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Beyond - Legends The New Sith Order: Dark Legacy

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Stridarious, Apr 16, 2003.

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  1. Stridarious

    Stridarious Jedi Knight star 6

    Nov 27, 2002
    [link=]The New Sith Order: "Dark Legacy"[/link]

    Written By: [link=][hl=gold]Stridarious[/hl][/link], [link=][hl=gold]Mertroid[/hl][/link], & [link=][hl=gold] BartSimpson-SithLord [/hl][/link]

    Chapter 1: ?A Lover?s Flame?

    Lord Athrenino, age 29, stood atop the third story balcony, overlooking the lush green Iridonian landscape. His eyes fixed, watching as the sunset off in the distance, disappearing behind the rolling hills. He sighed slightly and walked back inside, closing the tall wooden French doors behind him.
    ?I guess she?s not coming?? Athrenino mumbled, as he turned to walk towards the doors leading out of his study and into the long narrow passageway, which interwove between rooms.
    Looking back, he focused his eyes onto the approaching darkness. The candles, which encircled the room, faded out and Athrenino stepped into the hallway, starting his long walk to the outside garden where he would rest in the silence of the moment. On the way, he stopped to admire the empire he had constructed, Moreover, the power that he beheld. He was the first young ruler, and the last man of his stature to comprise the dark formation, a group devoted to the destruction of all. It was in this silent walk that he realized his wants and needs, he pushed those thoughts out and kept pursuing his goal, but in truth, they still lingered. The visions and emotions formed by the knowledge of Vanessa, the young Iridonian senator that pledge her love to him years earlier, and the hopes that she was the one and only person for him. His heart raced when around her and he felt at peace with her near, he felt himself and that was something not many could do to him. He smiled and turned to face the dark corridor, which disappeared slowly behind him as he neared the Garden gates.
    Unlatching the lock from the main rod iron gate, he stepped into the dark green world, which formed the small palace Garden. It was here and only here that he felt he could meditate in peace and silence.
    Passing by each individual plant, he walked until finally he reached a long narrow bench where he planted himself, and shut his eyes, meditating on what was to come.
    Then a sudden voice broke the silence and Athrenino opened his eyes, and saw that before him stood Vanessa, her cloak wrapped tightly about her, and her face concealed. She was wearing a Her eyes droopy with sleep depravation, and her mouth dry. The senate had truly overworked her, and pushed her to the extremes. She stood; staring up at him, then smiled and wrapped her arms about him.
    ?I almost thought you weren?t going to make it?? Athrenino replied, holding her tightly against him.
    ?I found a way around my schedule to make it here?? Vanessa replied smiling as she looked up into Athrenino's eyes and caught a glimpse of his child like face.
    ?Although you did appear quite worried, you should know by now that if I do not see you then I will visit you sometime later.? Vanessa added.
    ?I know?? Athrenino began, ?I just get worried for you.?
    Vanessa smiled and reached up to touch his face, then slowly backed away, and reached into her pocket, pulling out her comm. Link.
    ?They want me back again?? Vanessa groaned as she walked over to Athrenino and planted a soft kiss onto his cheek.
    ?Tell them your busy.? Athrenino replied, grabbing onto her hand.
    ?I can?t?? Vanessa replied, pulling away, ?I have so much I need to do.?
    ?Is that so much more important then I?? Athrenino asked, slightly angry.
    ?No, it is never more important then our relationship, but, we must also remember that we both play a critical role in these events and must take responsibility when called for duty.? Vanessa replied, turning back to look upon Athrenino, her eyes s
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