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Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Ramza, Nov 5, 2012.

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    In October of 2012 the Walt Disney Company acquired LucasFilm Ltd. and the Star Wars franchise in a four billion dollar deal. Included in the press release was a seemingly innocuous line that would soon take the entire internet by storm:​
    "Episode VII is scheduled for release in 2015."​
    Details were scarce. Would beloved characters be returning? When in the franchise's timeline would the film take place? How would the Expanded Universe be affected?​
    The only clue to unlock this puzzle was a cryptic non-announcement delivered to E! Online via an anonymous inside source:​
    "Episode VII will be an original story."​
    This prompted more questions than it answered. Debate in online communities remains fierce.​
    It was at about this time that two men were discussing the implications of this announcement in an online chatroom. Known only by their baffling aliases and the fact that both had, in their own times, served as managers of a small but vibrant corner of the internet known in government documents only as the JC RPF, they chanced upon an idea.​
    It was an idea that would rock the foundations of the world to its very core.​
    It was an idea that could only be called…​
    Pretentious introductions aside, I'm pleased to present our first contest in far, far too long, with a very basic premise: Design an opening post for an RPG based on a hypothetical Episode VII plot. The pitch may be serious, comedic, or a mixture of the two, but you must include the following elements:​

    [ol][li]A title of the form "Star Wars Episode VII: [Subtitle]"[/li]
    [li]A premise, which should provide sufficient information for players to make and submit a character sheet[/li]
    [li]At least four rules[/li]
    [li]A character sheet with no less than five entries[/li][/ol]

    Aside from these elements, the sky is the hypothetical limit. Do you keep the EU? Do you throw the EU out? Does it even matter? Do old characters return for new adventures? Is it too far in the future for such things to matter? Is the tone of the game dark? Light? Tragicomic? How much of the old films do you incorporate? Is Episode VII even a sequel? All of these are questions you will need to decide in the course of designing your opening post.​
    Ah, but what good is a contest without incentives? There are no less than four opportunities for a submitted OP to bring home the bacon for its game designer, and those opportunities are:​

    [ol][li]The Formal Award - The Formal Award will be presented to the user with the best serious attempt at designing a hypothetical Episode VII scenario, as decided by myself and Penguinator. The Winner of the Formal Award will receive three days of colors, and a title for a week.[/li]
    [li]The Informal Award - The Informal Award will be presented to the user with the best comedic attempt at designing a hypothetical Episode VII scenario, as decided by myself and Penguinator. The Winner of the Informal Award will receive three days of colors, and a title for a week.[/li]
    [li]The People's Choice Award - The People's Choice Award will be presented to a user based on the OP that receives the most "Likes" from the userbase, regardless of tone. The Winner of the People's Choice Award will receive one day of colors, and a title for a week.[/li]
    [li]The Succinctness Award - The Succinctness Award will be presented to a user based on the total number of words in their OP. The game with the fewest words conveying the required information will win. The Winner of the Succinctness Award will receive one day of colors, and a title for a week.[/li][/ol]

    We hope to see some great entries, and as always, have fun designing your game!

    Official Submission Rules
    [ol][li]Prospective OPs must be posted in this thread by no later than 7 PM Pacific Standard Time (Board Standard Time) on November 19, 2012[/li]
    [li]OPs designed to incorporate more than one total post as part of aesthetic planning should clearly indicate where such a post division would occur.[/li]
    [li]Entrants agree to not campaign on behalf of their own game for likes.[/li]
    [li]Any entrant found liking their own OPs via a sock account will be disqualified from all categories.[/li]
    [li]Entrants agree to accept the ruling of the moderators. Should a tie occur, the moderators reserve the right to petition an outside moderator for an opinion on the tied games.[/li]
    [li]Good luck![/li][/ol]
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    Nov 15, 2004
    Star Wars: Episode VII – A New Dawn

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

    The GALACTIC EMPIRE has fallen, but it has never stopped fighting. Imperial terrorists continue to strike back at the restored REPUBLIC, committing acts of piracy against any who stand in their way. Lacking a GALACTIC EMPEROR, the Imperials have fought several devastating battles to decide who will take the Imperial throne, devastating many worlds in the OUTER RIM.

