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    Welcome loyalists of the Dark Side, we of the New Sith
    Order bid you welcome. If you venture past this post
    within this thread, you do so on your own accord.

    What was once lost has now reappeared like a shadow
    in the night. Ready to wreak havoc once again.
    For those who remember are few. Some things should
    not be forgotten. But the dark times of the past has a
    way of creeping back up. The reign of terror that lasted
    many years but finally collapsed from infighting. Now a
    new breed has come to reclaim the order once more.
    For the Dominion of Darkness is no more, but will live on
    as The New Sith Order.


    This thread is dedicated to all in the Star Wars universe
    who've used the Dark Side in ways that are less than
    honorable, and also whom oppose all that the light side
    stands for, and has to offer. Within this thread you will
    be treated to the many powers the Dark Side has to offer,
    as well as intelligent discussions about various topics
    pertaining to the ways of the Sith, Dark Jedi, and the
    overall Dark Side of the Galaxy Far Far Away. If one
    wishes to become a member of this thread, one must be a
    supporter of the Darkness, and an opponent of the light.
    If anyone treads within this thread, and disagrees with
    the teachings of the Dark Side, they will be decapitated,
    and their head will serve as a warning to all who dare
    oppose the power of the Dark Side.

    Members of the New Sith Order are lawful, ordered
    individuals. They do not succumb to the temptations of
    many other evil individuals, such as the need for petty
    vengeance, in-the-dark assassinations, or even greed. Duty
    and loyalty in the name of New Sith Order are paramount to
    everything for a Sith Warrior. Underhanded subversive
    tactics are frowned upon greatly, and punished with no
    less than expulsion. However, there is an exception to
    such deviousness--if it is done in the best interests of
    the New Sith Order, then it is entirely allowed. Unlike
    Jedi, the Sith know when to put their pride behind them
    for the greater good of their cause.

    Some may ask, why the need for law within the Sith Order?
    Please allow me to explain. I am always reminded of a
    quote, "Evil turns in upon itself.". This has proven true
    over and over again in the old Sith Empire of the EU, much
    of its downfall was attributed to internal wars and
    disputes. And who can forget Return of the Jedi? It was
    Darth Vader who killed the Emperor, again showing how evil
    destroys itself. We used to live by the creed, "only the
    strongest shall survive", but this has only bred distrust
    amongst the ranks and bitter rivalries between members.
    This is why evil organizations of the past were destined
    to fail, and this is why we must have laws to bring order
    to the chaos. Only when we are more united than the Jedi
    in our goals and vision, will we bathe in their blood and
    rule the galaxy once again!

    The keys to victory are order, discipline, and vision.
    "Bring order to our followers, and they will accomplish.
    Discipline them, and they will achieve. Give them vision,
    and they will move forward toward a common goal.

    All this being said, all the information you need to know
    about the New Sith Order thread is as follows:

    To gain admittance into the order you must first post:

    ~I give in to the power of the Dark Side~

    Then you will be added to the list of hopefuls as a "Sith
    Peon" until you meet the requirements of two weeks
    active posting of 3 or more posts per week If you already meet
    those requirements you remain as a "Sith Peon" for a
    short time to make sure that you actually have an interest
    in our thread, if you are sponsored in by an existing
    member you may be able to skip Peon status and go straight
    into the Shadow Knight Order.

    ~New Sith Order Leadership~

    TEEGIRLOO:Dark Lady of the New Sith Order
    Evil_King_Wiggins: Grand Vizier
    Sinrebirth: Dread Inquisitor

    ~Death Knight Order~

    Despised 1

    ~Dread Knight Order~

    ~Shadow Knight Order~

    ~Sith Peons~

    ~The Oath and Code~

    The Oath and the Code determine the actions of a Knight in
    service to the New Sith Order. They provide the Knight
    courage in the face of terrible danger, give the Knight
    strength when the Knight's own is failing, and grant the
    Knight guidance when presented with difficult choices. The
    Oath and the Code lead a Knight to champion the cause of
    the New Sith Order and uphold the laws that are consistent
    with the Order's beliefs.

