Something only needs to be destroyed when it goes woefully out of balance and consumes life while giving nothing back in return. We are the forces of that Balance and we must never forget it." Kowl was the leader of the cloaked figures who sat inside one of the trees of the forrest, waiting.

    "I've heard a great deal about Balance in my time and it has never brought me inner peace, I was a fool for believing it was possible." the one figure who did not obey Kowl said for she was a creature of more Dark than Light though her light grew stronger despite her resistance to it. Kowl was a man who appreciated beauty a great deal and recognized she was one of the loveliest women in the galaxy but her personality clashed a great deal with his own belief structure.

    "Inner peace is something that is often achieved when one is quiet Lady Mennaii. You make a great deal of noise....all the time." Kowl said, refusing to use the word Darth.

    Menaii stared at him and almost crushed his skull with the Force before pulling back, she admired his courage and had become friends with him after a fashion.

    "So what are we watching for?" Mennaii said looking at the sky.

    "We've been sabotaging the fuel supplies of Emperor Thrawn and tainting them with radioactive particles which result in their cores and energy cells needing to be replaced upon usage. Thrawn's thriftiness has paid off, for years we've been inserting computer boards with fatal viruses built directly into the system through apparently loyal corporations that result in massive systems failures along with overhauls ratherthan outright destruction. Parts also that when they break down will take entire sections with them. It has minimized the loss of life while also forcing the Emperor to play his hand by moving massive convoys of valuable materials in one gigantic spot." Kowl said as he looked at the moon and knew that the fleet had already arrived in hyperspace. The twinkling as it approached the world en masse was proof enough.

    "Little sabotage will not win a war, slaughtering all of Thrawn's minions will." Mennaii growled.

    "We the Rangers of the Balance exist to protect life in all its forms Mennaii. I dislike the Republic as much as I do the Empire but I wish no ill to any who serve them who are not murderers or are simply too weak to resist orders." Kowl whose real name was Akkanas had been born 'Less Ysanni' or no force skills on his homeworld to the shame of his brother Archon and his father Daniel. He had still desired to serve the Force however and had eventually sought out Antar Fodoh in Desperation. Antar had awakened some latent gifts in him but had said his path was to aid others by gathering servants of the Jedi to aid in their own way.

    "So will the Republic attack the convoy?" Mennai asked.

    "No. Thrawn is prepared for that and in fact is counting on it. His Grand Admiral has his fleet prepared to guard the convey as it uploads so much of the cities fuel that is pumped from this planet, slowly killing its plant and animal life and leaving little chance to recover, so that his true fleet can wipe out the rebel fleet here. He does not imagine that the Rangers have been serving onboard the ship for years of Imperial service, doing whatever was required. Only now do they alter the ships course lock or man the self destruct as the captains of the vessels, and overload the generators onboard with blast sealed rooms." Kowl says. "The same for the rangers on the fueling
  6. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002

    Emperor Thrawn sat in the middle of his Crystal Meditation Chamber.
    He was in deep meditation, contemplating and reflecting on the past, the present and the future. He was greatful for the solitude and solace he found in meditation. All his life, he'd known only struggle, strife,conflict, deceit...and unending War.
    His meditation time was his only escape from impending insanity.
    At the moment, he pondered at what he'd been told. The Jedi Prophet Archon Donovan had left him a special 'package'.
    He was told that it would connect him to someone he knew in the 'world beyond' the AfterWorld.
    The prospect was indeed very tempting, and try as hard as he may,He could not get the urge out of his mind.
    He knew exactly who he wanted so desperately to talk to....but the question was, did he dare do so now, when things were at a crucial turning point.
    It was a hard decision. It was not based on logic, tactics or he continued to ponder.
    This one act could change him forever...just as accepting Arraganos Shiva's tutelage had changed him. Then, He could forsee the outcome of such a decision, but now, things were not so clear.
    Speaking to the dear departed at this junction....he could not predict how he would be affected. He wanted to believe that he'd be ever the stoic, but could feel a hint of doubt deep in his he continued to ponder.
    Maybe he could gain knowledge that would help him win the War....or maybe he'd lose his mind after the encounter.
    This was not fear, it was true uncertainty.
    Now he wished he had not sent the Jedi Prophet away so quickly...this was his specialty, was it not?
    So here he would remain, and meditate in solitude and solace.
  7. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    The Ceremony Room of Thrawn