    For the ascendant Republic and its allies within the NEW JEDI ORDER, the in-fighting represents an issue that they are desperate to resolve with diplomacy and not violence. MASTER LUKE SKYWALKER has been requested by the GALACTIC SENATE to meet with friendly Imperial leaders in an effort to restore peace and justice to the galaxy.

    But the legacy of the Force, and the origins of the CHOSEN ONE are poised to sweep into the galaxy...

    The yellow words drift into the black between the stars, and the camera pans down, towards a green-blue world which is pitted with black spots and flame, even from this distance. A shattered moon is strewn across the top right of the scene, and, suddenly, a small vessel, reminiscent of the Corellian Corvettes crossed with the even older Republic diplomatic cruisers, rushes overhead, spitting red turbolaser fire behind it at an unseen foe.

    Chasing it comes the unmistakable scream of TIE Fighters, four such vessels firing green bolts at the gunship, followed by a wedge of a capital ship in the distance, beneath the fleeing vessel and firing up at it. The gunship crosses the path of the Star Destroyer, and a jet of flame emerges from its engines as it is rocked with a blow.

    The screen cuts to the inside of the vessel and the white sanitary walls of the ship. Chaos rules, and the people run about, rushing to their stations, as the ship plummets to the ground...

    Five Days Earlier...

    The man that stood in this deep and dank part of Korriban was a fearsome looking man, from the mismatch of his eyes – one artificially blue and the other smouldering golden – to the clawed helmet atop his face to the mottled hide that seemed to adorn his bare chest and back, as if a beast was emerging from his very skin. A pair of lightsabers dangled from the grooves in his back, as if he had designed the mutilation of his body to meet such a need. The dark man was leaning on a table, images projected in gold atop a red background; a galactic map with indistinct locations shown in Aurebesh; at a glance there seemed to spots dotted across the spiral arms, and even apparent near the glowing Core of the galaxy.

    His name?

    His name was irrelevant.

    But, he was speaking, and as the camera panned around him, he was talking to a second man, a tall Chagrian with crimson and ichor tattoos, reminiscent of the famous Darth Maul; instantly recognisable as Sith. His name, too, was irrelevant.

    But his words were not; “My Lord, I cannot assist any further. The pirate attacks that have harried the galaxy for the last three years are increasing in intensity. Their targets are becoming less and less indicative of a pattern and are not matching any political focus.”

    The mutated man scowled, emitting a noise of frustration. “We must redouble our events. The Jedi have struck blows against these pirates before, and we have rooted them out where we can; but they continue, harassing and terrorising. They are not part of the Grand Plan.”

    Suddenly, he arched, and a crimson blade burst from his stomach. He cried out, hands clawing feebly at the protrusion that threatened to kill him. He rolled to the ground, onto his back, to look up at his foe. A cloaked individual, his face hidden by shadow, drew himself up tall. The Chagrian shouted out, “My Lord!” and rushed around the table, igniting a pair of red blades of his own. The tall intruder reached out a clawed hand, and squeezed, the Chagrian reaching for his throat. He rose, and struggled, the camera moving to take into account the feet of the Chagrian as they struggled, and then stilled, the less clear vision of the double-eyed man, with the cloaked man looming, becoming distinct as the nonhuman dropped to the floor.

    The tall man spoke, a grating and old voice, all sneer, and all malice.

    You are not part of the Grand Plan.”

    “You are not part of our revenge.”


