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SWRPF Archive The new DARK TIMES (35 years after ANH)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GreyJediAntarFodoh, Aug 5, 2002.

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  1. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001

    It seemed as though the whole planet had erupted into chaos. Sith and military soldiers were fighting at various locations for what seemed to be no good or logical reason. Some believed it was to create further chaos and suffering. Many beings were killed and captured but not the greatest of Force weilders. Darth Obdurate and his former Apprentice, now also a Sith Lord, Vransha Killar, fought with the Force as their guide. They had delivered many aliens and humans to their rightful deaths. An onlooker would have called it a senseless slaughter, maybe that's what it really was.

    Obdurate was calm, his face expressionless. Those that dared stand up against him were eliminated in seconds whether they were skilled warriors or pathetic soldiers. He fought with the Force as his guide. Some might have described it as un-Sith-like. He showed no anger or fury. Only an extraordinary fighting ability that only the Force could provide.

    Alongside him, Vransha fought with exceptional skill but was not a match for his former Master. The two worked well as a team, although Vransha Killar still relied heavily on his emotions. He was the true imagine and embodiment of a Sith. The two fought side by side, each weilding a double-bladed red lightsaber. They outmatched the finest gymnasts in the Galaxy and rivaled the greatest Force users ever known. It was an impressive sight at the very least.

    Those fortunate enough to be Force-sensitive could feel the enourmous energy that surrounded the two as they worked in unison. They killed without remorse. Acting on instinct it seemed, although they were also calculative and strategically thinking. Above all, they stood for life. It's eternity as expressed through the Undying Force, some called it the Unifying Force. Anyone who tried to stop that would face death, if they were lucky. There were far worse things these two Sith Lords were capable of creating. Arraganos Shiva and any others who believed and had faith in the so called Anihilating Force would face the awesome power of Darth Obdurate and Vransha KIllar. The two were prepared to sacrifice anything and everything to preserve what mattered above all else. The Force was eternal, it came from life, and life would never be completely conquered.
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    Oct 3, 2001
    "Not far. Hold on." Antar said and then in a flash his and Bravo's surroundings dissolved around them to be replaced with the devastated remains of the Jedi outpost. Bravo and Antar's friends were scattered and visably shaken but never defeater as they gathered the few remaining corpses of their allies, friends and fellow Jedi. For the most part, the fallen Jedi from the battle of Dagobah had disolved to become one with the Force but through the perversion of the Shadow Force, their eventual rejoining with the Force was halted.

    "I cannot remain, Jason... And I do not know for sure if I'll ever see you again in this life.", Antar said, his tone peaceful yet solemn. "Lanna and Tiernin are now the leaders of my order. Treat their words as if they were my own... May the Force be with you."

    Without another word, Antar vanished from Dagobah though his words landed upon a few minds. Tiernin and Luke Skywalker on Dagobah and Lanna abroad heard Antar's thoughts. "I cannot remain. The Force has granted me a greater destiny than that of a mortal man and though my place is at your sides always, I must go and fulfill the will of the Force. Though I may be absent, I am with you always. Regroup... Gather again and I'll bring our allies against the end."


    Permission to come aboard. The words rang out in the Force to Emperor Thrawn with such power that it momentarily disettled the Chiss that was Emperor. They were honest words however and not the mocking words of his former Master Arr-Agonas Shiva so Thrawn spoke out loud.

    "Granted.", the blue skinned Sith said, momentarily confusing his companions.

    With that and gret warning through the Force, Antar appeared aboard Thrawn's personal shuttle. The warning was intentional of course, Antar not wanting to offset his new allies.

    "Master Fodoh...", Thrawn said cautiously of his former enemy. He recalled the alst time he'd met with the Grey Jedi and how Antar had made a mockery of the Sith council through sheer power. Thrawn also recalled the polite manner in wich Antar had spoken to the Sith council those years ago, his mind now less clouded by the Dark Side and able to view his past more objectively.

    "Your Highness.", Antar replied with a brief and respectful inclination of his head. "I've felt what has befallen your Empire and the changes that have taken place.", Antar said, not speaking directly of Thrawn's changes within the Force but the meaning was implied to those that knew. "You too have do doubt felt what is going on in the galaxy... That the Force itself is in peril of death and with it, all of existance would follow."

    "I have felt it, Master Fodoh.", the Emperor replied evenly and with surprisingly little hatred on his voice.

