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Discussion The nuances / ingredients that make a Star Wars film

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' started by phatdude1138, Nov 3, 2012.

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    There should be a Wilhelm Scream for every single character death.
  2. bighairedaristocrat Jedi Youngling

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  3. I Are The Internets Winner: Most Improved

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  4. phatdude1138 Jedi Master

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    Yes! I hope for a few Wilhelm screams in future movies! However I think in one of the commentaries Ben Burtt said that he wasn't going to use it anymore. Granted we don't know if he will be on EP7 (I hope so), either way, I hope it's in there!!

  5. Big Bad Yoda Daddy Jedi Grand Master

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    Read this link today and my first thought was that it belonged here.


    Fair warning to my fellow whole-saga lovers - many of its contributors are some of JJ's cronies and/or can't resist pointing out that the PT was, at best, merely tolerable.
  6. phatdude1138 Jedi Master

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    This is a GREAT find! I didn't read it word for word (yet) but I agree with a lot of the topic headers.

    For quick reference, I listed out the 74 "things" in the article:

    1. An Immersive Universe
    2. Fitting Deaths
    3. Amputations
    4. Binary load lifters
    5. Binary vaporators
    6. Offensive, almost certainly unintentional ethnic stereotypes
    7. Lightning shooting from freaking hands
    8. Chiseling traders
    9. Weird Food
    10. Mystery
    11. Music
    12. Hideous Things That Love Even More Hideous Things
    13. Heroic Journeys
    14. Monsters hidden under surfaces
    15. Superficial tusks
    16. Names with diphthongs
    17. Slapstick
    18. Holograms
    19. Choking
    20. Moral Relativism
    21. Hives of Scum and Villainy
    22. Lightsabers
    23. Scoundrels
    24. Prosthetically impressive hairstyles
    25. Guns on towers
    26. Sand
    27. Furry creatures who are good
    28. Reptilian creatures who are evil
    29. Shackles
    30. Honorifics
    31. E-11 blaster rifles
    32. Operatic resonance
    33. Entire planets with only one biome
    34. Engine noises
    35. Boots
    36. People Suspended from Things
    37. Witty Banter
    38. Flaws
    39. Modes of Transport
    40. Ducts
    41. Gloves
    42. Masks
    43. Hats
    44. Hidden compartments
    45. French horns
    46. Repairs
    47. Romance
    48. Swinging From ropes
    49. Spaceships with parts that rotate, fold, Or disassemble
    50. Beeps
    51. Vistas
    52. Alien beasts of burden
    53. Height
    54. An Underworld
    55. The Dark Side
    56. Stormtrooper Fashion
    57. Comlinks
    58. Weird helmets
    59. Trash disposal systems
    60. Tractor beams
    61. Animals that are terribly suited for the planets they live on
    62. Faulty hyperdrive systems
    63. Long odds
    64. Sidearms
    65. Hoodie robes
    66. Star destroyers
    67. Anger
    68. Hatred
    69. Suffering
    70. Tough Princesses
    71. Politics
    72. Nostalgia
    73. Funny Droids
    74. Books About the Movie
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    A Star Wars film is released in May.
    A Star Wars film is part of a trilogy of Star Wars films.
    Each film in a trilogy is released in consecutive order, with a consecutive episode number.
    There are three years between the releases of Star Wars films within a trilogy.
  8. WatTamborWoo Jedi Knight

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    Mysterious background characters like 'Boba Fett'. A small nuance. Big impact.

    My favourite little nuances are the Vignettes - where a minor character has a little scene and contributes to the overall ambience of the Star Wars universe like Dexter Jetster or Lobot or ... the Separatists with Count Dooku...I'm sure everyone has their own favourites!
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  10. TCF-1138 Jedi Grand Master

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    I realize you are making some sort of joke-thing of a sort, but...
    those aren't even related to the topic at hand. Yes, that's tradition, but I don't get any less enjoyment from the OT even though I didn't see them in the cinema, with a three-year-wait. I saw the OT back in 1993, when I was seven years old. They were on TV - one movie for every Saturday for three weeks. Worked fine. Weren't even in may.
    And The Phantom Menace didn't even open until August 1999 in Sweden, so I didn't see it until then. Did it lessen my enjoyment of the film? No, Jar Jar did. Not the august release date.
    (For the record, I'm not a prequel basher, I like 'em, just not the gungan)
  11. DARTHLARS Jedi Master

