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SWRPF Archive The new DARK TIMES (35 years after ANH)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GreyJediAntarFodoh, Aug 5, 2002.

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  1. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Tatooine,Outside Mos Eklun

    The Buzzing and clash of lightsabers intensified with every heartbeat, this battle was set at a fernzied pace, every single stroke was a lethal one. If Death had a specter, it waited anxiously and patiently for that singular moment.

    Tiernin battled with closed eyes,having gone very deep into the Force.
    Tiernin percieved everything in slow motion, when actually he moved with lightning speed reflexes. Tiernin was aware of every single movement and nuance of this most deadly choriography. All the muscles present, tensing, flexing, reacting.
    While The Sith reacted to what they saw with their eyes,Tiernin had that fraction of a second to make life saving adjustments.
    He was blind-fighting, deep in the Force as if underwater.
    Even so, Advantages were gained and lost in fractions of a second. All the warriors here
    knew how to immediately rebound from a Force push; that no longer served as a delaying tactic.
    Tiernin also knew that the Four Armed sith Mutant wore Cortosis armor. He had scored a hit on one of the arms to no effect.
    Rogloth Norr had managed to singe Tiernin's back on a missed counter, and Tiernin had returned the favor when he scored a burn on a sweeping leg from the Sith Warrior, but none had slowed, instead, the attacks became more earnest.
    Kahlass had swiftly joined the fray, and fell into the frenzied attack pattern with ease. He matched the viciousness of the other Sith eagerly.
    A total of Eight Sith LightSabers against Tiernin's double sided.
    Incredible would be an understatement.
    Lord Scythe watched with satisfaction as Kahlass joined the two Shadow Reavers against the GreyJediwarrior expecting his addition to quickly end the contest, but at the end of
    a minute, the warrior still fought on.
    Resentment at the GreyJedi's strength, had mixed in with admiration. The GreyJedi were indeed unlike any Jedi he had ever slain.
    A pity, the SHADOW REAVERS mandate was to be obeyed to the letter.
    The Grey Jedi were to be eliminated.

    Meanwhile,Darth Synistra ran her fingers upon her lightsaber,still hanging from her utility belt. She walked over to where Vransha Killar was facing a recently arrived Jedi. Her eyes narrowed with suspicion as she heard his words.
    "Don't fall for their peaceful act.." she warned Vransha," they've learned a few things about deception after all these years."
    She gave Jikar a hateful glare.

    Not far away, Tiernin felt a stirring in the Force, a warning...

    A torrential barrage of Force lightning hit Tiernin like a hurricane.

    The Sith warriors had leapt out of the way.

    Barrage after torrential Barrage of Force lightning roiled at Tiernin who was indistinguishible at this point from all the arcs of lightning.

    The Sith looked on poised to strike at any given moment, while Lord Scythe continued his assault.

    Within the Lightning Storm, Tiernin was in a Force Embrace...something that happened instinctually. As a GreyJedi, there was no light or dark, but simply the Force.
    Tiernin felt the punishment course through his whole boby, he accepted the pain and forgave his tormentor...though his mind was at peace,
    He reached out for guidance. "Master......"
    He sent out the call beatifically thru the force.

    Lord Scythe watched Tiernin fall to one knee, still holding his ignited lightsaber.
    His clothing was burnt and smoke was rising from all over his body and surrounding.

    Lord Scythe was astonished.

    As were all the other Sith and Jedi present.

    "You have fought valiantly GreyJedi, your tenacity is worthy of a Sith.
    surrender now for surely you cannot survive another onslaught."

    " I have endure farworse punishment than this from my own Master..."
    Tiernin looked up directly at Lord Scythe and
    got up into a ready stance.

    Lord Scythe ignited his crimsom lightsaber.
    "You are brave...i would know your name."

    Darth Synistra quickly stepped infront of Jikar,blocking his path to his Master, her unlit
  2. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    Sparing or preserving lives became a hopeless effort to Tiernin at this point. In order to live, he would have to kill and perhaps in doing so, he might deter the others from fighting on. Reguardless of the prolonged threat to himself, Tiernin had to offer one last chance for his opponants to surrender.

    While the motions of the five combatants were nothing but a blur to even Jikar's Jedi sences, a voice eminated from the flurry of swinging blades. "I'll offer you this one last time... End this and we may all leave here alive.", Tiernin offered in a perfectly neutral tone as he trusted the Force to guide his actions.

