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    OOC: I'm also waiting for the right time to jump back into the game.
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    OOC: For the sake of continuity, shall we just have it that Kai, Serin and Mira have rejoined the others?

    Is that alright with everyone?
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    OOC: Good idea.

    IC: As Kai, Serin and Mira rushed up to the group,Ilyx ran a simulation of the new upgraded Dark Troopers on his pocket DataPad, Ilyx . Not bad. he thought, not bad at all!. Now that Kai, Serin and Mira had just rejoined them, they could return to the temple...and try and reclaim it...

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    OOC - Ok lets continue then shall we...

    Lance ignored the offer of the medpack and just continued to walk. Walking through a clearing, she felt a faint twinge in the back of her mind.

    "I hope those damn toxins they filled me with wear off soon! I hate not being able to sense argh!"

    Looking up she was shocked to see she had walked right into Ilyx, Camden and Liana. Just like that.

    "Good evening, Commander,...I believe you were insulting my handywork earlier. Let me show you how it's done."

    While Lance and Ilyx were tinkering with the troopers. Camden walked over to her

    "Hey are you ok?"

    He asked. A hint of concern in his tone

    "Lets just say Ive felt better...Ow!"

    She said as she put her hand on her side. The bacta patch was working but blood was still getting through and staining her fingertips. Maybe that blast got deeper then she thought.

    "Its nothing... It shouldnt be to long before I can heal this myself and my arm is just a bit cut and bruised. Ive had worse, believe me"

    She managed a smile to try and put Camden at ease.

    "Now what do we do?"

    I'll contact Halicon

    Liana put in

    "Halicon Its Lia. Weve ran into Lance and Kalai. Lance busted her out. There both injured but they seem to be ok to keep going for now. Can you pick up on our location?"

    While she was waiting for his reply, She saw ilyx playing around with his hand held datapad. Camden was also trying to sneak a look in. She sighed

    "Boys and their toys"

    She then turned back and looked around the area. Waiting and watching for any trace of Serin and Kai

    KissSpooky, Kai

    OOC - Hopefully that was an OK way to get things running again.
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    OOC: Who is currently at the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV?

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    IC: A quick communicator relay told Kai that the group had gathered nearby. He went over to Raya and hoisted the child onto his back before turning to Serin and Mira.

    "Everyone's assembled a few hundred metres north of here. Looks like things could be shaping up for a battle. We'd better get over there."

    Tag: Mirax, KissSpooky.

    OOC: It's a short post, especially for me, but I'll write more when we all assemble.
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    OOC: At the mo, the Academy is filled with the Reborn/STs, and what is left of their droid defense army (which I created just to use as DT fodder.) My army of upgraded DTs are waiting just outside, and your legion of DTs are still waiting a while south of the temple.

    I don't know why I even volunteered for this job in the first place.

    Perched on a precarious looking rock high above the smoking battlefield, Ilyx Aran leaned over just a little further, this time making sure to grab onto a handy rock for support. It had seemed such a good idea at the time, volunteering for forward scout duty, but now he had arrived he was having second thoughts. Scanning the area with a pair of macrobinoculars, Ilyx saw that his DTs had managed to hold their own, carving out a small foothold at the temple gates with minimal losses.

    Now I see why we paid Katarn so much for taking these things out in the first place.

    A small rustling nearby alerted Aran, and he looked up, coming face to face with a Red Reborn.

    Raising his blaster, Ilyx fired off one or two shots at the artificial Jedi, watching helplessly as they were blocked. Backing away from the oncoming crimson death blade, Ilyx emptied out half of his blaster energy onto his enemy's lightsaber, before flashing his mind back to Fest and the encounter with KnightHawk.

    Well, it didn't even hurt him, sythe I don't even know if he wasn't faking going down or not, but I don't reckon that this fake Jedi is as powerful as Lance!

    And with that, Ilyx raised his stun baton, flicked the power to "Overload", and tossed it straight into the face of the shocked foe. A few seconds later, Ilyx finished off the prone Reborn with a few quick blaster shots.

