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SWRPF Archive The new DARK TIMES (35 years after ANH)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GreyJediAntarFodoh, Aug 5, 2002.

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  1. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Galaxy Defender, Jedi's Hope

    Jason Bravo kneeled on one knee. His Republic Protector uniform was on, the helmet retracted. In front of Bravo lay all the weapons he could use on the mission. Blaster rifles of all types, gernade launchers, projectile weapons, the list went on.

    The click of a weapon. Looking at the E-11 Blaster Rifle, a small hostler opened up from the back of the right shoulder. Bravo put the weapon away. From there he went on, putting two blaster pistols in retractable hostlers on each side of the legs. By the time Bravo was done, Bravo was armed with a E-11 Blaster Rifle, two blaster pistols, gernades (sp?), extra ammo, a Battle Stick, and his green bladed lightsaber. Although this was not enough weapons or ammo for the mission ahead, Bravo was sure there would be enough weapons and ammo laying around once the fighting started.

    Bravo Team had gone into hidding for now, only fighting what they new was just. Bravo Ship had since rejoined the New Rebellion has a troop transport ship and a medical ship. Vail Binn and her Wookiee friend had since rejoined Luke Skywalker. There was still one thing missing.

    "Darth Maximums has my ship," Bravo said to himself, talking about Bravo's Pride. He turned around and towards the door. His helmet deployed into the full position, coming up from around Bravo's neck seal on his suit, to cover his face. "I want it back."

    Bravo walked out of the room, walking down the corridors of the ship. Getting aboard his own Shadow Fighter, Bravo lifted off from the hanger way.

    "Computer." Bravo said.

    "Computer online," The droid brain replied, it's voice being female.

    "It was nice knowing you."

    "It was nice knowing you also, Jason Bravo." The droid brain replied.

    Bravo punched in the hyperspace corridants (sp?) that only he and his fellow soldiers knew about. With that, the fighter rocketed into hyperspace.

    Darth Maximums' Empire

    Jason Bravo came out of hyperspace. There was only one way in and one way out. It was patroled heavily and two Conquer Class Star Destroyers stood sentary guard. Bravo's fighter cloaked the minute it could.

    "Communcations, alert Emperor Maximums. Our vistor has arrived."

    "As ordered sir." The officer said, a clone also.

    Bravo knew the base knew he was coming and that they already saw him coming in. Coming through the space stations, starfighters, and smaller capital ships patroling the hyperspace entry and exit, he saw his objective.

    Ships of all sizes, mostly Conquer Class Star Destroyers, Imperial Star Destroyers, Imperial Star Destroyer-II's, and both Victory Class I and Class II Star Destroyers were everywhere. The system had 10 planets, 4 moons, and one sun. All the planets were being used by Maximums' Military Forces. Each planet had its purpose. Beyound this, Maximums still held hundreds of other systems that were probably not in use but that were part of his empire.

    The huge black planet that lay ahead was huge. It was massive. Blue lighting streaked arcoss it's red and black sky. Coming in low, Bravo used the Force. The dark side of the Force was so powerful that not even Antar Fodoh could resist the dark side. Only the Chosen One could resist such evil. Finding a landing place with the Force, Bravo went down to the planet.

    The trip down was rough, high winds and lighting would crash any other starfighter, but the Shadow Fighters were well built. Landing in a plain of endless dirt, Bravo decloaked his fighter. This planet was always night time, reguardless. The black hull plating of the Shadow Fighter blended right in and Bravo knew Maximums didn't have any troops or vehicles out this far, any enemy forces would be stopped well before they even saw the planet. Although Bravo knew that Maximums' defenses would be much thicker once he headed towards the New Sith Palace.

    Getting down from the fighter, Bravo moved to where he could see down from a
  2. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    The Journey across the Force

    The Astral Plane was a place that existed on a different frequency than the rest of the universe but it was still ever present; the place of all race's hopes, dreams, and ideas lovingly recorded by the Force for all eternity. It was here that everything was nonexistent except for what a person took with them. Movement across this endless void of crystal balls and weave and other things that were metaphor for mankind to try and comprehend the infinite vastness was limited only by the power of imagination.

    The sound of explosions were off in the distance and the screams and sounds of war and dying, the Force's way of conveying the pain that was occuring.

    The battle against the forces beyond were inconsequential to Archon though despite the pain involved, their fight was far deeper into the heart of the Force. The Force was a galaxy with the universe as men knew it the Outer Rim territories...yes the most interesting stuff happened there but the Great Wheel constantly moved inward towards the Great Spiral.

    Past the Astral were the elemental realms where the infinite nature the universe's composition was poured forth and then the full sum of Force's Light and Dark Energies. The Jedi had long believed that the Force as they knew it was limited to these two energy fields, locked in eternal creative tension. The Jedi in their attempts to scientiffically breach the Force and classify it had followed souls directly to the darkness of the eternal or the ever greater joy of the light and only recently had they rediscovered what was beyond it.

    Archon allowed himself a moments pause to look upon the Realm of the Shadow Force which swirled in the darkness of the negative plane of the Force. It was drawing forth matter from the elemental realms, devouring positive energies, and sucked up souls from the Hells even as it was fed in the material world. It was in the grand scheme of things insigificant but it was a wound that at the heart was becoming gangrenous.

    Arr-Aganos-Shiva lied at the center of the Shadow Force as his malignant will funneled the lost energies of the deceased Ahrimane as a pupeeteer might move his marionette and the same for so many other dark forces he wished to ressurect but to truly accomplish his goal and bring about the end he would need the power of the Whole Force in its rawest form and the fool believed that he had deduced a method of acquiring it.

    "As he needed Anakin Skywalker to bring into existence the Shadow Force again thus he requires Antar Fodoh to provide him the energies that will allow him to attack the place we are going and smother it. It is not enough that the petulent child wipe out the Material World as he is so close to doing. He believes he comprehends the universe enough that he may attack the Source and bring an end to all things that exist and ever have." Archon Dovanan said.

    The Heavens, Hells, and Places of Purging, Awareness, Transference, and even the Return to Nothingness Arraganos desired that would have allowed him to be remade had he allowed himself came then to sight. It was here that the next stage in mortal's lives began like the end to childhood and the beginning of adulthood was the souls journeys....for the force wielders it was a place of shared delusions and loved dreams or peaceful solitude and personal nightmare.

    And still they were no to the center of all things.

    Celestia was the Dragon's title for the place for it was the beginning and end of the Universe for it was the place all souls of the truly enlightened came to for the transformation Archon and others had undergone in their mortal lives in defiance of what should have been. Archon fell in love with Nomi Sunrider, learned from Ulic Quel Drommel, knew his distantest ancestor, and spoke as they ascended the Great Spiral to Mother Mystra and others who existed in the past but now no more.