    ~The Oath~

    As was stated above the Oath is "My honor is my life".
    Every Knight not only know the Oath but lives and breathes
    it. It is a promise that governs all of a Knight's actions
    in and out of combat and is more sacred to a knight than
    his very life itself.

    ~The Code~

    The Code is a set of laws, that defines exactly what honor
    means and how to live according to it. It is important to
    remember the exact and unquestioned adherence to the Code
    is the goal of the Sith Knight. Knight's must understand
    that honor does not lie solely in the aged and dusty code,
    but in the very soul of the Knight. The Code is made up of
    the writings of ancient Sith Lords from the golden age of
    the first Sith Empire, but was largely forgotten with

    It is important to note that, as a Knight progresses
    through the Orders, Shadow Knights (Apprentices), Dread
    Knights (Warriors), Death Knights (Masters), the elements
    of the Code from the previous Order are not discarded, but
    rather built upon with the new elements of the Code of
    subsequent Orders. Therefore a Dread Knight continues to
    uphold the tenets of the Shadow Knight Code, while adding
    more elements from the Dread Knight Code.

    ~The Code of the Shadow Knight (Apprentices)~

    The Order of Shadows exemplifies the ideals of Loyalty and
    obedience to the New Sith Order in all that a Knight is
    and does. Loyalty requires unquestioned obedience to
    higher power and authority, as long as that power and
    authority follows and adheres to the precepts set forth in
    the Oath and the Code.

    Loyalty is due to, all the allies of the Sith, those
    oppressed by the Jedi, and those threads who by decree and
    common consent are in good standing with the New Sith
    Order and deserving of its honorable loyalty and

    ~Acts befitting a Shadow Knight~

    * Unquestioned obedience to those whose authority is
    maintained in the Sith Councils.
    * Dedication to the ideals of the Code.
    * Loyalty to brother and sister Sith of all orders.
    * All other acts that can cause the strengthening of
    loyalty among Sith.

    ~Responsibilities of a Shadow Knight~

    A Shadow Knight of the New Sith Order must serve and aid
    any fellow Sith who is on the business of his order and
    requires assistance, and serve the threads, and allies on
    the List of Loyalty as compiled by the Dark Lord. Failure
    to fulfill these duties may cause the honor of a Sith to
    be questioned.

    ~The Code of the Dread Knight (Warriors)~

    Dread Knights act as warriors for the New Sith Order,
    upholding the purest ideals of heroism and courage.
    Heroism is the willingness to sacrifice ones self for
    ones beliefs, and the betterment of the New Sith Order.

    ~Heroic deeds include~

    * Strengthening the weak so that they may strike out at
    common enemies of the New Sith Order.
    * Freeing the enslaved from oppressive Jedi teachings.
    * Bringing true light to the false and misleading
    teachings of Jedi whenever possible.
    * Championing the greater cause of the Dark Side in the
    * Aiding fellow knights in need.

    ~Courageous acts include~

    *Courage is the readiness to die honorably in the fight
    for supremacy.
    * Facing Jedi, or other enemies of the Sith fearlessly.
    * Defending the honor of the knighthood.
    * Defending the honor of a fellow knight.
    * Protecting the allies of the Sith.

    ~Responsibilities of a Dread Knight~

    A Dread Knight must pay homage to the Dark Lord, as well
    as all members of the Death Knight Order, eagerly engage
    opponents in combat (not retreating regardless of the
    enemy's strength except when in the best interest of the
    NSO), protect those that assist the NSO, and forswear the
    use of knightly powers for reasons that would benefit the

    ~The Code of the Death Knight (Masters)~

    The Order of Death embraces honor guided by Sith justice
    and wisdom. Honor is the allegiance to one's oath to
    defend the cause of the New Sith Order. Dealing out Sith
    justice is the heart of the Code and the soul of a Death
    Knight. Sith justice requires that the Death Knight render
    to everyone -creature, droid, or person- his or her due.