    Returning to the group, he tossed a data card to Lance.

    "Heres my scouting data. Now the attack can really begin."

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    "Roger that," Lance said upon receiving the datapad. He looked at the report and muttered to himself. "Reborn and Shadow Troopers... Well, this is one death I'm going to enjoy experiencing." He looked around at the smoldering wreckage that was the entrance to the Jedi Temple. There was a very dark feeling coming from it. It felt very inviting, or so he perceived. He pocketed the datapad and gripped his lightsabers, ready for anything that would dare show itself in the Temple.
    All of a sudden, though, he dropped his right-hand weapon back to his belt and grabbed his comm-link. Devastator, this is Lance. Send down a detachment of Spec Ops soldiers. We might need them for clean-up purposes. Three will be fine. Over and out." He then reclaimed his lightsaber, lit them both, and set off for the entrance, the black blades casting shadows on the ground.

    Lance navigated the first corridor easily, not encountering any trouble. Strangely, though, the dark feeling grew stronger with each step. This pleased him. He was in his own element, in a Temple overrun by the Dark Side in the dark of night. He flipped off his lightsabers for a minute, and took out the locket that he had been wearing for the past decade. When he opened it, he saw the picture of his wife just after their wedding. A tear came to his eye as he looked at the photo. It was a tear made of blood, and it left a small red stain on his face as it ran, and a small red drop on the floor when it finally hit the ground. He closed the locket then, and put it back around his neck, where it had been for the past decade. This time, however, he let the piece on the end hang out, instead of hiding it. He felt... relieved. He didn't knoww how, but as he reactivated his lightsabers, he felt genuinely relieved.

    The Dark Side was much stronger by the halfway point of the second corridor, and lance had no idea of where he was even going, except that he was walking down a hallway. This was the first time he had been to Yavin IV, and it would also be the last, if his agreement with the Dark Side had anything to say about it. Suddenly, he saw a pair of red blades light up, followed by another pair. Two sets of eyes lit the dark hallway. Two sets of eyes, and three sets of footsteps. A strange voice, distinctly human but tainted by darkness of ages past, spoke in a raspy tone. "You should have killed me when you had the chance," it said. It was obvious that the voice came from behind one pair of lightsabers. That was when Lance noticed something wrong with that pair. They were connected!
    "You again? I see you brought some friends this time. Well, the more, the merrier." With that comment, Lance brought his two lightsabers up into a defensive position, and stood, waiting for his opponents to make the first move. He said something in Corellian, an old curse upon the ancestors of the three Dark Jedi he would soon be fighting.

    OOC: Now I can officially say I have written part of a novel. :) (Wipes sweat from brow.) Whew./>/>/>
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    Ilyx had volenteered to scout ahead. While he was away, Kalai suddenly remembered she was weaponless

    "What a time to be weaponless!"

    She thought to herself. She stood up and looked about. In a growth of bushes she noticed what looked like a blaster. She picked it up and checked to see if it still had sufficient firepower.

    "Im not particulary fond of these things but I guess it will have to do until I can salvage another saber. Perhaps from one of the dead reborn or shadow troopers"

    Ilyx came back to the group and handed a datapad to Lance

    "Heres my scouting data. Now the attack can really begin"

    "Roger that"

    Lance said as he went to the entrance to the temple. Gripping the blaster tightly, She turned to her comrades

    "This looks like its gonna be tricky"

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    ::Bain and his team landed on the hill farside away from the Temple. They headed out towards it, a group of over 50::

    Bain: Once we're in, search for forms of life.

    ::Bain and his troups headed in and were greeted by blaster fire. Half of his force was taken out in an instant as he ordered retreat. They bailed into the courtyard and were greeted by even more. Bain scurried with his Mandalorian Warriors to the forest and waited for the next burst::

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    "This looks like its gonna be tricky"

    "I'll bet," said Ilyx, his voice a little tricky. "Although with the upgraded Dark Troopers, we've got a better chance than ever. With Kai and Lance leading us, I'm sure that the blasted Dark Jedi will be out of that temple before you can say 'Sithspit'."