    It was then he could reach n
  3. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002

    Emperor Thrawn had become familair with the workings of the Bahamut Class Cruiser and helped the other non-dragon crew memebers which were teleported to man and crew the flotilla of dragon ships familiarize themselves with the workings of their ships thru a mind-meld. The Crystal control Throne aboard the Bahamut Class Cruiser greatly facilitated this.
    Every sentient being in this fleet was focused and seemed to have been picked personally by Ilass and Archon for their spacefaring skills and ability to follow commands. In record time the flotilla of dragon ships were ready and Thrawn gave the hyperspace coordinates.
    The word was given and the Bahamut class Cruiser and all the other dragon ships elongated as stars became streaks of light, and vanished into Hyperspace...bound for the Dragon Homeworld, and to do battle with the forces of the Shadow weave.

    [Tag GZ]


    Even more Imperial Forces had arrived in Dagobah. This time it was Grand Moff Commodus from New Alderaan who had come to join in the war effort against the Forces Darkness.
    His Eclipse Class SSD was "The Anihilator", which was something he hoped to do to the fleets of Araganos Shiva.
    Both Lord Twilight who had commandeered the Space Ziggurat Exar Khun and Grand Moff Commodus requested an immediate holo-briefing with the the New Allied Naval High Command. The time to strike was now.
    All they needed was to coordinate with the likes of General Antilles,Garm Bel Iblisor Gilad Pellaeon.
    The absence of the Chiss Admiralty was palpably felt, and that vacuum needed to be filled.
    The entire fleet was ready, and all that was left was the small, yet very important details.

    [tag: Charle or Antar and any other who can post for the Republic]
  4. Gorin_Zachian

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    May 13, 2002
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  5. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
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    New Sith Empire's Home World, New Sith Palace

    Millions of troops marched in military precision to their transports. Jason Bravo knew that Darth Maximums had other planets that had millions of troops and armored vehicles boarding transports. Bravo knew that no one could do a frontal assault alone and expect to win, not even the Chosen One. Thus, Bravo would go right to the center of power. Without Maximums and with Archon's virus, well the virus he stole from Emperor Thrawn, only the non clones would survive.

    "Its time to get this party started." Bravo said. His red armor was flahsed to all to see when lighting flashed directly behind Bravo. It was on.

    Flipping forward, Bravo caught the first of the blaster bolts with his Battle Stick. The bolt deflected off, and another came in its place, that too, was deflected. Bravo did a series of spins, flips, and rolls in mid air, to avoid and deflect the blaster bolts. The ones that got past hit the shields on Bravo's armor.

    "My turn." Bravo said as a full company of 200 soldiers ran towards him. The boarding operations were going on in the mist of battle. Only the best of soldiers could do that.

    The first two soldiers to reach Bravo were easy to cut down. Bravo jumped and did a spin in mid air, catching one soldier in the helmet with his foot and the other in the mid section with his Battle Stick. The soldier with the strike to the mid section fell down. Bravo ducked, spun away, and then caught the surviving trooper with the side of his Battle Stick. The soldier's side of his helmet was smashed against his head and he fell down.

    Using the Force, Bravo jumped up and landed in the middle of the company of soldiers.

    "Hey." He said to the stunned soldiers. The first enemy soldiers reacted and Bravo reacted back. In a few seconds, Bravo cut, sliced, kicked, and punched his way through the soldiers. Red blaster bolts filled the endless night sky and in the midst of the blaster fire, a blue blade could be seen slicing through the red blaster fire.

    "He comes." Darth Valsee said.

    "I know." Darth Maximums replied, his voice even. "And when he comes, the fate of the galaxy will be decided."

    Bravo flipped out of the mangled mess of bodies and armor. Limbs and heads and trunks of bodies lay everywhere. Bravo looked up slowly and saw armored vehicles and troops racing towards him. Even the troops cladded in Bravo's red armor came at him. As the enemy opened up, Bravo held a hand up.

    The blaster bolts and laser shots stopped in mid air. Bravo looked at them, and dropped his hand. The flahes of light fell to the ground, exploding. The enemy was shocked. Bravo ha dthis one time before and last time he was tired afterwards. This time he was not tired at all. He felt stronger.

    Looking at the enemy, Bravo put his Battle Stick away in a flash. Controling the Force, he could feel the Dark Side of the Force attacking him. With the Force, Bravo attacked the enemy. As Bravo held his palms out streched, a blue ball of Force energy came between his hands. In a flash, he snapped his out streched palms towards the enemy. As the blaster bolts, lasers, and projectile weapons curved around Bravo's body, the Force protecting him, a blue ball raced out to meet the enemy. The blue ball impacted the center of the enemy formation. A massive explosion ripped through the enemy's formation, throwing, tearing apart, and dissinagrading (sp?) troops and armored vehicles. As the enemy forces regrouped fast and Bravo shot another blue ball of Force energy at the enemy, this time at another section of the enemy formation.

    By the time the enemy stopped coming, Bravo stood in front of a screen of carnage (sp?). Smoke came from the ground in many places. The smell would make anyone sick, but Bravo couldn't smell it since his helmet protected him from it.

    A few remaining soldiers caharged up the hill proudly to engage the enemy and Bravo cut them down
  6. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    The Palace of the Emperor of Shadow and Darkness

    Lord Ginesha screamed definatly into the sky and the Force at Darth Maximus's forces which were nearly endless. "Don't think that you will inherit anything!"

    The remenants of the Empire were a pitiful scavenged wreck of forces and though Grand Admiral Nuruado was performing brillantly defeating the clones of the generals of the past, force sensetive super geniuses, and ships that far outstripped anything he had with the power of the Shadow Force. It was simply inevitable that the Dark Lord of the Sith would eventually push him under the boot of the lesser force wielder. Ginesha's power was greater than any of the Grey Jedi's had ever been and had Darth Maximus been outside his bubble....or was not wielding the Annihilating Force as he suspected he was...he was certain he would have been victorious and torn his lifeforce from him. But he was not and the strange dimensional properties protected him as he grew ever stronger....and if he did wield the Annihilating Force he would be perhaps his equal...or greater even now.

    Lord Ginesha gazed into the black ritual chambers and momentarily thought of the futility of this particular endeavor. His scorched soil and atmosphere policies could wipe out the entire known universe eventually but what exactly would that leave for him to rule? All he would have would be this world. The Expansion Region and Colonies and Deep Core were still fortresses of his dominion being held by corporates and those who were secondary to the Core but thus had become because of the most relentless fighting the most valuable worlds left in the chaos.

    And this would, one thousand miles around him was ashes and twisted nightmare because of his evil presence. The people of Lai-Shangra were descendants of fifteen races that had come to learn from the Saijinns and some had their blood in them but only a few throwbacks would be produced every few generations that were raised as demigods.

    If he stayed here his people were finished even in that respect.