    ~Acts befitting a Death Knight include~

    * Sacrificing one's self for the sake of others that the
    New Sith Order is loyal to.
    * Giving no thought to one's own safety in defense of the
    * Protecting the lives of fellow knights.
    * Seeing that no Sith is wasted or sacrificed in vain.

    ~Responsibilities of a Death Knight~

    A Death Knight is expected to honor the Dark Lord at all
    times and in all acts, to fight for Sith justice without
    regard to personal safety or comfort, to refuse to submit
    to any foe, and to sacrifice all in the name of honor.

    ~Knights of the New Sith Order Codex~


    "My honor is my life", a Knight of the New Sith Order
    breathes this oath into the very fibres of their soul
    allowing it to envelope their whole life. Honor is defined
    as: That which rightfully attracts esteem, respect, or
    consideration; self-respect; dignity; courage; fidelity;
    especially, excellence of character; high moral worth;
    valor; nobleness. A Knight lives by his honor, it guides
    him in all he does, all he says and all he is.


    Knights of the New Sith Order must strive to handle their
    actions and their words according to their Codes. As a
    Knight progresses the responsibilities of a Knight grows
    with them. You are expected to show diplomacy (when at all
    possible) in all disputes and proper representation of the
    Dark Lord in all that you do.

    Acts befitting a Shadow Knight: Unquestioned
    obedience to those whose authority is righteously
    maintained by the Dark Lord, dedication to the ideals of
    the measure, loyalty to brother/sister Sith of all the
    orders, and all other acts that cause the strengthening of
    loyalty among the Sith.

    Acts befitting a Dread Knight: Are all the
    aforementioned acts of the Shadow Knight plus facing Jedi
    without concern for personal suffering, accepting a
    challenge of combat for the honor of the New Sith Order,
    defending the honor of the knighthood, defending the honor
    of a fellow knight in good standing, provoking the
    defenseless and the weak to strike out at enemies of the
    New Sith Order.

    Acts befitting a Death Knight: Are the
    aforementioned in the Shadow and Dread acts plus,
    sacrificing one's life for the sake of others loyal to the
    Sith, giving no thought to one's own safety in defense of
    the of the New Sith Order and its honor, protecting the
    lives and honor of fellow knights in good standing, and
    seeing that no Sith life is wasted or sacrificed in vain.

    If a Knight decides to leave the New Sith Order, yet still
    remains in good standing and supports the NSO, they are
    allowed to do so, if a Knight leaves the Order and turns
    to Jedi teachings they will be seen as honor-less, and
    tried before the Dark Lord for crimes against the New Sith
    Order, most trials will result in permanent expulsion from
    the Order, and all protections given to its members are
    stripped from the honor-less individual.

    ~Grievances with those within the New Sith Order~

    If you have observed something that bothers you about a
    fellow Knight and their conduct you are required to
    quietly pull them aside (send a PM) and state your
    concern. Favorably this would be the end of it as I would
    hope both parties could negotiate a resolution that is
    beneficial to the New Sith Order. If the above method does
    not work you are then required to bring the matter to a
    Lords attention (Dark Lord, Grand Vizier, or Dread
    Inquisitor,. The Lord will act as a mediator in this matter.
    If the matter is not resolved then a moderator will be
    involved and make the final decision. These rules
    are expected to be followed at all times.

    ~On RP dueling and other verbal encounters~

    In our Threads:

    If encountering a Jedi Knight in any of the Sith threads,
    this is what is required: Greet them, in a respectful
    manner. Find out their intentions, inform them they are
    not normally welcome in our thread, and politely ask them
    to leave for no Jedi is allowed in the Sith thread.
    Nor is a Sith able to go in to the Jedi thread.
    If they properly follow their code, expect
    them to challenge a "evil" Sith outright in a verbal
    debate or a RP duel, allow them to challenge if they
    remain civil. If they insult you take it to private
    messages and teach them the meaning of manners and
    respect. If they tell you to find someone worth their
    time, direct them to a MOD immediately. This is not only
    an insult to you, it is an insult to the entire New Sith
    Order, for in our eyes all Knights and even Peon hopefuls
    are worthy of their titles.

