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    OOC: Where is everybody?

    IC: "Woah."
    Ilyx felt a smile grow on his face, and then a grin. If he hadn't have just seen that with his own eyes, then he wouldn't have beleived it.

    However he did not waste time in a state of awe, for a dark mystery had just been revealed.

    "Those stormtroopers knew they were under my command." His voice echoed through the old temple. "I just hope that they haven't staged a mutiny."

    The sooner we find Kai, Serin and Mira, the better. We're gonna need all the help we can get if this is true.

    TAG: KnightHawk, JPL
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    OOC: My guess is either the Tainted Blade or AJM's courthouse. I'm scheduled to be the bailiff while the Rebellion presses charges against Lando.


    "Now you know how I run my 'business', my friends. As for mutiny, I'll rule that out. The Reborn leaves a small clue, possibly a variation on the Jedi Mind Trick. They could have taken over the entire team..." Lance trailed off then, realizing what that could mean. "Feldercarp!" he swore. "They might have the entire temple!"

    TAG: All, including those in the Tmeple.
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    Cheers.?You know, you Jedi get to have all the fun weapons."

    Ilyx said as he picked himself up off the floor. Kalai couldn?t help but grin though

    Lets not get too comfortable?There's more trouble somewhere else for us to take care of."

    Sprinting off to the upper levels, Lance shouted back down

    "Ilyx!?Did you send the squadron in from the roof?"

    "No, I didn't give the order..."You know, I have a bad feeling about this..."

    ?Same here?

    Kalai muttered to herself as the troopers pointed their weapons at lance

    "One move, and we open fire?Now give us the lightsabers."

    Kalai saw the red reborn coming out from the shadows. Its red saber activated. Lance turned to her and Ilyx

    "Guys, throw down your weapons."

    ?Damn, I told Serin I would look after this saber?

    She thought to herself as she let it fall to the floor

    The Reborn walked over to them and picked up their weapons

    "Soldiers you may kill them now."

    The reborn said in the raspy voice, but suddenly the troopers starting grasping their necks in pain. One trooper fell and the rifle he held let off one shot. Hitting the wall and barely missing Ilyx and herself

    ?Whoa, that was close?

    She said to herself as Lance cast another one of his spells. Crimson lightning shot down from nowhere and killed the reborn and remaining trooper but missed her and Ilyx completely.

    ?Im still not used to all those spells?

    She said in a slightly relieved tone as she retrieved Bal?s lightsaber from the floor.

    Those stormtroopers knew they were under my command?I just hope that they haven't staged a mutiny."

    Ilyx said, his voice echoing through the darkness

    "Now you know how I run my 'business', my friends As for mutiny, I'll rule that out. The Reborn leaves a small clue, possibly a variation on the Jedi Mind Trick. They could have taken over the entire team... "Feldercarp! They might have the entire temple!"

    "What! That couldnt be possible could it? Their just reborn. Skilled as they seem they can't possibly have that much power as to mind trick an entire spec ops team... Unless... theres something else behind it

    She paused, reaching out with the force she sensed up to 10 troopers closing in on their location and a number patroling the various gardens and courtyards outside. She sent a message through the force.

    "Kai! The spec ops team... They went all hostile on us. Lance thinks their being controled. Stay alert, Theres quite a number around where you Argh!"

    She cut off the message and dived for cover as the wall beside her was blasted open and through the dust came a shower of blaster fire...

    Tag - All
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    OOC: Apolgies for absence. KnightHawk was correct in his assumptions about being on The Tainted Blade.

    Hope nobody minds me using their charcters in a limited aspect. I'll merely imply that they go where Kai goes.

    IC: Kai and his party (Serin, Mira, Liana, Camden and Raya) were moving around to where Kai's telepathy had located Ilyx, Lance and Kalai. Having recieved a message from Kalai moments ago, Kai was on full alert. Although he'd wanted to discuss his experience relating to the supposed soul of Bal with Serin, he chose to leave it for a time that was more appropriate.

