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  1. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002

    The appearence of Grand Admiral Thrawn was not one that Emperor Thrawn liked to look upon. Mitthrawnuado had emerged from a place that was cold, dark, and entirely focused on one's own perception of reality though it had not been the Sith Lord who had awakened from it, the sight of his eyes held in it the tearing away of one's own private hell that was the destiny of all beings who refused to be made one with the Force...and the revelations of knowledge within.

    "Greetings Brother." he voice spoke harshly and firmly, seemingly unaffected by the man's torment save the harshness and cynicism had deepened further, difficult to imagine given Thrawn had never believed in the goodness of man after the Invaders had destroyed his homeworld on the colonies.
    Emperor Thrawn payed no attention to his Older Brother's cosmetic difficulties, for such things were often expected from those called from 'beyond'. He was more interested on the Grand Admiral's state of mind.

    "Greetings has been a long Time...."
    the Emperor started tentatively......

    "Yes and no. In my mindset I have replayed my life from birth to death a million times and relieved all my battles and choices trying to find out where exactly were I to make adjustments my life would have not ended at Rukh's knife...but it rendered my seperation by a few decades very short brother. Patience is one of the few things you truly learn well when you are dead. Since my...release...I have explored much of what has happened to you in the meantime. I must say...I am surpised at the place you have come to." The Admiral's Eyes glimmered with an almost unreadable yet accusing look.

    The House of Nuraudo was a Ruling Family House in the Chiss but it had always been one which had stood apart from the rest of the Empire of the Unknown Regions. Its members were geniuses...artists, scientists, religious leaders, philosophers, politicans, and rarely...military figures. However the ethics of the family and their confidence, almost all but the people called it hubris, had been that they knew best for the worlds under their care. When the Invaders had come it had always been the eldest son's belief the other Elders had arranged for inadequate support for them to survive. Only he and his near infantile brother travelling away to a prestigeous academy of theology, philosophy, and logic run by Monks similar to the Jedi in spirit if not name had survived.

    Emperor Thrawn considered his answer before responding.
    "Hmmm....surprised perhaps, within the probabilities given all the factors."
    Then he sighed. "Darth Maximus I don't think, was the problem as much as Arraganos Shiva. I must admit he did have millenia to prepare for all contingencies and eventualities. A luxury I did not have."
    Thrawn tried not to look pained.

    "The Force is a powerful tool my younger brother but what I question is your choice in involving yourself with the Sith way to begin with. I can forgive you for nearly all miscalculations but I would have thought you would have learned from my mistakes with Joruus C'boath that lead directly to my death....and Palpatine who orchestrated it." he said "Darth Maximus is a threat though clearly not as strong a one as Arraganos if one is to measure eternal enslavement vs. the universe's end. Their power and knowledge was considerable in preparation though you of course should realize if not you another."

    "Where I not of the Sith, things would be different, but then it would just be a matter of time before we came to this place.....the brink of Anihilation."

    "Indeed but we waste time perhaps on the musings of the Dead. I deserve to be banished if I can do nothing more like a creature of a lurid horror tale. You have summoned me for a reason and I hope it is not to serve as your sound board." Thrawn spoke softly to his brother. He had raised the man in his image when he had been barely into manhood but there were fundemental differences between the two. Thrawn was a creature that was coldly practica
  2. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    The rechristened Eclipse Star Destroyer Kali

    Lord Namtar'Ginesha'Kali sat in the white robes of a Grand Golden Dragon of the Order of Lai-Shaolins Protector Monks the Dai-Bendu, an order which had been extinct since the Jedi which had absorbed it and the many splinter groups that had fallen inbetween given the Jedi could always offer everything they could save the freedom from the allegiance to the Light Side. It was a blasphemy to assume the highest mantle of a Teras-Kasi master when he had fallen so far but he had now in his grasp more power than any of them had ever dreamed of.

    In the Obsidian Shard he had witnessed the battle of so many of the Jedi against the Forces of his Shadow Warriors and he had absorbed their knowledge on the way out, catching many of the Jedi's souls as they fled to join the battle for the Immaterial Plane. These imprisoned souls offered much lore that he was able to causally add to his own considerable store of knowledge that Arr-aganos-Shiva and the hundreds of stolen Teras-Kasi scrolls and killed warriors he had slain had given.

    The Obsidian Shard was the key to success Ginesha was personally very sure of for it had been made by 10,000 of the Dragonkin's greatest wizards of the Five Pillars of Ti'amat. They had wanted to bring back the Lord Io and restore the Dragons to their legendary status but had refused the help of their brethren in doing so while having no idea of the Gem dragons whereabouts....not that such blasphemy would have mattered anyway given they had all been joined into the titanic thing anyway.

    The Obsidan Shard had like the Holocron of Arr-aganos-Shiva an evil heritage with force sensetives who found it destined to become evil powers of considerable strength before eventually they were burned out and perished by the wills that enslaved them. Lord Ginesha had surprised the mammoth entity inside by mastering it and filling it with the Shadow Weave's power, making him the most powerful Force wielder in the galaxy.

    Except for the Gods....

    Arr-Aganos-Shiva for one. Ginesha he had no knowledge of truly that the Shadow Lord had in his living death discovered that long ago elder races had contested for control of the universe and one being known as 'Ahrimane' whose name had become like Shiva's, synonomous with the Evil of the inside and now the Shadow Force....if time had not gauranuted they were one...had been defeated and his essence scattered....waiting for it to be brought forth again. Ginesha had no knowledge that the being he venerated was little more now than mindless hunger and darkness with Arr-aganos-Shiva the truly mastering driving force behind the being that was the closest most mortals would ever imagine to being the Devil.

    The Grey Jedi Lords could also defeat Ginesha for they too were gods, the essence of the ancient beings who had perished and left permanent imprints in the Force gathered up and poured forth into the Grey Jedi Lords. Power like this had not been seen in a million generations when mortals were not even a whisp in the eye of the Force as beings understood them and the price that the Force would have to pay for this titanic ressurection of beings that formed the still developing universe would be great indeed.

    As Ginesha gained nearly unlimited power he watched the Black Orb floating before his eyes as he gazed into it flash with the Darkness that was unseen in the cloaked form of Arraganos Shiva followed by his demonic force and the anti-light of the Shadow Force blinding him.

