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Tucson The Official TFF Fanfiction Thread

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by GrandAdmiral_Frank, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. cathiecat

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    Mar 24, 2005
    My norm is apparently nothing, I'm not proud of it, but there it is..
  2. GrandAdmiral_Frank

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    Aug 26, 2003
    The month of November proved to be a month of inactivity. I myself picked up a second job I was adjusting to and also trying to catch up with the Bookclub. I also had the craziest Thanksgiving in a while. I worked virtually all day at Boston Market, their busiest day. Then at night I worked at Walmart in preparation for their busiest day, the day after Thanksgiving sale. Now comes another busy month however I will try again. The topic this month will be "A Star Wars Holiday Story". That's right, anything you want to do with our beloved characters in the Holiday sense. So here we go.

    Title: A Wampa's Christmas Tale
    Author: GrandAdmiral_Frank
    Genre: Comedy
    Characters: Luke Skywalker, Wampa, Tantaun
    Timeframe: TESB
    Summary: The unexplained bckstory of the Wampa Ice Cave sequence.

    Wampy the Wampa lived on a barren ice-world called Hoth. He could have preferred a more colorful name himself but what did he expect? He lived on what was literally a giant snow ball. Were it not for gravitational forces holding the planet in its spin he would wonder when the ice world would crash into a space cruiser with that hottie Leonardo DiCaprio on it.

    He was on a walk right now ready to begin his traditional customs that all Wampa's had this time of year on Hoth. They would build large snow creatures sculpted of ice and/or snow. The more articulate Wampa's usually went for the ice sculpting. He was a simple Wampa so he would usually build a snow creature. Right now he was feeling tired and quite hung over. Afterall drinking yourself into a stupor as you realized you were the only person who lived in an ice cave your whole life would lead into that. Other Wampa's had families and lived in somewhat of a territory were they would have some contact with each other though it was minimal. Wampy was all on his own.

    Oh God, thought Wampy as he trudged along holding his massive hand to his forehead. He could see the mountains spinning right now and fell over in dissiness. Suddenly it dawned on Wampy that he could still stick to his traditions and not have to get up right away. Using the oldest trick in the book he decided to use his arms and legs to move in a scissor-like motion making a Snow Angel. He giggled to himself as he did it.


    The Wampa had passed out in the Snow Angel he had created and how he woke up feeling hungry. Wampy staggered up to his full height and let out a belch. Smacking his lips he looked around for food. How silly was he? He was in the middle of a snow plain and there wasn't food for miles. Maybe he should invest in an In 'n' Out Burger out here...

    A noise! He could hear what sounded like a Tantaun. Oh how delicious! Wampy started to run and tripped on himself rolling down a hill. By the time he hit the bottom he was nearly covered in snow. He was about to get up when he saw the Tantaun running across the plain and come to a halt. It looked the Tantaun had something on its back. Wampy's vision was still coming into focus so he assumed it could be a young of the Tantaun. No time to waste. At this rate he would starve to death and he had already spent all his money on his self indulgent drinking so it wasn't like he could order take out.

    Slowly and steadily and almost falling over again the Wampa made his way to a tasty meal...


    The Tantaun let out a breath in exhaustion. These humans got heavy after a while and they did the stupidest things the Tantaun could possibly imagine. Take this one for example. He was insisting on staying out here in the freezing cold so they investigate a meterorite. The last time the Tantaun checked these guys were Rebels or whatever they called themselves. Weren't they supposed to be getting ready to take on the so-called Empire? Instead they wanted to parade around looking for meterorites and building things for their base. Idiots!