    Ilyx whipped out his datapad and loaded up the upgraded DT simulation and explained it to Kalai. "With this increased power, I'm confident that we'll rout the STs in a matter of minutes."

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    OOC: And I'm sure that you heard my comm-link message... ;)


    A small noise was heard near the Temple, much like a comm-link beeping. It was Ilyx Aran's cummunicator device. A voice squawked over it. "Commander Aran, this is Commodore Brooks. We have a shuttle with some Spec Ops stormtroopers scheduled to head down there to help. I hope that is okay with you. Devastator out."

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    Serin stood off to the side, watching as Lance ran off on his own, after signalling for a clean up crew. He's one with the dark side again...she thought to herself, glaring off in his direction.

    Kalai, looking fairly worse for wear, mentioned she was weaponless. As she moved to pick up a fallen blaster, Serin's thoughts went to Bal's lightsaber clipped to her belt.

    She came back to the here and now and noticed Kalai and Ilyx talking, with Ilyx explaining about his tactics. Serin finally found out Ilyx had been assigned a good portion of the Dark Troopers.

    Walking over to the pair, Serin said in a low voice, "No offence, Ilyx, but we can do this without having to resort to using the enemy's toys." The leftover anger was still plainly obvious in her voice.

    Signalling for Kalai to follow her, Serin led the younger woman off to the side a bit. "Kalai, listen. I overheard you'd lost your weapon. Well, I have an extra. You remember Bal? They killed him." Her voice cracked a little as she said this. "Um, anyway, I retrieved his lightsaber. It seemed like the thing to do. Anyway...I think he would have liked it if you had it."

    Taking the lightsaber off her belt, Serin turned on the green bladed weapon, giving it a couple half hearted twirls before turning it off and placing it in Kalai's hands. Whispering, Serin said, "It's a good weapon. It will protect you."

    Sighing, Serin looked off towards the temple. "We better get in there, before Lance gets himself killed again.

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    Ilyx had been explaining about the darktrooper tactics to Kalai. Not that she really understood that sort of thing. Serin approached them and noticed what he was talking about.

    "No offence, Ilyx, but we can do this without having to resort to using the enemy's toys."

    She said. A slight anger in her tone. She signaled to Kalai and tool her off to the side

    "Kalai, listen. I overheard you'd lost your weapon. Well, I have an extra. You remember Bal? They killed him[i/]

    Kalai could hear the sadness in her voice

    "Um, anyway, I retrieved his lightsaber. It seemed like the thing to do. Anyway...I think he would have liked it if you had it

    She took the beautifully crafted hilt from her belt and the emerald coloured blade shot to life. Serin gave a few basic twirls before shutting it down and giving it to her. Serin then wispered

    "It's a good weapon. It will protect you."

    "Serin... Thank you. Don't worry I will take good care of it. I know how much Bal meant to you"

    She clipped it to her belt and followed Serins gaze towards the temple

    "We better get in there, before Lance gets himself killed again"

    Yeah, you're right. Lets go

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    A pair of black blades pierced the air in the corridor, and the tang of ozone hung on the winds that blew through the hall. The warrior stared through the darkness, and his eyes met the persons of three Dark Jedi, two of whom wore the cortosis armor of the Shadow Troopers. Lance looked square at the Reborn, and set his sights on it. "YOU!" he yelled. "I will fight you!"
    Lance charged the Reborn, his lightsabers clashing with its dual-bladed weapon. He leapt for a sweeping kick as the blades combined, and his boots crashed into the left side of the Reborn's head. The Dark Jedi staggered backward and fell to the floor in a heap of pain, but quickly got up. He then took his weapon and separated it at the center of the handle, revealing two lightsabers. Blaster shot! Lance thought to himself. He focused his concentration on beating the target before it could push the 'advantage' of an equal playing field.
    The Force took control of his limbs, making them move a little bit faster. Soon, that acceleration went from a little bit to a lot. Lance became a blur to the eye as he struck out at the Reborn, and eventually his lightsabers dug into his adversary. The Reborn went down with a loud groan, a large pair of gashes in him. He tried with his last strength to harm Lance with a dying strike, but was met with a stiff block that sent his lightsabers flying.

