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Ohio The newest resident of Maumee...

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by TheHuntressDiana, Jun 6, 2002.

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  1. TheHuntressDiana

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    May 4, 2001
    I'm sure you guys have seen or heard about this, but if ya go. :)

    [b][link=]Joe Louis Arena[/link][/b]

    MAUMEE--The name of Maumee's newest resident is priceless, and it's all because his parents are the ultimate Red Wings fans.

    You can call the Maumee couple major "wing-nuts!" Nick and Sarah Arena gave birth to a baby boy early Thursday morning at St. Luke's Hospital. They're huge Detroit Red Wings fans, so when they found out they were having a boy, they decided to name him Joe in the stadium where the Wings play. Add in thier last name and he's Joe Louis Arena.

    "When I started watching the Red Wings, I put two and two together and I thought that would be a good name for me. I kinda wish it was my name, so this is a good opportunity for me to show my spirit," says Nick Arena.

    "Some people think you can't do that to a baby, but most people start laughing right away and they think its a really cool thing," says Sarah Arena.

    Dad says he won't make his son play hockey if he doesn't like it, but baby Joe Louis is already headed in the right direction. He was born weighing in at nine-pounds and seven ounces. When the Arena family watches the Red Wings take on Carolina in game two of the Stanley Cup finals, they won't be at Joe Louis Arena, but they'll be with him.

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