    They moved deeper into the temple until Kai paused them, sensing something.

    "Stormtroopers. A large battalion of them in the courtyard ahead."

    Switching to telepathy, he summoed Lance and Kalai.

    We're pinned down on the main level. We could figh it out but there must be at least two or three dozen, maybe more. Suggestions?

    Tag: All. Sorry it's a short post, I pretty much just wrote a novel over on the Tainted Blade.
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    OCC: my apologies as well! i've been over in the Tainted Blade alot too!!


    Mira followed Kai along with the rest of the group. They stopped and Kai said,

    "Stormtroopers. A large battalion of them in the courtyard ahead."

    Mira pulled her blster out of it's holster and readied herself for their attack
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    OOC: I'll be getting an ending ready for sometime later in the week.
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    OOC: Three in one. How interesting... [face_devil]


    Suggestions!? Lance thought to himself. Yeah, I have one! Wait!! He let the last part dwindle, the 'Hide' command in it quite well-implied. He then switched on his lightsabers and charged forward, Ilyx and Kalai following him. The three plowed through the enemy forces, leaving smoldering plasteel armor in their wake.
    At length, the three arrived at the main arena in the Jedi Temple, where the large batallion stood. Kai, this is Lance. Have you ever joined a Dark Jedi in casting a magic spell?

    TAG: Kai

    OOC: Fate comes later. [face_devil]/>
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    OOC: Seeing no replies to that tag, I am ending this RPG now in a little extension of fate.


    A dark shadow stepped out from behind the walls of the far doorway to the main arena, and from his lips issued a strange spell of dark power. With the words he spoke, a deep crevice opened in the ground beneath the stormtroopers, spitting out fires that burned all of them alive. The openings closed shortly thereafter, leaving dozens of corpses smoldering on the defiled earth.
    In the next instant, a strange pair of figures walked in, one after the other. First was the ghastly appearance of Death, his sickle shining a blood-red hue. He pointed his right index finger, a bony digit, at the man in the middle of the chaos, and the warrior's two dark lightsabers retracted themselves. The ghost then vanished.
    The second apparition was not so much a ghost as it was real flesh and blood. Another opening formed in the ground, but this time no fires came out. Instead there came forth a man exactly similar to the warrior who had called forth the chaos of the past few minutes. Hanging from his belt were two lightsaber handles, both of them a shining shadow-black. There was something strange about this demonic figure: it's psionic residue was a complete jumble, as if it contained the forgotten ghosts of the Dark Side's dead. "Greetings, friend," the demon said. "You should have known that you couldn't hide from us for long."

    "Let me guess... Deal just got finalized?" Lance was fuming inside, ready to lash out at the demon before him.

    "Correct, you fool! It is now time for you to suffer!" With that, the horrible creature reached out its hand, and another ghost appeared. It was that of a woman in her early thirties, with long brown hair and brown eyes.

    A shocked wave of recognition struck Lance like a torrent. "KATHERINE!" he screamed, running forward. Instead of reaching her, he was thrown back by the same lightning that had befriended him so long ago. As he got up, he turned his attention to the monster that held his wife's spirit in its clutches. "Let her go!!" he yelled, his lightsabers humming to life in his hands.

    It's voice became more sinister, more vile. "You want her back, Lance? I'm sure you haven't forgotten the terms of our deal. As far as they go, you'll never see her again!!" With that, the beast took the ghost and 'killed' it, in a sense.

    It was at that moment that Lance snapped. In his rage, he charged forward, his sabers at his side and his fists burning with the fires of the Dark Side, strengthened to an infinite degree by his desire to be with his wife again. The hole opened in the ground, and the warrior fell in with the beast, the two of them fighting all the way down to Hell.
    OOC: Well, I'll post something of a TAG here. If any of you want to post some random responses to the scene I just put up, feel free. I will be sendind a PM to PoT shortly, asking for this thread to be locked by Friday, and no earlier. It's been a real pleasure to work with you all on this, and I hope to make another one for later.

