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Saga The Obi-Wan Kenobi Diaries, Part 3: Naboo: REPOSTED

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by anakin_girl, Aug 23, 2004.

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  1. anakin_girl

    anakin_girl Jedi Knight star 6

    Oct 8, 2000
    I'm reposting this on the advice of a friend--I had been posting elsewhere on two sites, but one of them appears to have gone defunct. :(

    But anyway, here it is...this is the sequel to The Obi-Wan Kenobi Diaries, Part 2: Tatooine.

    I'm more of a feedback junkie than I had given myself credit for so please leave a reply. Thanks. :)


    It took a day for us to fly from Tatooine to Naboo. We ate vegetable stew and bread for dinner that night, stew that Anakin had made from scratch and then frozen. I?ll never know where the kid gets his culinary skills from. Neither Tatooine nor the Jedi Temple has a place for a full-of-himself Padawan to take cooking lessons. Maybe he learned from Padmé. On second thought, nah?that would require getting out of bed longer than ten minutes.

    The stew was delicious of course. ?So which Senators are going to be at this session?? Anakin asked, taking another bite of bread.

    I took another gulp of soup before replying. ?A few of the same ones from last time,? I said. ?Yrros Atmos from Concord Dawn, Bail Organa of Alderaan, and of course your friend here.? I gave Padmé a wink. Annoying Anakin on occasion was fun. ?And a couple of new Senators,? I added. ?Silvo Rey from Dantooine and Nelvo Sola from Ansion. And Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.?

    Anakin didn?t say anything, but his frown turned into a scowl. ?What is it?? I asked.

    He shook his head. ?I don?t know,? he replied. ?Something about the Chancellor. Something I can?t put my finger on.? He looked at Padmé. ?I know he?s from your home planet, babe. Maybe I shouldn?t say anything.?

    Padmé put down her soup spoon and sipped her water. ?It?s all right, Ani,? she said. ?I understand. I know I helped put him in office, but you?re right. There is something about him I don?t trust, and it?s just been recently that I?ve felt that way.?

    I put my napkin down. ?I?m not telling you two not to trust your instincts, especially you, Anakin,? I said. ?Trusting one?s instincts makes one better able to sense danger. Maybe if I had trusted mine at the Battle of Naboo, I would have been able to save Qui-Gon?? I trailed off, lost in thought, and shook my head rapidly, trying to clear it of the image of my Master lying on the floor of the hangar, struggling to catch his last breath.

    I knew I should have broken through the Force-shield that surrounded him rather than leaving him to fight the Sith Lord alone. But I didn?t, and both he and I paid the price. This was not a price I would allow Anakin to pay.

    Anakin and Padmé had both stopped eating for the moment, and Anakin laid his large hand on my wrist. ?Master?? he asked, concern evident in his blue eyes.

    ?Anyway,? I said, swallowing hard. ?You should always pay attention to what the Force is trying to tell you, but also remember what Master Yoda says: The future is always in motion. The Force shows us possible scenarios as well as real ones.?

    Anakin nodded.

    ?Be mindful of your feelings, but don?t completely discount the Chancellor until we have more concrete evidence,? I added, standing up. ?Do you two want some ice cream? I saw some in the freezer.?
  2. Fate

    Fate Jedi Master star 3

    Apr 22, 2003
    It's back - yay! [face_love] Maybe I'll actually be able to keep up this time. :rolleyes:

    Just as good as ever, a_g, and nice to at least see you here - I never catch you on AIM anymore. ;)

    I still love the way you write Anakin, Padmé, Obi-Wan - everyone, really. :p And it's kind of a mental stretch to rewrite a story from 'a certain point of view', but you do an awesome job.

    Hopefully more comes soon - take care of yourself. [face_love]

    [hl=pink]For freedom. For justice. Viva la Rebellion.[/hl]

  3. SenatorHermione

    SenatorHermione Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2004
    Woo-hoo it's back! :D

    You have done a fabulous job here anakin_girl. Truly fabulous. I love Obi-Wan, though not as much as Anakin, so to see him here. *sigh* I love it!!
  4. anakin_girl

    anakin_girl Jedi Knight star 6

    Oct 8, 2000
    Fate: Good to see you here--and yes, it's back--Breezy's encouragement was the deciding factor in that one. ( Breezy: [:D] ) I'm just reposting a bit at a time now--I've actually written all the way through part of Part 4.

    AIM? With DRL being the way it is, I don't have as much time anymore, but hopefully I'll catch you soon. :)

    SenatorHermione: Thanks. :) Obi-Wan does have his own good qualities--they just aren't the same as Anakin's. :p I like to show how good a friendship I think they could have had/should have had, if only they had taken the time to understand each other better.