    As he fought on and prepared to begin taking lives as nessicary, Tiernin still hoped that his words might have reached young Kahlass. His skill and potential in the Force was great and Tiernin hated the idea of having to face this man again as an enemy when he might fight with him as an ally one day...

    "You've got your own problems Jedi..."

    Jikar fought the dark feelings that this woman's tone evoked in him and firmly grasped the light side of the Force and allowed it to flow through him. Instead of taking up his blade against his superior foe, he took up another weapon that might proove more fruitful... Or Fatal...

    "You are Darth Synistra, are you not?", he asked.

    Starry Knight

    Grey Jedi Master Lanna Hanishe piloted the Grey Jedi's craft into Tatooine's atmosphere and immediatly flew towards her fellow Grey Jedi Master, her fellow aprentice... Her lover. The craft shot through the desert planet's atmosphere with an urgent speed, towards the town of Mos Eklun.

    "Land there, Lanna.", Antar said, now standing beside her in the cickpit of their ship and pointing to a spaceport near the center of town.

    "But Tiernin is that way...", she replied, gesturing in the direction she felt Tiernin in.

    "I know. Your feelings for Tiernin are clouding your mind, Lanna. He's in no immediate danger... You forget that he too is a Grey Jedi Master and capable of taking care of himself in even the most hostile of situations.", Antar said, reminding Lanna of Tiernin's recent acention to his current rank.

    "You're right... I just can't help but feel protective.", she replied, now setting their craft down in a Mos Eklun spaceport.

    "Your feelings serve you well and your protectiveness of Tiernin serves it's purpose well. But his need to do this with as little help as possible will boost his confidence, also a much needed feeling."

    The two Grey Jedi Masters and their aprentices exited their shuttle and payed the spaceport attendant well for his care of their ship. They mounted four of the speeder bikes, kept in their cargo hold, and set out into the desert. When they arrived at the scene of the conflict, they dismounted their speeder bikes and watched on as Tiernin fought with the four Sith and his new JEdi aprentice faced off in a war of words with the woman that vowed to see Antar dead.

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  3. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Outskirts of Mos Eklun

    Time seemed to stand still.
    This was quite a singular moment that seemed to stretch out for an eternity.

    Darth Synistra glared at the young Jedi that stood before her, she was about to activate her Lightsaber which was pointed at his throat as a response for knowing her name when she felt his presence.
    It was the presence of the Grey Jedi that had slain her Master all too recently.
    Antar Fodoh,Grey Jedi Master.

    Her eyes widened and her mouth opened, but all she could hear was a tremendous thermal detonation go off inside her head.
    Her own emotions were now betraying her.
    She thought she was done with grieving.
    She was wrong.
    She thought she was past tears.
    She was wrong.
    Her entire body shook violently as she was completely overtaken by that one terrible incident she had felt.
    She fell to her knees,great racking sobs issueing from her.
    She tried to focus on the blinding HATE, but it only fuelled her grief. Where was the strenght her hate promised! why the paralysis of Grief!
    She pounded the desert sand over and over again, unable to stop the tears.
    This was not strenght. it was weakness.

    All the other combatants likewise seemed to stop as they felt the powerful presence of the new arrivals.
    For just a brief second the sensation confused them for they had only felt such power in the presence of only ONE other being in their entire existance. Emperor Thrawn.

    Lord Scythe eyes narrowed in that unimitable and calculating manner.
    He motioned for the Shadow Reavers to stop, and remain on guard.
    Things had taken quite an unexpected turn.

    He turned off his lightsaber,but the others did not. The sabers hum harmonizing in the still air.
    His face then turned diplomatic and his manner was easy and inviting.

    "By the effect your arrival has affected Darth Synistra, I would wager that you are the One who killed Darth Specter, a member of the Sith High Council.
    So, your intention is to lead a war against the entire Sith Order? Are you that confident and Arrogant Jedi?."
  4. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    "I don't want war... They Grey Jedi preserve all life when possible, and extinguish it only when nessicary.", Antar replied, hardly looking to Darth Scythe. He walked cautiously but intently to the sobbing form of Darth Synistra. Her pain was palpable in the Force and a very powerful thing.
    Times like this could change one's life and Antar had to be sure he did what he felt to be the right thing. He Knelt at her side and placed a hand on her shoulder, taking her grief into himself. "I'm sorry for the grief I've caused. I can never restore your Master to you or erase the hurt I've caused you but I want you to know that I only did what was required of me at the time.", he said, still pulling the grief from her and replacing it with the goodwill he always felt through the Force. "Know that your Master is again one with the Force and in a better place than our mortal plain of existance."