    "NO! Other worlds will emerge! I will burn the stars out of the entire sky and find new ones to colonize and create! I will live forever! I have the time! I will not suffer the body to be riddled with cancer...I will purify with flame and light!" Lord Ginesha screamed as in his ritual chambers he prepared the The Great Scouring. He knew the Shadow Force was weakening but no act of destruction performed by it en masse would not give more than it took and with the preparations, he would murder ten thousand inhabited worlds with the deaths of their suns.

    If that did not impede the ranks of Darth Maximus's forces then he would kill ten thousand more and a hundred thousand after that until the lights of the universe went out like a city whose power plants had been struck down.

    Lord Ginesha idlly wondered what made him so different than other beings in the universe that he was able to join with Ahrimane where so many others were utterly crushed and why he was able to perform such relentless acts of atrocity without even really feeling anything more than a moment's questioning that stemmed solely from pragmatism to see if he could accomplish his goal's through less personal effort.

    He had been born in absolute poverty to a woman who had addicted him to Andris spice before his brith but this was hardly a unique situation and the monks had wielded the Force to cure him before their presence. He had witnessed Scholar Zu butcher the monastary that was to be his home but they such trauma was not uncommon and often spawned heroes as well as villains and wrecks. He could not attribute Arraganos's teaching him since the darkness had merely made him a killer and taught him evil lore which was not particularly least in the fact human sacrafices, conjuring the dead, learning from things men called demons or evil gods was a common parlace of history.

  7. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    OOC: Credit to Antar to help with this one


    Arr-Aganos-Shiva animated the bodies of the clones of Darth Verruul and filled them with the Annihilating Force as he sent the undead Sith Troopers to slaughter the Grey Jedi Master Tiernin. The Twenty Five Sith Warriors would prove the greatest challenge the former Sith would ever face in his life as he used every ounce of his environment against him, drove his body to levels he'd never expected to do so, and stretched his mind to the limits of what was possible to fight against them.

    "One wonders why you felt the need to condemn him to the pointless execution Antar Fodah? Arr-Aganos-Shiva said as the fifty foot tall kowled figure of infinite blackness stretched languidely over the tomb that had been made of Coruscant.

    "Tiernin knows that he is going to die here Arraganos. The battle he faces here is a smaller part in the great scope of things but eradicating your minions weakens the essence the Shadow Force is able to absorb ever so slightly. Much like the battle that is going on in the Unknown Regions or in the day to day fighting with your slave Ginesha and Darth Maximus." Antar Fodoh said as the aging warrior leaned on a cane, the Shadow Force was attacking his body and causing all that the Force had kept in his vigor to dissapate.

    It did not matter.

    "His anger is greater than you estimate Antar Fodoh. What brought him to the Grey Jedi way and balance was not your teaching as much as you would like to take credit for it. It was the love of his woman and the prospect of a life with not only pain but joy. You have forced him to come here and fight a hopeless excercise in slaughter against the already dead, robbing him of being a father. He will lose that balance and then the Annihilation will take him." Arraganos spoke as the Grey Jedi dropped a building on his enemies as he directed away a mountain of flying shrapnel and stole a lightsaber to slaughter the remaining Shadow Troops.

    "Do you think I have raised such short sighted fools Arraganos as you have? Tiernin will meet with his wife and child soon enough and always be with them as part of the Force. The will of the Force shall always be done but I tell you, his embracing your way is not what shall pass there." Antar said, truly offended by the accusation.

    "We shall see." Arr-aganos-Shiva said as he summoned them forth the spirit of the Emperor Palpatine and Exar Kun. Both had been promised a return to the world of the living to replace Lord Ginesha's idiotic Imperial dictation and somehow push the galaxy harder than he had or the other and thus achieve dominion over all life that they sought.

    Tiernin battled the doubled bladed lightsaber of Kun as the Mad Emperor of the Universe Darth SIdeous attacked with the pure deliberated study of centuries of accumulated Sith Lore while they drew collectively on the Shadow Force...fueled by their many years in the Dark Side of the Force brooding. Tierran let loose a primal scream as they filled his mind with taunts designed to call at his loyalty to being a Sith and his warrior's heart....distracting him long enough for Kun and Palpatine to slash off his left hand.

    "Hehehe." Arraganos chuckled at the display of anger and lost self control.

    Tiernin smiled as that sacrafice allowed him to slash Palpatine in half from head to groin before he severed Kun's double bladed lightsaber in two and cut off his head.

    Antar chuckled then at his student's ruse. He was over a hundred years old now and his body was being drained by the Shadow Force to eventually be absorbed into the Negation itself. Arr-aganos-Shiva knew he was letting him destroy his mortal form and was preparing for the conflict from the inside of the belly of the Beast that was the Entropic Heart itself....but Antar was not afraid....and the pain he felt he knew Arraganos took too much pride in. The Shadow Servants were all essentially petty beings and that was what seperat
  8. Gorin_Zachian

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    May 13, 2002
    Celestia, Outer Planes, The Great Wheel

    It was heaven, there was just no other way to describe it. It was a realm of pure beauty, a perfect place, no matter what you?re views were. For Ilass, it was long plain of swaying grass, purple mountains on the horizon, and a beautiful, clear sky above. The air was fresh, the ground firm, and everything spoke, just as it had before, to him. The grass, the trees, the clouds, the very ground, everything was alive with words, feelings and sensations. Everything had a voice, everything had a will, a will that would not be dominated by Arraganos.

    He could not stay to admire and rest however, for there was much work to do. He could see the very stands of Majik, the weave sloping down into the material realm below. When he had been here before there was but one planet, and the weave divided itself between the mortals of that planet. But now? Now the planets it covered were innumerable, and the mortals it touched to great a number to say. Yet still, even now, Ferun dominated the Weave, the planets life and vitality, and its status as home planet of the dragons, pulled the weave towards it. The dragons had been long vacant from the planet though, and so it went to the planet, but not the creatures that lived on it. Some did, yes, but most of it was there, within the ground and air, but not within the creatures. He saw the growing shadow approaching, and Emperor Thrawn attempting to arrive in time. He saw the Dragons, many still sleeping within their lairs, on top of their hordes, unaware that doom could befall them so swiftly.

    "We are here Illas and it is here Arraganos will come." Archon said, appearing on the plain.

    ?Indeed, it is here he shall come, and it is here that many shall come. For this plane is not empty, but full of the very stuff of Majik, full of souls of old, even the Gods of old, Pelor, Herionious, Kord, and the gods that will side with him, and he will bring here with him Nerull, Grummsh, Vecna, others, but we cannot fight him here. Here we have but one purpose, and that is to erect a barrier to him, for if he, with his twisted Shadow Weave and Malevolent purposes, ever sets foot here on Celestia, then the planes will be so shaken that it may very well occur that the Material plane will vanish, and all will be lost. I set you to that task, and I will come when you call, but until then I must help my people, for they are dormant, and must be awoken.?

