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The next Jak and Daxter-Jak2

Discussion in 'Games' started by the_chosen_two, Mar 18, 2003.

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  1. the_chosen_two

    the_chosen_two Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 23, 2003
    This game looks totally different from the origanal one, here's how it is:

    The game's story initially picks up just after the ending of Jak and Daxter, as the pair investigates a strange energy portal that propels them 500 years into the future. Unfortunately, the future isn't the fun place you'd think it would be after the events of the first game. Jak is promptly attacked and captured by a mysterious group that puts him in prison. Daxter, in true form, saves his own furry butt and avoids being caught. The game then jumps ahead two years and follows Jak's Daxter-aided prison break. Apparently it's taken the furry chatterbox that long to get around to springing his friend. During the break, we get a taste of what life in prison, and two years' worth of unpleasant scientific experimentation, has done to young Jak, as he transforms into a Dark Jak, a feral incarnation that feeds on dark eco. Following the prison break, the pair meets an old man and a mysterious young boy, who proceed to fill them in on current events. Apparently, the future--in a rather unsurprising revelation, given Jak's experiences so far--kind of sucks as a whole. The people are ruled by a shadowy figure called Baron Praxis, who was responsible for the experimentation done on Jak during his prison stay, and a mechanical menace called the metal heads looms over everyone. An underground resistance has formed to combat the Baron's rule and figure out a way to keep safe from the metal heads. But, whereas most platform heroes would nobly plan to help out the locals with their various problems, Jak is pretty unfazed and remains focused on two simple goals: revenge on the Baron for the two years of experimentation and imprisonment and a return ticket to his time.

    -I am a little bit worried about this, I liked the first one but can't believed what's happening to theese guys, espeacially since its aiming for a "T", and Daxter will have some dialogue that he couldn't say in the first "E" rated game.

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