    Still standing among the four Sith warriors, Tiernin summoned the datapad to his outstretched hand and crushed it with the power the Force lent his mortal limbs. His mission was now complete and all that remained now was to leave this place. Wether that was done without further violence remained to be seen.
  5. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Mos Eklun outskirts

    Lord Scythe became livid with anger at the Grey Jedi Master.

    "You Hypocrite! You Arrogant Sod! You continually interfere in SITH AFFAIRS and claim you do not seek WAR!!!!???"
    His voice rose with the building anger.

    The infinite moment exploded into reality.

    Lord Scythe unleashed the full fury of his Lightning Storm at Master Fodoh, the young Jedi Jikar and the sobbing Darth Synistra.
    Her weakness would not go unpunished.

    As if on cue ,Executioner Armunn and Rogloth Norr fell upon Tiernin.
    Both Sith Warriors fully giving into 'Rage'.

    Vransha Killar and Kahlass, boarded the Lanvarok as ordered by Lord Scythe.
    Failure was not an option for the members of the Shadow Reavers.
    Kahlass was not a memeber of the Elite group
    and Vransha Killar as their newest memeber should survive to report the mission and accept punishment.

    Darth Synitra was tired of the hurt and did not fight it any longer.
    At that moment, she felt a comforting hand and soothing waves unlike anything she's ever experienced since childhood.
    She heard a soothing voice, and though she was not really listening, she felt them.
    Nearby she also sensed the roilling anger that had been her sole companion her entire life.She fliched and rushed into the light.
  6. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    A powerful barrage of dark lightnihg hurtled towards Antar, Jikar and Darth Synistra from Lord Scythe's outstretched hands. It was a potent attack but Scythe just lacked the power needed to harm Antar. With an outstretched hand, Antar obsorbed the Force attack, defending his young grand-aprentice and the fazed Sith warior.

    Meanwhile, Tiernin fought with Executioner Armunn and Rogloth Norr again. Sick of their persistant efforts, Tiernin finally let loose. He reached out with one hand and made a squeesing gesture, crushing one of Armunn's hands and lightsaber within it. The four armed Sith Lord let out a scream of pain and was sent backwards with a blast of Force lightning before he could attack further. Rogloth Norr was distracted just long enough for Tiernin to sever his double-bladed lightsaber as well as a few of Norr's fingers.
  7. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Mos Eklun outskirts

    Lord Scythe stared at Antar, his face a mask of Fury.
    He looked down at his hands.
    "If the apprentice survived my attack,then it stand to reason that so would his 'Master."

    Lord Scythe composed himself.

    "I will not suffer the indignity of being left alive by the likes of you to suffer the WRATH of my Master...I herby challenge you to a Duel of Warriors. ."
    Lord Scythe's lightsaber came alive in his hand. He saluted both his fallen apprentice and the Sith Executioner.
    He walked towards Master Fodoh, full of Pride and with an elegance befiting a LORD Of the SITH.

  8. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    "This is what you want?", Antar asked, removing his own lightsaber from his belt but not yet ignighting it.
  9. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    "The will of my Master is indomitable.
    it is to be followed without question."
    Lord Scythe answered Antar, calmly and evenly as he slowly approched him. He also noticed that the Grey Jedi Master did not yet ignite his lightsaber.
    "Certainly you do not fear ME ; i can see it in your eyes you believe i am no match for you. So indulge me then, for am i not a great evil that needs to be stopped? How can you say you know of the DarkSide?
    I say you know NOTHING of it!"

    Rogloth Norr and Executioner Armunn got on their feet and watched the confrontation with great interest and intensity, not sure exactly what to expect.
    They were wounded and could not fight at peak efficiency.
    But they would follow Lord Scythe's lead implicitly.
  10. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    "I know plenty of the Dark side. Most likely more that you do. But I know more than the Dark side and am not ignorant to other possibilities.", Antar replied. "And wether you are a great evil that must be stopped or the victim of manipulation remains to be seen. The fact that you haven't blindly attacked me yet proves that you are more than a useless pawn... And that you may have some hope yet... All that depends on wether or not you're willing to throw your life away here or perhaps live another day and learn that I am not your enemy."