    "Do not seek to contact my master SLAVE!" Arraganos spoke as blood mingled with sweat from Ginesha's forehead as the blinding mind numbing agony that would have killed him even with all his self control had not Arraganos WILLED him to not be able to die. To the Darkness that would be a blessing. "You have done well in eliminating most of the Jedi but you have merely destroyed common soldiery to our TRUE enemies which even now amass against us."
  3. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    In his Crystal Chamber, Thrawn possesed vast knowledge and was privy to many secrets.
    Arraganos Shiva had set up Emperor Thrawn to fall from the very begining.
    This was neither disturbing nor comforting...but matter of fact.
    His ranks had been infiltrated by those who've sold their soul to Arraganos, and those simply too weak and unwilling to resist his ways.
    Beings of Inmense power affected their god-like abilities to turn all that he'd worked for into ruin. It was almost complimentary.
    Fools all.
    The equation was very simple. All the apparent complexities were attempts at confusion and distraction.
    In the end, this end in particular, what really mattered was what side you were on.
    Life itself was at stake, who were those who would chose life over oblivion.
    In the Face of Oblivion, Emperor Thrawn chose life.
    In the Face of Oblivion, the Jedi Order would choose life.
    In the Face of Oblivion, The New Republic would choose life.
    In the Face of Oblivion, the Sith, he hoped, would also choose life, inspite of their penchant for things Dark.

    So from his Crystal Chamber, Emperor Thrawn drew upon the power of the Force, and excersiced all his knowledge as a Grey Adept.
    The Crystal chamber was bathed in the Blue glow of the Force and the crystal chamber became alive with its Power.
    Emperor Thrawn felt things that were simply outside description..things both Great and Terrible.
    He flexed his unfettered telepathic might and sent a message to Darth Maximus and all of the remaining Sith Lords, including Darth Obdurate, Vransha Killar, Darth Zeiram, High Inquisitor Uxial, Lord Twilight, and a few others. He contacted all his Fleet Admirals and Grand Admirals. He contacted Luke Skywalker, Antar Fodoh, Lia Solo and all those whom he knew where part of the New republic Goverment. He contacted them and many others like them, all those who would choose life over Oblivion.

    His words were few, but carried all he knew of the inpending End of all things living.

    "All of you....this is our possible future should we not unite in the Face of Oblivion.
    What have we to gain if all things come to an end, what is there to gain in the penultimate hour before life is finally and irrevocably extinguished.
    What is pride, or Ego or enmity or selfishness or lust for power in the face of total Anihilation?
    Our separate acts have defined us and prepared us for this final moment.
    If we fail to unite now, in our final hour, we fail not only ourselves, but the future as well.
    Chose to unite, and you chose life.
    chose any other goal, and you shall inherit the shadow and the end, total Anihilation.
    This is our final hour and we dare not hesitate. See what i have seen, know what I know and the depth of the treachery against all things living.
    Arraganos Shiva may well be a millenial genius, but he is a fool.Will you be the fool that follows him to absoltute Nothing!!??
    Choose and act. End of line."

    With that done, Emperor Thrawn, full of the Force and imbued with nascent Grey Jedi powers, proceed out of his Crystal Chamber, and ignited his crimson Sith Lightsaber and went out to put his House in Order.
    The Infidels that were in his ranks would die at his hands.

  4. Quinnithxtherol

    Quinnithxtherol Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 28, 2002
    Name: Kir Crolhonin
    Title: Grey Jedi Knight
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Year of birth: 1 month after RotJ
    Age: 27
    Planet of birth: Kessel
    Current planet: ?
    Eye/Hair color: blue-grey/brown
    Height/Weight: 5'11"/162 lbs
    Description: Kir is 27 years old, having been born son of an Alliance leader, Kina Crolhonin, just a month after the destruction of the second Death Star. He was raised by the Jedi, but left the Order when his Master, Vin al'Rom was killed. He became a Grey Jedi shortly after the Temple was opened.
    Master: Jedi Master Vin al'Rom
    Aprentice(s): none
    Weapon: 1 silver, 1 green -bladed Lightsaber
    Force level/power: ??
    Talents: He knows Most Sith and Jedi talents, but masters more Jedi than Sith, only a Master of Sith Lightning
    Family: Kir's mother (Kina Crolhonin)
    Notes: Kir is a Master of Blades of the Grey Jedi Order, a new position invented by him, which includes the best with a lightsaber.
    age 13 - Jedi padawan
    age 20 - Jedi Master killed
    age 27 - Grey Jedi Knight

    where can I start?
  5. Miccu_Resea

    Miccu_Resea Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 17, 2002
    IC: Reverendo Nuruodo

    He lowered his eyes "But quickly.."

    Reverendo knew his words were least from his perception...

    The last few words haunted Reverendo's mind. The words he was saying, in his heart he knew they were true, but he wished against everything that they weren't. But the past events flooded into his mind...and started to change it.

    The warning of the fleet enroute in hyperspace, an innumerable force that would easly decimiate his fleet. And the past battles havent bee so bright and victorious for him. Losing the two Eye of Thrawns, a few Eclipse Star destroyers, and innumerable fleets to the Rebels and other enemies, his reign as Grand Admiral was filled with more defeats than victories. But the presence of the fleets threated everything: even his life.

    He couldnt afford another debacle. One way or another, he could lose his life: to the Rebels or to the Emperor.

    The Emperor. Could He have been so Weak? stop the effects of the Grey Jedi against him, to affect him...

    Were the words of the Sith true? Was the Emperor turned?

    The warning for the hyperspace fleet warned him that they were 5 minutes away. If they were to make an escape, it was to be now...

    Nuruodo sat with the decision: fight and wound the Rebels, but in the process destroy the fleet, or to trust the seeming trustworthy Sith...

    He pushed a button, and imediatly the ysalamiri on the ship died, a defensive measure that he had installed.

    Reverendo turned to the sith and said:

    "The fleets and armies are yours. You can either take them anywhere or you can do with them whatever you wish."

    "However, i do not, in anyway, do not want to be Emperor. My home is a starship: and although I am the leader of the Navy, i cannot and will not be involved in Politics in any manner. Even the greatest Naval Tacticians can be skilled by the loweliest of senators or Politicans. Offering me to be Emperor didnt affect my decision. And it never will. I expect you to find a suitable replacement once this is done."

    Reverendo Turned to the Sith once more, and repeated: "The Fleet is yours. Command it."

