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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by HanSolo29, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. soitscometothis Jedi Grand Master

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    I wanted to ask the posters here about graphics tablets: what is everybody using?

    Does everybody here use a Wacom, or have some of you opted for another brand such as Aiptek (heard good things about this brand) or Trust (I hear mainly bad about these)?

    Those people who are using Wacom, are you using Graphire/Bamboo, or did you go the whole hog and get an Intuos? How different are they in practical terms?

    I see a lot of choices in the graphic tablet market, but as I've never used on I have no idea about them at all.

  2. HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist

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    Hey soits,

    I'm currently using a Wacom tablet(Intuos 3) and I absolutely love it! I had this thing for maybe 5-6 years now and never had any real problems with it(*knocks on wood*). I would definitely recommend it. :)
  3. GIMER Manager Emeritus

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    Something I have found very helpful, is to clean up my inked images, I use the following method:

    1. Scan the image.
    2. Open the image in Gimp and do any clean up of dots or anything that you don't want in the final picture.
    3. Adjust the contrast of the image so that it is just blacks and whites. No greys from the scanner
    4. Save the image as a png file.
    5. Open the png file in Inkscape and use the Path/Trace Bitmap function. This will create a new 'layer' which will be a cleaned up version of your drawing.
    6. Delete the original 'layer' in Inkscape and then save the cleaned up image
    7. You can then open that cleaned up image in Gimp and color it, or make other changes

    It gives a really great look to your line quality!
  4. Kiyuuchan Jedi Youngling

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    Giving this a bump so we don't lose it !

    How to colour hair in anime style digitally

    Just how I colour hair. I use a Japanese program SAI which is amazing for blending, but it works same for photoshop, corel painter, open canvas

    1. Make a new layer for the hair. Get the magnetic lasso tool, and draw roughly around the hair area, then mask the layer. Layer>Layer Mask>Reveal Selection. you should now have a black layer apart from the white bit which is the bit you selected, this just makes it easier to tidy. Now fill the layer with a base colour, one which is not very light or dark.

    2. Make new layer and set to multiply. Set the layer at 40-50% opacity. Now using the same colour stroke along the hair where the shadow should be. Then use the blend tool to stroke upwards so it blends into the hair.

    If you want even darker areas in the hair repeat step 2 until you are happy.

    3. Now make a new layer. Set to addition. (For SAI or open canvas only) Then using the same colour as the base hair, stroke in where the highlights should be. Then use the blend tool.

    in PHOTOSHOP or COREL, you have to work a bit harder. Use the dodge tool on the first hair layer and lighten areas that should have highlights. Make the brush smaller and go over again until the middle part of the highlights are white.

    If you want the white bits to be a bit spikier, use a pen tool to go over the areas in white and only blend a little bit.

    4. Make a new normal layer. Now select a small brush 3px, and select white. On the white bits of hair draw in some loose strands coming down from the scalp. Make them curve a bit so it looks like they're moving.

    5. Make a new normal layer. Choose white. Make the brush 19% opacity. Draw a sort of halo shape around the widest part of the hair. This is the typical 'anime shine halo' If you want you can add some sparkles around this area with sparkle brushes.

    6. Merge the layers. Clean up the edges. Finished ^___^

    How's that ^___^ It's not really that long to do, about 15 mins.

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