    Antar paused a moment. "But if you choose death over learning, then maybe I'm just wrong..."

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  11. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Lord Scythe shook his head and managed to supress a smile.

    " I admit, that your abilities far exceed any display of power that I have ever witnessed. But on account of the DARKSIDE...i could not know."

    "As for my life, it is not my own to keep or as you say, throw away...that is my 'Master's
    choice and perrogative."

    "...And as for enemies, that seems to be our
    Fate. You have killed my allies whom i am sworn to avenge, and you have interfered in our affairs, how then are you Not my enemy?."

    All present were quite transfixed at the exchange. Everything seemed surreal all over again. This was the unknowable nature of the Force at work.

    At that moment Darth Synistra stirred and came out of her daze.

    Lord Scythe fixed a scornful look at her.

    "And now, I suppose that this Traitor is under your protction as well."

    Lord Scythe could no longer feel the rivers of hate that once threatened to drown Darth Synitra, though that name no longer applied.

    At this point it was evident that tension had re-entered the scene.
  12. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002
    This was not supposed to happen. Kahlass thought. He had put the datacard into the ships computer, he couldn't belive that the jedi had sommoned at all the way though the ship and crushed it like so much flim flast. He was quickly looking though the ships computer, seeing if the Upload had been at least partily sucsessful. There had been such a multitude of data on that disk thjat he expected to find something, anything. Giving up he spun around, his anger and rage at the jedi for Crushing the fruits of his wrath filling him again as he ignighted his sabers. Vransha Killar could be a coward and hide away in the ship but Kahlass would not hve it said of him that he did not fight. He marched outside the ship and scaned intently, his eyes falling on Jikar as the only one in the area he could harm. His eyes no longer just sparked, with all the darkside power, the rage, the Hatred, in the area they shot lightning at everything he looked at, which in this case was Jikar. Ligtning bombarded the jedi constantly as he closed, his sabers ready to cleve the jedi in half and exact his fury upon him. he summoned all the power of the darkside he could muster and graspoed the very heat of the air and swarmed it around him, his clothes ignighting in fire as well as his hair, and buring those who would approach.

    His power, the Sith's power, Lord Scythe's power, all these combined as Kahlass felt the exultation of new power as he became... a Sith Master.

    OOC; I figure with all the combat against such overpowering foes he could level up a bit. He has become level 6/ Power 90.
  13. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    It only takes a split second to change the course of History.

    Kahlass's attack on Jikar had marked the moment and sealed the events to come.

    Lord Scythe gave the mental signal including instructions.Failure was not an option.

    Rogloth Norr used the Force to call Darth Synistra's lightsaber to his good hand and in one swift motion he ignited it and moved against Tiernin.
    Executioner Armunn used two of his three remaining good arms against Tiernin, both lightsabers in full 'Powerstrikes' and with the third he performed a flawless saber throw that cleaved Darth Synitra's head from
    the rest of her body. She had a serene expression on her face, no trace of fear or anger...just peace.
    As a Sith Executioner, Armunn was obligated to terminate traitors and deserters. He had fullfilled that duty.

    In that same instant Lord Scythe combined 'Force speed' and 'Power strike' to rush at Master Fodoh with exceedingly
    blinding speed , executing an OverPowering 'Death Stroke', blazing with DARKSIDE energy.
    The Shadow Reavers were warriors, not diplomats.
    It was ironic that it took Sith Apprentice Kahlass to spark the final act.
  14. LightSide_Apprentice

    LightSide_Apprentice Manager Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    May 22, 2001
    Vransha Killar just watched as Kahlass left his side to join in the battle.

    What a fool, they are all fools. This is not a battle... I will play no part in it.

    The Sith Apprentice looked on, he was most interested in the battle between the Grey Jedi Master and Lord Scythe. He had never seen a battle involving a Grey Jedi Master and would make the most of this opportunity.
  15. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    Antar's lightsaber was activated and at the defencive before he could react to the atack from the Sith Lord. He parried a few blows while the reality of the situation had hit him. Executioner Armunn had just executed an unarmed woman who lay sobbing only moments earlier and now almost all involved were enguaged in combat. This had to end now and Antar had to end it. The fury of Synistra's execution filled Antar with well controlled rage and he felt the Dark side answer his call for power.