    In neutral threads:

    If encountering a Jedi Knight in a neutral thread, you are
    still required to greet them and parlay, you do not have
    to debate them, but it is encouraged that you do in a
    respectful manner. If you do not trust their intentions,
    do not feel bad about doubting them, they are infidels
    after all.

    In any thread:

    If a duel has been decided upon, keeping in mind it is
    done in the proper forum (RPF) and that you may never turn
    down a duel, you must show honor in battle as with what
    you say to the Jedi Knights as well. State the rules
    clearly before the duel commences, if this takes thirty
    minutes, so be it. These rules need to be clearly defined,
    as there will never be a re-issue of challenge. There is
    no honor in not abiding by the rules and arguing over it
    when it is complete. When a duel is over and you have been
    victorious, it is courteous and expected for you to not
    gloat over your fallen opponent. A Knight of the New Sith
    Order will show respect for his/her opponent. If you were
    the one to fall, you then will congratulate the Jedi
    Knight on their victory and show honor, you will not argue
    in or out of character about the duel. If you have an
    issue in the duel conduct you shall take it to a Lord or
    the Sith Council, where it will be dealt with accordingly.

    ~The Flow of Leadership~

    The leadership of the New Sith Order is to consist of a
    Dark Lord/Lady, and his/her administration, Grand Vizier &
    Dread Inquisitor. The Dark Lord/Lady is expected to include
    not only his advisers in decisions, but to consult the group
    in general, including the most lowly members of the community.
    The title of "Dark Lord" is not one of glory and power, but one of
    responsibility and burden. The Dark Lord is, above all, a public
    servant, whose main purpose is to be the public figure and
    make all announcements that the administration has decided..

    The Grand Vizier’s main purpose is to be the aide of the Dark Lord,
    accept new recruits and determine master/apprentice pairings.
    The Dread Inquisitor’s main purpose is to be the enforcer of the group
    in which he decides who shall be promoted in rank.In the case of
    a grievance with the Dark Lord/Lady, or the Vizier or Inquisitor,
    group members are encouraged to voice oppositions respectfully
    in-thread, unless specifically requested otherwise. In extreme cases,
    members may contact the administration for assistance.

    If it is felt that the Dark Lord/Lady, Grand Vizier or Dread
    Inquisitor must be removed, a member of the administration
    may propose impeachment proceedings. A vote will then be
    taken to determine whether a member of the administration
    should be removed. If the measure has passed with at least 51% of the
    vote, the member of the administration will be asked to peacefully
    surrender his position and return to the rank of Death Knight.
    If the deposed member of the administration refuses to go
    quietly, moderators should be contacted to remove him forcefully.

    Once the position is left vacant, the group will then go through
    a twenty-four hour nomination period, during which the
    administration will nominate at least two-candidates for
    the vacant position Once the nomination period has ended, the members
    will then hold a forty-eight hour voting period to determine the new member
    of the administration..

    Temple of the Sith

    ~Training Guidelines~

    Upon being approved for membership within the NSO, a Peon hopeful
    must go through a two-week trial before they may be taken as an
    apprentice. During this trial, the Peon hopeful is expected to post
    frequently, contribute to discussion, and perpetuate an overall
    positive atmosphere within the group.

    Once the two-weeks is up, a Knight may request to take the
    Peon as an apprentice. The apprenticeship may begin when
    approved by the Grand Vizier. Once the apprenticeship is underway,
    the apprentice is expected, just as before, to post frequently, and
    contribute to discussion. They will also be required to complete at
    least nine tasks.

    These tasks will usually consist of a written dialog
    on a particular subject requested specifically by the master. However,
    this is not the only definition of a task, and masters are encouraged to
    be creative in the training process. They do not have to follow the exact list,
    but can use the optional tasks as a guide.

    All tasks must be entered, in some form or another, in a training log.
    A master-student relationship is not restricted to tasks.
    Masters are expected to be generally helpful to their students,
    providing them with whatever wisdom and information they can.

    An apprenticeship must last a minimum of two months. If, in that
    time, the apprentice has met the required criteria, they may be
    promoted. However, it is generally advisable that the apprenticeship
    last a bit longer than the minimum requirement.