    Tag: Charle

    OOC: thanks for throwing me for a loop, Charle. :p :p :D I enjoyed it anyway. :)
  6. Quinnithxtherol

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    Nov 28, 2002
    Name: Kir Crolhonin
    Title: Dark Jedi
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Year of birth: 1 month after RotJ
    Age: 27
    Planet of birth: Kessel
    Current planet: ?
    Eye/Hair color: blue-grey/brown
    Height/Weight: 5'11"/162 lbs
    Description: Kir is 27 years old, having been born son of an Alliance leader, Kina Crolhonin, just a month after the destruction of the second Death Star. He was raised by the Jedi, but left the Order when his Master, Vin al'Rom was killed. He went on his own for a while, and finally gave in to the Dark Side, becoming a Dark Jedi.
    Master: Jedi Master Vin al'Rom
    Aprentice(s): none
    Weapon: 1 silver, 1 green -bladed Lightsaber
    Force level/power: 12/85
    Talents: He knows Most Sith and Jedi talents
    Family: Kir's mother (Kina Crolhonin)
    Notes: Kir is awesome with a lightsaber, using it to an advantage in battle.
    age 13 - Jedi padawan
    age 20 - Jedi Master killed
    age 21 -25- Rouge Jedi
    age 25 on-Dark Jedi

    greyjedi125 told me to repost this, so here it is.
  7. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Emperor Thrawn believed greatly in leading by example. So he would do so.
    Still wreathed in the Force fire he seemed an instrument of Vengeance. He now understood that he then, did not stand a chance against Antar Fodoh, and though his Grey Jedi powers were literally just born, he felt the vast difference in power levels now, than when he considered himself simply a Sith Master. How much more powerful was Antar Fodoh, who was a Grey Jedi Master and the leader of their Order.
    He truely hoped that the Grey Jedi would lend their considerable might againts Arraganos Shiva and his Forces, however, Thrawn had his own problems here on Byss.
    There were too many enemies in his ranks, as priests, guards, sith troopers, and many other positions. It was time to weed them out and purge his house of these Infidels.
    Emperor Thrawn sent a mental message to his Sith allies. "Seek out the Infidels and Destroy them where they stand. If there are any Shadow Force wielders, leave them to me."
    Then oddly enough, he performed a Jedi technique he had studied long ago. A Jedi Mind Meld. it felt....strange, but it was exactly what he needed.
    "I will Guide you. Let the Purging begin."

    Inside the Great Audience Hall, the Dark Jedi Kir was waiting for Emperor Thrawn when he got the mental command. Darth Zeiram and Kir exchanged looks and were told what to do.

    "Except for the Two Guards at the door, the other 10 in the Great Audience Hall are traitors.You will begin your attack on the other 10 as I emerge from the dias on the Audience throne. Destroy them, for I will join you in glorious combat. none must remain alive or be aloud to leave the Hall."

    These words Emperor Thrawn spoke to both Darth Zeiram and Kir. The two guards by the door had their orders. They were not to let anyone in or out of the Great Audience Hall, under pain of Death.

    "Kir, you have been loyal to me..." stated the Emperor in Kir's mind. "...for that i will enhance your abilities in the force to be equal to that of a Sith Lord although you are a Dark Jedi. Your loyalty to me has paid off. You are now Lord Kir. Now go and do my will..."

    At that instant Lord Kir felt the powerful infusion of power as he was enhanced by Emperor Thrwan....and suddenly behind them, he emerged from the Audience Throne, wreathe in Blue force fire, crimson Lightsaber ignited and ready for combat.
    From his left hand a devastating gout of roilling Force Lightning insinerated the two 'Sith guards' that guarded the rear of his Audience throne. Darth Zeiram ignited his Crimson lightsaber and sped towards the nearest guard who had drawn his own weapon.
    In that instant, the purging of Byss had begun.

    [tag: those on Byss]
  8. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    OOC: I planned on posting this evening but when my computer-genious friend offered to re-do my PC I couldn't refuse. I'll be offline for the first time in months tonight, doing a complete format and re-install. I'll see you all soon.
  9. Quinnithxtherol

    Quinnithxtherol Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 28, 2002

    Kir stood still for a second, revelling in his newfound power.

    Then, he unleashed his new power on the ones in the Chamber.

    Running forward, he took the next-nearest guard, knowing that Darth Zeriam could hold his own.

    He ignited both his Green and Silver lightsabers, and charged forward, sending Thrawn a mental Message.

    "Thank you, Master."

    He swung his silver saber down, and met the guard's just-lighted crimson saber. He swung his green one towards the guard, coming in at another angle, unblockable except if the guard wanted to leave the other side wide open for attack.

    "Gotcha," Kir said as the guard took the bait, and moved to block the green saber. He swung the silver saber down again, but was sent flying by a Force-Push, with a little Sith Lightning mixed in.(AotC, Dooku uses this on Anakin)

    Kir hit the wall hard, and landed with a thud on the ground.

    Then, he couldn't breathe.

    The Sith that he had almost killed walked toward him, grinning evilly, holding his index finger and thumb close together, an indication he was using the Force-Grip technique.

    Kir had been trained against this.

    He reached down, and re-ignited his green lightsaber, and threw it at the guard, breaking the attacker's concentration, and letting Kir draw breath again.

    The thrown lightsaber was easily blocked, and while Kir was standing, the two Sith waded in, using attacks to complement the other, so that they would have a better chance to kill them.

    He blocked two attacks, and then they both reared back, apparently going to attack at the same time.

    Kir anticipated their attacks through the Force, and jumped into the air, not high, though.

    They swung thier lightsabers like baseball bats, one coming high, one coming low.

    Kir quickly made his body go rigid, then turned it so he would be horizontally floating in the air.

    The lightsabers passed over and under him, and he quickly punched both guards in the crotch, sending them reeling.

    He called his green lightsaber to him, and attacked one, breaking through his weak defenses easily, and killing him.

    He did the same to the other.

    He looked at the door, that was just sitting there, shut, not locked or anything.

    He quickly shot Lightning to the control panel, frying it, and sealing the door.

    Tag: greyjedi125
  10. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Byss, Great Audience Hall

    Darth Zeiram felt two Sith Guards fall before the might of Emperor Thrawn and then two more were terminated by the Dark Jedi, Lord Kir. He could sense through the Mind Meld that High Inquisitor Uxial and her four armed Sith Executioners were having a delightful time.
    Darth Zeiram smiled evily. It had been some time since he allowed himself the pleasures of going all out.
    Darth Zeiram waited in place as two of the Sith guards pounced on him, attacking in earnest and yelling war cries.
    Then there was a flash of 3 crimson lightsabers slashing viciously.
    Darth Zeiram was the only one left standing.
    The two Sith Guards were neatly bisected in two.
    Darth Zeiram snorted with derision at the foolish guards. To go against Emperor Thrawn was to desire death. Darth Zeiram 'stutter-phase' technique was a well guarded secret. He could phase in and out within milliseconds. He had perfected the technique after more than a decade of intensive study and practice.
    To the sith guards it would seem that their Lightsabers simply passed thru Darth Zeiram...which was basically correct. However, Darth Zeiram was corporeal long enough for his weapon to deliver its deadly strokes with ultimate accuracy and efficiency.
    Darth Zeiram looked over at Lord Kir.

    "Well met Lord Kir."

    He said with a nod. Then he turned to gaze at the Emperor, as four of the Sith guards rushed him with great fury and lightsabers drawn.
    They were almost upon him as Emperor Thrawn calmly stepped down from the dias, then he simply held up his hand in a detaining gesture.
    The Four Sith guards were immediately frozen in place...looking like statues that were all too realistic in their motion and angry poses.
    Emperor Thrawn simply walked past them and closed his fist once he cleared their killing circle.
    All four guards imploded on themslves, leaving grusome and bloody scarlet remains upon the audience Throne.