    100,000 years in the future when the Jedi were a legend that had become Myth but their legacy had passed down to hundreds of thousands of splinter groups which each carried the banner of the Light Side of the Force and the preservation of the Balance, a holocron still carried the words of Archon Dovanan the Jedi Master who described in vivid detail the nature of Sith magic.
    Outwardly the nature of Sith magic appeared to resemble very primative societies who believed their chanting, their names for their gods, and their dances somehow were the source for their spell rather than the Force. The Jedi had long kept from taking sorcerers and mystics on primative worlds seriously because they believed their ignorance would keep them from becomming a real danger. It was a dichtonomy many were always shocked by when facing the Sith who seemed so much more powerful on average than a normal Jedi as well as being 'primative'...leading many to over-glamourize the Power of the Dark Side.
    In truth deception has always been the great ally of the Sith for Sith magic is essentially science, even moreso than the Jedi Way. Their arcane sounding tongue is actually a complex langage freed from all the 'unnecessary' elements of human Basics which dissects manifestations of the Force into easily understandable concepts and patterns. Their black robes and their tatoos are both practical as well as being deliberately misleading; the Robes of black allowed them to blend in with Shadow and accent their ability to hide themselves and their tatoos contained again more estoric information discernable to knowing Sith eyes while causing primative people to be afraid of them while more civilized were often affected even more strongly when they saw demonstration of their power.
    The basis of "Sith Alchemy" was in fact Galactic standard genetics, hyperdrive technology, physics, and even a good deal of psychology and sociology which in the Olden Days was frequently mistaken for manifestations of the Sith's power over the force but instead more often than not their usage of keeping technology carefully controlled and dolled out...much as the Yuuzhan Vong Emperors were want to do. The Sith were always more capable it seemed than the rest of the galaxy because of their willingness to use the Force to increase their own intelligence, steal the knowledge from others, and remain completely disspassionate about the means necessary to advance their science. Combining this with their utiliatarian treatment of the Force as an energy field rather than the Jedi who treated it as a God and the 'recipe' for the Sith's sucess is understandable.
    The "Ceremony Room" for Emperor Thrawn followed this particular style. It was extremely visually impressive with mounds of pyramids, markings, and other things that terrified lesser mortals but in fact existed to soothe the mind while keeping direct instructions for proper utilization of energies in ready view along with hiding the TRUE source of power in the energy crystals. Energy crystals 'enhanced' the power of the Force by being crystal based life forms which were alive in ways that most beings could scarcely imagine...containing the lives of entire regions in small compact packages. Jedi used their simplicity to 'reach out' with many minds decreasing their own sense of self while increasing their ability to draw off life energy about them while weakening little while Sith more or less utilized it as a Vampire might blood and Thrawn routinely burnt out crystals for his own usage.
    Archon Dovanan had given Thrawn what amounted to a holy artifact for expanding knowledge of the Force. The hand-penned book was a product of years of research and observations into an area that was rarely explored...the afterlife of mankind and its prior nature. For a lesser man it was a blasphemous thing or such a holy thing that one could scarely imagine but for Thrawn it was merely information....information that described the truth of Death and what it meant
  8. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    OCC: Please don't assume this post is immediate and in fact takes several days of game time so feel free to finish whatever you do.


    Arr-Aganos-Shiva could not feel fear anymore for he was the embodiment of fear and he did not doubt he would accomplish his task standing before the avatar of all that was the embodiment of the Light, Dark, and of the love and destiny that had bound the Skywalker Clan and those who had chosen to bind themself to it. Still the embodiment of the Dark Side knew that it would be the greatest battle of his entire existence that he ever engaged in.

    Igniting the lightsaber of purple flame that glowed an unholy light. His body which was now sixteen years of age yet filled with absolute perfection and symetry of form for the coming battle was ready. Making a running lead he moved across thousands of feet in the air from building to building with his jaunts even as he came at Vaeder, no Anakin, who stood at the bottom with his own ignited blade. A handsome man in his twenties who at last was at peace with his destiny.

    "Aiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" the Chosen of the Annihilating Force sailed downwards three miles with the Force accelerating him to a speed matching racing speeders before he spun around at the Chosen of the True Force with strikes at his head, neck, shoulders, chest, back, spine base, legs, and throat again with the Red red saber always meeting him moments later.

    Anakin lifted up his free hand and held nothing back as he sent forth the Abomination into the remains of the Citadel of War at a speed matching some starfighters before clenching his fist and bringing the entire complex down on him with a million cracks appearing across its infrastructure within a moment. Anakin Skywalker had not a moment to lose before the Citadel's collapsed ruins exploded in a Light that covered miles and blasted away everything in a huge detonation. The Chosen One of the True Force stood silently stoic in the wrath of the Abomination before launching himself in the middle of it with a single blow that struck against Arranganos's saber barely visible in the brillance but which the warrior knew was there.

    They dueled in the column of Light for minutes with Arr-aganos-Shiva's techniques a combination of the Dark Side arts of the Sith with the Jedi Way and a million other secret innovations lost to the annals of Time by the races he had destroyed. Teras Kasi blows were exchanged in feet, fist, and head along with lightning, flame, blinding cold as Vader relied only the Force to guide his ever movement while he gave himself to the strength that would be needed to eventually pierce his evil and shatter his reign across the cosmos.

    Their mortal bodies exhausted by even this conserved fight of Awesome forces, the two figures fell for miles across the skyline of Coruscant before they braced themselves for impact.

    [Face unto the truth Darth Vader. This is all as I have forseen. There is no escaping your destiny as the Chosen One. You are to bring about the birth of the Annihilating Force]

    "The only balance I will bring about is at your death!" Anakin screamed out as he saw in Arr-aganos-Shiva the Shadow that had haunted him his entire life. Palpatine, Dooku, himself, and even Watto in his stall all were guided by the inner weakness Arraganos in his madness worshipped. Though he could not eliminate it all from the universe, he could bring an end to this monster's feeding of it.

    Anakin then witnessed a sight he like so much of this fight did not even imagine was possible with the Force. Arr-aganos-Shiva had opened up himself to the very energies at the Dawn of the Universe and released them in a scintalating blast that tore through the hundreds of mile high buildings in front of Vader, causing them to teeter over or collapse as it set its course directly for his body to wipe it from the universe.

    Anakin put his trust in the Force and all those who loved him who shared in his inner
  9. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
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    Alone in his Crystal Meditation Chamber, Emperor Thrawn made his decision.
    He unwrapped the package, and followed the necromantic ritual that he knew so well, albeit
    academically. There would be no deceiving apparitions or stand-ins.
    The incantation was designed to draw only one specific being....

    The Late Imperial GrandAdmiral Thrawn.

    The summoning process was performed flawlessly as expected.
    Then came the ethereal shimmer in the dark, and an all too familiar form materialized before the Emperor.

    With great reverence,he addressed him in their native tounge.

    "Greetings Older brother, It has been far, far too long....."