    Months earlier

    A group of grey-hulled X-wings darted through the dark of space, escorting a classic Corellian Corvette through space, escorted by a pair of rotund Gallofree transports. As the camera closed, the corvette clearly had blast damage, and suited techs, tethered to the hull, were briefly illuminated by the sparks of their wielders. The camera pushed through a transparisteel viewport, and into a shadowed room. Alone, sitting cross-legged before a blue and glowing miniature version of his old friend, Han Solo, was Luke Skywalker, looking as weathered as he did serene, in Jedi robes. The family droid, R2-D2, was apparent, the source of the hologram, showing Han is his atypical black jacket and pants with a white shirt ensemble – the garments which had he had mad famous.

    Luke spoke, softly. “So how are matters in the Senate?”

    “You know what it’s like during election season, Luke,” drawled Han. “Boring and longwinded.”

    A smile cracked across Luke’s scarred face. “Give me the cliffnotes, Han.”

    Han blew out a breath. “Sure, why not. It sounds better than getting Threepio to explain it.” Artoo blew a raspberry, and Han laughed. “I promise I won’t. Leia’s not enjoying it, that much I can tell you. A lot of people are talking about a new constitution, and new changes. Resurrecting the Republic in spirit and name once and for all.”

    “And the Imperials?”

    “A lot of them are still not talking, and even more are doing whatever they like no matter who tells them to,” grumbled Han. “Wish I could shoot ‘em while we’re negotiating with them, and get it over before someone else blows up a factory or something.” He was of course referring to the destruction of the factories that generated the rare isotope that StealthX’s made use of. It was one of the victims of the surge in Imperial terrorism that they had faced in the last few years. Advances in technology had taken a few blows, and so they were between styles – reliant upon the old vessels of the Galactic Civil War, and the sleek designs that had characterised the era of the Old Republic.

    “Don’t do that, please.”

    “And what about you?”

    Luke looked away. “Something is coming. I can sense it. The galaxy is a bigger place than it was a few years ago. It’s an open stage, now, and someone is ready to make their play. The other new Jedi feel it too. Ben and Jaina especially.”

    “Well, Ben is your son and my daughter. No surprises there.” A small pause, filled with a small amount of anxiety but nonetheless Han coughed, and looked straight at Luke. “We’ll be fine, Luke. We’ve beaten the Empire and the Sith, and then some.”

    Luke looked wistful, and at the camera, seemingly, but through it. “That is the one thing we have that we didn’t before, whatever comes next.”

    “What’s that?”


    Welcome to Star Wars: Episode VII: A New Dawn.

    The story takes place roughly forty years after the Battle of Endor. There’s a lot that’s happened since... and it doesn’t matter. This game will, apart from those two scenes above (which you may, or may not take into account), be a completely original story, which will pick up as said Corellian Corvette plummets to the ground of the to-be-named planet. It will, nonetheless, adhere to the Expanded Universe Canon, but it will not reference, or go into depth, about what has happened before. It is unlikely to mention it – so you don’t need to know about it. It will feature Expanded Universe characters, but only (at the moment) Ben Skywalker, Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel. If there is sufficient fan-interest, then we may expand to another one or two.

    Everything else is open; a new Dawn.

    Character Sheets

    1. Name
    2. Age
    3. Appearance (complete with picture, where possible)
    4. Personal effects

    No biography, you say? Well, we’re ‘show and don’t tell’ people in the movie business, and that’ll be the case here. You want to fill us with some background? Go make a Wiki page when this is all done, sure, but you don’t need to tell us everything here and now. Show it! We’re going for a visual format, not a written one (game mechanics notwithstanding), as that is literally all we’re going to know.


    1. Play nice, and follow the ToS.
    2. Absolutely nothing above PG-13. We’re a PG film here people!
    3. Expanded Universe referencing? That’s a no-no.
    4. Expanded Universe steamrolling? That’s a no-no.
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    Jul 3, 2006
    "Well. Would you look at that."

    "Looks familiar, doesn't it?"

    "I reckon so."

    A pause.

    "Scary, isn't it?"


    "The familiarity. The sense that... this is becoming routine."

    "Oh. Yeah."