    "And you know that it is all changed now... Everything is different and the ways of the past are just that... The past.", Antar said but he didn't wait before speaking more. "Our allies await your arrival... Trust in the Force and you will be guided to the rally point." With that, Antar's form dissolved just as he'd appeared on the shuttle and he was gone.

    Thrawn said nothing but he knew within him where to go. But first he had to gather his forces and bring every resource he could to the rally point...



    Antar again materialised, still mere minutes from his departure from Dagobah and the ruins of the New Jedi Order... Perhaps the last Jedi Order. His disorientation faded faster that even aboard the Emperor's shuttle and Antar knew that this may be the last time he was disoriented by the Force's means of transportation. Even after so much, Antar could feel the Force's power growing within him and the others like himself.

    As Antar's eyes settled on the setting before him, all he saw was chaos with brief and sparse moments of order that died even faster than those that harbored it. Among the chaotic battle, Antar spotted a couple familiar faces fighting for not only their own survival but with a will to fight for the Force's survival, for they
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    May 22, 2001

    Among the confusion and chaos, which the battle had become, the Grey Jedi Master, Antar appeared nearby both Lords Obdurate and Killar. The two Sith quickly disposed of all threats within the surrounding area. They moved in unison. Their lightsabers were two blurs of red, a stark contrast to their full black robes, cutting down all who opposed them.

    Then Vransha Killar stepped toward Anatar. "Have you come to join our fight?" he asked.
  4. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Emperor Thrawn felt it in the force.
    Master Antar Fodoh's words were true, and he knew thru the force, the location of the rallying point.
    Emperor Thrawn was not a gambler, but a master dejarik gamer. There was no holding back.
    It was All or nothing.
    He focused his mind to send Antar a message.

    "I shall rendez-vous with you at the rally point. I seemed to have missed Darth Maximus, I would feel more confident at our chances of success if you were to recruit him to our cause in your....unique manner. We need his strength. May the Force be with you."

    Then he gave the order for all ground troops to board all remaining fleet elements, and to be ready to make the Jump to hyperspace on his mark.
    The preparation would take a few hours, but it would include all his loyal forces, since the purge ensured all infidels were erradicated.
    He even sent word to Grand Moff Commodus of New Alderaan and his forces to meet at the rally point.
    To hold back any troops now would be moot.
    The Space Ziggurat Exar kuhn would spearhead Emperor Thrawn's forces, as both a symbol and a mighty weapon of War, for it possesed a secret weapon, the likes which had not been seen in millenia.



    Scholar Zu Dharma, Aurra Sing, and Deanna, joined Bravo and the New Jedi Order as the final assault was being prepared. The rally point awaited all champions of life,...all that in their own capacity were Champions of the Force.

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    Nov 28, 2002

    Kir sat in the bridge of theSpace Ziggurat Exar Kun.

    "Where is the rally point, Master?" Kir said to Lord Thrawn.

    He had been in the Ziggurat since earlier in the day, and had given out orders for everyone to jump hyperspace on Thrawn's mark, to head for the rally point.

    He felt stupid now, because he didn't know where the rally point was.

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    ooc: Seriously, where is it?
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    Sep 10, 2001

    Jason Bravo saw Antar Fodoh go.

    "May the Force be with you." He silently as Antar left.

    Bravo knew, from talks from the other Jedi, that this planet was a ralleying point for the allies. The allies, as Bravo heard, would strike out at the greatest enemy the galaxy had seen yet.

    As a Field Medic looked over Bravo's wounds, Scholar Zu Dharma came up to Bravo.

    "Are you okay, my friend?" Zu asked as Bravo sat on a log.

    "I'll live. I think its time." Bravo said.

    "Time for what?" Zu asked.

    "Time that I bring the Grey Jedi Order and the New Jedi Order together. It was Antar's dream and with Antar now gone, I guess, its time I fullfill my dystny (sp?). I know what my dystny (sp?) is and time for it has come."

    Bravo knew Zu understood what Bravo meant. Bravo's dystny (sp?) was to bring the two Jedi Orders together and one more goal. That other goal would soon follow.

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Maximums' Empire

    The Sith Master, Darth Maximums waited im silence. He just sat there waiting for Antar Fodoh. Maximums knew the Grey Jedi would come. It was just a matter of time.