    Anakin Son of the Force sought the calm that could only be found in the Embrace of the Force.
    The 'critical' hour was at hand....there was no going back. The Universe entire had to decide.
    He felt the insatiability and unimaginable power of the Anihilating Force.
    It was quite humbling.
    He took a deep breath and sent out a call for unity in the Force. All things which chose life and existance over oblivion.
    He called on the Dragon Kin and He who 's their creator, He called on Adora and Ben, the Keepres of the Kaliburr Crystal, He called on Bravo, also the Chosen One...He called on all who would oppose ANIHILATION.
    Only together, could a Universe prevent its own extermination.
    And upon the scarred face of Coruscant,a light that could be seen clearly from orbit appeared. Not unlike a small blue sun it was.
    It continually grew in size and intensity as it rose from the face of the planet..and once in orbit, to look upon it was to lose ones identity, so fierce was the light.
    The Star of the Force sailed amongst the stars and then entered Hyperspace....bound for where the end of all things had just been born.
    Bound towards the final judgment of all things living.

    Let there be life.

    [tag charle]

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    Jul 30, 2000
    Onboard the Super Bulk Hauler Apocolypse

    Scholar Zu felt the Apocolyptical birth of the Annihilating Force enter into the universe. The Shadow Force was a living disturbance in the Force and it caused him a headache as he felt at it tug at the universe and begin its evil whispering across the universe, calling men to do violence and evil just as the Dark Side did but a purposeless drive toward despair and oblivion than the culling the true force did.

    "This adventure is folly....we must join with others to stop the fate of Arr-aganos-Shiva." Zu Dharma said as he stood in the middle of the empty cargo bay that was taking them to be uploaded onto the Dark Side convey that was the Eclipse class Star Destroyer.

    "Do not be a fool. Without the objects we are going to acquire here the battle against the Annihilating Force is a hopeless excercise in heroics that shall only lead to your deaths." Lord Ginesha said as he crackled with Shadow Force power that was an abomination to everything Zu stood for....drawing on the Force like a parasite and leaving on scars and madness.

    Their plan was a relatively simple one in that they would infiltrate the Eclipse class Star Destroyer by fooling its technicians with the Force and slay the Grand Moff before retrieving the prophecies and as Zu suspected....increasingly more likely something of a much more malignant nature to the evil Lord Ginesha.

    "I am not being a fool. What good is prophecy when their fufillment is happening now!" Zu said firmly as he saw the darkening of Ginesha's eyes as Aurra Sing came to his defense. After her discovery of the truth, she had needed something more than mere comfort at the hands of a friend and Zu had offered and had it accepted. The bond they now shared was an intimate one as well as spiritual.

    "You need a lesson in vision then!" Scholar Zu felt the rending of the Force as watched Ginesha call forth life force from the Annihilating Force in huge scintalating blackness that tore rips in the fabric of the Force before it sailed at him and Zu responded in kind summon forth the raw energy of the Force that was the most highest achievement of any Teras Kasi master in the silver flame.

    The Fireball exploded in an impossibility as the Darkness scattered it and ate at the living force energy like scarab beetles on raw meat.

    "FATHER!" Deana said as Ginesha pointed his hands at Aurra Sing who charged him and she fell over....her body berift of Force energy in the all pressing darkness that was covering her.

    Scholar Zu could take no more with the omnipresent Darkness of Ahrimane and this monstrous sight before him as he ignited his lightsaber and took forth his staff to charge.

    He met then Lord Ginesha calling forth blades of the very energy of the Annihilating Force as they turned into scimitars that met him in a dazzling display of light and nightmare. It normally would have been an easy contest for Scholar Zu who had devoted himself to the princibles of artistic combat his entire life while Lord Ginesha despite being an awesome warrior in his own right had preferred to master more stealthy and treacherous methods of death....but the Shadow Force seemed like a black hole to Scholar zu's will...blinding his sight even as it sapped his will and power.

    Lord Ginesha then brought his scimitars in a feint as Zu found his staff shatter at the darkness that met it and it was all he could do to block his shadow thrusts before sending him backwards with a force push. Lord Ginesha only retreated a few steps as he absorbed the Force energy and he cupped his hands and Scholar Zu felt himself in the wave of the Darkness as he summoned forth the light of the Grey Jedi way again....shattering the Annihilating Force smothering blanket in more silver flame. Zu Dharma was now physically exhausted while Ginesha seemed very fresh.

    In fact he grew stronger every moment as he drew forth a ball of purplish fire....a mockery of the silver flame of true force energ
  11. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    The Universe's Heart in what was once Hadd Abaddon

    Anakin Skywalker the Star of the Force journeyed deeply into the bowls of the Galaxy as a living nimbus of the Force as he went directly to the source of the Annihilating Force in the galaxy, the world of Hadd Abbadon or more precisely its system. To say that it was an abomination was to understate that it was something simply that SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN. Billions, trillons, uncountable numbers had merged into churning bubbling hungry energy field that had covered most of the system in a terrible 'rift' which was only the tip of the iceberg in a abomination that covered entire layers of the Force in its horrible essence.

    Anakin entered into the darkness incarnate as he sought out its heart, the true Force would bring an end to its errant child once and for all.

    "But isn't that the way Lord Vader of the Universe? The Father is killed by the son and the new generation undoes all of their wisdom to bring about worse atrocity? As Obi Wan trained you and you trained your son now does you son train you to bring about this darkness. You have trained me and rebirthed me into my true and awesome form....the true embodiment of the will of the Shadow Force which exists to bring out the end. My thanks." Arr-aganos-Shiva said as Anakin saw the Shadowy figure who stood planets tall emerged from the Darkness.

    "I make restitution for my mistakes!" Anakin shouted as he brought forth without reservation all of the energy within him to combat the Annihilating force.

    "There is no error in fate." Arraganos said as he assaulted Anakin at where he was most vulnerable as he severed his ties to his friends and fellows one by one as he was filled with the sickening horror of the pain of so many that he had inadvertantly or advertantly caused the deaths of. The guilt gave into despair for enough of a moment that Arraganos was not consumed by the Light but strengthened by more of its death.

