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Discussion in 'Games: RPG & Miniatures' started by dp4m, Apr 29, 2003.

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    Me and my GM, after feeling most of a Corellian Corvette crew getting mauled by a Sith beast.

    GM: "You feel a disturbance in the Force."
    Me: "Like... what?"
    GM: "Like a bunch of people just died. Back at the ship."
    Me: "Really? How many? A big disturbance? A small disturbance?"
    GM: "Kinda small... like 20-30 people."
    My Jedi, in character, to his captain: "I felt a disturbance in the force. As if several voices suddenly cried out in terror. Then were suddenly silenced."
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    My funny experience isnt so much a line but an event.
    Our campaign is set during the classic period and the party had just rescued the majority of surviving rebels off a corvette stuck in an asteroid field, however they got spooked off by a flight of tie fighters and a star destroyer and left their commanding officer on the stricken corvette with a few storm commando's (who he miracously defeated single handedly)
    After a few heavy hits from the pursuing tie's half of the group herd the npc rebels into the escape pods and get in with them expecting the worse (remember these guys are still flying through an asteroid field) The ship takes another bad hit and starts to shudder In a panic one of the group launches his escape pod, the group in the other escape pod hear the pods ejection and react by ejecting theirs, just then in a move of cinematic brilliance the 2 pursuing ties collide into each other exploding, the groups ship is safe, however the two escape pods with very little control spiral through the asteroid field, both of them colliding with asteroids and exploding. This had our group in stitches for the rest of the session and to this day the surviving members refer to this only as "The incident"
    Like I said it was situational and was quite funny, hopefully Ive relayed it well enough to convey the imagery.
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