    When a master feels that his or her student is ready for promotion,
    the master may submit the apprentice to the Dread Inquisitor for promotion.
    If the Inquisitor feels that the student is ready, a promotion ceremony
    will take place. If the Inquisitor concludes that the apprentice needs
    more work, the apprenticeship will continue.

    Optional tasks:

    (Majority of the tasks to be done in essay, discussion or RPG form.)

    1. Why do you choose to be a Sith?
    2. Sith and Jedi Code – Describe each and compare the differences.
    3. Who is your favorite Sith? Give a bio including name, homeworld & era.
    4. Name three Sith ruled worlds – Give brief description of each world and the events that happened.
    5. Sith Rule of Power Structure – Name them and describe strengths and weaknesses of each.
    6. The Darkside Compendium – Who wrote it? Of what does it consist? Give a description.
    7. Explain the differences between Dark Jedi and Sith.
    8. Name three wars involving the Sith. Give a brief description of each.
    9. What do you believe are the goals of the Sith and what would you do to achieve them?

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  2. Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC

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    Ah, the smell of a new Order.
  3. Teegirloo Jedi Master

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    Yes isn't it refreshing.

    *Starts plotting*
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  4. Lord Vivec Force Ghost

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    Apr 17, 2006
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    I'd love to sign up.
  5. Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC

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  6. Teegirloo Jedi Master

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    Welcome back Viv

    edit: Btw Sinre you need to lock the DoD Thread
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  7. Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology

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    Oh yes, very nice.

    I assume you have a place for...friends of the Order. Simple men like myself who can perform the odd job for you. Given, of course, that I am able to continue on with my other contracts.

  8. Teegirloo Jedi Master

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    May 26, 2005
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    Oh of course we will assist you with whatever your needs are. The Sith are very hospitable.:)
  9. Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology

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    So I have always thought. Quite civilized the lot of you. Very neat and orderly. ;)

  10. Teegirloo Jedi Master

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  11. Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology

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    Is that a philosophical differnce between you and the Jedi. Do or do not there is no try. vs We do try our best? :p

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  12. Teegirloo Jedi Master

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    We are over achievers we do as much as we can and more much like the Mandalorians
  13. Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology

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    There are many similarities, and a few key differences. I am content to work for both sides. ;)

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  14. Teegirloo Jedi Master

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  15. Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master

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    Jul 12, 2005
    star 6 this is home. Thanks be to the immortal Gods of the Sith.

    MTDSBWY ~[face_devil]
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  16. Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology

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    Slowly but surely the Sith return to their new Temple. Excellent.

  17. Teegirloo Jedi Master

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  18. Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master

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    I was very pleased to see the opening post that I wrote years ago being used again, I put a lot of time into that and it served us well (until we became jerks and ruined the fun :p ).

    Also very cool to see my avatar in the opening graphic...[face_skull].

    So, may I put in a request? As the longest serving NSO member still around, and one of the nastier RP duelists may I have a title? Historian and Taral of the New Sith Order? The historian part is clear, I would just be here to give historical perspectives on the NSO. Taral, in the Sith language it means protector, I just want it because it sounds cool. :p
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  19. Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology

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    As a Mandalorian, I always like the sound of Protector. :p

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  20. Teegirloo Jedi Master

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    I edited a few things and added some things from my own & Wanderguards regime.

    You most definitley can have a title that would be perfect.
  21. Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master

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    Jul 12, 2005
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    I noticed a few things that didn't look the same, but it has been so long since I last read it that I wasn't sure. Very excellent reboot Dark Lady.

    Cool! Thank you!
  22. Teegirloo Jedi Master

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    May 26, 2005
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    Yeah i tried to make less emphasis on the Dark Lord and show that the three are equal.
  23. Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master

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    Jul 12, 2005
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    Wise choice, that should go a long way toward fixing what was broken.
  24. Teegirloo Jedi Master

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    May 26, 2005
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  25. Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master

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    Jul 12, 2005
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    So who made the image in the main post? It is really well done, looks like something Wiggins did.
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