    "First time you see something like it, you get all cold inside. That churning in your stomach, like you need to... well, at least that's how it was for me. I don't know if you know what I'm talking about, you being such a tough guy and all."


    "Now, though? I'm not cold. No chills, no... anxiety. I don't feel my dinner coming up for a breath of fresh air."

    "And that's a bad thing?"

    "You don't think so?"

    "You're getting used to this line of work, Rey."

    "Ah. Not my line of work, Flash. His line of work. That's what I'm getting used to."

    The two men stood cloaked in brown robes, those typically worn by members of the Jedi Order, dim lights from a nearby cantina illuminating the scene their eyes were currently fixated upon. Flash, a stocky man with a short yet intimidating build and clean features, pulled out a datapad.

    "Two bodies. No severed limbs this time. But with the same weapon, safe to say?"

    Rey, the elder man of the two but not by many years, knelt down next to the body closest to him, that of a dark haired woman with tribal tattoos decorating her sharp visage. "Cut clean through. No blood. Burned flesh." He looked up at his partner. "Safe to say."

    Flash looked down at the silver hilt that dangled from his belt, resting calmly next to his leg. Strange that it was shadowed from any source of light, yet still managed a small glimmer in the darkness. "And we know who it was."

    Rey stood up from his crouch, unable to restrain a small groan of pain and fatigue. "Well. The weapon of choice does narrow it down."

    Flash pursed his lips. "So..." There was a pause. "What do we tell Master Skywalker?"

    Rey looked at his feet and kicked a small pebble as if his partner had just verbalized the exact thought running through his own mind. "Same thing I've told him the past three times, I suppose."

    "Which is?"

    Rey looked at Flash with eyes marked by regret and worry. "That two more lives have been claimed by his one and only son."

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Shadow Hunt

    Thirty years after the destruction of the Empire at the hands of the Rebellion, the Jedi Order, led by Luke Skywalker, had been restored on Yavin 4 as the home of the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. Thirty years after the the destruction of the Empire, Luke Skywalker was the father of two children growing into respectable Jedi themselves. Thirty years after the destruction of the Empire, young twins Ben and Padmé Skywalker, in their late teenaged years, were well on their way to following in their father's footsteps.

    That was ten years ago. Now, much has changed. Not within the Jedi Order, mind you. They are still thriving for the most part, still the trusted protectors of a now peaceful galaxy. But there are no longer two Skywalker children. Roughly a decade ago, on the eve of her nineteenth birthday, Padmé Skywalker was slain by an unknown assailant while attending to a disturbance in a back alley on Coruscant, much like the scene chronicled above. Ben, her loving brother, sought to bring the killer to justice. But his father wouldn't allow it. Frustrated and angry, Ben left Luke and the Jedi Order soon after, to where no one knew. And for nearly ten years, he was nonexistent. Invisible. He had successfully erased himself from the galaxy.

    Until now.

    You are a member of the Jedi Order. A Master, a Knight, an Apprentice, whatever you so desire. And you have heard the rumblings - that the son of Luke Skywalker has returned on Coruscant, and is leaving a trail of dead criminals in his wake. Where do your morals lie? Is Ben simply providing the galaxy with acts of justice that the Jedi are too forgiving to perform themselves? Or has he crossed the line that divides the good from the wicked? That is for you to decide, and ultimately come to terms with in due time. But for now, the fact is you have been chosen by Luke Skywalker himself. Chosen to be a part of a small task force sent to find the outlaw known as Ben Skywalker, and bring him back to the Jedi Temple alive. It won't be an easy mission. This journey will test you, both physically and mentally. But you must be swift. For unbeknownst to anyone, Ben Skywalker is on the trail of something big. Something scary. Something that could shake the galaxy to its very core.

    You must hurry.


    Character Sheet:
    Jedi Rank:
    Lightsaber Color:
    Biography: (You can be as thorough or as brief here as you like. If you wish to allow the details of your character's history to manifest over time in the game, you may do so.)