    Jack came in, his Sith robe neatly worn. Jack had changed greatly since he last meet Jasin Bravo. His hair was gone and Sith tattoos covered his face. His face was excatly (sp?) like Darth Maul's face, except for the horns on top of the head. Jack kneeled on his right knee before Darth Maximums and bowed.

    Darth Maximums' Empire was full of the Dark Side. Although Emperor Thrawn had more Dark SideMasters, Knights, and Padwans, Maximums had the true way of the Sith, the rule of two. Because of that, the Dark Side was stronger here then it could ever be any place else, except for the Sith home world. The Dark Side was so powerful here that no Jedi, except for Antar Fodoh, could resist from falling to the Dark Side. It was so powerful that the Dark Side attacked everything in Maximums' Empire and reguardless how hard the Jedi would try, the Dark Side would evelope them and only the strongest of the Jedi would be able to save them.

    "What is thy bitting, thy master?" Jack asked, his tone very respectful, but dark.

    "Rise Darth Valsee." Darth Maximums said. Jack rose. "Antar Fodoh shall come soon. Do not interfere (sp?)."

    "As you wish."

    "I have felt a tremor in the Force, besides that the Force is dying. I have felt a strong Fore pressence, stronger then any Jedi, including Antar Fodoh."

    "How can this be?" Darth Valsee asked.

    "Antar Fodoh is strong, yes, in fact the strongest of both Jedi and Sith, but, deterinmation, heart, and will are two things he is not the strongest at. Although not as Force strong as Antar, this pressence in the Force has one thing all the Jedi and the Sith do not have."

    "What is that?" Darth Valsee's tone respectful.

    "The undying effort to keep on going. There is only one Jedi that I know of that has that level of deterinmation, will, heart, and effort. And he will be coming soon. You know what to do when he arrives."

    "I do."

    "Good." Maximums said. Darth Valsee left Darth Maximums after bowing.
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    Apr 29, 2002

    Scholar Zu Dharma smiled at Bravo and noded his agreement.

    "Praise the force...then let us fulfill this destiny." Zu Dharma said joyfully, pating Bravo's shoulder.
    "Let's seek out Master Luke Skywalker and make it be so...."

    Zu Dharma made ready to go with Bravo.



    He sat upon his Obsidian Throne within the depths of the Space Ziggurat Exar Khun.
    All was in readiness. All the remaining Forces at Emperor Thrawn's command were assembled and ready to make the jump to Hyperspace.
    This was the point of no return.
    The question would be, "return to what?",and the ensuing answer would be, "Return to nothing."
    In the face of Oblivion, there would be nothing to return to, so there wasn't really a choice.

    "All ships, set course for Dagobah."

    The fateful order came far easier than must be thanks to the Force.

    After a few moments that seemed to stretch out for an eternity, Emperor Thrawn spoke the command.


    Space above Byss was filled with innumerable streaks of Light as the whole fleet element including the Space Ziggurat Exar Khun made the jump to hyperspace.
    And so, it came to pass that all the Champions of Light, those Big and Small, came to Dagobah, as the Last Hope againts galactic Anihilation.

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  9. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001

    As Scholar Zu Dharma and Jason Bravo made their way to find Luke Skywalker, Lanna and Tiernin came along, since as of right now, they were the leaders of Antar's Grey Jedi Order.

    Both Scholar Zu Dharma and Jason Bravo found Luke Skywalker, quietly meeting with Kyp Durron and Mara Jade Skywalker.

    "Excuse me, Master Skywalker?" Bravo said.

    "Yes, Jason Bravo?" Luke said as he excused himself from talking with Kyp Durron and Mara Jade Skywalker.

    "Scholar Zu Dharma and I have something to ask you. Can we go over there?" Bravo asked pointing to a spot away from the main cluster of people.

    "Sure." Luke said. All three Jedi had their robes on and Bravo put it how it was.

    "Master Skywalker..."

    "Just Luke, Jason, please." Luke said.

    "Luke, we think its time."

    Luke knew what that meant, he needed no further infomration. "I see. But, the Sith are coming and we plan to join them also, to bring balance to the whole Force."

    "Luke, I don't think Antar saw the whole picture, nor do you. No disrespect, Luke, but I think we are over looking a key point."

    "What is that?" Scholar Zu Dharma asked.