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    I'm also from Sweden, and I know that no Star Wars movie was released in May in Sweden until AOTC.
    I also saw TPM in August of 1999, but I could have seen a low-quality pirate copy of it in May, but I declined. I believe that it was all that piracy that made Lucasfilm choose to release the next movie worldwide at about the same date.
  12. FRAGWAGON Jedi Master

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    Nov 3, 2012
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    I'm really over the Wilhelm after Peter Jackson shamelessly ripped it off. Don't care to see The Hobbit, but does it have THX-1138 references all over it? :rolleyes:

    Get your own inside jokes, PJ!
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  13. Bobatron Jedi Master

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    In almost each film, lightsabers were used in a new way. ANH introduced them, in TESB it was shown as a cutting tool, in ROTJ it was used to deflect. In TPM, it was shown as tool that could be used to cut and burn open a metal door, and the double-bladed lightsaber was introduced. In AOTC: Dooku's curved handle, Anakin fighting with two, Yoda using a lightsaber. In Revenge of the Sith: a droid used a lightsaber, and spun it like blades. The real thrill of the lightsaber isn't in seeing a number of duels, but seeing the weapon used in a new way.
  14. Original Oatmeal Jedi Padawan

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    Before there was that little boy and the Lord of the Rings, there was Luke and a lightsaber. Whenever I heard the Star Wars theme song, I knew Luke was about to save the day or something epic was going to happen. Later, this blond boy hops in a pod and then you start hearing the same theme song, and that is yet the cue to get excited again. The Phantom Menace had no Luke, so how could I get excited about anything in it? But then the theme soundtrack came in and I was suddenly rooting for the 9 year old in the pod racer. Oh, and then this guy with horns pop in, but then he had really cool music as well. So, music is the number one thing for me in all 6 films.
  15. WatTamborWoo Jedi Knight

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    Another nuance is sound. Athough we all know sound is a BIG part of SW there are sooo many sounds, little nuances that are fabulous. My favoutite being the "no" sound of the sonic charges in AOTC (very nuanced)

    I was watching the Clone Wars with headphones the other day and was delighted with how complicated the soundscapes were in certain chase and battle scenes. They really brought you into the thick of the action.

    It is the nuances that bring us into the universe of SW and the sound effects we hardly notice are a big part of that.

    So hopefully the ST will continue the nuanced soundscapes of SW.
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  16. Darth Claire Madam Curator of New Films Fan Art

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    People with crazy names. Also....is it true that almost every character has a name and backstory *even background characters with no lines and only seconds of screentime?*
  17. Jedi Comedian Jedi Knight

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    LOVE that sound effect. Even above classics like the lightsabres.

    (Although it's hard to appreciate the lightsabre sound - it's so famous now that you just hear it and think "yep, that's a lightsabre". You don;t realise how cool it is.)
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  18. WatTamborWoo Jedi Knight

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    Agree with the lightsaber point. Some of the SW sounds just pass us by. Like the blaster fire aswell.
    Although some of these sounds are also nuanced. I watched the Carnage of Krell recently (CW) and I swear Krell's lightsaber sounded different (it has a "growling" sound to it). So perhaps we may get some nuances to all the familiar sounds we know and love.
  19. bstnsx704 Jedi Knight

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    Right, because Peter Jackson totally ripped off an 'inside joke' that has been in use by many directors in many films, shows, and games since 1951...
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  20. Roger Goldleader Jedi Master

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    Oh, I can think of plenty - Jar Jar, Battle Droids, Nemoidians, C3PO, Ewoks, EP I & II Anakin, Stormtroopers that can't shoot....


    Sorry, I thought you said nuisances....
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  21. FRAGWAGON Jedi Master

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    Before Star Wars, the Wilhelm was just a stock sound. It was Ben Burtt that used it as an inside joke first.
  22. A Chorus of Disapproval New Films Riot Deterrent

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    Has anyone mentioned the histrionic complaining of fans, yet...?
  23. bstnsx704 Jedi Knight

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    Yup, Ben Burtt popularized it. And when it became popular many filmmakers began to use it. Its a trend and it caught on. Not seeing a problem there :)
  24. Immortiss Force Ghost

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    Excellent and well said. How could you possibly write something...I mean, this has already been done before. Why do it again? But I agree that that was/is thee major premise of those two trilogies. I don't want to see this redone. It is very black and white. In order to write a unique/different SW trilogy, the writers are going to need to be a bit more ambiguous, like gray area themes and not black vs. white. Agree?
  25. Immortiss Force Ghost

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    Yes, I think GL has mentioned something about that, but not on this thread.
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