    Notes, rules, and such: The Expanded Universe does not exist in this game. The Shadow Hunt builds on the foundation of the Star Wars films and nothing else (it is Episode VII, after all). The character sheet above can be added on to if you wish, but all of the present fields are required. Please PM me your completed sheet for approval before posting it in the thread. I also ask that you remain mindful of the TOS in your posts and obey the usual rules and guidelines of these forums.

    MTFBW [face_peace]
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    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

    The End of Harmony

    Thirty years have passed since the Empire has fallen
    and the galaxy has experienced a time of peace and prosperity since it has been liberated.
    The Rebels of once have become the statesmen of a New Republic
    and all of the galaxy has sworn to never repeat the mistakes of the past and let one man rule them all.
    But even in this Golden Age a shadow crawls into the universe.
    And as the colonies in the Outer Rim begin to fail to report in one by one
    and the traders who travelled those regions tell about abandoned outposts and forsaken cities
    the galactic community slowly begins to feel a new evil rising in the Outer Rim.
    And in their fear of a new terror from the unknown regions of space they turned to the reborn Jedi Order under Master Skywalker.
    The young Order faces it´s first test, even harder because their Master has travelled into the regions in questions
    and has never been heard of again since then . . .

    The writing slowly fades away, as the words grow too small to read them and we, the audience, is left with the darkness of space. Empty. Black. Yet, so familiar. And then there is a sound, a screaming roar of an engine and a single starfighter flights into our view from above. It looks like some strange reimagining of a Tie Fighter what comes into view. Then there is a second of those unfamiliar starfighters and a third. A forth and then a swarm of them appears and above them a metal structure crawls into view. First it is a sharp end of a ship, it could be an Star Destroyer. But that idea lasts only for a second, before we see more. The hull is a dark grey and lights show the little windows that build lines on the giant structure growing and growing, until one is afraid it will never end.
    The hangar structure finally becomes visible and another swarm of the strange starfighters is spit out, as the ship still keeps on growing in our view.

    The bridge is dark and the pits left and right to the command gangway are filled with men in black armor and masks. Where there faces should be, their features are shielded by mirrors. In one of those mirrors we see the dark figure passing by.

    And indeed the Dark Man seemed to have little hurry, as he steps towards his prisoner , who is kneeling before him on the gangway above. It is a young man, blonde hair and blue eyes. The man wears the traditional robes of a Jedi, but as he raises his eyes we see how young he is, probably a teenager. “Who are you?” He spits at the Dark Man and he tries to get to his feet, but his hands tied to his back and strong arms from guards standing behind him force him back to his knees.

    “Who I am?” The Dark Man asks in a raspy voice. It is angry, disappointed and disgusted by the young man before him. “I am an answer.”The voice answers it´s own question.
    And we follow the view of the young man, as his eyes slowly wander upwards, from the iron boots and over the armor all too familiar to us, the viewers. So many elements echo Vader´s suit. Yet where a mask once crowned the Dark Lord, this man has a hood which casts an impenetrable shadow over his face.

    “What is the question then?” The young man cannot resist and asks the obvious question.
    The shadow stands above him and then his hand pushes away his cloak and reveals a lightsaber. It is a very familiar weapon, elegant, the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker.

    “What comes next?” The raspy voice answers. “The question was always, what comes next.”

    The lightsaber seems to have a live of it´s own as it jumps into the gloved hand of the man. “And the answer is . . . “

    The green blade of the weapon hisses into existence and we see the widened eyes of the boy as an reaction. Does he see the face of the man, or is it theexepctation of death that comes to ihm in this second and makes him look in terror and despair. Will will probably never know, as . . .


    . . . we see the outside of the giant behemoth of a ship, now embedded into a fleet of the strange starfighters and a fleet of other ships, all looking more modern and yet so familiar for the viewer who knows the design of the Empire of Old.