    "My Emperor...the Audience Hall is clear of Infidels."said Darth Zeiram bowing as Emperor Thrawn approached.

    "Rise Lord Zeiram, we have much work to do..." stated Emperor Thrawn as he walked past Darth Zeiram and Lord Kir, he gestured and the sealed doors opened easily.

    "We must join the others, the threat to all things living is not yet past.... until it is vanquished, all we are doing here is delaying the inneviatable. But I'll be damned if I shall perish without a fight.Come now...."

    He lead them out into a great hallway were there were many engaged in mortal combat.
    For a second it seemed like something out of the early days of the Sith Empire, but alas, this was not a struggle for dominance and superiority, this was a battle for life's very existance.
    Emperor Thrawn knew and sensed that the true challenge was yet to arrive on Byss, but they would be ready and waiting.
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    Jul 30, 2000
    Zonoma Seskot

    Archon Dovanan surveyed the world which bristled with the True Forces energy as he awaited the time in which Emperor Thrawn would give himself over to the side of Balance. The Jedi Master had spent months studying the mysteries of the Sith and laying the foundation for the man to embrace to mysterious ways of Antar Fodoh even as he himself now worked to gain an understanding of the ways of balance in the face of the awesome energies of the Dark Side which threatened to overwhelm him with despair.

    The Craetor Vong viewed the Force differently than the Jedi Knighthood though they still had far more many students of the Light Side than those who pursued the Grey Way. Still a few existed and Archon had regained his sense of balance and had on this world found new insights which had opened up entire vistas of the past and yes future before him. He had known about the Shadow Sith attack before it would happen and knew it happened even now.

    Yet he also knew that if he stopped his training now, that if he betrayed what all of his friends valued most, that it would be the end of the galaxy.

    The Craetor Vong were a race of one million one hundred thousand and all were force sensetive though only a handfull had reached Jedi levels. Three million Shamed Ones and Worker class survivors of the Yuuzhan Vong had decided for whatever reason to join with the Craetor Vong in merging their veneration of the Jedi with the ways of the Craetor Vong, if they survived it would become a powerful sect indeed.

    Archon continued then walking out as the Craetor Vong whose ships had perished and whom had been taken by the land as their new home were near panic at the presence of the Super Star Destroyer hanging above them. They could feel as Archon felt though much more keenly the nature of the abominations within. The Shadow was upon the fleet above the peaceful world and they desired nothing more than to obliterate the life form below them.

    Zonoma Seskot and the Craetor Vong were yet another threat to the mad reign of Arr-Aganos-Shiva and his apprentice though Archon had personally not discounted the power of Darth maximus to plunge the universe into horror, he knew that was Jason Bravo's place to defeat...or perish facing.

    "Here me servant of the Nothingness!" Archon began to speak as the skies grew dark and stormed with the raising of his voice, he and the world were one. "This world is not for you! Retreat back to the Oblivion that you have opened and never return! The fate of eternal nonexistance is a far kinder thing than the sorrow you shall know facing us! Retreat and know nothing more!"

    Lightning exploded as Archon felt the power of a Grey Jedi Master flowing through had started with Tierran's ascension and the defeat of the Second Death Star and now was growing stronger with each passing moment for the ancient ones were returning for their final battle with the Abomination.


    The Super Star Destroyer of High Inquisitor Brandl

    High Inquisitor Jaaib Brandl had gone mad with the Shadow Force eating away at his soul. The Shadow once let into his body had covalesced into images of his wife Fable and his father the elder Brandl which taunted him and egged on his madness along with now Grand Inquisitor Tremayne who tortured him with hidden truths and memories of his most flagrant pains. His crew he had enslaved with the Shadow Force and the power of Annihilation had left them broken but fanatical servants of Oblivion with all survivors almost complete extensions of the monster's will.

    "Here me servant of the Nothingness!" Archon began to speak as the skies grew dark and stormed with the raising of his voice, he and the world were one. "This world is not for you! Retreat back to the Oblivion that you have opened and never return! The fate of eternal nonexistance is a far kinder thing than the sorrow you shall know facing us! Retreat an
  12. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: I am back. Because of my eye, its still healing after surgery (sp?), I won't be able to read all the posts, but I'll read what I can. Can anyone PM me and give me a quick summary of what has been going on?

    I am just going to post here so you all know where my character is. I read some posts and I have a general idea of what is going on, but that quick summary of what has been going on will still help.


    Jason Bravo did a flip over a Sith Trooper, landed and thrusted his lightsaber into the soldier's back. The trooper fell over frontwards and Bravo pulled his lightsaber out of the man's back. All around him, about 20 Sith Troopers lay dead. Bravo had saved to Jedi Knights who now stood to either side of him.

    "Antar Fodoh has the Jedi Meld going. Retreat back to him and Luke Skywalker." Bravo said.

    "How about you?" A young male Jedi Knight said.

    "Go. I'll delay them. They are disorginized (sp?) in this sector. They are scattered (sp?)." Bravo replied.

    "Don't you need help?" The female Jedi Knight said. This female was of a wolf type species (forgot the name for that species).

    "No. If they sense three Jedi Knights alone, they will surround us with forces. If its just one of us, they might not waste the time to come over here."

    "But..." The young human male Jedi Knight said.

    "Just go." Bravo said, his voice having that command tone to it. Both the Jedi Knights left and went to Antar and Luke.

    As Bravo sat up in a tree branch, he could see a patrol of Sith Troopers. About 24 in all. As Bravo sat waited in silence, he thought back when Archon Dovanan had sent him the information about Emperor Thrawn's plan to destroy Darth Maximums' army of clones. He thought back on the situtation for a second.

    Emperor Thrawn wants to bring the Jedi, Grey Jedi, and the Sith into an alliance agains Arr-aganos-Shiva. But why then does he want to destroy Darth Maximums' forces?

    I have seen Darth Maximums' forces. Darth Maximums could be the most powerful ally Thrawn could have. If he destroys Darth Maximums, he losses just about 50% of his alliance's combat forces. Does Thrawn wish to destroy this Arr-aganos-Shiva and at the same time, take out Darth Maximums? That would leave him with his power being secure with the Sith. No Darth Maximums, no Arr-aganos-Shiva, only the Jedi...

    Its clear now, I think. I might be wrong, but what if Thrawn, by destroying his two greatest enemies, and then with almost all of his power regained, attacks the Jedi...

    But Archon Dovanan's tone, when he sent me that information, sounded as if Thrawn wanted to be a Grey Jedi...