    Darth Scythe lunged forward with his lightsaber to run Antar through with what seemed to be an easy opening. It was only a trap Antar laid. In a twisting motion, Antar de-activated his lightsaber, replaced it on his belt and twisted Scythe's own saber from his hand with a violent cracking sound eminating from the Sith Lord's forearm. Antar followed his momentum and slammed an elbow firmly into Scythe's temple. Antar then swept the legs from under his opponant, sending the Sith to the ground, flat on his back. Antar grabbed the sides of his stunned opponant's head and electricity filled the Sith's body from Antar's hands and with a quick twist, Darth Scythe's neck was broken and he was dead. "May the Force be with you...", Antar whispered and gently layed his opponant's limp neck and head on the ground.


    Seeing Jikar's form filled with Force lightning, Darth Mennai sped to his aide, activating her lightsaber. She quickly deflected the rest of the incoming lightning with her red blade and shot a retaliatory blast to Kahlass who blocked the blast.

    Jikar was too badly shocked to recover in the amount of time Mennai provided him and was greateful for Klendo Noore's help away from immediate action while Lanna Hanishe still remained motionless, observing the fight and waiting untill she may be required by any of her friends.
  16. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002

    Kahlass's eyes, shooting lightning stiill. Became focused on this new threat, the one who had blocked his lighning. It was time to unleash the full powers of his new strength. the lightning shot out of his eyes, and his body was aflame. All of the sudden he relesed his hold on the heat, it expanded in a fireball, consuming the ground benith it and turning the sand to glass insantly. The sphere expanded around Kahlass and if they had been able to see him they would have seen that all he wore now was a pair of trousers, his twisted and deformed face visable. While the sphere was still expanding he took his attention away from the new attacker, and back on Jikar as his sabers lanced out from behind the fire. If it haden't been for the glass Jikar would be in two peices on the ground. Insted it was a twist of fate that Kahlass slipped ever so slightly causing his blade to go slightly askew, mearly hitting the jedi's leg, severing it and leaving it to bleed as it was hit by the red saber, and scaring his right arm as the Jedi had to defend himself from the flames. The jedi collapsed to the ground as the fire burnt out and Kahlass rasied one of his sabers in a killing blow, while his other prepared to defend against the threat.

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  17. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Outskirt of Mos Eklun,Grey Jedi vs.Sith

    The battle raged on inspite of the casualties. The three Sith Warriors that were
    now in combat pressed on their attack.
    The sight of Kahlass sudden display of power served to encourage the remining Shadow Reavers,inspite of the death of their leader Lord Scythe at the hands of Grey Jedi Master Antar Fodoh.

    Without even looking or missing a step in battle,Executioner Armunn caught the returning lightsaber in his third hand and added it in the battle against Tiernin.
    In that instant Rogkoth Norr gave the four armed Sith Mutant a signal with his eyes
    and they simultaneously thrusted out with their ruined hands.
    Rogloth Norr was missing fingers from his outstreched hand and Executioner Armunn pointed an Armored arm which ended in a stump at the Grey Jedi; They had both used The Force in an effort to crush the GreyJedi to a pulp between the two of them.
    Together, their telekinetic might was considerable.
    Tiernin reacted within milliseconds of being crushed.
    He had erected a telekinetic bubble just in time to save his life.
    The sand exploded all around them as the unleashed forces clashed against each other.
    Now a contest of the wills was at play.
    From a distance, the conflict seemed like a terrible storm.
    Swirling colums of desert sand, a blistering fiery sphere and thundering lightning were evidence of the great struggle in the Force between the GreyJedi and the Sith.
    Though visualy spectacular, the confrontation between these two Forces was one where life and death hung in the balance.

  18. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Bravo's Pride

    Bravo sat in his private chambers thinking. Although it had been three days since the Ord Mantell (sp?) Junkyard attacks, Bravo still tryed to figure out what else he could have done. In his conculsion, he had ended with that either way, Ord Mantell's (sp?) citizens would suffer even if the new Rebel Alliance helped out.

    War, he thought, Is a terrabile thing. But yet I am drawn to it. It begs for me to be there. It knows when I am near and its cry for me is one I can not avoid. But yet, war is not the way of the Jedi or the Grey Jedi...only the Sith. War brings pain and sufferning (sp?) to those who do not want it, but yet I am drawn to war. I do not know what to do.