    “Me.” We hear the words and the sound of a slashing lightsaber cutting the air is heard, as the giant ship and it´s fleet seem to approach a little orange planet.



    Leia awakens in her rooms high above the city of Coruscant. The coice seems to echo inside this room, far, far away from the scene we just witnessed.

    Leia has aged and no longer has the youth of her days with the Rebellion. Instead she now seemed to radiate a grace that only comes with age and wisdom. She looks around and then slowly shakes her head. Leia is all alone in the bedroom and slowly allows her head to sink into her awaiting hands.

    The door opens and the golden frame of C3PO enters the room. “Are you alright, Mistress? The scanners outside indicated you might have awakened and I . . . “ The head of Leia snaps up, as if she tries to hide her obvious exhaustion.A smile is forced onto her lips, but it´s a smile that shows great tiredness.

    “I am fine, 3PO.” She says. “I am fine.” She slowly raises from her bed and takes a few steps towards the window. Overlooking Coruscant she seems to feel the cold.

    “Of course, Mistress, forgive me my intrusion.”

    3PO is about to get out, as Leia turns. “Are you worried, 3PO?” The golden droid turns to her. “Pardon, Mistress?” Leia smiles and shakes her head.

    “Forget about it, 3PO, I need you to contact a few people for me. General Antilles, Lando, the Jedi, all our friends.” She steps back to her bed. 3PO seems to cosndier her words for a moment and then lays his golden head a bit to the side. “Mistress, for what purpose, if I may ask?”

    “We need to find my brother.” Suddenly the voice of Liea is filled with determination and she looks straight at 3PO.

    “Mistress, if I may suggest, we should probably also contact your former husband. He has shown to be very good in finding Master Skywalker in the past.”

    Leia looks up and then finally smiles. “Yes, you are right. Get Han, too.” She gives herself a reassuring smile and her hand finally grabs an object next to her bed. It is a lightsaber.

    “Call all of them.”
    3PO turns to leave and the doors close behind him. Leia looks after him and then frowns and turns back to the window. “We will need them.”


    Welcome to Star Wars Episode VII.

    This game is set in the years after the fall of the Empire and the return of the Jedi to the galaxy. Many things have changed since “The Return of the Jedi”, yet many things will be familiar, too. There is a Republic once again and there is a Jedi Order (also a small, yet growing one) . There are heroes and villains, love, family and the force.There will certainly be adventure.

    What is not there is the EU.

    This game is based on the six Star Wars movies only and will try to continue the story told within them. Nothing that ever happened in books or comics, games or any other media has happened or will happen in this game. We start at a blank slate. We all know the movies and this here will be our story and only ours.

    Who can you play? Well, anybody you want to play. You can be a hero or villian, an independant or a supporter of the Republic. You can even be one of the few handchosen Jedi trained by Luke Skywalker of the past three decades. You can be anybody. Be it canon character (if he is alive) or an original creation, if it is a member of the New Republic or an independent force. Your imaginattion is the limit.

    What you cannot play is Luke Skywalker (he is gone, remember?), any part of the Empire (as it is no more, is it?) or any sort of Darksiders (as they should not be existent, too) and certainly you can be no Sith. Otherwise, feel free to let your fantasy run free.

    Oh and of course you can be one of those friends Leia summons in the very first scene of our Episode VII. Those people who are close to the Skywalkers will soon begin a journey to find a certain Jedi Master and if you wanna join them, feel free to play someone who received an invitation by 3PO.