    Here's the next post:


    We landed in Theed the next morning. Theed?where Sabé would be waiting.

    When we were on the landing platform, almost as if to torture me, Anakin grabbed Padmé in a fierce embrace and kissed her hard. I heard her whispering fiercely, ?Ani! People are looking!? And him saying, ?So??

    Right?so? Just so long as the entire galaxy knows that Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Padawan, is bedding a Senator five years his senior. I cleared my throat. Padmé turned and winked at me, then turned to her boyfriend and took his hand. ?Come on,? she said. ?Jamillia and Sabé are waiting for us.?

    At the other end of the platform was Queen Jamillia of Naboo, flanked by two bodyguards?and Sabé.

    The day was warm, and she wore a short-sleeved off-the-shoulder gown of metallic satin trimmed with lace, a matching flat hat tied over her head. From under the brim of the hat she winked and smiled at me, then approached me and extended her hand. ?Good day to you, Master Kenobi,? she said, and gave me her famous half-smile and winked again.

    I could only hope that I wasn?t as red as a Sith lightsaber by now. ?Good day to you as well, Handmaiden Martarre,? I replied. ?I hope serving as the Senator?s replacement has not been too stressful for you.?

    ?Not at all,? she said. ?It?s been relatively quiet here, in fact.? She linked her arm through mine and led me to the Queen.

    Queen Jamillia, a beautiful, slender, dark-skinned woman, wore red velvet robes and a gold brocaded headpiece on top of a very elaborate hairstyle traditional to Naboo royalty, as well as the white makeup and scar of remembrance.

    I took her hand and kissed it, and gave her a short bow. ?Your Majesty,? I said.

    ?Welcome to Naboo, Master Kenobi,? she replied, then turned to Anakin, extending her hand to him. ?And you, Padawan Skywalker.?

    He kissed her hand. ?Milady,? he said. ?You look ravishing today.?

    She laughed. ?Still quite the charmer, I see,? she said.

    Padmé and Sabé both giggled. ?That he is,? Padmé said, taking his arm. Sabé and I followed.

    We walked towards the waiting transport, and the Queen fell into step beside Padmé. ?Padmé,? she said. ?The session is set for tomorrow at 1200. I plan to attend also. Sabé has contacted your parents, but didn?t give them a specific time when you would be arriving?I thought you?d want to do that yourself. You and the Jedi are welcome to stay at the palace as long as you?d like.?

    Hopefully wherever Padmé decides to go, she?ll bring Sabé, I thought.

    ?Thank you, Jamillia,? Padmé replied. ?We?ll probably stay two nights, then leave for the Lake Country for my parents? house.? She gave Sabé a look. ?All of us,? she added. Sabé nodded.

  5. anakin_girl

    anakin_girl Jedi Knight star 6

    Oct 8, 2000
    My eyes reveled in the vision of Sabé as she led us to our chambers in the guest wing of Theed Palace. Must?be?discreet?, I kept reminding myself. If Anakin were to pick up on the fact that his old stodgy Master has a crush? Of course, fortunately for me, Anakin was too caught up in his own love life to worry about mine. The Senator of Naboo had her own presence in the Force, clouding my Padawan?s awareness of everything else around him.

    Sabé opened the doors to one of the largest suites in the guest wing. ?Here are your chambers, Anakin,? she said. Then she turned to me, giving me another discreet wink and smile, one that made my knees weak. ?Yours are across the hall, Master Kenobi,? she said, indicating with a wave of her hand the closed doors to my quarters. ?They are identical to Anakin?s, although you?ll have to fight over the balcony. Anakin?s has one, yours doesn?t.?

    I laughed. ?That will be quite alright, Handmaiden Martarre,? I replied. ?Unlike my apprentice, I don?t have sudden urges in the middle of the night to hang my buttcheeks off the balcony.?

    Anakin laughed. ?It wasn?t the middle of the night, Master, unless you go to bed at 1900?oh, that?s right?you do.? He winked at me.

    I gave him a mock scowl. ?What did I tell you about the punishment for teasing your Master?? I said.

    ?Don?t tell me you never teased Qui-Gon,? he replied, winking again.

    ?Only about his tendency to pick up pathetic life-forms on every mission we went on,? I said, winking at him. I got a raspberry in response.

    ?Real mature, Anakin,? Padmé said, rolling her eyes.

    He laughed and kissed her. ?He deserved it, babe,? he said.

    She rolled her eyes again, said, ?Sure, whatever,? then smiled in spite of herself. He put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her to him.

    Sabé picked up Padmé?s bags. ?I?ll carry these down to your chambers, Padmé,? she said, then winked. ?That is, if you manage to find your way out of Anakin?s before tonight is over.?