    I think I understand it now. I might be wrong, but what if, but becoming a "friend" with the Jedi and Grey Jedi, Thrawn gets in close to our system. He does some really good things, but all along is building his forces around an area where the Force is blind. Then, when he has Antar Fodoh alone, he strikes Antar down. Now with the most poweful Jedi gone, he makes up some story or he has a special operations team enter wherever the location is that they are at, the same time he kills Antar, then makes up a story where the special operations team killed Antar and a few more Jedi. But really what happened was that he killed the Jedi Knights and Antar, killed the special operations team and then injuired himself.

    He could do that. But first I need to turn this what if this happened, into fact.

    Before Bravo knew it, the patrol had pasted him. He turned around and saw the patrol moving off into the distance. The fog from Degobah made them appear as goasts. They vanished into the fog, their bodies being consumed by the fog. Bravo folled quickly, jumping from one tree to the next, using the Force to quiet his landings and he used his own effort and deterimation to move through the fog quietly and from tree to tree and end up in front of the patrol again.

    He waited there. The patrol was coming around a small swamp area. When they were just a few
  13. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Byss, The Grand Court Yard of Lord Naga Sadow

    A fierce battle raged upon the Expansive court yard. It was no longer a place where the Glory of the Founding Lords of the Sith Empire were revered and remembered, but had become simply a killing field.
    Countless dead bodies lay dismembered and burnt in heaps. Pillars and statues were reduced to nothing more than worthless rubble. The stench of blood and death assaulted the nostrils, and all this served only to encourage the killing frenzy it seemed.
    There were three entrances to the courtyard, two side entrances and the main entrance.
    The left side entrance was under the protection of Darth Salome.
    She'd used her powerful pheromones to enslave several of the more powerful infidels that served as Sith Honor Guard and commanded them to defend the it with all their might to their death. All six guards wielded dualbladed lightsabers and were cutting down other infidels with berserker fury.
    Darth Salome herself decapitated those who slipped past the Sith Honor Guard, although there were not many that could. She knew she'd have to kill them before this was over, but they were quite useful for now.
    The right side entrance was being held by High Inquisitor Uxial herself.
    She had become one with her lightwhip as she spiraled and danced, a symphony of death and destruction.
    Her Lightwhip severed heads, arms, weapons, limbs, everything...on contact.
    Her Falleen pheromones were also at work, not enslaving the oncoming enemies, but causing them to be mezmerized by her deadly dance.
    A most lethal hesitation.
    At the center of the Court Yard was the big bait. Sith Executioner Garrometh, the four armed giant had become a living slaughter house.
    From the main entrance the enemy came at him in droves...and it did not matter.
    The already formidable quatro, who was the last of his kind had fully entered berserker mode. He wore his full cortosis armor and in each of his four hands, he wielded spining double bladed lightsabers.
    He was absolutely merciless and relentless.
    He combined force skills with his quad-double saber technique to form a perefect killing machine. All who came remotely close were immediately eviscerated by a flash of a crimson blade.
    He moved so fast he was a blur.
    Countless bodies and their parts were piling up neatly all around him...and still the infidels came.
    If it were not for his pre-programmed loyalty to Emperor Thrawn, Garrometh would have by now succumbed to the influence of the Anihilating Force.

    Aboard the Double Ziggurat space station Exar Khun, Lord Twilight had things nearly under control, thanks to the guidance of Emperor Thrawn.
    The same was true for all the fleet elements that were on Byss.
    As the purging progressed, Emperor Thrawn ordered all his senior and command staff to make ready to defend Byss and for a possible seige.
    As the others reported their progress thru the Mind Meld, Emperor Thrawn inquired of Darth obdurate and Vransha Killar as to their situation and progress and if they required assistance.

    [tag: LightSide apprentice]

  14. Quinnithxtherol

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    Nov 28, 2002

    Kir pulled his green saber out of one of the Sith's chests.

    "Lord Thrawn, your shuttle awaits," he said, guarding Thrawn's personal shuttle.

    Tag: greyjedi125
  15. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002

    "Well done Lord Kir."

    Emperor Thrawn's peraonal shuttle,"The Claw of Doom" lifted off Byss surface safely and without incident.
    The Sith Citadel on Byss's surface was secure. Now the Emperor was enroute to his orbital station..."Space Ziggurat Exar Khun", where Lord Twilight awaited the Emperor's arrival in order to commence defense preparations for the system of Byss, against any incoming enemies of life.
    No word had yet arrived from any of the possible allies the Emperor had contacted.
  16. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    The Birthing Complexes

    The defeat of the attack on the Craetor Vong was a troubling setback indeed for Lord Ginesha as was the acknowledgement there were now Three Grey Jedi Lords. The new Emperor of the Galactic Empire was not going to focus too much on one setback however when it was now time for the defeat of his other enemies. The Grey Jedi Lords would be easily diverted Ginesha believed from focusing too much on him when the threat of Arr-aganos-Shiva loomed and with his defeat then it would be simplicity to destroy the winner provided he was prepared.

    "No our true enemies right now are the Dragons....the foes that defeated the Shadow Weave and have now recovered their lost master. We must make sure that they do not trouble us too much." Lord Ginesha said softly "Isn't that right Darth Malice?"

    Lord Ginesha turned to the pulsating organic computer which the Former Sith Lord had been transformed into. His body had rotted but his brain was still functional, abeit only the barest hints of sentience despite his continued brillance and calculating capacity....which had been expanded considerably. The Chiss were now Lord Ginesha's last best hope for the repair of the galaxy since he had moved every single member of the race from the worlds in the Unknown Regions who had any military or political value on the suggestion of other 'organic computers' before he had dispatched his fleet to prepare more spores harvested from the remains of a few minor primative worlds he had come upon such as Wayland, Gammorr, Hongar, and a mere fourteen others.

    The Chiss Race then started to die and die in agony Ginesha could feel in the Force, all of their thirty-six worlds as they two were harvested for the creation of The Grand Army of Shadow whose targets he would waste no expense in eradicating. The entire people of the Faerun and all of their foolish people. He knew though that military Force alone would not win the day and the ease of which the Grey Jedi Lord had eradicated his servants on Zonoma Seskot was proof enough he required something that was sufficently powerful to challenge them.....

    Ginesha would require another Grand Master of Shadow, the title only he and Arraganos bore.

    The numbers of the Charon, Arragonne Vong, and other 'heretics' who did not wish to make the final step and join with the Shadow Force completely (i.e. dying and being obliterated or raisedas a shade) were small and eventually they too would be overwhelmed but these were his inner circle and had worked ferverishly preparing the Grand Army for the annihilation of the Dragon people to the last hatchling while he had orders prepared that their eggs were to be siezed and brought to him....the Shadow Dragons could be born from them and accelerated in growth in vast numbers The Annihilating Force had revealed.