    Anakin sustained his body in the Light of the Force as Arraganos dispatched his minions from the warped and maligned, they were not able to be described as living men but spectres and shadows of the Damned who had been gifted from the minds of the dead the secrets of the Force.

    Anakin felt very alone as he gave into his rage and assaulted them, throwing back their shadow stuff into them as he threw the Force force to such levels that they were burned to nonthingness before his eyes even as he felt the perfect concentration and awareness he had felt before seem more distant and weaker every moment. The essential loneliness of the Shadow Way and siren call of oblivion was maddening.

    "I WILL NOT GIVE INTO YOU!" Anakin called as he slashed with his saber in half one of the dark disciples of Arr-aganos-Shiva.

    "Forty or fifty sent to Annihilation. You only strengthen us with it but even if you did not.....what is that to the untold millions who will give them themselves up to be vassals of the Finality? This is no longer a battle you can win mortal for you have given yourself to mortality and I have given myself to the spirit realms. A moth would sooner snuff out the sun he is attracted to." Arraganos said as he collapsed his will around Anakin Skywalker's mind.

    Try as they might...his friends...his own dearest son...could not pierce the collasal darkness that was Arraganos. What hope could all existence which was the only way to victory for the flawed hero.

    "Embrace the Oblivion and know Peace. It is the only way." Arraganos said in that coated all ounces of Anakin's being. If a single parted of him could be made to wish to lose himself then he would die.

    In a fairy-tale the great Anakin Skywalker would have never done so for he had come to love life but in the world of this universe he did long for death after so much atrocity and did loathe himself for his crimes. Arraganos could not claim his soul but it was enough to snuff his mastery of the Force and he was not ev
  12. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Scholar Zu Dharma fell heavily on his knees and clutched at his chest.
    He was suddenly out of breath and felt on fire.
    This was not Lord Ginesha's doing, that he knew, but when he looked up at his fellow sanjian, he saw it in his eyes, that he too had felt it and knew.
    There was a great diming in the force.
    Zu Dharma felt power vanish from him thru the Force. Enough strength had fled his being that it caused him to fall down. He felt the void in the LightSide, and somehow knew that Anakin Skywalker was no more.
    Still on the floor, he sat in lotus position and made a warding gesture, refusing help from anyone.

    "I'm Fine. Allow me a moment."He said with eyes closed.

    Zu Dharma performed a calming exercise, but something strange was happening.
    A grim and dark determination was swelling deep inside his soul. It was not evil, per se, but it's origins were from his darker nature.

    He got up in one swift motion and joined lord ginesha. Zu Dharma's demeanor had changed.
    But he kept his own counsel.

    "Whenever you are ready". he said with a distinct lack of emotion.

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    Jul 30, 2000
    Lord Ginesha says with a sly grin "Now you understand truly the power of Ahrimane I think. The prophecies so many put their hope in that some mythical champion from the mists of time will set right their wrongs and that somehow the universe has a nature that is ultimately benign are a comfortable delusion but nothing more than that my friend. With your champion dead, you have no choice but to seek....alternatives wish you this universe to survive." the reverence the assaisin spoke for the Darkness was distinctly different than his cultivated loathing presented at the start. "Consider my offer carefully Zu Dharma, the time may come when this battle we face is not one of play but to the end."

    Zu Dharma looked intently into Lord Ginesha's eyes. "Your offer is an insult to me. You have showed me this...Power, and how my abilities pale in comparison. my question remains the same, though you need not answer it. If you are so powerful Lord Ginesha, what use have you of a simple Scholar?"

    Without waiting for an answer, Zu Dharma moved on. But deep inside, he could feel the cauldron boiling, and indeed it seemed explotion was inminenet.

    "Lets be away, your precious scrolls await."

    "I am Arraganos's slave." Ginesha answers as his soldiers follow behind and only his daughter stays behind.

    Zu Dharma turned slowly........"Willing or unwilling?"

    "Once I submitted myself to Ahrimane my dreams have been my guide as they were for many other mortal men. My assaisinations have always been for the purpose of killing healers, teachers, thinkers, and the opposition. I served Palpatine as I served those who fought the Vong and it was even I who passed along the information of the Noghri at the right moment to see Thrawn fail...and thus perhaps lead to the darkness we presently endure. It was willing but now the Crown has passed and the revealed servants have all broken themselves.....only Arraganos and I maintained our own wills and as such I would seem him shattered." it was truth, partial truth, and misleading truth Zu could feel it.

    "You are already dead. I suspect for many years now. But enough, it makes no difference. Whatever part i am to play, i shall do so to a fault. But mark my words. Though we are of the same species, we are opposed. I will always choose life....while you only manage to mock it with your existance."

    Zu Dharma's words did seem angry, but it was not all directed at Lord Ginesha. The hour was late, and with the death of Anakin Skywalker, things did seem grim indeed. What then...was the 'other' alternative...?
    He smiles "With the proper disciple knowledgeable in all aspects of the Force he can be destroyed and the Shadow Force guided to its 'proper' place. After all what are gods without their children?"

    Deana watches her father walk forward as she looks to scholar Zu. "You are wise. I have known this for many years yet I do not know why exactly I continue with him."

    "Lord Ginesha...I leave the patricide to you."

    Zu Dharma then turns to Deana.
    "Our hearts sometimes obey their own rules and overule any logical thinking. A life debt is no small matter. trust yourself to make the right decision at the right time..and fear not."

    He smiled at her and exited with Lord Ginesha.

    "It my hope that for all the evil in his heart it might yet be broken and he brought to light...and if not...I will bring an end to his suffering torment to himself and others." she says with firm resolution.

    "Let's just get moving here buddy." Aurra Sing said softly, apparently quite unhappy with Deana's adoring nod to Zu.