    "Luke, Scholar Zu Dharma, what if we join with the Sith and bring balance, but not all the Sith and not all the Jedi really want this? It could create a more un balance in the Force. Yes, if we join the Sith with the Jedi, it could bring balance, but what happens if someone within the Sith or within the Jedi, a higher up, like a master, disapproves and plots against someone else? I am not saying we shouldn't ally ourselves with the Sith, but I think we need to first ally the Jedi if we are to ever have balance. The Sith are not united, we saw what happens. The Jedi are not united, could the outcome be worse then it for the Sith?"

    Both Luke and cholar Zu Dharma looked thoughtful for a minute. "I see." Luke said.

    "All I am saying is that we bring the Jedi together. If we don't, there can never really be balance."

    "Jason," Luke said, "Your thoughtful insight comes at a time when we do not have time. The Sith are to arrive in four days. A major decission will take longer."

    "It shouldn't. If we really want balance, if this is Antar's dream, then why must we vote on it? This is not a political group, Luke, we are Jedi, the last hope for this galaxy. Its time we use the title Jedi. I am not saying we abuse that title, but if we want action taken, we must make the first steps, not someone else. You formed the Jedi Council during the time when Jacen Solo came back from the Yuuzhan Vong. That took time, yes, but you had a government then. We have no government. Rebel commanders are acting on years of experience and what their gut tells them. The Jedi are doing the same, although the Jedi have somewhat of a command structure with the military."

    "I can agree," Leia Solo said as she walked up with Han Solo. "Jason Bravo is right. With this new turn of events, the New Republic is no more. All government officals, except for a few, have fled. The galaxy's fate now rests on this choice, Luke, to bring the Jedi together or not."

    Luke thought about that. he had saved the galaxy more times then he could count. But this time it meant the survival of the Jedi and of the galaxy. There would be no second chance. A Rebellion could not bring the new ruler down. This was it. "Scholar Zu Dharma?" Luke asked.

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Scholar Zu Dharma's expression was one of exaltation.

    "One Force, One Jedi Order"

    He said simply almost shivering as he felt the presence of the Force wash over him and flow into the others, unifying them in purpuose, mind and destiny.

    The prophecy was about to be fulfilled.

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    Sep 10, 2001

    Scholar Zu Dharma's words were true. Jason Bravo looked at Luke Skywalker. Luke Skywalker nodded as he spoke, his voice quiet, almost sad.

    "Lanna, Tiernin?" Luke asked the two Grey Jedi.

    Luke needed the Grey Jedi's vote in this, well, it really wasn't a vote. But, it was fair and Luke knew Antar would be either listening in on this or watching, either one. For complete balance for the Jedi and Grey Jedi, both Jedi in both orders needed to agree on this important issue.

    Very soon, the prophecy would come true if Lanna and Tiernin agreed. If Luke could find all the Jedi and asked all their votes on this issue, it would be better. But the other Jedi would have to hurry.

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    Jul 30, 2000
    The Hyperspace communication that went out to all beings in the galacitic Empire as in the streets of many major cities the Shadow Force illusion of a towering figure yet who was nevertheless serene. He was godlike truly in his presence as his eyes conveyed unmistakable wisdom and power with his words as he was gentle and soft with his flowing white robes and voice that mesmerized as the darkness kept from it into the souls with joy at his presence.

    "People of the Galaxy. I am Jedi Master Namtar'Ginesha'Kali and I bring you good tidings from the heart of the universe. The Second Galactic Civil War is over and at last the peaceful reign once again flows of our Republic. The cost has been immeasurably high but the false Jedi Knights that have been led by the evil Antar Fodoh operating under the auspices of the Sith and the Dark Lords themselves have been eradicated. Though the battles have cost immeasurable number of lives, let us never believe that the price for our freedom and our people's very survival have not been worth it."

    Ginesha looked forward onto the people and said "The evil of the Arragonne Wave created by Emperor Thrawn responsible for so much death and destruction across the universe has been found and destroyed by me. Unfortunately that evil personage yet lives though his armies are scattered and his people broken. The Jedi Knighthood will not rest though until the Darkness of his presence is destroyed at last. This is not like the late Moff Borgia who sought to seperate himself from his own crimes or even Bel Iblis who did not believe in planetary soverignity. This is at last peace."

    The speach carried on for several hours promising great changes in the galaxy as Ginesha used shadow magic to reach into the minds of the leaders of the galaxy's strongest factions to bend them to his will.