    The two flying lightsabers crash into the far walls of the corridor, sealing it off from the side nearest the DT units and the main entrance.
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    OOC: Major apologies for my lax in posting. I've been busy trying to sort out a niggling.....detail over in the Tainted Blade that keeps undermining me.....

    IC: Things were moving with lightning fluidity and Kai was trying stay on top of things as best he could, especially with a young Jedi padawan latched to his back.

    Raya....things are about to get dangerous.... you should really wait out here.

    He felt the child tense on his back and the shaking of her head.

    "Don't leave me..... please. I was alone for so long...."

    Kai sighed. Try as he might, he'd not be able to bring himself to let the girl out of his sight.

    Alright.....hold on tight.

    Kai chose to make a side exit to the complex, leaving Camden and Liana to follow suite behind the others. He entered into the eastern courtyard....

    ....and came face to face with six Reborn, respecitively clad in different coloured robes, as if to signify rank.

    They spotted the Jedi immediately, and Kai felt them all scream angrily in their distorted part of the Force as four red blades snapped to life. Raya tensed up, but Kai was able to remove her from her piggy-backed postion. He handed her his blasters as they backed up against the courtyard wall.

    "Use these. If they get close, use the big one to knock them back - they can't block it with lightsabers. The smaller pistol should be able to finish them off."

    Raya nodded frantically as the Reborn closed in. Kai's saber came into his hand like magic and the emerald edge of the weapon ignited. He crouched low and held his saber at a ready stance.

    "Here!" Raya shouted and lofted him something. He reached out with his left hand and caught something, the silver hilt of Raya's lightsaber. Grinning, he thumbed the activator and the sulpher blade came to life. It'd been a while since he'd used dual blades but he'd made mental notes on some of the techniques Serin had used and hoped to be able to replicate them.

    Holding the sabers of green and yellow at the ready, he reached out with the Force.

    Ah, guys.....I could use a hand at the eastern courtyard.....

    Tag: Anyone who can help me out!

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    Lance sensed something as the first of his opponents went down. The scream seemed distorted, mutilated. Perhaps it was inhuman. Then he realized that he was hearing a mixture of screams in the Force at the same time. His mind immediately flashed him the answer: Kai was fighting four at the same time, and two more were lying in wait behind them. Time to even the odds, he thought to himself.

    He began sending a mental message, which would obviously be clipped a little by the Dark Side's presence in this Temple. Kai, this is Lance. I may not be good at psionic attacks, but I might be able to lessen your burden somewhat from here. I can't escape from this hallway, though. The cave's been sealed shut by an errant lightsaber. He then went to work pulling an old magic curse from his memory. Kai, your language powers better be good! I need you to repeat the following after me, in fluent Corellian, or it won't amount to anything. He clicked on a shield on his robotic arm, and dodged just in time to see a spark rise from the arm as one ST slammed his lightsaber into it. Repeat after me: [Dark night sky with evil clouds, bring the power to rip man apart. Hateful lightning from the heavens, destroy my foes here and now!]

    TAG: All, especially Kai.

    OOC: It's the best psionic trickery I could make up when I saw this post.
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    As the Jedi rushed off towards the temple, Ilyx stayed behind to meet the SpecOps stormtroopers. Whatever Serin had said about the "enemies toys", Ilyx knew that with the Dark Troops they stood a much better probability of success.

    The shuttle touched down, and Ilyx clambered onboard. The Imperial officer, Brooks, gave him a inquisitive look, the sort he would give pond life.

    "What...who are you?"

    "I'm Ilyx Aran, New Republic Commander, and I'm taking control of this squad."

    Recognition flashed in Brook's eyes, and he begrudgingly handed over the command insignia to Aran. Ilyx fastened it on the bottom of his jacket, and then turned to the pilot.