    "The Army's Emperor commands thus its Higher General, its Master to come forth and recieve its mockery of life. I dub thee....Chaos" Ginesha said as he gazed down and his gaze trailed for the one hundred miles the Pit before him descended to the huge pulsating beast of Shadow formed from the Soul of Darth Pyrrus who had willingly surrendered his soul to the Shadow, the only Dragon to do so thus far to be transformed.

    It emerged with its five mile long heads of Shadow Stuff, a Mockery of their Goddess Tiamat, Dragons did not treat sexual gender as mortals did and Ginesha hoped this monstrocity would lay a number of eggs to be born into great monsters that the Emperor of Shadow could use to continue his domination of all life.....a far better fate that his own master had intent for them.
    "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR" the beast's roar shattered rock and killed men instantly as Ginesha could feel it eating the souls of the Dragons who had fallen prey to the Shadow's weakness in death if none had
  17. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    ?You, You are one of the old Gods! It is I, Ilass, who was once Kahlass. Tell me, how fare?s the Diamond scale??

    Antar remained silent for a few short instants still reeling from the power the Force had bestowed on him. Finally he met Ilass' gaze and replied. "God? Perhaps... Or at least like the beings that may have inspired the tales of Gods like the legendary Io that is now part of you, Kahlass." Antar allowed a smile to cross his lips. "I'm glad to see what has become of you, my friend. I knew the Force was especially strong with you."

    The being that was once Kahlass bowed his head slightly. "Thank you, Master Fodoh."

    Again Antar smiled. "Shall end the conflict here?", he asked.

    "It would be my pleasure.", Ilass replied.

    The two Champions of the Force made short order of the Shadow Sith on Degobah, returning their enemies' power and essences to the Force that gave them life. It was anything but a spectacular fight as Ilass and Antar insinerated their foes with the power of the Force, not even drawing a single weapon. The few remaining Jedi defended themselves from further attack but with the two Champions of the Force doing battle, few of the Shadow Sith had the time or chance to finish off the remaining Jedi. In minutes, the planet was no longer in danger and free of Shadow Sith, a blow no doubt felt personally by Arr-Aganos-Shiva.

    Antar felt a degree of sadness for his effortless execution of his foes but with the Force permiating and at one with his body, will and essence his sorrows quickly disolved... This was his destiny and the destiny of the galaxy. Antar knew that destiny was unfolding as it should and as it was always meant to.

    With his fleeting doubt now gone forever, Antar took pleasure in seeing his aprentice again after so long. "Tiernin, it's good to see you again.", he said of his pupil.

    "And you, Master.", Tiernin replied and embraced his Master. "I felt your change.", he said.

    "I would have been surprised if you hadn't. Your power is almost unequalled in the galaxy, Tier."

    "Yes, Master.", Tiernin replied evenly.

    "You've done well in your training of Jikar. He is a fine Jedi."

    "Thank you, Master. He is an equally talented Grey Jedi Padawan... And I don't forsee Kahlass requiring much more of my guidance.", Tiernin added.

    "Your guidance was instrumental in him getting where he is, Tiernin. Take pride in that... You did well my aprentice."

    "Yes Master.", Tiernin again said. "Though I feel you are needed elsewhere. I shall see you again, my Master. May the Force be with you."

    "Indeed. And may the Force be with you, Tiernin.", Antar replied and with that, he took his leave from his aprentice.

    As Antar approached Luke, Ilass feel into step along side him. "We're needed elsewhere.", he said calmly.

    "I know. The Shadow Force has layed siege elsewhere... And we have brothers elsewhere to join with.", Ilass replied.

    "Master.", Antar started as he reached Luke. "I can't remain here any longer but you are safe for now. The Shadow Sith won't return."

    "Thank you, Antar.", Luke replied, sorrow evident in his voice.

    For the first time he could recall, Antar called Luke by name... "Everything's changed now, Luke... The Jedi... The Sith... It's all become moot. Thrawn is sincere in his wish to follow Kahlass.", he said.

    Luke took a moment to find the inner strength to reply but eventually he did. "I know, Antar... Now go. You're needed.", he said. With that, Ilass and Antar left Degobah of their own will and power and set out to find the others like them and to protect the Force...
  18. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002

    The fighting was over.
    Aurra Sing, Scholar Zu Dharma and Deanna made quite a formidable team.
    Scholar Zu Dharma was shimmering in Silver force energy, just like Deanna's hands were enshrouded in silver fire.
    He was completely imbued in the power of the Grey Jedi lord.
    He had been communicating with Antar all along, who'd help coordinate their movements against the shadow sith.
    Now, as he felt Antar departing, he mentally querried his transformed Jedi Master.

    "Master, where would you have us strike next...what is your wisdom?"

    Zu Dharma was still mentally in contact with Antar and awaiting an answer, as he, Aurra and Deanna headed to join the other Jedi.

    [tag: Antar] :)
  19. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: I made a mistake in my first post back. Just say that the talks with Antar and Luke never happened. Just say that Bravo is still alone with the two other Jedi.


    Jason Bravo walked through the swamp area with the other two Jedi Knights. Both the Jedi Knights were unable to find Antar or Luke Skywalker.

    As they walked, Bravo remembered feeling Corran Horn pass away. Corran Horn was a good friend and Jason Bravo had hardly said a word to him in the past year, after his Jim Jonesy and his other friends were killed by Darth Maximums. Many good Jedi had past away since this new turn of events. There was one way to put a end or at least slow down these events that had caused so many lives to be lost in such a short time. And Bravo knew for a face he couldn't do it here, stuck on Dagobah.

    As they rounded a corner, all the Jedi felt danger and ducked for cover. In the fog, they saw the shadows of Sith Troopers coming out of the fog. Then, from above, Jedi jumped on the troopers. The three Jedi did like wise and engaged the enemy troopers.

    Unlike the last attack, where Bravo took out a whole patrol of 24 Sith Troopers all by himself, there were about 9 Jedi, and only 12 Sith Troopers. After the short battle, Bravo could tell these Sith Troopers were already engaged somewhere else and were on a flanking move to get their enemy from the rear.

    "Jedi Knight Jason Bravo," Bravo remembered a face of a Jedi,"Vail Binn! How are you?!"

    "I am okay, Jason Bravo. It has been a long time."

    "It has, it has. Where is..."

    "Frowbata (sp?) was...was killed. We were sent on a strike mission to stop these here soldiers on a flanking move on our rear."

    Although Bravo missed Frowbatta (sp?), he knew that this was not the time or place to moran his friend's death. Frowbatta was Vail Binn's best friend and he could feel her pain in annoucing her best friend's death.

    "Where is your line?" Bravo asked.

    "Up there a ways," She said, pointing to her right. "We have teamed up with a group of soldiers."

    "Who is your CO?" Jason Bravo asked.

    "Our Commanding Officer is a Colonel from a Rebel Infantry Regiment that was stationed here."