    Above Dagobah

    Zonoma Seskot and its new master and proprieter the Grey Jedi Lord Archon Dovanan appeared out of hyperspace as the warrior then proceeded to teleport down to the planet's surface as he looked a moment at his wife and their child as his body was wracked with guilt, anguish, and joy as they then moved to embrace and he could look upon his child with his own eyes rather than the Force which had been his constant distraction and joy during his training to become this godlike thing that he was now....remembering tens of thousands of lives since the beginning of time yet loving his last one more than any for the joy he had found in his love Jaina.

    The child that was theres in little Anakin was a being now that Archon knew the destiny of and was beyond resentment of. Inside was the soul of Anakin Skywalker the Chosen One.

    They embraced though Jaina felt somewhat distant from her husband even as he was now something completely different form the man she once knew, no not completely different but somehow.....larger.

    "I do not want to ally with monsters and the Sith have in their ranks some of the most disgusting evil monsters that have ever walked the galaxy's fringes." Jaina gave her words.

    "The time of the Jedi and the Sith are passed....both of them. As long as the Jedi Knighthood exists there will be the Order of the Sith for the Jedi struggle towards purity of heart but inevitable are those who cannot meet the standards and shall fall from grace to repudiate everything that the Jedi stand for. The Jedi Knighthood has never truly struggled for balance in the Force though many times it has come close to this revelation but the resulting Grey Jedi have always been met with hatred, derison, or even awe but refusal to see. The Sith have only had one Grey Jedi Master in their ranks, perhaps two, and both of them looking into the truth of the universe decided they preferred the limited power of the darkness. The Temple has been destroyed and it is time to rebuild it not in the image of the Old but in the Pure image of the Force. None here who survive be they Craetor Vong, Dragonkin, or Jedi w
  13. Gorin_Zachian

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    May 13, 2002

    "So it is spoken, so it shall be." Ilass said, Speaking of the Kaiburr Crystal.

    The gathering of those of the Force was nearly complete, now all they had to do was wait for the Sith to Arrive, and then they would go. He had much on his minds, the greatest of which was the state of his people. He would go, as swiftly as he could, for it was from there that he would lead his people to fight this new Shadow Weave, and it was from there that he would base his power.

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  14. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Scholar Zu Dharma was in awe of Archon the Grey Jedi Lord and all of his pronouncements.
    It was somewhat overwhelming how everything was turning out, but it was far from over.
    He walked over to the new leader of the Antarians, GreyJedi Master Lanna Henshie and spoke to her.

    "Praise the Force Master Henshie, this is a New Dawn for the Jedi, I pray we are not premature in our celebration." He bowed deferentially in greeting.

    "As you know, it is my task to face Lord Ginesha and that task will take all of my concentration, therefore I would like to leave both Deanna and Aurra Sing under your care. I must delve deeply in the Force and become a Living Weapon...I pray you grant me this, for i know not if I am to survive this encounter.I will be over by that clearing imbuing every fabric of my being in Force energy.....i await your answer."

    Zu Dharma walked over to the clearing and began the universal harmonic chant of Ohm...the teras kasi technique of infusing oneself with power before battle.
    Silver Fire engulfed him in a rush as he began to power up.
    He awaited Lanna's answer as he began to prepare for his final battle.
  15. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001

    As Archon Dovanan touched Jason Bravo's chest, Jason closed his eyes and in a split second, everything he saw.

    It was a blue tunnel of fast moving light then a bright light that flashed. There he stood in nothing but white. Around him imagines went off. The past, the present, the future. It went fast but he saw it all, he learned it all. As it came, it came faster. Although it was fast, it went in slow motion when he saw it. He saw every motion, he saw the future. Then, in the distance of the white, a rolling thunder of light came closer. It became louder, larger. It screamed with horror, pain, joy, funny times, with life. It came closer and closer. Bravo just stood there looking at it. The powerful wind of it. The loud screaming, the loud rolling noise. Then a flash.

    Jason Bravo opened his eyes and saw Archon remove his hand and move on. In that split second, Bravo had seen. He knew Archon would soon leave, to be with Antar Fodoh, whereever Antar was. He knew Scholar Zu Dharma would fight his final battle and then he too would be gone. Bravo finally realized that he would alone. Other Jedi would live, yes, but Scholar Zu Dharma and Antar Fodoh would be gone. Bravo still remembered what happened pn Tatooine two years ago. Out of the three of them, only Bravo would be left. Yes, they would both be there, but they couldn't help Bravo forever. Bravo realized also that his own mission, like that of Scholar Zu Dharma's, would decide the fate of the galaxy.