    As Bravo wrote those words down in his private journal, a she thought them, he also thought of Kyp Durron, now the senior Jedi member and now commander of this ship and mission.
  19. GreyJediAntarFodoh

    GreyJediAntarFodoh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 3, 2001
    Only a hand full of meters away, Tiernin saw his master execute Darth Scythe and the severity of the situation hit him. Darth Synistra was perhaps ready to change sides and was killed for it. Tiernin's new aprentice, Jikar, was badly hurt, with several lightsaber burns as well as a newly amputated leg. Talking with these Sith would be a fruitless endevour. Any efforts to reason with them would only result in more harm to Tiernin and his friends and that was just unacceptable. All of these thoughts went through Tiernin's mind as he battled against Executioner Armunn and Rogloth Norr purely on instinct, placing his trust and actions int he hands of the Force.

    "You have been warned.", Tiernin finally said to his Sith opponants. He allowed his darker emotions to fill him. Anger, Fury, HAte. All the isntincts and urges that lent to the fight or flight instincts of his Human core. He didn't fight these feelings, for they had as much a place within him as compassion and love, otherwise they would not have evolved among so many races from so many star systems from all over this galaxy. He allowed the fury to consume him and fill his being to give him strength and the power in the Dark side that that filled his body was such that it had a phisical presance. Tiernin's Sith oponants could sence this new surge in the Dark side and were repulsed by it's raw strength but they still fought against Tiernin.

    Soon, the fury that consumed Tiernin allowed the Dark side of the Force consume him like it can only do for a true Grey Jedi Master. Executioner Armunn and Rogloth Norr started to become concerned, for Tiernin's Dark side presence was far greater than that of even their master, Emperor Thrawn. The air seemed to crackle around Tiernin as he deftly deflected all incoming attacks while he was gathering his strength. When he cut loose, it was as if the entire Force was at his command to his Sith oponants.

    Finally, Tiernin lashed out and went on the offensive, finishing his enemies off in the wink of an eye. Only Antar and Lanna has the Force skill and talent to obsenrve the blur that was Tiernin in action. Tiernin reached one hand towards the Cortosis armored Executioner Armunn and lances of energy flew from his hand. It wasn't quite Force lightning, but a more concentrated Dark side attack more powerful than a lightsaber. The blast cut through the Sith warior's armor as if it were only the most simple of woven tunics and scroched a hole right through Armunn's body, sending him flying to the ground.

    Tiernin followed this attack with powerful swing of his lightsaber at Rogloth Norr. Norr attempted to block the slash but his blade was just pushed aside and unable to block Tiernin's second blade that quickly severed Norr's head.
    Before Rogloth Norr's head even left his body, Tiernin lept into the air in a massive backflip. When Tiernin landed, he slammed his lightsaber blade through Armunn's face, only a second after he, himself, hit the ground.

    The execution of his oponants only lasted three seconds but to the trained eyes of Antar and Lanna, it seemed to take hours, Tiernin's Force aided movements so precise and deliberate.

    Also seeing this execution, were the skilled eyes of the new Sith Lord, Kahlass. It was comon knowlege to the Jedi and Sith, alike, that Tiernin was the juniormost of the Grey Jedi Masters. Kahlass was no fool, however, and having witnessed the execution of his peers, he had to re-evaluate the situation...

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  20. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Bravo's Pride

    This is it, Bravo thought, Its time for way.

    The darkness of hsi chamber played prefectly with his cold attuide towards his now arch enemy...the Galactic Empire. With out hestation, he went to Bravo Team's old ready room, and starped on the combat gear needed for this type of operation. He packed his combat bag with everything he would need, weapons, food, ammo, anything and everything. Then, sneaking his way around, went to the hanger deck. Bravo baorded Bravo's Pride and when he had actived the ship's controls, launched off. In a blink he was in hyper space.

    Kyp Durron felt Bravo's taste for revenge and he knew he had failed. He had been to hard on the young Jedi.

    "He has fallen," Kyp told himself, "Our only hope is that the Grey Jedi Order will accept him. I pray they get to him first, before the Dark Side does. May the Force help us all if he falls to the Dark Side...May the Force help us all."
  21. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002

    Kahlass saw the execution of the two sith knights, admittibly less powerful than him but still it unseteled him how quickly they were slain. He flipped back from his opponent and force jumped on top of the ship. Indeed there is a difference between a tacticful retreat and running away, he consoled himself as he sneered at the Grey jedi.

    "Well, i have had my fun a games with you and now i leave you with the mess to clean up. i wish i could stay to slay you all but i have business to attend to."