    The Darkness of the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer is something that is fairly palable as is the chaos. Many men and women were holding down friends as others were curled up into little balls of panicking at the sight of so many friends, relations, lovers, and mere aquaintances who had for one reason or another simply dropped over dead where they stood.

    In such an atmosphere it was easy enough to move.

    Zu Dharma did not spare a second glance to the sufferi
  14. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    OCC: Hey Hey Lightside apprentice, I wanted to post this ALONG time ago but time kept slipping awya. I hope you'll forgive me for not putting you in more plots.

    I hope you'll forgive my use of your characters, I'm going to try and stay true to what you've revealed about them while giving you ample story to catch up on.

    The Citadel of the Empire

    Darth Obdurate and Vransha Killar unfortunately suffered from what amounted to very confusing circumstances that all of their ancient Sith training and all of their master's careful planning had not prepared the Dark Side Lord for.

    The destruction of Coruscant, Thyferra, and the Civil War that had swept the galaxy would have been bad enough but the Great Cataclysm which had wiped out seemingly a tenth of the galaxy and the emergence of the Shadow Sith who had made a play for his life and his apprentice's life were things hard to be imagined.

    Vransha and Obdurate had fought as Master and apprentice and they had destroyed their cabal of Seven Attackers though not without some difficulty. They wielded strange Force powers which seemed to punch through defensive Force use like hot knives through butter. Their very presence clouded the Force like interference to a sensor signal....and wherever they used their foul became harder to use but the Force easier for them.

    "Do you honestly believe that the universe is ending?" Vransha said to his master.

    Obdurate was not a man who was supestitious or prone to hyperbole. He had survived numerous intrigues and the turbulent training of the Sith Way solely at times because he was a logical man who treated the Force like any other part of his personality and form of power. To be wielded carefully yet often and subtley.

    "I do not know." Obdurate admitted. The Jedi Master who had come to them would have been locked up as a madman just a few months before and been executed with little attention paid to his stormcrow rantings.

    Now he was not so went in the face of everything he had believed previously but discovery was not always a bad thing and if he had to...he would do what he had to for ensuring his survival through this time along with the universe that was his by destiny.

    Had Darth Obdurate not been born with the Force he still would have likely found a way to rule...through his proxy Vransha if nothing else. It was men like Darth Obdurate who conquered their homeworlds, exterminated and raised cultures, and were remembered fondly for their contributions thousands of years later even as they forgot about their utterly ruthless natures....

    'Serve your world by serving yourself' was a credo that had been drilled into the Sith Master who was now nearly as strong as Thrawn and stronger than Palpatine when he had dominated the galaxy...

    What would he do?

    It was then that over the crisping corpses of the seven Shadow Sith he turned to face the brown cowled and masked figure before him and twelve black Sith alchemical armored knights with red lightsabers.

    "IF you are more assaisins you will meet an end no better than any of the rest." Obdurate said hissing.

    "I come not to try and destroy you Obdurate but to make an offer...what you saw earlier was not an assaisination attempt but a display of power. Those individuals you slew were powerless thieves, rapists, and peasants but a few days ago...and you saw what they could do." The Voice of Arraganos said as the Dark Sider spoke softly his entreats.

    "Really." Obdurate kept himself even as he calculated his chances of destroying them all....reasonable and considerably good with Vransha...the security here was abyssmal.

    "I come to offer you the Secrets of the Shadow Force." The man hissed.

    "The False Force which is even now eating away this universe?" Obdurate asked, this explained much.

    "False? No more than the True Force is not the source of the gods mortals worship mixed with delusion. It gives freely to whoever wishes to accept its burden and makes men into Sith Lords.
  15. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    Onboard the Pellaeon

    Bel Iblis personally believed the awesome destruction raised by the Great Cataclysm was nothing more or less than the work of Emperor Thrawn in the use of a titanic super weapon whose danger was more powerful than anything the Death Star, Suncrusher, Darksabers, World devastators, Krytos Virus, or worse could possibly equal given a thousand years to work their evil ways.

    The Death of Grand Moff Borgia had caused the Galactic Alliance to collapse much like a Deck of cards and the President of the Republic was there to reshuffle the deck with the resulting Imperial Warlords all but ready to be annihilated with their supply lines cut off and their hatred for each other fanned by counter intelligence agents.

    Taking only as much time as he could to gather his forces, Bel Iblis launched an all out assault on the world of Byss with the intention to wipe out the entire remanent of the Empire before it could strike again with their Apocolypse weapon.

    He never stopped to consider that the information formulating his attack stratedgies on might have been essentially flawed by the nature of those supplying it deliberately and the Empire had set up the greatest trap in the history of the universe to bring about an end to the Republic.
  16. Miccu_Resea

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    Mar 17, 2002

    An unknown light frieghter descended into the atmosphere on the dark side of the planet. As the freighter set down in a dark area of forest, two shadowy figures erupted from the freighter in a quickness unknown to any species catalogued. The two figures moved into the nearest city, and searched the town thouroghly. as they reached a broken down part of the city, they halted infront of a group of people, and stoped all of their actions. Witnesses later reported that they seemed to sniffed the air around them, and take out from their pockets a small device.

    The small device was a signal to the small transport.

    Eleven figures slowly exited the freighter, and boarded on to a small speeder. One of the figures, taller and obviously the leader of the group, signaled the two figues in hte city, and spoke a couple of words to them. Then he pushed a button on the speeder and the speeder with the group speeded towards the city.

    The two figures then, malicoulsy, began to sepearate the crowds, and finally they singled out a young woman, tall and of Kuati descent. The woman began to run away from them, but unbenounced to her, the two figures were herding her towards a seperate alley, dark and ominous. As she rounded the corner in a dead sprint, she haulted, realizing that the alley was a dead end. As the two figures rounded the corner, one of them jumped into the fire escapes, and the other one secrued the escape rounte.