    Turning back he began his work, and hoped that Archon would be able to keep Arraganos out.
  9. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002

    As soon as the YT-2400 entered Lai-Shangra space, it was engaged by hundreds of enemy ships. Pilots too far gone in the Shadow force and lost in the lust for combat and glory set themsellves against the lone ship.
    Aurra Sing piloted the ship like no other being in the universe. Even the Ace-Pilot Jaina Solo would have to marvel and consent to Aurra's superior piloting at this moment.
    The YT-2400 spiraled,banked,ducked,looped,slingshoted and performed maneuvers beyond its specs, making itself a target for no more than one tenth of a second, if that. Thru the Force, Aurra Sing knew exactly where the enemy would be and if the ship had been target locked, and immediately countered with her wild flying.
    Zu Dharma had become one with the Laser Cannon and was vaporizing enemy ships with single shots. He could not miss in the Force, as he knew the trajectories of the enemy ships that swarmed all around them. He used the force to keep the cannon from overheating and maintained an infinite rate of fire. Where ever the Triumvirate ship passed, enemy fighters became roiling fireballs.
    All the while Deanna reinforced the shields with her awsome powers, giving the YT-2400 an exterior Silver glow.
    Even so, the enemy began to fire wildly without caring if they hit there own, thus turning the whole area into an impossible killzone...Laser fire filled space in every direction as the enemy tried desperately to bring down the ship.
    The onslought should have destroyed the ship a hundred times over, yet it endured.
    Zu Dharma, Aurra Sing, and Deanna were of one mind and words did not need to be spoken, for they knew each others minds.
    The flying was beyond impressive, but even so,the ship would not last very long under such punishment, so Aurra snapped the ship in a G-crunching turn and entered Lai-Shangra's atmosphere at a suicidal angle...only Deanna's reinforced shield allowed them to survive such an entry. The pilots that had dared follow in after them where destroyed by both Zu Dharma and by their collision with the atmosphere.
    The Zu-triumvirate could not be touched by the ground to air forces, but Zu Dharma laid waste to them.
    The ship quickly reached Lord Ginesha's huge pyramidal palace as the homed-in on the evil emanations...then they felt a powerful surge in the Force...or rather the anti-Force.
    Three bolts of pure obsidian energy raced in their direction. Immediately Aurra Sing engaged in evaise maneuvers as Zu Dharma fired at them to intercept them. The Shadow bolts absorbed the pitiful laser bolts fron the YT-2400 and streaked forth for the kill.
    Two of them completely missed the target as one exploded against the ship as it spiraled in an evasive action. Deanna's shield held, but the ship was rocked out of its loop, giving the two other bolts a second chance as they changed trajectory and came for another pass.
    They realized the bolts were either homed-in on them or were under Lord Ginesha's control.
    Aurra Sing immediately took the ship into a Kamikaze dive at the troops stationed infront of Lord Ginesha's palace.
    Too late did the troops realize what was happening as the YT-2400 dove at them and exploded in a huge blazing fireball of Fire, shrapnel, debris and Shadow Force, killing more than a thousand of Lord Ginesha's foot soldiers.
    The Zu-Triumvrate had phased out of the ship with great precision and had remained so throughout the explotion.
    Like dieties wreathed in Silver flames, they descended amongst the troops and fought their way up the palace stairway and to Lord Ginesha.
    Shadow priests had now joined the meele alongside shadow troopers and ground forces, but the Zu-Triumvirate was an instrument of the Force and on a class that only one being on this planet could match....Lord Ginesha himself.
    Aurra Sing had now become like Kali,the personification of destruction, always in motion,depleeting one weapon after another and materializing them out of thin air. She knew arms probably better than their manufacturer
  10. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002
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  11. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001
    "Let us begin our duel." Antar spoke softly.

    Without further warning, Antar lashed out at Arr-Aganos-Shiva with unbridled fury. Unhindered by such naivites as the Jedi code or Sith ignorance, Antar's essence was a true embodiment of the One and Whole Force. His reason was fed by the light and his attacks fueled by the dark and within him, the Force was whole... Complete... Powerful.

    Arr-Aganos-Shiva was by no means defenceless against Antar however and the Shadow Force was at his call. The Dark Lord of the Shadow Force parried and counter attacked in a complex series of Shadow Force blows and the two carried on as if in some kind of dance. Their moves and attacks weren't phisical or anything a mortal could truly comprehend as they were both beyond the corporeal realm but their duel was no less intence as their essences were buffeted by repeated Force attacks.

    "Surrender, Arr-Aganos... Surrender to the true Force and return to the light that you were borne from. Give yourself back to the Force and know peace.", Antar said between attacks and deflections. "The Force still loves you."

    "Foolish Jedi. You cannot know the power of the Shadow Force... The power and beauty of anarchy. Before this is ended, you will beg for my mercy but your begging will be in vain."

    "I'm afraid you're sorely mistaken.", Antar replied somberly then pushed on with his attack...

    [Tag Charle]
  12. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: As I told Antar via a PM, my glasses broke and I won't be able to stay online long.

    Maximums' Empire

    Jason Bravo used the Force in his favor and in slow motion did a cart-weel move in the air. During all of this, his E-11 Blaster Rifle fired red flahes of light at the camoulaged colored Stormtroopers. Landing, Bravo rolled out, dropped the E-11 Blaster Rifle, got his two blaster pistols and blasted away at the enemy in front of him.

    30 minutes later

    Jason Bravo's green bladed lightsaber lit the darkness in front of him and deflected the scattered flahes red blaster fire. Through Bravo's helmet, his night vison was green and like the enemy, he could see through the dark.

    Walking slowly towards the enemy, Bravo deflected the blaster bolts, some going back to their owners, others hitting other soldiers.

    10 minutes later

    Bravo did a back flip in the air, catching the red lightsaber as he landed. One of the many Dark Jedi who had joined Darth Maximums at the beginning of the Imperial Civil War, engaged Bravo. Another Dark Jedi was behind Bravo when he landed. Bravo ducked a shis sensors in his helmet and the Force warned him of danger. Rolling out, Bravo got up, back flipped and engaged the two Dark Jedi, one to his left and one to his right.

    Blocking a blow from the Dark Jedi on his left, Bravo kicked the Jedi and his suit blocked the other Jedi's Lightsaber from getting to Bravo's body. As Bravo spun out, he used a Force Push and the Dark Jedi on the floor slammed into his partner. With a blue ball of Force Energy from his left palm, the two Dark Jedi went flying into the air and slammed on opposite sides of the room, as an explosion hit them.
  13. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    The Palace of Emperor Ginesha the Hammer of the Gods

    There is a moment in every man's life which is the moment when you must face the possibility of your own death.