    Anakin laughed. Padmé blushed, then laughed as well. ?Thank you, Sabe. I?ll see you at dinner. Is there a holorecorder in here? We?re going to contact Anakin?s mother.?

    Sabé nodded. ?Jamillia took care of that. I thought you would probably need one.?

    ?Thank you,? Anakin said. ?That means a lot to me.? He smiled at her.

    She returned the smile. ?You?re welcome, Anakin. I know how it is. I miss my mother too?and I?ve seen her more than one time in the past ten years.?

    She gave me a final nod, then carried Padmé?s bags down the hall. My eyes followed her, unable to leave her beautiful form. I was touched by her consideration and understanding of my Padawan.

    This handmaiden was becoming more alluring by the second. It was only when she dropped the bags in front of the door with a hefty shove and tried unsuccessfully to palm the door open that I realized how unchivalrous I had been. I was so busy staring at Sabé that I had forgotten to help her carry Padmé?s bags.

    Oh, Force. I now understand why the Code prevents attachments. Love makes us silly.

    I walked quickly down the hall after her. She was now fiddling desperately with the entrance code.

    ?Sabé,? I said.

    She punched in a few more numbers and then pounded on the wall in frustration when the doors still didn?t open. ?I told those blasted palace repairmen to fix this damn code,? she said. ?They?re supposed to change it every two weeks for security reasons. Evidently the new security staff members couldn?t teach underwater swimming to the Gungans. The last one who changed the code completely messed up the system wiring. And now?? She punched in a few more numbers, still to no avail. ?Damn it!? she snapped, pounding her fist against the wall in frustration.

    ?Sabé,? I repeated, resting my hands on her shoulders and rubbing them soothingly, sending her calming waves through the Force. I kissed the top of her head, thankful that she had removed the hat so I could smell her hair. ?Calm down. We?ll get it fixed.?

    She sigh
  6. anakin_girl

    anakin_girl Jedi Knight star 6

    Oct 8, 2000
    That night after dinner I retired to my quarters early. I wanted to finish my briefings for the meeting tomorrow as well as my regular evening katas in plenty of time for Sabé?s discreet arrival later that evening. Sabé had joined Padmé and Anakin on a walk in the gardens. ?It?s such a nice evening, Obi-Wan, that I don?t even mind being the third wheel to the Galactic Lovebirds from Hell,? she quipped. I laughed. Only Sabé. My guess is that she would end up either teasing Padmé and Anakin to the point where they cut their walk short and ended up back into her quarters early, or she would end up walking alone.

    Even I couldn?t have predicted what really happened.

    I was in the middle of an intense but relaxing meditation session, seated in a lotus position in the middle of the carpeted floor of my quarters, when I heard the door palm open, the squishing of wet shoes, and a long string of Naboo curses.

    ?Obi-Wan Kenobi! I am going to kill your Padawan!? She screamed.

    I opened my eyes and found a soaking wet and very angry Sabé standing over me. Her sodden gown dripped water all over the carpet, splashing some on me. I stood slowly, trying very hard not to smile at the sight of the drenched and furious but still beautiful woman in front of me.

    She noticed the amused expression on my face and moved her clenched fist dangerously near my crotch. ?Piss me off right now and you?ll be singing soprano, Master Jedi,? she snapped. ?I am not kidding.?

    I laughed, grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her forehead, sending calming waves through the Force. I can handle an angry Anakin, I thought, but somehow this still doesn?t seem easy.

    ?Sabé,? I said softly. ?Let?s get you dried off first before you catch a cold. Then you can fill me in on my Padawan?s antics.? I kissed her forehead again, then went into the ?fresher to get a large towel and a thick terry bathrobe. It would be too large for Sabé, but it would keep her warm.

    I returned to the bedroom to find that she had completely removed the dress and her underclothes, and they were lying in a wet pile on the carpet beside her.

    I felt my face grow as hot as an ignited lightsaber. I quickly handed her the towel, turning away. She laughed. ?Listen, Kenobi, I?ve been with lots of men. I?m not shy. No need for you to be either.?

    I looked up, although I knew my face was still red. Fortunately she had put on the robe and was drying her hair with the towel.

    My heart was pounding in my chest, and I could only hope my palms weren?t sweating as badly as they seemed to be. I walked to a nearby couch and sat down, patting the space beside me and waving to Sabé. ?Come here,? I said.

    The look on her face had gone from angry, to annoyed, to tired and resigned. She quickly joined me on the couch. I wrapped an arm around her shoulders, and she leaned her damp head against my chest, wearily closing her eyes. I kissed the top of her head and stroked her arm, taking one of her hands with my free hand. ?You want to tell me what happened?? I asked.