    "Who are you?!?" the statement was more out of fear then quering.

    "Your impending doom." one of them hissed out.

    THe distictive snap-hiss of a lightsaber was herd as a light shade of green illuminated the dark alley. But at the alley illuminated, the other figures descended from the alley tops, and arrayed behind and infront of her.

    She gasped as she realized that she was robbed of her one true power: the Force.

    "Who are you?" she asked again, with fear distinctivly in her voice.

    A Final shadow descended from the rafters, and answered her plea.

    "I am lord Veerax. We are her to test our new soldiers. and by evidence of the anti-force bubble here, i say that they have performed well. So far."

    As Lord Veerax disappeared into the shadows, the warriors descended upon the hapless Jedi Knight, disarmed her, and quickly killed her. They left the body, evidence that even the Jedi Knights can be killed. The group of thirteen departed for the frieghter, and lifted off the planet without any incident. As soon as they breached the atmosphere, Lord Veerax sent in a transmission for Byss

    To: Emperor Thrawn
    From: Your faithful servent, Lord Veerax
    Topic: Test number 1034-XB2

    The force hunters and the anti-force warriors performed magnificently. THe force hunters imediatly targeted and herded an unsuspecting Jedi knight into an ideal target location. The anit-force users, in number of ten, were able to project a bubble to encase an entire area with an anti-force bubble. After loss of the force, the Jedi knight fell quickly. No loss of hunter or warrior reported. Begin production of them imediatly.

    Lord Veerax

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    May 22, 2001

    As you can see in my last few posts I've wormed my way back into the RPG even if I haven't been in the plot so it's no problem. ;) Unfortunetely I was away for some time because of a number of reasons but hopefully I'll be dropping in often :)

    Your use of my characters needs not be forgiven. Sometimes you play them better than I would have ;) :D
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    Oct 3, 2001
    Antar sat motionless in deep meditation as he had for days... Weeks... Perhaps even months. In truth, he was no longer aware of the passage of time and hadn't been for a long while. Antar's meditation took him to places few Jedi have before been; a place glympsed by mortals less than a handfull of times since the dawn of all time. Motionless for untold time, Antar's mortal form was protected from the elements by the Force.

    Since Antar entered his meditative trance, the Galaxy has engulfed itself in turmoil. The Empire had broken apart and the Sith in power have begun to war amongst themselves for greater personal power but Antar remained oblivious to all of this as he conversed with the Force on his place and his destiny.

    My place is one of balance... Light and dark, power and responsibility, action and restraint, but as I observe and do nothing, I see those dear to me and the ideals in wich I believe all being destroyed. Antar shared few consious thoughts with the Force and as days, weeks and months passed in the mortal realm, only a scarce few seconds passed within the Force.

    The peace of the Force was all encompasing and infinate but this was shaken violently as if an earthquake had shaken the fabric of the Force. Power and greed and fury and chaos on the mortal realm threatened the Force's continued existance. The Force was no longer alone and a false Force gave power to those that would serve its purposes and end life. For the first time life was in danger of ending entirely... The Champion of the Force; the Chosen one was again killed and with each passing second, more and more suffered the Chosen one's fate... A dark, chaotic shadow had falen over the galaxy. The Force had but one desperate act left...

    Antar awoke from what only seemed to be a few seconds of meditation but the thick layer of dust around him hinted at the truth... He had been with the Force for a long time. Antar slowly rose to his feet and was unfettered by the weeks that he had remained imobile and without food... The Force had seen to his well being. As he reached his feet, he was visited by a silent yet thunderous voice.

    Without speaking actual words, the voice spoke. "I am in danger. Protect life... Protect me.", the voice said simply. In a desperate time, the Force made a desperate act. The Force joined with a very few people, charging them with the responsibility of being the Champions of the Force...

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    OOC: Lying prostrate on floor declaring in a shrill voice in most reverential tones

  20. Charlemagne19

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    Onboard the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer Palpatine

    The Shadow Force had corrupted Darth Malice completely for it had found a willing recepticle after the late [/b]Darth Veruul[/b] had cut one of his eyes from his body in their brief lightsaber duel, humiliating him and his damaging his demented but genius brain even further. The Force Hunter's power stemmed from the Annihilating Way as it gave them instantly all the Force training and Force Power that they needed which could not normally be learned via flash pumping and mental implantation despite his best efforts. The Shadow Force though could disrupt the Force without disrupting their own usage or sanity, at least to any degree applicable to the parameters he had been given to control them.

    "Each of you my creations are the pinnacle of one hundred thousand years of developing Sith Alchemy that have finally reached their apex in the humanoid form. In your Sith armor, organically grown from Yuuzhan Vong specifications enhances your command of the Annihilating Force while protecting you from all but direct lightsaber blows. You are all clones of the last of the Emperor's Sith Troopers with all of their knowledge, skill in battle, and command of the Force culled from their vivisected bodies. You do not feel pain as men do or fear and you are instilled with an implacable unrelenting hatred of all life but fellow wielders of the Shadow Force while maintaining brillant logical minds to carry forth the tactics needed to destroy. Your Lords and commanders are beings who after this battle shall become the new Vaders and Kuns in the new order; spreading across the galaxy to fan the flames of War, Entropy, and Murder in every mortal's heart! When you are asked why you do this you will tell them who you serve!?" Darth Malice screamed.

    "DARTH MALICE!!!" the perfectly held row of 10,000 Black Armored Shadow Sith ignited their crimson lightsabers in the air in unison.

    "Yes, you serve me. The time has at last come to smite the JEDI KNIGHTHOOD which is the greatest living threat to the Annihilating Way's prememinance over the galaxy with me as its chief commander and my own master Ginesha. They are gathered in a conclave that they think is secret and they have enough power to repulse but they do not suspect that all secrets are revealed to those in the Shadow! Your troop deployments are ready for you to attack en masse! Each outfitted with a cloaking device that will allow you to do battle man to man and through sheer numbers as well as your perfection of form...DESTROY THEM ALL!" Darth Malice could barely contain himself.

