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Discussion in 'Community' started by solojones, Mar 16, 2013.

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    So Ricky Gervais, with his infinite money and ownership of the character, has decided to start producing some YouTube shorts catching us up on what's been going on with David Brent 10 years on from the broadcast of The Office for Red Nose Day.

    Some funny moments. But let's be honest, what it makes you really want is to see the video, which is awesome:

    I know it was for Red Nose Day, but it sort of sounded from some reports like he might do some more shorts.
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    I saw the video on RND last night. Really made me laugh, most specifically seeing Brent again. However, I do worry that there's a risk of undermining Brent's appeal if we see more of him. After all, he's a very annoying and (critically) truly unlikable person, characteristics that might not play out quite so effectively if we see him more and more often. All we even needed to understand Brent, and judge him, were the 14 episodes of The Office. New material can't add anything. I know the American Office ran on and on and on, but successful US TV doesn't have the luxury of keeping something perfect, of stopping because you want to. Plus, IMHO Gervais' Brent is a degree above anything the US version ever mustered (not that it wasn't good). I'm disappointed in you, Ricky.

    The same thing (I feel) has happened to Alan Partridge. I wish Coogan had left him behind years ago.
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    I always found Brent without the other Office characters to be more depressing than funny. A few funny moments in the video though. Really no need for this, though.
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    You're going to be disappointed. REALLY disappointed.

    It does look good, though! The lack of Merchant's involvement is a big concern, and I don't know I can sit through 90 minutes of Brent.
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    Between this and the Rogue One teaser, I'll be cumin for days.
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    It should just be "The Office". The Office (US) was the copy...
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