    Were it at literally any other point in his life, he would have welcomed it.

    But now the idea that he would perish before Arraganos; by the hands of Zu, his daughter, and the woman he had broken were intolerable. It was thus to his knowledge that he would have to crush them utterly and scatter their souls across the cosmos where they were irrecoverable. With their combined power it would be a battle that would be long remembered...and he would be very happy to erect a statue to them to comemorate his victory.

    The Palace of Infinite Sorrows was a rounded black castle of many turrents, pagoda like towers, and a single dome which had a ascending spire. It was decorated in the fashion of statues of ancient masters of the Saijinns but instead of displaying their strengths the Master of Weakness showed their hidden vices and secrets in all their vivid horrofic clarity as revealed by the Shadow Force. It was before the one thousand step entrance to the palace that Lord Ginesha stood in all his glory.

    Ginesha had shed his robes of white and only the appearence of loose profaned white fighting garb of a Teras Kasi Grandmaster with blood red sash was present on his body of void, his eyes the only thing that remained human. They were as cold and souless as they always were. Composed literally of the Shadow Force the solidfied anti-matter devoured the air in the sky around him as his touch was utter death but for the force which protected the champions which came to face him.

    "It is time to end your reign of terror across the galaxy Ginesha." Zu Dharma said calmly and powerfully. Compared to him, Ginesha's own voice sounded hollow and weak.

    "I will not be defeated by the likes of you false Obeah who fancies that his knowledge seperates him from the street rat that he was taken from the street for. You Aurra Sing who thinks that a few moments of community service makes up for a life time of evil and brings the sappy sirene call of romance. Or you Deanna who think that because you have focused on purity that you are absolved of not stopping me for anything I have done to benefit you." Ginesha attacked their weaknesses and pressed forward to draw out the Shadow within.

    "You only have words now Ginesha. We are beyond such." Zu spoke as the voice of the Triad.

    "So be it." Ginesha said. "I guess we'll have to do this the hard way."

    Lord Ginesha exploded high into the air as he moved faster than the eye could see as Zu Dharma moved equally swiftly before they met in air and exchanged a series of bullet speeded punches with each fist crackling with enough energy to shatter a building. The two masters of the ancient art blocked each others blows no matter how perfectly timed even as Ginesha did a rolling cartwheel in the air and threw the Scholar with two legs wrapped around his neck into the ground.

    It was according to this timing that Deanna threw Sajinn battle stars that glowed with the power of the silver fire even as the Emperor spun his head and adjusted the movement of his descent in the air that he backflipped over while they passed through his legs and sailed by his arms and neck instead of the direct hits.

    "AIIIYYYAAA!" Aurra Sing charged at him as the explosive force of her strength propelled her with her lightsaber to cut the warrior in half before he could touch the ground.

    "Hahahahaha!" Namtar Ginesha-Kali chuckled as he spun again as if in zero gravity slow motion and projected himself forward at a much higher rate of speed. The flaming kick to Aurra Sing's skull sent her spinning in the air and thudding on the ground. "DIE!" he did not hesitate to cry as he released a blast of terrifying Shadow energy to consume his daughter Deanna who conjured forth silver flame that was only the barest shield as the energy blew her backwar
  14. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: Until I get my glasses fixed, I won't be able to stay online much. I read as much a sI could today, although I had to be right next to the screen to see the words. This post will be short, but will give us an idea about what is going on. This post won't tie in all the events through the Force yet, but my next post will.

    Unknown, Mid Rim

    Hundreds of ships, including the dreaded Conquer Class Star Destroyers, drove back the last remains of Lord Ginesha's forces in the Mid Rim. As the green flashes of deadsly light, blue flashed of light, red flashed of light, concussion missiles, and proton torpedos went across the battle field and impacted military space ships of all sizes and shapes, starfighters of all kinds raced back and forth, playing a game of cta and mouse.

    On the ground of countless planets, Camouflaged Stormtroopers and Sith Elite, the soldiers cladded in red armor, rolled over ground forces of Lord Ginesha. Darth Maximums' superior military forces, the best trained in the galaxy, were unstopable. It was not Darth Maximums' navy that scared people, it was his infantry and other ground forces. Their superior training, tactics, equipment, and numbers crushed many defense forces before they even engaged the enemy.

    Countless military bases were set up, providing Maximums with his own defense in case, some how, he was driven back. Towns, cities, planetary nations, planetary governments, solar system governments, and multiuple solar system governments who defied Maximums' forces were quickly and silently destroyed. In some cases this included civilians. The civilians were the ones who supported an army and who kept an army going. If you destroy the army's supplies and support, they will slowly be destroyed. By destroying the civilians who rose up, many planetary and solar system armies gave up and or were quickly hunted down and destroyed. Maximums knew that the key to an army was the civilian population, and he used this acient (sp?) tactic very well.
  15. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002

    Emperor Thrawn's Draconian flotilla had arrived in Faerun just in time to engage those forces loyal to the Shadow Force and were engaged with defenders of the Dragonkin Homeworld.
    It was evident that the shadow pilots had lost their focus...Emperor Thrawn had felt a diminishing in the Shadow Force, though no clear explanation was evident. He could only surmise that somewhere and somehow a Champion of the Force had won a victory against the Anihilating Force.
    This only encouraged those fighting for life to double their efforts against the invaders.
    The battle was short but fierce as the Shadow forces were driven from Fearun...but it was certain that they would return with reinforcements.
    Thrawn ordered all ships to remain in orbit and to form a defensive ring around Fearun.
    He also coordinated patrols with whatever Draconic space forces were available.
    Afterwards, he took a shuttle to the surface and announced himself to an overseer, stating that he needed an audience or a speaker in The Great Council of Wyrms and that he had been in the company of The Great and Ancient Ilass himself.
    Those who wielded the Shadow Weave were coming to destroy the Dragon Homeworld, and defending it was not only imperative, but failure was also not an option.
    He certainly hoped that the overseer believed him and would not stall on account of his humanoid form. Thrawn also used the Force...or Majiks as the Dragonkin refered to it, to more clearly convey the severity of the situation.
    The Fate of the Dragon Homeworld was now in the hands of the Dragonkin beaurocracy.

  16. Charlemagne19

    Charlemagne19 Chosen One star 8

    Jul 30, 2000
    The Battle of Arraganos and Antar Fodoh on the Astral Plane

    "Your minion is destroyed and with it all of his slayers. Now you are the only servant of the Shadow Force in existence. Darth Maximus for all of his evil is a servant of the Dark Side and thus will not benefit you further." Antar Fodoh said as the clash of wills was single handidly the greatest conflict the universe had ever known. Had they been battling in the material world the entire galaxy would have been destroyed as they assaulted each other with the full will of the Shadow and the True Force.