    Lord Ginesha emerged beside his pawn in Darth Malice as he prepared these worms in the ranks of the followers of Arraganos. He was a slave to Arraganos and he needed to obey in providing him power through the ranks of Thrawn's clergy but it was a pity truly that he had come to posess a slave so utterly devoted to him yet seemingly thinking he had his own will to eventually overthrow him as he intended to overthrow Arraganos, it was sad in some ways.

    "Launch all the ships. We strike now." Ginesha said softly as Darth Malice bowed his head deeply to the man. The bilions of credits he had gained as an assaisin and philatropist had allowed him access to the secret halls of power where he had wormed his tentacles here and there in preparation for this time. With the 'obsidian shard' he now had a direct line to Ahrimane's will seperate from Arraganos and he intended to use it.

    The ten thousand soldiers heard him and marched in perfect rows towards the black organically grown Arragonne Vong warships Lord Ginesha had appropriated the designs for even as he tore away many of the worshippers of the All-Seeing-Darkness whom had expected him to die battling the Shadows waiting for him to steal the Orb of the Chromantic Dragons, corrupted by the evil of the Darkness so many years ago. The Black ships sailed into the night and hyperspac
  21. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    The silence of the chamber Antar had occupied for months was in stark contrast to the carnage above. With each passing second, Antar felt the death of Jedi after Jedi at the hands of the Shadow Sith Troopers.

    Protect life... Protect me. The Force's words echoed still within Antar's head and his immediate path became clear. In his studies of the Force, he had learned of greater power than what was known to the Jedi or Sith but with that power came the responsibility to only use it for the Force's will... No matter what, he could not use the power as he saw fit but now, everything was different. The power Antar knew was somehow small to him now. Like a select few others, Antar was a Champion of the Force now, charged with the task of personally protecting the Force from these new Dark Times...

    Antar's power knew no constraints... Antar was unleashed...

    With blinding speed, Antar climbed the staircase from the deep chamber beneath the Jedi base on Degobah. He could feel the empty and raw power of the Shadow Force but within him he knew it to be false... An instant reward to those that could be used and manipulated. Antar knew that the task before him and those like him was to stop this Shadow Force before all life was destroyed.

    "DIE JEDI!", a voice screamed. A group of thirty Shadow Sith Troopers charged at Antar, their lightsabers drawn and prepared for battle. The leading Troopers launched a barrage of black lightning at Antar but it was already too late for them.

    Antar simply rose a hand and obsorbed the energy. "I'm afraid you're mistaken... I'm no Jedi...", Antar said. The instant of fear within the Shadow Sith only fueled the fire that would be their end. Antar unleashed a Darkside fire within them all, ending their lives instantly. With this minor obstacle out of the way, Antar continued upstairs to help his friends.

    When Antar joined in the battle, it was already too late for most of the Jedi Order. All but a dozen or so Jedi were dead at the hands of the Shadow Sith. Antar sped to his Master's side.

    "Antar. I'm glad to see you're still alive.", Luke said, still level headed considering the situation.

    "Thanks. Let me help...", Antar replied, gently pushing Luke away from Mara's nearly dead form. He placed a hand on the injured Jedi Master with a Grey Jedi healing technique, fueled by his new power, she was restored to perfect health.

    "It looks like the Force had something to say to you Antar.", Luke said.

    Antar met his Master's gaze. "Indeed but we can talk about it later." Antar stretched out with the Force, touching all of the surviving Jedi and created a Battle Meld among them, sharing some of his strength and confidence among them. Hope was restored. He would be damned if he allowed another Jedi to die that day...
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    OOC: I'm back from my vaction, and i hope you all enjoy this post.


    Kahlass had been here for days. He had learned much about the Gem Dragonkin, but it was all a blur. Throughout the galaxy the force was exploding with things he could not comprehend, could not even fathom. Darth Vaedr had died, Bravo had fought many battles, and all of it flew past him leaving him spinning.

    He had seen the artifacts of the Gem?s, and had heard what had happened while he was in the Trial. The others had looked, dumbfounded, at Kahlass, when the ship had shaken, and was pulled down to the planet by a tractor beam more powerful than any had seen before. When they had arrived the Gem Dragonkin had come aboard and brought them to quarters, while taking Kahlass to the ?Clerics? as they called them. They had watched and waited, and it had been 3 days before Kahlass woke up.

    Now he was being prepared for the ritual, being instructed in what would occur, how he was supposed to react, and on the finer details of the Ritual. Finally the day had come.

    ?Kahlass, it is time.? Alexandria, one of the Gem?s, told him as he woke up this day.

    He dressed himself in the ritual robes, a mix of Gold, Red, and Amethyst, and walked out. She guided him deeper into the complex, and when he reached the ritual room, he was astonished. Before him was a huge room, filled with life-size statues of True-Dragons, in all the colors of Dragon kind. Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Brass, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, and Crystal, all of them were present. In the center of the room were the four artifacts, the Heart of Io, the Claw of Bahamut, the Head of Tiamat, and the Brain of Chronepsis. All these were on pedestals of stone, surrounded by a glowing circle of Grey. Outside this main circle were four others, one Gold, one Blue, one Sapphire, and one Grey. The room was magnificent, the walls plated in gems and precious metals, the pillars made of pure force essence. When entering the room Kahlass? force powers multiplied many times, as it was built upon a wellspring of the force, one bigger than anywhere else in the galaxy, and one more important than ever.