    As Zu left, Bravo left. Bravo went deep into the swamp, he wanted to be away from everyone. He didn't know why, but he needed to be alone. Archon Dovanan had opened Bravo to the full of the Force. There was no dark or no light anymore. There was the Force. Bravo was stronger in the Force, stronger then no one realized. Only Archon Dovanan could have any hint at how strong Bravo was, but still, not even Archon Dovanan realized how strong Bravo was. Bravo full of the Force. Not the light side, not the dark side. Bravo had the complete Force as his ally.
  16. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    As predicted, the Sith had come.
    Nearly over 2000 capital ships of all types, including eclipse class, SSDII, Interdictor Class SD's and many many more dominated a whole sector of the Dagobah system.
    And spear-heading them was the Space Ziggurat Exar Khun, which was 1/3 the size of the second Death Star and rumored to be twice deadlier.

    A message went out that Emperor Thrawn requested to meet with the leaders of the Champions of the Force.
    A meeting that included all parties involved, be they Jedi, Republic, Sith or other was crucial to the effectiveness of this Final Operation.
    A trust would have to be Forged immediately, for only united could there be hope of winning.

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  17. Gorin_Zachian

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    May 13, 2002
    Ilass heard the Summons, and nodded his great head.

    He had been setting himself up a small lair here on Dagobah, gathering gold, gems, and other precios metals and such. It was one Vice that all memebers of the species he created, the greed and love of wealth. It was but a minor Vice, but on he indulged in heartily.

    Lifting himself up he flew to the space ziggurat, esily matching its size and stronger in power than it had ever been. Then he became smal again, and entered the Hanger.

    Where is this Meeting you have set up, Thrawn. Where shall i go?

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  18. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

    It had been three days since Archon Dovanan had opened Jason Bravo to the whole Force. What remained of Emperor Thrawn's Galactic Empire came. Although not as big and powerful before, the Empire's might could still be seen.

    Jason Bravo walked over to Scholar Zu Dharma.

    "It seems our allies have arrived." Bravo said. Bravo's voice became sad, almost dark. "But, I am afaird (sp?) none of us know what has happened." Bravo said. Bravo knew what happened, but no else did, he knew. The move had been set just right. The Force was blind to this turn of events, but Bravo wasn't. Bravo was the Chosen One for the New Jedi Order. In that title, came power no other Jedi had, even Antar Fodoh. Although the Force was blind to others, Bravo could see past the black that prevented the other Jedi knowing what had happened.

    And in all of this, the Jedi would have to ally themselves with this new threat. If they didn't, they would look like the bad guys and thus, like before, the Jedi would be destroyed. But as Archon Dovanan told Scholar Zu Dharma, this new threat could only be destroyed by Jason Bravo and no one else. Scholar Zu Dharma was the only one who could destroy Lord Ginesha, Bravo was the only one who could destroy Darth Maximums.

    Jason Bravo could of told everybody about this turn of events three days, but he didn't tell everybody. Bravo knew, Scholar Zu Dharma would ask him this. And Bravo had the answer.

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    Darth Maximums

    The attack by the New Sith Empire went prefectly. The Jedi, the Sith, the Shadow Force, the military, the civilians outside the battle area were all blind to this turn of events. Darth Maximums' forces, millions of ships strong, invaded the Shadow Force's empire. Millions of ships and billions of troops had stormed the Outer Rim, taken it back. The Mid Rim was being attacked. Everyone outside the invasion zone were unaware of this turn of events. Others who were, thought it was the Shadow Force leaders going against each other. It was, however, Darth Maximums' military forces battling the Shadow Force users. This all happened in three days.

    Darth Maximums was not out to conquer the galaxy, he had no use for the whole galaxy. He was simply destroying a false Sith. He would retreat his forces after his objective was done. But unknown to everybody, except for Bravo, Darth Maximums would do much more. And, the Jedi and Sith were powerless. If they defeated Darth Maximums, the Shadow Force users would destroy the Jedi and Sith. If the Jedi allied with the Shadow Force users, the billions upon billions of lives lost would mean nothing, if the Jedi, Sith, and military forces allied against an enemy who's goal was destruction and nothing more. The only way to justify any alliance now, would be to ally with Darth Maximums.