    "All that means my dear Antar Fodoh is that the power of the Shadow is concentrated within me now. You are unwise to use Maximus as an arguement against me either for he is the final nail in the coffin of the universe. A vortex of hunger, consumption, and need that is unrestrained he will finish off the universe in a desire to recreate the Sith's greatness. Just because one does not crave complete nullification does not mean that one is not a servant of its ultimate ends. As long as there is disbalance in the Force there is no chance of its recovery from its current state and I grow closer to my goal of ending it. When the Dragons empowered by magic again perish, the tears in the Force will be complete...but only the light side. Jason bravo will be berift of his precacious whole force and Maximus will crush him in Dark Side mastery." Arraganos spoke as from each's hands poured forth shafts of light and darkness that caused supernovas and new worlds to be born as the competing energies tore across the realms.

    "I see. Ginesha was just another tool while Maximus's war was always meant to be won by him. You needed the conflict to inflame his warriors into a killing rage that they bore down on the Shadow servants and now that the Shadow servants are all destroyed...his clones will take their revenge on common civilains." Antar said, admiring the audacity of the plan if nothing else. He also knew that this cataclysm which would gaurentee the galaxy's ultimate demise and likely arraganos's triumph in this duel was being adverted by Jason Bravo....if the clones were destroyed then though severely weakened. The many races would recover and grow towards peaceful understanding and recocilliation....the flame having tempered them instead of consuming them.

    "He is the last repository of disbalance in the material universe. All of his dark side minions that soon will be no more and even his apprentice are but slaves of his own evil will. I tell you this only to weaken you of course Antar and cause despair....minute and minute like that it strengthens me. Know also that my ultimate goal does not lie with Maximus at all....I could never be satisfied with destroying all the Material Universe even as its heat-death will provide me with much provisions for my ultimate goal." Arraganos spoke calmly as he released enough concentrated force to start a new galaxy of souls as it actually succeeded in wounding Antar fodoh.

    "Perhaps you would be willing to share with me this plan?" Antar huffed as he searched Arr-aganos-shiva for any trace of the Force's light that might be wielded to reconnect him to the Light. Though they were no longer the middle aged greatest repository of Force lore in the galaxy or the millenium old terror of the universe but ancient beings extending their existences back to the dawn of all things, Antar was stunned truly to find that there was seemingly nothing redeemable in the blackness.

    "The Source Antar Fodoh. That which at the center of the omniverse lies the beginning of all things. All the energy I accumulate is solely to gain enough power that I may attack it and destroy it. If the Source is destroyed then the heart of the Force shall be no more and the universe shall follow." Arraganos said even as their minds were a locked battle of goodness, strength, and life versues
  17. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    In the ancient days before mankind Archon Dovanan's first life from the well soul of the universe was known as Aluando the Seer who had predicted on the first world the fall of the gods among other grand events including the sundering of mankind.

    "You have done well to protect the universe Illas and that is enough for your part here. The Dragons once again possess magic. I have also worked my own magic upon the human race that I hope will be equally beneficial. Those who died defending against the Shadow Force or Maximus or those who merely fought will be blessed with exceptionally long lives, extremely strong bodies, and incredibly sharp minds. Their descendants will carry this benefit and thus humanity and those few other races which join together in great numbers like this will change for the better. It is the dawning of the High Humans who will carry the torch of reality to its next levels....eventually passing the way we must when they leave the universe for the later races." Archon spoke his words softly. He was already missing his wife, his goddess of Mysteries, whom would be many generations to join him but would always love him and seek his console.

    "You are among good company Allaundo." Illas said as he flapped away and left the Diviner god to face the darkness he was meant to illuminate.

    The Dragon-lord then dissapeared into the night as Archon joined with ancient beings....Azuth's remanents, the Chosen, Mace Bendu, Qui Gon Jinn, Ben Kenobi, Odan Urr, and others whose destiny was to recognize the potential of others and guide them to their destiny. The glowing being of wisdom and light stood before little Anakin as behind him Anakin Skywalker and Anakin Solo joined their hands together and called forth the energies of the Force so weakened to bear witness as billions of other divine beings who were fundementally the same joined their choir song to the child.

    The Darkness of the Shadow Force the being who was once Archon opened his mouth and breathed into his soul. In a moment all the disbalanced souls and their evil malignant will was contained by that which had been Archon Dovanan as the Annihilation force battered everything he was and could be. It would tear soon said being apart but for his last act which was to prostrate himself before the Child of the Source who reached out and touched his father.

    The Dawn

    The Birth

    The Cleaning of Fire

    In a single instant Anakin who had known both Light and Darkness transformed every single shattered remanent of wailing souls into new bright souls again as all those who had perished and been obliterated in the conflict were re-made and re-made stronger, vibrantly, and more beautifully than they had ever been before. In an instant all the wounds the Force had sustained were healed and the damage done to the essential life cycles was broken that the Force of the Whole Force was stronger than it had ever been before.

    The universe then doubled in size with the seeds of thousands...millions of new galaxies...each teaming with life began to emerge.

    The Battle was not yet won for the Shadow Force's minions while their master was remade as the Whole-unified Force and the Dark Side's Champion Maximus still existed and as long as they did thus was the potential for the darkness to be remade....they had to be defeated and utterly so that the horror would be broken and they too would join the light of the new universe.

    As Anakin the boy cried in his home on Faerun as Jaina heard him not a room away....his father having gone to the place where Antar had done....the reward given to those who transcended their own weakness for the greater of all.
  18. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: I think I have about two more posts to go and then I think I'll be done. My next post will give information on Scholar Zu Dharma's passing and Antar Fodoh's passing. And any other character issues will be posted. I will also finish reading all posts ASAP. I skimmed the latest posts today because I have to get going.

    Maximums' Empire

    Jason Bravo slowly moved around the corner. His claws came and Bravo quickly took down the two sentary guards. Bravo learned while with Bravo Team that if you shot and or attacked a Stormtrooper between the armor plates, right in the joints, their armor was useless. It took accuracy to hit such small targets with a blaster rifle, but yet again, it was Bravo Team. They were the best.

    Bravo quickly jolted away from the two sentary guards, retracting his claws. Bravo jumped and while in a twist in mid air, his Battle Stick came to life. The two sentary guards rushing at him were quickly cut down when he landed. The Battle Stick cut through their armor like a lightsaber would. Only a lightsaber was more powerful then a Battle Stick.

