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The Official Fandomenace Role-Play Thread!

Discussion in 'Ft. Lauderdale, FL' started by Riachia, Nov 9, 2002.

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  1. Riachia

    Riachia Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 16, 2002
    Episode 1.5
    A Legacy?s Pride

    Campaign: The Living Force

    ACT 1: A Modest Proposal?

    Note: This is a roleplay compilation from previous online roleplay as well as live-action and dice & paper. Where direct text is not available I have included annotations alluding to this fact. Every effort has been made to convey the content of what each ?player? has said or done?..R+ is roleplay ON/R- is roleplay off. Most of this is old news but it's fun to re-visit!...And now?..Somewhere a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away??????

    Roleplay On>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Tredway:I hadn't felt Ch'det's presence since
    graduation from "The Trials". At the time, I sensed
    that he was proud of me much the same way as a
    grandfather watched his grandson walk for the first
    time. But this was different. This was not some rite
    of passage , at least that I was aware of. And since
    "he" was to arrive any moment
    "The Legacy's Pride"....I knew that this "babysitting
    mission" might actually turn out to be the Rhodian
    Bantha (Trojan Horse)that I've been suspecting.

    Tredway: "Master Piavra...You're cleared for docking."

    Piavra: "Captain...Permission to come aboard?"

    Captain:..................(Affecting accent).?Purrmisssion Glaanted, Jedi Master??

    Continuing roleplay on:
    Senator D'Osine: (outraged) What???? "Who do you think you are??? Waltzing onto this ship, which is under contract to the Senate, and trying to Comandeer it!! This is Hijacking!!! Captain, I demand that you put this person in the Detention Cells until he can be turned over to the proper authorities..."
    roleplay off...

    Very well Captain....Maintain course and enter Hyperspace for Mon Calamari as soon as possible.
    (Turns rapidly so that his Senatorial Robes billow around and stalks off the bridge)

    Ch'Det (Calmly to the Captain): "Captain, I would not suggest taking the Senator's course of action and placing me in confinement." (to the Senator): "Senator, It is not my intent to act in a manner contrary to the wishes of the Senate. I trust you would not defy the Senate, either. In fact, it is under the Senate's direct order that I visit you today. It is imperative that we reach the Dagobah System."


    Peace, love, and a big bowl of Cheerios.

    Senator C'osk D'oSine: (Aggravated) "I have recieved no word on this from the Senate...Until I recieve Confirmation of this, (Sneers at Ch'Det) Change in plans, I will follow my Mission.....
    Captain, Set course for Mon Calamari and get us on our way!"
    Looks back at Ch'Det with a look of Triumph...

    roleplay on)
    Liriel takes in the scene on the bridge as she steps off the lift and shakes her head. She thinks to herself while keeping her thoughts carefully shielded, "Typical male confrontation! I begin to think my home planet has the right idea."
    Immediate background info. all should know for this roleplay:
    All "club members" are assumed to be on board....however:
    Only cursory assumptions are made with regard to who is actually on the bridge at this time...
    (1) Ch'det just walked on to the bridge from the lift and walks toward the co-pilot
    (2) Tredway is standing next to the com station, looking at Ch'det
    (3) The Captain is standing next to the captain's control nest
    (4) The Senator was just passing into the bridge area from his ambassadorial "partition"
    (5) Raja is assumed to be assisiting the co-pilot with hyperspace coordinates
    (6) Windsight is on the bridge next to the lift because she just escorted piavra from the hangar
    (7) Moonsinger is just coming off another lift (the other one was occupied by Piavra) to give her quarantine and departure reports to the captain
    EDIT: Stacey was not with us yet...Beenca was tending bar at the time!and we haven't met Adam's character yet!Edit Off...
    .....all others can email me if this does not fit.
    Other considerations.......
    (1)We're en route from Coruscant to Mon Calamari on a diplomatic tour mission to escort the new Gungan Emmissary to the Core Worlds
    (2) We'r
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