    Jedi Knight Jason Bravo would be the only person able to defeat Darth Maximums. If Antar Fodoh tried, he would be defeated, as would everyone else. Only one person, Jason Bravo, could defeat Darth Maximums and bring balance to the Force.
  19. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    Lord Ginesha was a madman....

    There was nothing the man who had proclaimed himself the God of Murder and the Emperor would not do to ensure his victory against the Forces of Darth Maximus and he displayed exactly that sort of attitude to the people of the galaxy. The worlds that fell to Darth Maximus he poisoned every bit as thoroughly with plague as Thrawn had done, his Shadow sorcerers massacred whomever was nearby to let loose forth glittering destruction, he even snuffed out entire star systems with the power of an Annihilating Force Lord to cull just a few ships from his fleets. The Emperor of the Known Universe pulled forth all living mortals that he could to become his soldiery as terrifying Force Storms and terrible Shadow Force telekenesis tore through the true Force and slammed ships into one another. Worse was when the Shadow Force and true force interacted and merged to become terrible explosions of unimaginable power.

    Grand Admiral Nuraudo had been given charge of the entire resources of the Empire to win the war against Darth Maximus and the rogue Emperor Thrawn whom Ginesha had blamed for the destruction of the Chiss homeworld and its colonies and whom had his entire race ready to fight on for him. The oppression of the Shadow Force gaurenteed obediance for neither side seemed any preferrable to the other and only a few dared resist both darknesses.

    'Arraganos has left me a dying universe as his final prize.' Ginesha thought. It did not escape him that he was the perfect pawn for the Shadow Force's avatar for the Annihilating Force's master and properiter was in dire need of lifeforce to feed itself....mixed liberally with despair, pain, and destruction which he was providing now in abundance. He had come too far, sacraficed too much, and achieved too much to allow Darth Maximus forces to have ANYTHING that he possessed and what was not necessary for the war he would destroy and remake into what was necessary.

    "I want you to gather the greatest armada the universe has ever seen....I don't care how....and destroy Darth Maximus's home bases in Wild space!" Lord Ginesha snarled at his commander. He had ordered the enslavement of every species that could add to this from the yaka-cyborgs to the verpin to the Colocoids and had promised swift destruction to whoever did not aid.....before all the chaos he might have had trouble finding submission but the darkness of Thrawn and Palpatine and the Vong had immured people to slavery....and the Shadow Force drove them on.

    "I NEED MORE POWER!" Lord Ginesha hissed as he stomped about and knew that the chaos of his mind was threatening to unravel all he had worked so very hard for because of his own anger overwhelming his control.

    The answer lied in ancient rituals from beyond time and space as Ginesha walked to the taxed Obsidian Orb which he had used nearly all of his life force using and which would bring about his death and absorbtion into the oblivion if he continued using it as he had. There were ways to increase even the power of one such as he though they threatened....nothing....there was nothing Saijinn left in his heart only the darkness he had long ago sold himself too.

    The darkness and things done in the ritual are best left unsaid but a million died for the selfish vanity of the Beast King who shattered the obsidian orb that the pieces might melt into Pure Shadow Force and bond with his body. His skin did not turn black for black is as beautiful as white in that it takes all colors into itself but instead he became the emptiness of color and darkness that was the absence and living void. The thing of Shadow that emerged was immortal and neither dead nor alive but it was stronger than any other but the Force masters.

    He was a colder being than any other for he was not a living being as men reckoned it but an embodiment of darkness. Men had long since named things that subsumed themselves utterly to Ahrimane...he was a demon.


    Deana and Aurra
  20. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: Just so you guys know, Darth Maximums' hidden empire is hidden. The reason Emperor Thrawn didn't destroy Maximums before was that he never knew where it was. I have a very important post that will be posted and it involves Darth Maximums' empire remaining hidden. For now, please, don't discover Maximums' empire. You can come close, but just don't discover it. The post I want to post will also be very good, since I hope it will give us all the true scope of Maximums' evil.
  21. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002

    Still bathed in Silver Fire,Scholar Zu Dharma looked at both women and smiled. He then understood something that was unclear to him.
    Deanna appealed to his Scholarly sensibilities and the fact that she was a beautiful Sanjian female was a welcomed bonus.
    For he thought it quite unlikely that as a GreyJedi he would ever find a mate of his own race.
    Aurra Sing was the perfect companion and compliment to his Warrior-Teras Kasi Monk side. A more skilled female warrior did not exist in the galaxy, and she was Force sensitive and trained by their same Jedi Master.
    There was quite a mystic duality about this...a puzzle the Force posed to him even now??
    This realization blossomed quite suddenly in his mind as he regarded them,but alsa, such considerations were distractions at this point in time.