    From there, Bravo jumped up as he avoided two red blaster bolts from the front. The two sentary guards in front of Bravo's Pride engaged Bravo. With aid from the Force, Bravo jumped high and landed on a support beam. With quick moves, he deflected the blaster bolts with his Battle Stick. Back flipping, Bravo deflected two other blaster bolts from the rear. Landing, he crouched down, spun, towards the two soldiers to his rear, deflecting blaster bolts. With an assault of Force Lighting from his right hand, the two soldiers were thrown backwards. Spinning around, his shileds protecting him while he attacked the two soldiers who were attacked with the Force Lighting, Bravo deflected the blaster bolts. Getting up, Bravo ran towards the sentary guards, deflecting their blaster bolts. The soldiers held their ground and switched to automatic fire. Even the well-trained soldiers' new tactic was not enough. Bravo reache dthe two sentary guards and quickly cut them down. Snapping around, Bravo deflected two more blaster bolts from a pair of soldiers running in from the way Bravo came in. Bravo deflected two blaster bolts that quickly took down the two camouflaged Stormtroopers. Bravo looked up just in time to deflect another pair of blaster bolts from two more soldiers on a cat walk about 100 meters above Bravo and about 15 meters away.

    Bravo rolled forward, jumped up to his feet and deflected two blaster bolts right back to the two camouflaged Stormtroopers. Sensing no more danger through the Force and by his years of military experience, Bravo turned the Battle Stick off. He walked up the landing ramp in Bravo's Pride.

    His green eyes on his suit would make anyone jump and C-5PO also known as Walking Library, jumped. Bravo's helmet retracted down back around the seam of his neck on the suit.

    "C-5PO." Bavo said.

    "Oh, hello master Bravo! We have been so worried about you! Welcome back! R2-D5 extends his hello." The golden protocal droid translated for the little R2 unit who came rolling up besides the golden droid.

    "Its good to see you two again." Bravo said with a smile.

    "Both R2-D5 and I were worried you forgot about us. It has been over 100 years you know."

    "I know. I am sorry. There was no way for me to get in before." Bravo started to take off his armor and place it in the closet onboard Bravo's Pride. Bravo then quickly put on his Jedi Robe that was tan in color and made sure it was secure.

    "We know and we are happy that you are back. Are we going home?" The golden droid asked. Bravo's experssion sadden and the droid noticed right away.

    "No. There is no way for me to get back off this rock in Bravo's Pride. Both of you were the best driods in the galaxy. You were more then droids, you were friends, you were family." Bravo had to hold back the tears. He had never felt sad for a droid before, but yet again, these not just
  19. GreyJediAntarFodoh

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    Oct 3, 2001

    Lanna walked slowly and deliberately into the Grey Jedi temple on Endor and its disrepair was evident. The marble floors had lost their sheen and the plant life of Endor had taken advantage of the months that the temple had been vacant and had grown in. Lanna didn't fight back the tears that had been flowing for a day and she mourned the passing of her master and her beloved Tiernin, though she knew that she would be reunited with them within the Force in her own time.

    With a casual wave of her hand, the plant life that had joined with the temple receded from the halls and doorways, allowing Lanna to pass. Her pace was slow but unhindered as she made her way to Antar's meditation chamber. As she approached, the familiar settings and the sights and smells within the very temple she'd help to build flooded her senses and brought up a surge of controlled grief within the Grey Jedi Master and she let out a sob. After what felt like years but was no more than a few minutes, Lanna had arrived. She couldn't bring herself to stand in the space Antar had sat in countless times for it felt too much like walking over a grave, so instead she stretched out to the Force to search...

    The floor was inlayed with different marble stones and they all formed an ornate design akin to flowers or a starburst. She felt the separations between the stones and a space beneath the heaviest of them. She touched the stone with the Force and felt its every surface; the bumps, the apparent imperfections and the intricate care that had been taking in its refinement. It was not a simple floor piece but a giant screw. Lanna grasped the stone with the Force and began to maneuver it out in a manner that no machinery could replicate... A manner that she only just realized a Grey Jedi Master could do. Slowly and gradually, the immense stone rotated back and forth and moved up and down as it slid from the groove it was berthed in and then it was free.

    Lanna carefully placed the stone on the floor, noting by the sound that it must have weighed more than some starships. She leapt into the hole and found a narrow spiral staircase in the deep darkness that led her downward to a small chamber. She ignited her lightsaber's blue blade and flooded the small chamber with its light. Sitting atop a small table was something Lanna had never seen before... A Holocron.

    With only a basic idea of how to activate the device, Lanna touched it with her Force presence and it sprung to life. Antar?s spectral image appeared before her eyes.

    ?Lanna? Since it?s you who found this holocron, it means that I have returned to the Force. I?ve imprinted this holocron with all that I?ve learned in my studies of the Force so that even when I?m gone, I can pass on what I?ve learned? You are the future of my dream; the future of the Grey Jedi Order. Remember all that I?ve taught you and learn from everything I?ve left?.? The image and essence of Antar spoke on for a short while before the fading into silence, awaiting a time when Lanna would be ready to return and learn more? Awaiting to teach the next generation of Grey Jedi? Awaiting what would become the Fodai?
  20. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001

    Imperial March[/b] sounds in the background

    Maximums' Empire

    Bravo cut through the last remaining sentary guards at Maximums' entery way to his throne room. 100 Camouflaged Stormtroopers and 10 Sith Elite waited at the large blast doors. They were cut down quickly, along with the four Dark Jedi Knights.

    The blast doors opened and Bravo could feel the Dark Side more then ever. He could almost feel the dreaded Imperial March being played all around, the sense of Imperialism and power was that great. Even in defeat, Maximums held the power to conquer the galaxy all over again.

    Bravo rushed in and as he slid to a stop, the trone room's command chair slowly rotated around from the large view port that looked out over the planet.

    "I have been expecting you, young Bravo." Darth Maximums said.

    "We meet again." Bravo said, his green bladded lightsaber being the only power light source in the room. The green light highlighted Bravo's tan colored Jedi Robes.

    OOC: I will for sure have this done in two more posts. My next post will be about Darth Maximums and the other Jedi's sacifices and passings through the Force, and the last post will be a surpise. [face_mischief] I am going to try to get the last two posts done via my computer at home, but I don't know if I will get them done by Friday yet.
  21. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: Well, I got it done.

    Darth Maximums? Throne Room

    Jason Bravo looked at Darth Maximums.

    ?I know.? Bravo said. ?Its time you have paid for what you have done to billions.?

    ?You still have much to learn, my young apprentice.?

    ?I am no longer your apprentice. I never was your apprentice.?

    ?You are alone now Jason Bravo.?

    Jason Bravo felt Scholar Zu Dharma sacrifice himself to bring a better future to the war-torn galaxy. Then he felt Antar Fodoh pass away through the Force also. Then, Archon joined them both.

    ?Ill?? Bravo started to say Kahlass? new name, his true name, but was cut off by Darth Maximums.

    ?Kahlass? name has not changed. He will always be Kahlass, a false Sith who betrayed the Sith and allied himself with Emperor Thrawn. Emperor Thrawn will never get forgiveness for what he has done to billions.?