    When Kahlass entered, amazed at the splendor, doors on the other sides of the room opened, and in walked Killrandor, Telsarrr, and a gem whom Kahlass had briefly met, named Keryst, who was a Sapphire Dragonkin. All were dressed in robe exactly like his, and all of them, even Kahlass, walked forward to the circles. Each one entered the Circle of their Color, while Keryst began the ritual incantations.

    ?Killrandor, of the Metallic Dragonkin, of the Gold Race, of Clan Exaduron, The good in your heart, and the will to do justice will be incorporated within.? He paused for a moment, and then Killrandor?s circle glowed brighter.

    ?Telsarrr, of the Chromatic Dragonkin, of the Blue Race, of Clan Swiftclaw, the Strength in rage, and the willpower to do what you want, no matter the consequences will be incorporated within.? He then paused for another moment and Telsarrr?s circle glowed brighter.

    Then, from the ceiling above, a voice that was very powerful, full of life and vitality, and very ominous said, ?Keryst, of the gem Dragonkin, of Clan Boldtail, your wisdom, patience, and want for life will be incorporated within.? The voice faded and Keryst?s circle glowed brighter.

    It was time for Kahlass? to speak and, according to the ritual, he said, ?I am Kahlass, Mouthpiece of Io, of my own race, and of no clan. I will be the vessel to bring back Io; I will give my life to return the Dragonkin to their glory. I am here, and let the prophecy be fulfilled.? Then Kahlass? circle glowed brighter.

    Suddenly, the room darkened, and only the glows from the circles of power still were lit. The artifacts began to glow, dimly at first, and then brighter, until they too were visible. Now came the true summoning part. Every person in the room, every Dragonkin on that planet, every one of them raised their hands, and summoned forth the Essence of Drago
  23. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    "Protect Life.....protect me"

    Zu Dharma heard and obeyed.

    In no time, Deanna, Aurra Sing and himself, commandeered a fast Corellian freighter and headed to Dagobah.
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    IC: Reverendo Nuruodo

    Reverendo Nuruodo smiled as the Reports from the field test came in. The subjects preformed wonderfully he thought. Now it was time to unleash them and take out the Jedi once and for all.

    "Begin placing the Hunter warriors on Major Rebellion worlds. Have them report in when they have found any Remaining Jedi, tell them to report in. Do not persue, but identify."

    The order was carried out, and within the hour the Hunter warriors were sent to Bothwaui, Mon Calamiri, Corellia, Kuat, and other heavily populted worlds.
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    Gemmna, Remains

    Ilass shrunk himself down so that he could walk though the halls as he walked out of the summoning room; all around him the building, the entire planet was collapsing, but he barely even noticed. There were two parts now, and this was something Io had to contemplate. Before there had been just Io, but now there was another, one who was an equal part of his spirit, mind, and body; one who is named Kahlass. This greatly troubled the part that was Io, and so he questioned this new part.

    ?Why are you here?? was the simple thought that ran though his head, but what returned was not what he expected. Instead of a coherent thought it was but a stream of images, image of a mortal?s life. He was staggered at the hardships, the pain, but also the joys this one had gone though. But one burning thought would not flash away, a shot of a man named Tiernin, and his apprentice Jikar, whom Kahlass had once maimed. Then, the thought came though, it was like holding a conversation within your own head, but still it came though, saying a simple, ?Save them.?

    It was then that he noticed the failing planet. Without the presence of the Gem Dragons and their Majik?s the planet, long since past the stage where the planet would die, was finally in its death throes. The buildings were collapsing, massive tectonic rifts were forming, and volcanoes were erupting. Overall it looked like the planet would break apart any second.

    Swiftly taking wing Ilass looked around for the two humans. Seeing them he dived swiftly towards them. The littler one began to run, but at a signal from the bigger one, Tiernin Kahlass told Io, he stopped, as Ilass landed.

    ?Hello Master Tiernin and Jikar.? Kahlass said though Ilass? mouth.

    ?Hello Ilass,? Tiernin said, in a calm voice, ?as you may have noticed the planet is breaking apart and my powers are not sufficient enough to hold it together or get us out of here. Would you care to help us??

    ?I will help you.? Io said though Ilass and he opened his mouth. ?Please, walk inside, it is the only way I can transport you.

    ?Into? into your mouth?? Jikar asked, obviously dubious as to this plan.

    ?Come Jikar, he will not harm us.? Tiernin said as he walked in. Jikar shook his head, still doubtful as to this course of action, but walked in. Ilass closed his mouth and then resumed full size, suddenly as large as an Imperial Star Destroyer. The space inside his mouth, once so small that the two humans had to crouch, was now as big as a hanger bay, and dry as well.

    Ilass flapped his huge wings, and suddenly he was in space, and watched as the last throes of the planet ripped though it. Giant cracks appeared all long its surface, much like a cracked egg, and each was filled with magma. Then, the planet blew apart, earth and magma alike flying though space. Ilass turned his Tail to it, and Io wanted to know what was happening in the galaxy, wanted to see it for him self. Reaching out though his Majik?s he looked about the universe. There was one spot where Majik was incredibly concentrated and, focusing his vision on it, he was astounded. He would recognize that scale anywhere; after all, it was HIS. ?Why is my Scale not on Ferun?? he asked Kahlass within him. Once again images flashed by, all Kahlass knew about it and its history. Io contemplated for a moment, but then he sensed something else. Much of the Majik there was tainted, almost like the Shadow Weave had been back in the days of one Planet. Something major was going on there, and neither Io nor Kahlass wanted to ignore it. Ilass whipped his mighty wings into power, and flew into the realm of hyperspace, faster than any ship had ever done before though he still had to avoid mass shadows, or slow down to go around them. It was in one of these times of slow down that something caught his eye, a gleam of metal, and a sense within of a Majik user.

    Within this tiny gleam of metal, Scholar Zu Dharma, stared in absolute awe of the sight before him, saying, "Praise be the Force." Ilass slowed and then looked into the
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