    With that the ship began to raise quickly under Kahlass' power and shot off over the tatooine desert.

    When it arrived back at Mos Espa Kahlass quickly Boarded his own ship and took off, back twords couscaunt, content with the saved backup on his computer of the data card. Indeed my mission had still been a sucsess, dispite the grey jedi[Kahlass thought as he looked out at the twisting Blue nether that was hyperspace and was lulled to sleep by it.

    TAG: GJAF GJ125(For your only remaining Sith apprentice)
  22. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002

    the Lanvarok had made its own jump into hyperspace hardly a minute after Kahlass's own ship had done the same.

    Vransha Killar who now piloted the Sith Vessel was deep in thought.
    He was a witness to something he himself could scarcely believe.
    There was much to consider and none of it was pleasant.

    He broke away from his musings just long enough to double check on the co-ordinates he had hastily inputed into the nav-computer.
    Satisfied, he returned to brooding.
    He had time to brood.
    His destination, which was known only to himself, would take almost an entire day to reach.


    Endor,GreyJedi temple

    Still deep in meditation inside his quarters,
    Scholar Zu Dharma felt Tiernin's mighty surge in the Force.
    Zu Dharma merely whispered "Praise the Force..." before returning to his contemplative altered state.


    Coruscant, Black Ziggurat

    Deep within a secured area of the monolithic structure, inside the 'Crystal Cave'...which was a private place of tremendous Force attunement and augmentation , the being known as Emperor Thrawn had sensed the whole sordid affair on TATOOINE.
    Especially Tiernin's sudden power spike in the Force.

    DISEMBODIED VOICE: "So you throw down your guantlet at my feet...I accept your challenge."
    Arcs of power made the crystals glow as they
    multiplied thru the faceted surfaces of each crystal and jumped from one monolithic crysral pillar to another.
    The whole cave was engulfed by a searing and blinding light as the power surged.

    DISEMBODIED VOICE: " I will personally aquire 'The Omega Champion' and the galaxy entire will tremble at his very sight...but first..."

    Reaching far with his considerable powers already augmented for the third time in as many standard hours, The Emperor
    found Kahlass and entered his sleeping mind, his very soul.
    This was a Sith Ascendant; and now that he had reached the level of a 'SITH MASTER' and became his former Master's equal,
    that automatically made him fit to become apprenticed by THE EMPEROR.
    And what an apprentice Kahlass would make, especially since the Grey Jedi seemed quite interested in him.
    EMPEROR THRAWN and Kahlass would become deeply aquainted during Kahlass's trip to Coruscant were he would begin his trainig as a Lord of the Sith.

  23. Gorin_Zachian

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    May 13, 2002

    Kahlass, deep in his dreams about his old life, in a time full of hypocricy and jedi, felt his dreams take a turn as he was forced to focus again and again on the images of his torture, his breaking, and finally, his acceptance. All thoughout this it was as if another mind directed his thoughts as no matter how hard he tried he could not wake up or shake the images of his masters lifeless body sinking to the ground.

    "Kahless... Please, consider your sitation. You hate the Jedi... You hate that they abandoned you and can never forgive them for this, but why? For leaving you with the Sith? If the Sith are so bad as to merit your hatred of the Jedi then think about what you're now doing. Think about the others like you that may be captured and tortured. Please, consider my words... You have a choice..."

    The words rang in his head but he could still see the sceans of anger and hatred from his life. A voice entered into his head, one he had never heard before, yet seemed like someone he knew well. It said, as the scean of him cutting down the dark lord played in front of his eyes, "Did you have a choice then Kahlass?" The scean flashed forwards to when he had struck down his master. "Did you have a choice then? Letting the Hypocrite live?" the scean flashed back to his acceptance of the Sith Ways. "there, only there did you have a choice, everything afterwords, every action and reaction, was the will of the Sith. It was the will of all who oppose the hypocricy of the jedi, all who oppose the power grabbers of the grey Jedi, reaching for both powers, yet belonging to neither. Indeed Kahlass you have no choices left, you have only the Sith... and me." he said as Kahlass' mind formed a craggy landscape, stuck constantly by lightning ripped from the sky by Giants, plunging into the small citidels of mortals, while they pitifully tried to appease those giants. Though out there were other giants attacking the ones who attacked the mortals, while other attacked both mortals and giants alike. A man, cloaked in blak robes and his face hidden walked up to Kahlass. He said nothing, did nothing, and mearly watched as Kahlass looked over the landscape. they stood for almost a minute beo=fore, in a raspy voice he heard, and yet did not hear, a voice say, "Fitting isn't it?"