    "Head for that temple! We'll land on the roof, and work our way down!" grabbing a comm link, he shouted orders to the DTs waiting for him. "Alright, Operation: Rampage. Go through the temple, shooting anything and everything that looks nasty, and meet me at the top. OK?"

    A metallic clicking sound came, an affirmative.

    "Good. We'll see you in ten minutes."

    TAG: Anyone in the Temple.

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    OOC: I've hit writers block with this RPG. I'm not sure what do do with Mira right now. If you have any suggestions please let me know!!
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    Kalai had followed Serin into the temple to go after Lance. They had decided to go ahead to check things out and Liana and Camden were waiting with Mira. Making their way down a dark passage, She caught site of Lance battling what looked like a re-born but through the dimness she couldn't tell. Her senses then screamed at her at the sight of two lightsabers flying towards them.

    "Look out!"

    she yelled, diving for cover as the lightsabers stuck the near wall, collapsing the wall and blocking the way out. Picking herself up off the floor she heard Camden calling out through the force

    "Kalai Serin! What was that!"

    "Camden? A rogue lightsaber collapsed the passage. We can't get to you"

    "Hang tight, we'll come and try to get you out"

    Ah, guys.....I could use a hand at the eastern courtyard.....

    "Thats Kai! Liana, Camden. Take Mira and go help your master, There in the eastern courtyard. We'll find a way out ourselves"

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    IC: The first of the red blades came at his head, parried with the yellow saber in his left hand, which Kai carried in reverse-grip style. Kai fought back at best he could against such insane odds. Though he'd been in fights with more opponents before, it had been a while since he'd combated four Force-users, especially ones using sabers.

    Flipping backwards to avoid a slash, he rolled and came up in time to cross his blades in an 'X' formation to stop a lightsaber from slicing his forehead open. It was then, that he felt Lance's mind reach out to him and make a suggestion.

    It was one Kai was somewhat unsurped by, calling to the Dark Powers. Lance seemed to have far more control over those abilities, whereas Kai did not. Whenever he tapped into that dark potential, he felt as if his soul was being burned out.

    The distraction of the conversation proved to be a dangerous one; a Reborn's lightsaber blade swiped by his face and the Jedi grit his teeth and supressed his urge to cry out as the tip of the blade lightly cut through the side of his neck, just an inch away from burning through more than just flesh. If he'd not moved sideways, it would of hacked through bone.

    It was then, that he realised that he might have to take on Lance's suggestion as a boot thrust his head into the concrete, Kai's lip exploding in blood and saliva. He lost grip on the yellow blade, the saber disengaging and rolling away.

    Kai moved as quick as he could, getting to his feet and discarding his coat, ducking another red blade but falling prey to a second saber slicing across his left thigh. Searing heat ran up up leg and he howled briefly in pain. Disorientated, he missed the other two Reborn bring their blades down on him. He blocked the first with his own saber, but the second stabbed straight through his left bicep, barely missing nerve endings.

    Kai never saw the black-cloaked Reborn that came at him, sneering like mad as it stabbed its weapon forward, the tip of it breaking through the right side of his ribcage and ripping straight through his lung. He exhaled sharply, feeling his throat constrict.

    Time seemed to slow for Kai, his vision ran blurry and indistinct. For a brief moment, he felt his anger spike, but then it subsided. He felt lucid, in control. It was almost as if he were in a dream, watching himself from outside his body.

    It was then, that the Jedi felt the familiar prickling sensation in his fingertips that he'd felt before, the heat burning inside him as he stretched left hand out. His right eye flashed ruby for a second, just as jagged forks of blue electrical fury leap from his fingertips.

    The first bolt caught two Reborn in the chest, the sheer power of the lightning ripping massive holes in their chests in a spatter of blood and organic matter. They fell, heaping on top of each other as Kai turned his attention to the next of the two remaining. Horrified, the Reborn tried to run, but another lightning strike from Kai's hand tore appart his lower back in a misty explosion of red fluid.