    She sighed again. ?I had walked ahead of Anakin and Padmé in order to give them some privacy, and I wanted a few minutes of peace and quiet anyway. I love walking through the gardens alone at night?it?s so beautiful and peaceful. Anyway, it wasn?t going to happen tonight?peace and quiet that is. Anakin?s favorite pompous prince found me. Evidently since he can?t snag Padmé, Bail has decided to come after me now.? Her frown turned into a scowl. Then suddenly she looked up at me and kissed me hard on the mouth. ?Let me tell you something, Kenobi?I like you. I think you like me. And if that?s the case, you?ve got to quit being such a pansy-ass and be willing to tell Anakin that you?re just as human when it comes to women as he is.?

    I didn?t say anything at first. I was breathing rapidly and my heart was pounding. She kissed me again, then glared. ?OK?? She said.

    I nodded slowly. My heart was caught in my throat. I kissed her softly. ?N
  7. anakin_girl

    anakin_girl Jedi Knight star 6

    Oct 8, 2000
    I?m a light sleeper. When Anakin first came to live with me, he constantly had nightmares about his mother and his days as a slave, and I learned to keep an ear open all night to listen for his cries. The habit had never left me. However, the night Sabé showed up in my room in her soaking-wet dress, I slept more soundly than I had in years. Sometime in the early morning hours, I heard Sabé get out of bed and leave my room. I was briefly disappointed, but the relief I felt when she returned to my bed a few minutes later, snuggling against me and whispering ?Good morning, Master Jedi,? made up for it.

    I fell asleep again with her in my arms, waking for breakfast later than usual. Anakin and Padmé still hadn?t come to the dining room when we arrived, however, and we settled down to gundaark eggs and shaak sausage and caf for two.

    I hadn?t been so happy since before Qui-Gon died.

    Sabé regaled me with further stories about growing up in the Mountain Country of Naboo, meeting Padmé when they were both eight and working on the Refugee Relief Movement, quickly becoming her best friend, and being hired as her handmaiden at age twelve when Padmé became Princess of Theed. ?My parents weren?t all that thrilled with me moving away from home so early, particularly to serve in the political arena as an underling,? she said. ?But being a handmaiden is an honor, especially since I was chosen as her decoy?that showed that I had to have political savvy myself, and that the Naboo government trusts my judgment enough to allow me to be Queen or Senator in Padmé?s place if necessary.?

    I smiled and put a hand over hers. ?With good reason,? I told her. ?I?m glad you?re not a Queen or Senator yourself. Padmé is on public display and is in danger far too often, and Anakin worries constantly. This way you get to serve the Naboo without being in the spotlight so much.?

    She smiled back. ?I don?t think I?d be able to handle the spotlight,? she said. ?If I had to put up with what Padmé puts up with, or what Jamillia puts up with, I would have told half the Republic Senate along with the Royal Security Forces and the media to take the poles out of their asses and get laid already. I don?t know how Padmé does it?she generally calls things like she sees them, but she still manages to be diplomatic in situations where I would have called people out for being the idiots that they are.?

    I laughed. ?I?m sure you would have,? I said.

    At that moment Anakin and Padmé walked in the dining room, hand in hand. Anakin saw Sabé and me, quickly put two and two together, and his eyes widened. ?Well, good morning, Master,? he said, winking at me.

    Note to self: be on the lookout for a new deluge of pranks as Anakin tries to interfere with my love life for his own amusement.

    Meanwhile Sabé shot Anakin a wide grin, getting a scowl in return. ?Did I miss something?? I asked, sipping my caf.

    Sabé leaned over and whispered. ?Let?s just say that, early this morning, I returned the favor Anakin paid me last night?with a bag of ice sitting on a very vulnerable part of his anatomy.?

    I spit out my caf. ?You did what?? I sputtered, still laughing. ?Are you that worried about my Padawan's propensity to reproduce? Or are you just crazy? I'm surprised you're still standing up right now. I thought he would have beat you for that one.?

    Anakin turned red, closed his eyes, and counted to ten backwards in Huttese. Maybe I didn?t have to worry about him suddenly bombarding me with practical jokes involving my underwear, prophylactics, or laxatives in my food after all. With Sabé around, he?ll probably be too concerned for the fate of his genitalia.

    ?Master,? Anakin muttered. ?You wouldn?t have found it so funny if I had done that to a member of the Council.?

    I laughed again. ?Actually, Padawan, yes, I would have. It just wouldn?t have been as funny, because this time it?s Sabé beating you at your own game.?

    Sabé gave Anakin another evil grin, and Anakin let off a stream of Huttese curses. ?Dammit,
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