    "How many?"

    "We had about 120 soldiers, including about 50 base security troopers. We are down to about 80 soldiers, and like 20 base security troopers. We had about 15 Jedi, mostly Padwans and young Jedi Knights. We are down to 14 Jedi."

    Bravo thought it over. "Enemy soldiers?"

    "The infnatry soldiers guess about they came in with a full company, 120 soldiers, they are down to about 50. Reniforcements are unknown."

    Bravo could tell that Vail Binn had grown up since the last time he saw her. This war had turned her from a young Jedi with a happy smile to a Jedi Knight who had seen the horrors of battle, of war, and was now a veteran Jedi Knight.

    By the time the 9 Jedi got back to the line, the battle there as over. The Colonel gave command over to Bravo.

    "Okay," Bravo started, "We gotta get back to the main compound (sp?). The enemy has streched us out, leaving the HQ open. More then likely, the enemy ha suffered heavy losses and won't be able to launch a massive attack right now, this very moment."

    "How do you know that, sir?" A infantry soldier asked, his head having combat medical dressing around his forhead.

    "The enemy has had a patrol about 2 miles back there," Bravo said, pointing back the way he came, "And half of a patrol back here where they tried to flank you. They also had about 5 squads of four soldiers each about 1 mile to the rear of this line. In combat, esp. infantry combat, you don't spread out your forces like that unless, A, you have a bigger force, B, you know the enemy is spread out and you still have more forces, C, if you have armor support, they don't have tanks or any other armored vehicles here, or D, if you your selve have lost forces in between the forces I metioned seeing.

    "So, we regroup, get whatever Jedi we have left into a small circ
  20. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Scholar Zu Dharma had also sensed Bravo in the Force,and knew that he was also on Dagobah.

    "Praise the Force, You are alive and well brother Bravo, I am heading your way..."

    Zu Dharma sent mentally, and doubled the pace to reunite with what was left of the Jedi Order on Dagobah.

    [tag: Bravo]
  21. Gorin_Zachian

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    May 13, 2002

    After the battle Ilass went back to his original Purpose. If thse pathetic fools that had attacked were the Shadow Weaves' Minions then they were no threat, and he would deal with them in there own time. For now, though, ne was going to re-claim what was his.

    Following his senses led him to a chamber that was hevily defended near the center of the Compound. Entering it he saw a curios sight, a human Male and Female, both of a fairly young age, standing around, as though they were concentrateing on something. Just then he saw it, his scale of Old, the Diamond Scale or, as better kno0w by these mortals, the Kiaburrr Crystal.

    Walking forward he looked upon the Female, and saw that she had used the scale, and that they were the Mortal Keppers of it. Showing a small smile he reverted to human Form and said, "Awake, Princess of Purity, i have come to re-claim what is mine. However, i would first know you, and the other gaurdian, before i leave. Who are you?"

    Charle i belive.
  22. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: Antar just PMed me and he asked me to, I think, void my last post and just keep the first post I posted. This was because I caused a little time problem with other players' posts. greyjedi125, your post is fine, since my first post can be used with your post. So, my first post is the offical post and the second post is voided. Sorry about the mess up guys.


    Jason Bravo felt Scholar Zu Dharma's message via the Force. He replied with a message of his own.

    I am glad you are alive also. Be careful, I feel danger, greater danger then just these Sith Troopers...wait...what the... Bravo hurried his last words via the Force, You guys better hurry...

    In front of Bravo was something he had never seen before. It was big and ugly. It was twice the size of a racor (sp?), like the one Jabba The Hutt once had, just bigger. It was also the shape of one. This beast was a droid, a very big and a very pissed off droid. It had silver colored blast plates covering its whole body. Only its "eyes" and "fingers" were showing. Its "eyes" were red and its "fingers" were either blasters, flame throwers, gernade (sp?) launchers, or some other destructive device, such as lasers.

    "This is gonna hurt." Bravo told himself out loud. Before he could raise his green bladed lightsaber in defense, a blaster bolt from the droid's fingers on both hands launched him into the air. He hit a tree at full speed and then fell to the ground.

    "Yeap," He told himself out loud again, as he got up "This is gonna hurt." After using the Force and regaining his lightsaber, Bravo rolled out of his spot as blaster bolts turned where he was a moment ago into smoking ground. Bravo, clear for the moment, jumped onto the massive beast. Since it was so big, he had to use the Force to do so. When he landed, he was zapped right off from the beast. He fell off of the droid. The droid's blast plates were rigged for anti-personal, thus, anyone jumping on the droid would get a good golt of electuricty (sp?).

    "Well, that didn't work." Bravo told himself again out loud. Bravo avoided a blaster bolt and two laser blasts, by rolling out again. He got under the massive beast some how, and thrusted his lightsaber into the armor. It was shielded.

    "Great. Now it has shields." As Bravo spoke to himself about the situtation, he jumped clear of being crushed by the droid's feet. "Well, lets try the eyes."

    Bravo jumped around the tree tops, avoiding blaster, laser, flame thrower, and grenade (sp?) launcher blasts. He deflected as much as he could with his lightsaber. By now, Bravo's Jedi Robe was getting in the way, so he took it off for now. As he avoided a series of blaster bolts, he front fliped, used the Force and shot for the beast's eyes. In mid air, the droid's right arm came up and wacked him out of his flight. Bravo was hit hard and went about 100 meters before smacking into a tree side ways.

    As Bravo fell to the ground, he realized that that blow had just about killed him. He tried to get up, but fell down again. He had taken a serious blow and even his reniforced skelton took a beating. The good thing was that Bravo naturally had strong bones and combine that with his reniforced exo-skelton (sp?), he only broke a few ribs, but that would mean the hit from the droid's hand had to be strong enough to get through his exo-skelton (sp?). So, Bravo just stayed there, looking up as the droid approched him, its sensors still reading that its prey was still alive. Bravo used the Force to reach his lightsaber, but as he tried to get his lightsaber with the Force, the lightsaber lying some 30 feet away in front of him, Bravo's eyes stared at the droid, as the droid's blasters, lasers, flame throwers, and gernade (sp?) launchers aimed at him and he could see that inless Antar Fodoh, Scholar Zu Dharma, and Luke Skywalker showed up soon, this would be it.

    tag anyone on Dagobah

  23. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    With the power of the Force alone, Antar had reached orbit of Degobah, protected from the cold vacum of space. He was prepared to jump past hyperspace and make his way for Zonoma Seskot to meet with the other one like himself but he felt a silent cry for help below him. It appeared that a single Sith battle droid had avoided the fate of its masters below on Degobah. As Antar decended again to the planet's surface, he reached ahead with his sences to discover the nature of the problem... It was Jason Bravo.