    The Character Sheet

    Connection to other characters:
    Biography: (keep it short, if you can)


    The Rules:

    1. The GM word is law
    2. The EU does not exist, you can do pastiches of EU characters, but the real deal is forbidden ground.
    3. Send all CS to the GM for approval
    4. Ask any questions you might have or ask for assistance in character creation whenever you need it.
    5. Do not godmod, metagaming, insult, autokill, threaten, mock or bore of any fellow play by intend.
    6. You may godmod yourself into any situation within the game, where you are not facing a “named” character (NPC´s only, obviously)
    7. I will update twice a week. I expect all players to show some activity and to not let ait other players for too long on a reply. If a player has not posted at all for a duration of over 14 days I´ll assume control of his character.
    8. This game is for all people who wish to play and all players will be regarded equal, no matter how often or rare they were in games. Most important, if you are new to this, don´t hesitate to jump aboard, we will show you how to sail along the way.
    9. Have fun!
  5. spycoder9

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    Jul 23, 2008

    A clear image of a galaxy filled with many stars, soon followed by a loud explosion as a rusted cruiser soars by the screen. Following behind it are several sleek silver spacecrafts, both filling the space with bright blue bolts. The cameras follow the old burning ship as it sails downward.
    In the background, a bright sandy orange planet is seen. Serene and calm.
    Everything the galaxy is not.
    Screen zooms in on burning cruiser.

    The Princess ran down the corridor. Her slimming red dress fitted her form well, and yet it didn’t allow her much movement of her legs. In her hands she held a bundle of blankets, and tears seemed stream down her cheeks as she ran. The pilot was dead, that much she remembered. The first blast had killed him. And the two guardsmen, they had died as well.

    Rolling behind her was a rusty R2D2 Unit, the last of his kind. One of his legs was a light blue, the other a faded white. His dome was scuffed and scratched, and yet it still managed to swivel. Not as fast as it used to, but still a little turn. It was her key to activating the escape pod. She was thankful she kept him for as long as she had.

    She stumbled on the edge of her dress and tumbled over. The bundle of blankets almost slipped from her hands, but she caught it. The baby’s smooth white skin flashed once, before soon being covered by the Princess. It whimpered once or twice, but she rocked her arms to hush it.

    They had accessed control of the ship. Yes, that had happened seconds after the third boom. They had the sound system working. She knew what they were coming for. Why they were soon going to dock on the ship and take her as a prisoner. She also knew for a fact that if she allowed them even a glance to look at this child, its hope for any kind of future, fortunate or not, would be over. She recognized this as her final mission. She would die here, if nothing else.

    She reached the end of her last corridor, and turned in the final room. Dimly lit, except for one bright white light on a keypad. The Princess had no idea what the code was, but the R2D2 simply plugged itself in and unlocked the code. A hidden door hissed open and a small cylinder tube was revealed. She pushed back the blanket from its head, and stared for a moment at its beautifully perfect face. Yes, perfect indeed. Something perfect was needed to save the galaxy. She kissed its head and then placed it in the small room. With a few reassuring pats she led the R2D2 in as well. It was snug and tight, but the two would survive long enough to be rescued.

    She placed her hand back on the keypad and closed the door. With a few more pecks, the tube clicked and clacked. A final sigh and it was gone. The Princess heard the noises. Boots hitting the floor. From underneath her dress she pulled out a silver weapon. The moment someone rounded the corner, blaster aimed at her, she had her weapon on and poised to protect her. The beam of blue energy perfectly covered her body.

    Several shots she deflected rather easily. Then one pierced her wall. Her shoulder bucked, and then three other ones struck her abdomen. Her weapon spiraled out of her hands, bouncing and rolling away from her. The Princess held her head up as the soldiers lowered their weapons, allowing for one man to pass. Covered in complete white robes from head to toe, he entered quietly. Almost like a snake, with only a shadow of his face seen beneath the hood. His feet were unseen, making it seem as if he was floating above the floor. He bent down by the Princess and seemed to examine her face. She had never been so close to one of them. . .

    “Jedi. . .” He hissed, and his sleeve raised up. A hand, scarred and misshapen, closed around her neck. The nails seemed to dig into her skin, and she could feel the blood trailing across her skin. It hurt, but her face was impassive. If she could remember only one thing, it would be this. Bravery. The hand raised her up off the ground, lifting her several feet. Not even the tips of her toes grazed the ground. Tears then pooled her eyes. “Where is the child?” The voice purred to her.