    The Tantaun just wanted to be back in the base where it was warm and he got pampered. It was just a meterorite! Suddenly the Tantaun got a whiff of something really strong in his nostrils. Good God! Is this Sk
  3. GrandAdmiral_Frank

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    Aug 26, 2003
    As host of this thread I should be keeping it going and I regret to admit that I neglected a topic to write about for this January. Seeing as how there is no topic feel free to simply post a story about Star Wars. I gurantee that February will have one.
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    Mar 24, 2005
    It's nice to see you back. :)
  5. GrandAdmiral_Frank

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    Aug 26, 2003
    Thanks. So guess what toys they have triple of at Walmart? Ahsoka and Breha. All I can say is seriously?

    I want to write but I've been thrown off track by this being even more responsible biz. I think I'm feelin' Qui-Gon right now.
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    Aug 26, 2003
    Dark Past
    Author: GrandAdmiral_Frank
    Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy
    Characters: Qui-Gon Jinn, Xanatos
    Summary: Qui-Gon is a light in a Jedi Order that it is doomed in his age and yet as a light he himself has a dark memory.

    The battle of Telos. The conclusion of a Civil War. The dawn of a corrupt age on a planet once flourishing. A murdered tyrant at his feet. His Padawan, his prodigy, falling so far into the dark, the burning ring, the half circle scar...

    Qui-Gon woke up in a cold sweat to see the darkness of his quarters at the Jedi Temple. The ironic part of his environment was that its darkness could not compare to the darkness now flowing in his former Padawan.

    He failed him.

    Qui-Gon Jinn failed.

    Could he still consider himself a Jedi Master?

    He shook his head and wiped the sweat from his forehead and ended up wiping his now drenched hand on his sheets. Qui-Gon had had little sleep since his last mission to Telos, he strangely felt alert despite that fact. He sat up and threw off his sheets to stand up and put on his tunic. Once this was done he made his bed and left his quarters to stroll the corridors of the Jedi Temple. Normally he would have found a fellow peer awake and strike up a conversation or perhaps train against a remote probe with his lightsaber. This search was for some sort of peace and a place to feel alone even though his own quarters could provide those two things.

    Whispers of the events that occured on Telos had circulated throughout the Temple yet none had confronted Qui-Gon or tried to offer some solice for his pain and grief. Qui-Gon did not need that and his quite glad that no one had done so. He had of course detailed the events to the Jedi Council upon returning to the Temple however the Council had left it at that. When he had stood before them Qui-Gon could sense many of the Masters wishing to extand a helping hand to him but they knew that he was dealing with something terrible that only a few Masters could say that had gone through. He had lost his Padawan to the darkside and it hurt.

    Qui-Gon found a window and watched the streams of Coruscant's sky traffic. Sentient beings with errands and agendas all going their own ways. Xanatos had gone his own way now. Qui-Gon thought he had been prepared to kill the boy but could not find it him to do the act. Xanatos laughed in his face and escaped. Qui-Gon knew that that was the last time he would see him for a while. He knew that one day their paths would cross and when that day came Qui-Gon was not sure that he would be prepared. On the other hand could anyone really be prepared for anything? His training had prompted that mentality but his training could not seem to cure the sense of loss he felt. It was a loss of confidence, of clarity, of the Force.

    All his life he had devoted himself to the living Force and could not ask for a better way to be a Jedi. Many disagreed with his outlook and thought that meditation and planning were required to move. Qui-Gon agreed that one should not simply be blind to what was going on around them but it was certainly a skill to be able to adapt and innovate. He had taught this to Xanatos. He had taught much to Xanatos. He was sure that his Padawan had the makings of a Jedi worthy of legend in the archives. He was sure that Xanatos would prove all of those at the Temple wrong about how he was simply trouble.

    Should he have been more strict? Should he have expected that Xanatos would give into temptation so easy coming from a different background than the other students where he knew what he could have?