    "I cannot ask you to risk yourselves in a mission that could probably mean our deaths.
    But if you choose to accompany me....i would be most honored." He said to them both as he bowed slightly to both of them.

    "I must speak with Bravo about a few things...I ask but for a moment, and i shall return to you."

    Zu Dharma turned and leapt high into the air and made it to Bravo's location in a single bound. It was easy to spot Bravo thru the Force. He radiated so much Power, Zu Dharma had to Focus his mind or get lost in the sensation.

    "Brother Bravo...I felt you somehow summoned me in the may I assist you?"

    Zu Dharma walked towards Bravo who also was irradiated with Force energy.


    It had been decided that the meeting of the Champions of the Force would take place at the Jedi Temple.
    Symbolically, it showed that all parties involved tended towards the Light.
    Politically, not all Jedi present were too keen on boarding the Space Ziggurat Exar Khun 'before' the meeting that decided their fate took place.
    Above Dagobah and aboard the Space Ziggurat Exar Khun,Emperor Thrawn greeted Ilass with a deep bow, in deference to the unspeakable power that was Ilass.

    "Welcome Great One...this day may yet be saved, for you have chosen to grace us in our hour of need. I now ask you to honor me with your presence by accompanying me in my shuttle if you so wish...the meeting will be held planetside, on Jedi Temple grounds."

    Behind Emperor Thrawn, his shuttle was ready as were other ones which ferried what was left of his Sith Council.
    They were all standing there, awestruck at Ilass and the fact that this powerful being sought audience with Thrawn.

    [tag: GZ,Bravo]
  22. Gorin_Zachian

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    Exar Kun

    Ilass nodded. "I will travel with you, and we shall discuss some importiant matters along the way."

    They boarded, and ilass retuned to human size, so he could fit within the shuttle. As the pilots took off ilass turned to thrawn, saying, "You have brought much with you, Emperor, Military might, Political Might, and many others. But the jedi below see you as a tyrant, a menace to the Jedi way. I must ask what your plan are to try and convince them otherwise, for if they continue to think of you as an ememy, even the God's of Old could not have stopped this bloated form of the Shadow weave."

    TAG: Thrawn
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    OOC: I understand, I'm just indicating that they are looking for said base if Maxy ever wants a space battle :) The fact he's in a vortex of space/time also indicates it'll say the least..difficult

    But they are trying and even if they crack what is probably heavily encrypted hyperspace coordinates in captured ships the place is walled up every lane I imagine with more insideous traps and defenses per inch than god.
  24. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002

    Emperor Thrawn's personal shuttle pierced Dagobah's atmosphere and began its descent towards the planet's surface and the Jedi Temple, inside the safety of the shuttle, Emperor Thrawn listened carefully to the words imparted by the Great and Ancient Ilass.

    "You speak wisdom Great One, I will make every effort possible to ensure that this union is achieved. I have come for peace and guided by the Force and Master Fodoh...this is the galaxy's final hour and only together can we hope to survive."

    Emperor Thrawn had the comm officer contact Darth Obdurate's shuttle and relay his oreder that he should join him at the meeting. He had grown to trust Darth Obdurate's intuition as well as Vransha Killar's. They have all come so far indeed...and now their greatest challenge was laid before them. The stakes.....all or nothing.

    [tag:GZ,Bravo,Charle,Antar,Lightside ]
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    Hello everyone. Sorry to barge in on your Role Play with this OOC, but just thought I'd let you all know about something.
    From what I've seen every so often I come to have a read of this RP, you guys seem pretty close-knit and passionate about the "The new DARK TIMES" RPG.

    Well now you have the chance to put that to the test. ;)

    Currently, [link=]Your Role Playing Community Centre[/link] is holding a VOTE for the inaugural RPF Awards!

    The category's are:

    - Best Role Player of the RPF.
    - Best Game Master of the RPF.
    - Best Role Playing Game of the RPF.

    your all welcome to nominate your choices for each category, or to vote for nominations already made.

    Hope to see you all there! :)
    Back to your Role Play...
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