    “Ne-ver.” She gasped, and then she felt it, the hand close around her throat. Stars, blood, a growing darkness.

    She had saved the baby.

    She died with a smile on her face.


    The Force has been outlawed. Five centuries have passed since the moment JEDI LUKE SKYWALKER bested the GALACTIC EMPIRE. Though a REPUBLIC does still rule on Coruscant, it’s power and reach has long since faded. Pirates and criminals run rampant, savaging and destroying whole planets.
    The law bringers of the galaxy, the BLIND BROTHERS, are monks whose sole mission in life is to eradicate the Force. They keep a tight leash on the Force, and murder anyone discovered to possess the ability - man, woman, and child.
    And then, a small coalition is formed. Rumors surface of a SKYWALKER attempting to rescue those who have a Force sensitivity, and train them for a new cause.
    At a moment when twilight has come to the Force, there seems to be hope, even if it is in the smallest of forms.

    The Game

    Of course you have questions. Why is the Force outlawed? What happened to the Jedi? Where did things go wrong? And who was the Princess? All of these will be revealed in game, as the characters move about the galaxy.

    The EU is, for the most part, considered to have gone down. The Legacy comics are questionable, but does it really matter, five hundred years later?

    Characters are virtually limitless. Though things are further expanded upon below, Force users are still alive, though few and far between. Senators exist, but the few that do are mainly corrupt and work for their own gain. Space travel is harder now than it was before, except for those rich and powerful. Pirates run rampant, and are a constant threat. The only group with special requirements is the Blind Brothers. Only in certain cases can someone play as them.

    These are dangerous times. The galaxy hit its political and scientific peak long ago, and now it has slowly began to dissolve back. If it can’t be stopped now. . .it never will be.

    Setting and Characters

    In the beginning, characters will be pertained to three planets. Each is listed below, with information as to the current setting and possible character ideas.



    A slum of its former self. The hovering city, while small, is almost a utopia. The Senate, along with the Temple of the Blind, rests on the daises high above. The wealthy also seem to live above, and find themselves in rather comfortable lives. But buried deep beneath is a dark, dangerous place filled with the lowlifes of the galaxy. Pirates, bounty hunters, and Force users rest here, biding their time, grumbling about those who live above them all. Coruscant is a city planet. Covered completely in buildings upon buildings. And yet, most are uninhabited, and desolate at best.



    Though the planet itself hasn’t changed much, the citizens have. Hutts control the planet, many of them. The hub for crime and terrorism, it is also the location of an unknown senate. Several people with money and materials have come together there, hoping that in some way they might be able to change the current way of the galaxy. A rumored meeting is happening soon.



    Thought to be uninhabitable, Naboo is covered in wild vegetation. While the remains of former civilization still remain, plants and grass have long since grown through. Gungans have long since disappeared, rumored to have disappeared to the underwater homes. It is obvious a battle happened here, one that crushed and destroyed life, but beneath all these forests, a hidden temple is rumored to lay. A haven for Force users. Not many know of its even rumored existence, and even fewer believe it. But something strange is going on, that is confirmed.

    The CS

    Because of the strange background history and setting, my advice for this game is to send me a character idea. Much easier than having to create a whole character sheet at one time. You just need to come up with an idea as to what faction you’d like to be, what character type you’d like, etc. And then I’ll be here to help guide you through the character creation. But, if you’re one of those people that need at least a basic outline to start out, here’s a simple sheet.

    Force use (A rare quality, remember):
    Appearance (Image and/or description):


    1.) Remember, the EU is commonly accepted, but can anyone truly recall events that long ago? And if they can, do they give details out willingly, considering the current government?
    2.) Send all CS to GM (me) for approval.
    3.) This game is open to any and everyone, so don’t be afraid to join even if you do only play games sparingly.
    4.) Remember to enjoy yourself, and if you have a problem, please approach me about it.
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