    The duel had been intense. Qui-Gon watched his Padawan fight with such aggressiveness. Xanatos was always intense and had always pushed the limits of what a Padawan should be in both a positive and a negative way and in that duel there were times when Qui-Gon wondered if the boy would kill him. Qui-Gon however held his own and had resorted to the Jedi way of defense and that had been Xanatos' undoing who had fought with such anger and malice. He could have done it, he c
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    Aug 26, 2003
    Swoop Race

    Jabba's Palace

    Han Solo and his firstmate Chewbacca had just been reunited and of all in places in one of Jabba's prison cells. Chewbacca had updated Han on everything that had been occuring since he was encased in carbonite on Bespin. Han was so happy despite the cold and the fact that his vision was still in a blur due to hybernation sickness to see his best friend. He still worried about Leia, he was sure Jabba had some degrading purposes for someone as beautiful as she. If only he had his DL-44 and Chewbacca his bowcaster...

    They heard the door unlock and one of Jabba's dark skinned guards came in wearing a helmet that looked as if it were combined with some part of a skull. Han could not see who it was but when he heard the voice he knew instantly who it was.

    "How are you two holding up?", asked Lando Calrissian. Han almost laughed hearing that voice.

    "Shouldn't you be somewhere counting credits or setting someone else up?", asked Han bitterly even though Chewie had told him that Lando was helping out the Rebel Alliance nowadays.

    "Chewie I thought you would have told him?", asked Lando.

    "He did I'm just giving you a hard time. I wouldn't be in this mess though", remarked Han.

    "Look I ain't proud of what happened but we will get you out. I came to check on you because I thought that the Gamorreans would rough you two", said Lando.

    "The Gamorreans? Oh I forgot that some who worked for Jabba are still bitter about what we did", said Han.

    "Yes and I think the only reason why you two aren't on the receiving end of Gamorrean axes right now is because Jabba wants you two for some sick session of torture before death. You never know though with those Gamorreans.", said Lando.

    "Well what's the plan now?", asked Han. Outside they heard a Gamorrean yelling at their cell.

    "Looks like I have to go, hang in there", said Lando and with that he left leaving Han with memories of the Gamorreans...


    Desilijic Complex-7 years ago

    Jabba the Hutt sat on a dias in his town house as he exchanged meetings throughout the day with clientelle. His major-domo Bib Fortuna would whisper in the Hutt's ear just as a client would approach and mention a feat or a debt to the Hutt about that particular person. By the time the twin suns were set on Tatooine Jabba ended the day with the meeting he had been looking forward to. A Corellian man and his furry firstmate came in and Jabba raised his arms in greeting.

    "Han ma booki, achuta", said Jabba.

    "Hello there Jabba, I heard you wanted to see me", said Han.

    "Tagwa, me brogghto hetossk chawa", said Jabba taking his hookah pipe to his mouth.

    "You want me to race?", asked Han puzzled.

    "Tagwa, bargon u noa-a-uyat", replied Jabba.

    "I would hope so, how much are we talking here?", said Han.

    "Weata ata rao", said Jabba.

    "Oh I see, I have to win first. Is it a swoop race? I used to race in my day. You might as well pay me now Jabba", said Han. This caused Jabba to emit a rumbling chuckle.

    "Lapim nallya so bata de wompa, u-woonloo", said Jabba.

    "You want me to lose!", asked Han surprised.

    "Doonwu Han ma booki", said Jabba.

    "Where is the race being held?", asked Han.

    "Gamorr, ee datachipp-un tablo", said Jabba motioning for his Twi'lek major-domo to bring to Han a datachip. Han put the chip in one of the pouches on his vest.

    "E-weela Gamorr", said Jabba and with that the meeting ended.


    Gamorr, Opoku System, Outer Rim Territories
    Jugsmuk Station
    Two standard weeks later

    The Millennium Falcon had landed in docking bay 02 of Jugsmuk Station. It was the only official location on Gamorr where offworlders could be safe from the Gamorreans. Han had had misgivings about this race since the moment Jabba had told him about it on Tatooine. The Hutt knew that Solo would accept with the amount of credits involved. As far as Han saw it the Falcon needed some "special" modifications if he was going to continue this smuggli