    Bravo had to agree with Maximums about Emperor Thrawn. Bravo knew that Emperor Thrawn could never get forgiveness for what he had done to billions. Bravo had no respect for Emperor Thrawn and he would never forgive Emperor Thrawn for what he had done to billions. Emperor Thrawn knew that what he had done in the past would always follow him around, no matter what he did to fix his past wrongs.

    ?I have no respect for Emperor Thrawn.? Bravo said.

    ?Finally my young Jason Bravo, we agree on something.?

    ?I am surprised myself.? Bravo said in a mocking tone.

    ?Join me Jason Bravo.? Darth Maximums said, trying one last time to get Jason Bravo to turn to the Dark Side of the Force. ?We can rule the galaxy and stop this senseless blood shed. Join me and we can bring order to the galaxy. You don?t imagine what power you have. Antar Fodoh never truly opened you up to the Force. I can give you the power you were meant to have!?

    ?I don?t think so, your highness.?

    Darth Maximums had had enough. Bravo had crossed his path too many times and the last insult with highness was enough. Darth Maximums stood up from his chair, his dark robes covering his whole body and spreading on the floor some.

    ?I am sorry Jason Bravo that you have rejected my offer. You will suffer for your lack of faith.?

    Maximums rose his hands and a powerful Force Push threw Bravo into the air and smashed the Jedi Knight against the wall. Bravo?s reinforced skeleton structure kept Bravo from braking all of his bones in his body. Bravo got up, getting his green bladed lightsaber in the process. Maximums took off his Sith Robes.

    ?Your Jedi skills are no match for the Dark Side of the Force.? Maximums said as he shot a powerful bolt of Force Lighting that hit Bravo head on. Bravo got up again, taking off his Jedi Robes.

    ?I have the Force with me, not just a part of the Force. I have the full Force.? Bravo said.

    Darth Maximums laughed an evil laugh. ?The whole Force? Then why, Jedi, are you not destroying me yet??

    ?As a person said a long time ago, I am just warming up.? Bravo said, jumping with aid from the Force and doing a front flip to avoid a bolt of Force Lighting. Bravo landed with his feet landing on Maximums? chest. Darth Maximums fell down. Bravo quickly jumped up and away from Maximums with aid from the Force in a back flip. Maximums quickly got up and engaged the Jedi Knight with his red bladed lightsaber.

    After a series of quick blows, the two Force powerful warriors danced in a large circle, defending lightsaber attacks and returning lightsaber attacks. Bravo did a back flip, landed and found Maximums in his face again. The two lightsabers came crashing down on each other and were locked together. A sound of energy swords being locked together sizzled through the throne room. The two lightsabers were the only powerful lights in the whole room.

    ?You can not win Jedi.?

    ?Watch me.? Bravo spun away, blocked a series of quick blows from Maximums as he backed away. Bravo attacked back, driving the Sith back. The two warriors fought back and forth for a while before Bravo broke contact again.

    ?Are yo
  22. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    For all of time, the Force existed. Some called Its will to be fate, destiny, God, but to the remnants of the Jedi and the Sith, it was the One Force. Within the One Force, balance was forged like never before with dark and light in harmonious unison.

    With the Force's balance restored once more, unity and understanding came to all deciples of the Force and power came that few knew existed. Balance had been restored in the material and spiritual plains and thus, the Force was whole and strong.

    Nothing could stand in the way of the Force and nothing could escape destiny. With the Force's power at an apex, the Shadow Weave could not stand against the One Force any longer and was destroyed forever.

    Everything became different. Everything changed.

    The remnants of the Jedi and Sith orders would gather to learn from the last remaining deciple of Antar Fodoh and the sole surviving Grey Jedi Master, Lanna Hanishe and under a new banner, they would change the understanding of the Force throughout the galaxy and one day, the universe.

    The decendant and embodiment of the Chosen One, Anakin Dovonan would grow to become one of the greatest of the new Fodai Order and lead the galaxy for a thousand years. Peace would be known and war would be long forgotten.

    Finally, the acts of great people had conquered evil and the Dark Times had ended...


    It's been a blast, everyone! If anyone has a last goodbye or closing post to put up, feel free. For now, I'm considering this game over and the plot resolved.

    I'll see most of you at [link=]A Universe In Dispute[/link] tomorow (Feb 8th, 2003).

  23. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOC: This game was great! It was fun and it didn't take away from your real life issues like some of the larger RPG's may do. This game was the best RPG I have ever played and it started with three members: GreyJediAntarFodoh, greyjedi125, and Bravo. From there the game grew and we got more members who expanded the game from just a few planets to the whole galaxy.

    Even with more members, the game's player size stayed small and allowed us to be a family in a way. Playing this game was more then just a game, it was a chance to meet up with fellow Jcers and have fun. The game wasn't hard but it wasn't easy. It gave us the freedom to have fun and expand the game as we saw fit. All the players here, I am sure, had fun and we were all friends and still are friends. I know I made friends here and we interacted with each other and our characters that made this game special. We were a group of JCers that were a family in a sense and that is what made this game so fun to play and so great!

    Thanks for the laughs everybody! Have a great day! :)
  24. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    How do i find the words to express that which words cannot possibly capture.
    I am moved by strong emotions as I write this.
    This RPG is.....was all too AWSOME. I just did not want it to end. I can't thank you all enough for the great times. Thanks Antar for starting this addictive craziness,Thank you Charlemagne 19 for providing the WORST VILLAIN in the Entire SWEU, and the Best gut wrenching plot twist i'll ever dare to go thru only once. :p Kame-Ha-Mehaaa to you buddy!!
    Thanks Bravo for the incredible HEROICS and A megalomaniac to surpass THRAWN, who by the way...(I'm sorry i did not get to post this,I was waiting for GZ),Thrawn gives himself up as a WAR CRIMINAL to the New Allied Republic Goverment, knowing he could never attone for his deeds, but as a Grey Jedi, that act alone might help restore a sense of Justice to the survivors of the Dark Times.
    Thanks Gorin Zachian for the all powerful and majestic DragonKin.
    I dare say it was a successful intergration of an AD&D element into the SWEU.
    Thanks to LightSide_Apprentice, Miccu-Resea, and all the other PCs who helped to bring this RPG to its final realization. Now we can reminisce and have a few laughs about the Eyes of Thrawn and all that other good stuff...Hey, I got one...who stopped the Death Star Super Laser with a wave of a hand??? I know....the first of the Fodai, Ofcourse!!! :p ;)

    "...It was the Best of Times."

    May the Force Be with You all My Brothers

    Grey Jedi 125

    P.S. See ya'll at AUID
  25. Charlemagne19

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    Jul 30, 2000
    I can't come up with the words so I'll just say I had a blast and want to thank everyone for playing this game with me. You were all spectacular.

    My only problem was I didn't get to blast Miccu's fleet hehehe
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