    I should confess that the original idea I had for this was sort of a huge galactic maze where the revival of the DT project progressed in equal time with the rest of the plot. I might try this again, focusing on running it with that idea in mind. In any sense, I hope all of you who signed up for this enjoyed participating just as much as I enjoyed working with you.

    The Force will be with you. Always./>/>/>
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    OOC - One more post. It?s a shame. This was one of the first RPG's I ever took part in and one of the best :) ;)

    switching on his lightsabers Lance charged forward into the fray. Ilyx and Kalai following him. The three ploughed through the enemy forces as best they could. Blaster fire, grazing and nicking them as they fought. Feeling as a blaster bolt skimmed her already pained side, Kalai looked up and saw a dark shadow stepped out from behind the walls of the far doorway. A deep crevice opened in the ground beneath the stormtroopers, and all that was left of them were corpses smouldering on the ground.
    She caught site of a familiar ghostly figure, which she had seen after her rescue from the Imps. And another which looked like Lance. Listening as he confronted him

    "Greetings, friend," the demon said. "You should have known that you couldn't hide from us for long."

    "Let me guess... Deal just got finalized?"

    "Correct, you fool! It is now time for you to suffer!"


    "Let her go!!"

    "You want her back, Lance? I'm sure you haven't forgotten the terms of our deal. As far as they go, you'll never see her again!!"

    Lance snapped. Charging the figure but fell with the beast, down the open crevice. It slowly started closing.[/i]

    "Lance! NO!"

    Kalai ran to the area but was hit by a white light that escaped before it sealed. When the light disappeared, The last thing Kalai remembered before blacking out was Ilyx shouting her name?


    Kalai awoke to the sound of quiet beeps. She recognised the room as the coruscant temples healer ward, but how she got there, she had no clue. She was aching all over and had an IV line in her arm. But knew her injuries were healing. Looking over to the chair, she saw a young girl sitting reading. It was the girl Kai had helped at the temple. Raya.


    She said, her voice a bit hoarse

    ?Oh, your awake Knight Nadair!?

    ?How long have I been out??

    ?About 3 days. That soldier man helped you?


    ?I think that?s his name?

    Kalai smiled at the innocence of her words

    ?How is everyone else??

    ?Ok as far as I know, Ilyx is back with his squadron, I think Kai is going back to Tyrol to recover. Not sure about his apprentices. And I?m not sure about that Serin lady either.

    ?And what about you??

    ?Im Ok. A little bumped and bruised but that?s all. Although? I no longer have a master to train me?

    She looked into the face of the little girl

    ?Y?know? When I get out of here, I think it?s about time I took on my first apprentice?

    Raya?s eyes went wide

    ?You mean?

    ?Yes? If the council allows it, I could take you on and help with your training?

    ?Oh! Thank you The girl beamed

    ?Now go get some rest. You look beat. Oh and do me a favor. Take this to Serin?

    She handed Raya, Bal?s saber. And a note, which read?


    Your path has been rough, and you have suffered a great loss. But Bal will always be with you? You are like an older sister to me and whatever you decide to do, you will have my full support. Take care and may the force be with you


    With that she watched as Raya scampered out of the room. Letting herself fall asleep again, she dreamt about how much different life was going to be?

    OOC ? I hope the idea of an epilogue was ok. I was reading a book before I posted and thought it was a good idea at the time. Have a good summer Knighthawk! (May the force be with you! :)
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    OOC: It's been a great game, 'Hawk. I should say sorry for not having been more active towards the end, but net access and time have been constraints lately. Let me know if you plan to sequel this game.

    As for your character in my own RPG, you have my word that he will continue to be untilised and if he does bite the bullet, it will be with honour.

    Hope nobody mind the slight god-modding I use in this post.

    IC: (Set several hours after the last of the remnant has been defeated and the NR cavalry has arrived on Yavin.)

    It was early morning, the sun brilliant on the horizon, heralding the beginning of a new day. Atop one of the balconies of the Academy, Kai sat, a mug of coffee in his hands. It was still a little chill and as such, he had his coat done up as he watched the sunrise.