    The Reborn who'd stabbed Kai in the chest was less frightened and he brought his blade down on Kai's exposed head. Still on his knees, Kai raised his saber and parried the strike, twisting his wrist so that his saber hacked through the Reborn's forearm, severing it. It screamed in horror as Kai looked on without emotion as he rose to his feet, and pointed a gloved finger a few centimetres from the Reborn's forehead.

    A single spark loosed from his hand, shooting through the skull, flesh and bone like a blue bullet. The Reborn's eyes rolled, smoke billowing from the oxidised hole in his head as he stumbled around for a while, then fell dead abruptly.

    Kai deactivated his blade and stood there, amidst a pile of corpses for a moment. He caught sight of Raya, his blasters stuck through her belt and her recovered lightsaber in one hand. Her turuoise eyes seemed to be wrought with sadness. Feeling lightheaded, he coughed, a torrent of blood dribbling from his mouth. For a moment, he sn
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    Mira heard the sounds of battle in a room down the hall. As she ran in she saw the last of the Reborn soldier in the room fall ,dead.

    Looking around she saw a young girl holding a lightsaber, her eyes wide. Then she saw him, Kai, laying on the ground with blood running out of his mouth and a hole in his chest.

    "KAI!!" she said as she rushed to his side. Falling to her knees she pressed her hands against his chest in a feeble attempt to stop the flood of blood.

    She looked up at the young girl and told her,
    "My name is Mira ,I'm a friend. Are you a Jedi?"

    The frighten child quietly replied "Yes."

    "Can you contact any of the Jedi and try to get them to come here and help us?"

    "I think so."

    "Then do it." She quickly turned back to Kai and wispered. "Hold on, Kai. We need you."

    Tag: anyone who wants to help us! :)
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    IC: Through the grey curtain that had been draped over his vision, Kai could barely make out the person above him, barely feel the pressure on his chest as they placed their hands on his wound.

    The minute she touched him, the Force told him more than his eyes could


    Her eyes were wide with sadness and shock, but he lacked the strength to speak. Part of him wished that he could call out to her and the others, tell them it was his time to go now. In truth, he wasn't angry or sad. If he was going to die, there were worse ways to go.

    For a second, it all went dark and Kai felt a calmness come over him. Blinking, his eyes opened.....

    ....only to look upon himself below, Mira trying like hell to save his wounded form, surrounded by dead Reborn in the courtyard.

    "She doesn't want you to die, you know."

    Kai turned, realising he was wearing his coat again and that his wounds were gone. He seemed in perfect health and was stunned by the discovery as he looked in the direction of the voice to see a boy his mid-teens, clad in Jedi robes, a bright smile on his young face.

    Kai exhaled.

    "I'm dying?"

    The boy smirked and walked over to him.

    "On the way. I'm Bal."

    Kai had a sudden realisation.

    "You're Serin's student....the one who-"

    "Died? Yeah. About an hour ago. I'm okay now. Everything's alright for me, but Serin isn't taking it well. I'm worried it might be .... dangerous for her."

    Kai nodded, his mind trying to get around the surrealness of it all.

    "So am I, Bal."

    "Then you need to go back and tell her that she needs to let go of all those pent-up emotions. They'll destroy her. Besides, it's not your time yet, Master Halicon. The Force has other plans for you."


    Bal grinned again and put and hand on Kai's right arm.

    "I can't tell you anymore, but you've yet to face your greatest challenge. All I will say is that the people involved here today will have a bearing on your future. Now go and tell Serin that I'm alright."

    Kai nodded, somewhat speechless.

    "I will, I promise. Be safe, Bal. The Force will watch over you now."

    Bal raised an eyebrow.

    "I know. May the Force be with you, Kai Halicon."

    For a moment, there was silence, and Kai opened his eyes. The Force surged through him like the bolts of lightning he'd just used moments ago and the Jedi shot up. His wound didn't seem to hurt so much anymore. He caught sight of Mira and touched her face.

    "....Hey..." He muttered weakly.

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