    He landed several meters behind the monstrous droid as it marched forward to make the death blow against Bravo. Immediatly, Antar felt that it was protected by a kind of bio engineering and it's lubricants were in fact derived from Ysalimiri or some similar creature. This is how it was overlooked by Antar and Ilass not ten minutes earlier when they secured the planet. Reguardless, Antar's Force sence of the droid was uninterupted.

    "Your masters are destroyed... Your mission is over.", Antar stated concisely and neutrally. It was a diversionary tactic more than anything and Antar had no real wish or plan to subvert the droid's programing. The plan worked.

    The droid's head whipped around and its attention was drawn from the badly injured Jason Bravo. Antar could sence from Bravo's thoughts what had happened in his brief battle with the droid and knew what it was capable of. The droid came about and launched a barrage of turbo laser fire from its hands but it was no match for Antar... Antar raised a hand simply and obsorbed the blaster fire as if it were nothing but water from a child's water blaster. Antar reached out with the Force and isolated the droid's control brain deep within it's armor. Few conventional weapons could penetrate that armor short of a capital ship's weapons and with it's Force immunity, a Jedi would have a great deal of trouble defeating such a droid.

    Antar had to marvel briefly at the engineering and thought that must have gone into such a machine but he never forgot the reason he was there. He reached out with the Force and crushed the droid's control brain and the machine's Force immunity meant very little to Antar. With its brain destroyed, the droid powered down mid step and was effectively dead.

    "Are you alright? Can you walk?", Antar asked as he rushed to Bravo's side mere seconds since his arrival.

  24. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    The Battle of Bastion

    Lord Ginesha appeared behind Grand Admiral Nurado as he emerged from living Shadow. "I thought you would say something to that effect Grand Admiral but in these troubled times one has to make sure of one's loyalties. Do not trouble yourself though about your defeats these past few recent months. They are not the result of your own efforts but the fact that you pit military might against the Power of the Force while being unfortunately protected by treacherous incompetants wielding the Force,it was a logistic problem in the nature of the scenario not...Chiss error."

    He looked at the ysalamari which seemed to have no effect on him with some degree of amusement.

    "I do not consider myself an autocrat when it comes to military matters however Grand Admiral and must confess my need for talented men and geniuses such as yourself. My only commands for now is that you are victorious, inflict as much damage as you can, and when this battle battle is over immediately go to their occupied systems and do not stop." Lord Ginesha said softly yet his words were heard all over the deck.

    Ginesha once again removed the Obsidian Orb and stood as from it poured Shadow that moved from every soul save the Grand Admiral, linking them in the Shadow Force...they were not obediant until their loyalty to Nuraudo had brought them literally into Hell. "Your soldiery is now battle linked and blessed with Battle Meditation of the ancient way."

    The fleet that emerged from hyperspace emerged from entirely different points than had been postulated as the likely attack vector by Grand Admiral Nuraudo's spies and they came in guns blazing but Ginesha held his hand over the obsidian orb and strengthened their shields. It was dangerous this use of the Annihilating Force which was now being spread dangerously thin by the constant and repeated uses of it without visible sacrafice unto its energies.

    " command...Admiral." Ginesha said, the power of the defeated Jedi would only strengthen him for him a time...he would need lives.

    The ships that filled the sky of the this battle were six to one with the Eclipse Star Destroyers having been prepared to be eradicated by specialized Kamikaze ships which the Grand Admiral held in place with tractor beams and annihilated with turbolaser fire as they concentrated fire on the Pellaeon which was the vangaurd of the attack.

    Bel Iblis and the High Admiral of the Rebellion soon found themselves giving contradictory orders to the fleet as Lord Ginesha sacraficed ship's protection to plunge deep into their minds and draw forth from their strong will their own essential Shadow natures. Bel Iblis was a proud man who was quick to judge others as well as bloodthirsty for Imperial blood.....Pelleon was arrogant as well with his own belief however well rooted that he was a traitor to the cause he was meant to always embrace.

    As the causalties mounted on both sides, over a fourth of the Empire's fleet had been eradicated battling on but thanks to their tactics and precision they had wiped out over half the Republic's ships.

    Lord Ginesha was physically exhausted and he had aged his body over twenty years from the exertions he had made but truly speaking, what was that to a Sajinn?

    Grand Admiral Nuraudo had long since taken the battle to his own point as he turned the ships onto the main fleet and used their tractor beams to dispatch the Mrlsst hyperdrive mines which spread through Pelleon's fleet like a plague as the minature black holes exploded and worm holes scattered them across the prows of them all causing massive widespread devastation.

    "FIRE THE SUPERLASER!" The warlord shouted as his flagship's energy chasm poured forth and then consumed the Peregrine, the Dreadnought which had been secretly hiding the President of the Republic even as false transponder codes had held him secreted away so they could not eliminate him. A bit grandiose but the result wa
  25. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001

    "Yeah, I think." Antar helped Bravo up and supported Bravo by having Bravo lean on his shoulder. "Thanks for the save."

    "You are welcome, my friend." Antar replied with his calm voice.

    "I guess I have to work on calling for help before attacking something I don't what it is."

    "Its okay. You were in a position where running would do more harm then good."

    "Tell that to my ribs. What was that thing any ways?" Bravo asked.

    "It was a Sith Battle Droid, they are newer and we thought we had secured the planet. I guess this one must have some how slipped under our Force senses and sensor scans." Antar replied.

    "Yeah, I guess so." Bravo gave out a grunt of pain.

    "Are you okay?" Antar asked in concern.

    "Yeah. Where is your ship?"

    "Not far. Hold on." Antar said.

    Tag Antar

    Byss, Darth Maximums

    Darth Maximums saw the choas that now was Byss. Sith and military soldiers fought each other for no reason but to create as much choas and suffering as they could before they were either killed or captured. Maximums' shuttle was on a landing approach but the control's voice was cut off as blaster fire could be heard over the comm system.

    "Pilot." Darth Maximums said with a cold voice.

    "Yes, thy Emperor?"

    "Take us out of here. Alert all my fleet commanders to defend themselves."

    "Yes, sir." The pilot replied. The pilot was not a clone, neither was the co-pilot. The four camoulfaged Stormtroopers with Maximums were not Clones either. This was Maximums' escort, whenever he left his Empire, his best non-clones would go with him.

    As the shuttle shot away from Byss and into hyperspace, Maximums sat back.

    "It appears the Galactic Empire is lost. Emperor Thrawn has lost control, but, an alliance should still be in order. What ever ships he has left would help defeat this new threat. For now, I must prepare for an attack." Darth Maximums told himself.

    When his shuttle came out of hyperspace 3 hours later, four Conquer Class Star Destroyers waited as his escort back to his Empire. A long series of hyperspace jumps would lose any followers. And any ways, unknown to anyone watching, he had a whole cloaked fleet waiting at the edge of Byss, reading to protect their leader to the death.
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