    Indeed. he thought as he contiued to look over the landscape, saying nothing.

    In thats same voice that made nos ound, yet formed trhe words in his brain the voice said, "So much like our realm isn't it? You have those that use the will of the lightning, striking out at their targets and scorchig those lesser from the earth. then you have hypocrites who use the lightning to destroy those who would weild it's will. Then you have the greatest evil, those who use the lightning for their own purposes, stikeing at both those that follow the will and those that oppose it. The first group is, of course, the sith. Stiking our foes from the very planets they are on we weild the will of the force. the second group is, of course, the jedi, those who oppose the will of the force, in all it's destructive power, and try to use it without using it. Try to destroy those who follow the will by pretending to fdollow it themselves. The third, well they reperesent the Grey Jedi as the call themselves. They reach for the force just to streghen themselves, stiking at those that follow it's will while following it's will as well. They are a destructive lot, bent on destroying the force, not useing it."

    But the man has missed one thing. Kahlass thought, What about those who are torn, those who know not who to follow, and sit there, waiting for someone to pick them up and tell them what to do.

    "Oh them? They are like you were kahlass,torn between misplace loyalty and the trueness of the force. Come, there is much to teach you, and i cannot do it here." Kahlass and the old man walked out into the distance and when th blackness enveolped them kahlass woke with a star, sweating and panting, in his bed.

    TAG: GJ125
  24. Miccu_Resea

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    Mar 17, 2002
    OOC: sorry i havent been on in a while, but ive had a long time to think, so here i go.

    All over the Galaxy

    The New Republic cringed in fear at Admiral Pellaeon's announcement to Leia Solo. The thought of a fully functional Death Star under the command of the Risen Empire struck fear into the hearts of many. Not just a simple fear that after a few days could be shrugged off; this fear penetrated the deepest feelings of security---The ultimate destruction of having the planet blown up by some power hungry Emperor or underling. But that was not the only problem they faced. Unlike the Death Stars of old, the Eye of Thrawn had the power of the unseen, the power of the fear. The worst fear of anyone is the unknown. The people's fears were carved and carnated into this machine---The awesome power of the Eye could destroy any and all opposition that it faced. The Rebel Alliance was once again faced with an impossible task, to defend the rights of all. The time would come when the littlest voice would have the most powerful words, and when the littlest fighter would become the ultimate fighter.

    Commenor, Coruscant, Kashyyyk, and Mon Calamiri

    Reports began to file in one after another. Mysterious crashes in the atmosphere and outer orbits have occured in all these places. Stranger still, the ships have reported that they experieced hull decompression and stated that they collided with a large object, but no object was there. On Commenor, a large freighter waiting for ground clearance drifted slighly off course and suddenely collided with an object, and plummeted towards Commenor in a twisted pile of wreckage. All hands were losst. On Mon Calamiri, an orbital Space Dock was pulled out of its prescribed orbit by a strange unseen mass shadow that orbited Mon Calamiri. On Kashyyyk, Numerous small crafts had collided with an unseen force. And on Coruscant, delegates from Different Planets have reported that their ambassador's ships have suddenly disappeared out of the sky. All these strange occurances had seemed inconsequential to most of the people, but not to the Rebel Alliance.

    IC: Admiral Pellaeon

    After talking with Leia for the past days, The entire Alliance has decided what course to take. They needed more information, and they needed to contact all eyewitnesses of those crashes. They soon headed out to talk with the people.

    Thank yor for your time, Leia. ill get right to it.

    Good luck, Admiral. you'll need it to find the unseen...

    OOC:Like i said, i had a long time to think with school and all ;)
  25. LightSide_Apprentice

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    May 22, 2001
    Coruscant, Black Ziggurat

    The Lanvarok soon makes a landing at the Black Ziggurat. It's only passenger, a Sith Apprentice, exited and headed for the High Sith Council Chambers.

    Vransha Killar decides that his priority is to inform the Sith as to the events that had recently occurred on Tatooine.

    No doubt they could feel their own Sith dying and they could also feel the enourmous manipulation of the Force by the Grey Jedi. They couldn't see however the small details, what actually happened-from start to finish. I will fill them in on this information so as to make us better prepared for our enemies.

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