    His mind was pondering the last days events. The fighting, the death, the madness. It all seemed so futile, but at the end of the day they'd won. However, the price had been high. In the end, the only one who'd given his life was Lance and although he'd been horribly tainted, Kai felt his spirit would somehow find it's way back into the light one day, standing on the side of the angels where it belonged.

    Kai focused on Lance for a while, reflecting on his own brush with the Dark Side. It had given him hope to know that even someone as twisted as Lance still had the opportunity and willpower to fight back and defeat his inner demons. Kai's experiences on Yavin, particularly with Bal Gherin and his near-death had changed his way of thinking. He'd lost a lot of the apathy he'd had earlier on and for the first time in a long time, he felt good.

    His wrist comm beeped and Camden's voice came over the air.

    ["Kai? The Rogue Knight is fueled up and ready to head back to Coruscant. I've shifted it to the landing pad on the western wall. We're ready to go when you are."]

    "Alright. Tell Lia to get the startup cycle for the engines running. I'll be down with you in a few minutes. I've got some goodbyes to say."

    Finishing his coffee, he made his way inside where a group of Jedi from Coruscant were seeing to the reconstruction of the main meeting hall. He passed by and went to the infirmary, where he found the sleeping form of Raya. Smiling, Kai pulled the blanket that covered her a bit higher and brushed hair off her face. Reaching out with his telepathy, he touched her with his thoughts.

    I'm leaving now Raya - I don't want to wake you, but when you do arise, you'll know that I said goodbye that I have no doubts you'll become a fine Jedi one day. I'll return and check up on you sometime in the future. Until then, be brave and remember the Force is always by your side.

    Kai left the sleeping child and made his way to the courtyard, where he found the rest of the group. He addressed them silently with his thoughtcalls again, relaying a different message to each.

    To Ilyx:
    It's been a honor to fight beside you and I've learned a lot. You showed a lot of bravery in utilising a weapon like a lightsaber you weren't trained to use, but it was wielded like a Jedi would command it.

    He patted the commander's back and saluted respectfully to the older man. If he'd remained in the military like he was years ago, he'd of been proud to call Ilyx his CO.

    To Kalai:
    You've showed you're a brave and noble Jedi, worth of such praise. I know you don't feel like you're ready to apprentice anyone yet, but there's a little girl here who may need guidance in future and I can think of no one better.

    Kai put and hand on her shoulder and grinned, hoping to convey his honset admiration for her. She had a determination about her that few could match and the highest level of potential.

    To Mira
    Our paths crossed again after so long and though we must digress now, I don't dobut we'll run into each other again in future. You were part of what shaped me into the man I have become and I thank you. I shall always have a special place for you.

    Kai pulled Mira in
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    For the record, my post is chronologically set before Leigh's - there may be some continuity eras but it's probably because we were composing our posts at the same time.

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    OOC:KnightHawk i have enjoyed every minute of playing in htis role playing game. And if you ever put together another one let me know! Thanks to everybody else for making it enjoyable.


    Mira brushed a solitary tear from her eye as she watch the Rouge Knight lift off. She quietly turned away and walked to her ship. She hadn't gotten close to anyone on this mission, so she didn't want them to feel obligated to say goodbye.

    When she reached her ship Dack was there to meet her.

    "What is it Dack?"

    "You have a message."

    "From whom?"


    "Well let's hope he has spme new work for us." She replied as she sat down in the pilots seat. Her eyes glaced over Saric's message.

    "Yes,Dack, He has some new work for us. Set a cource for Ord Mantell."

    The droid warpled an affirmative as his domed head turned to the nav computer.

    Mira looked out at the great Jedi Temple. It was so beautiful sunrise on Yavin 4. It reminded her of the sunset she had seen with Kai. She would miss him but she knew just as he did that their paths would cross again someday.

    "Soon, Kai, let us meet again soon."

    Dack let out a beep, as if to say we were ready to lift off.

    "O.k. Dack, let's go"

    And with that the Savid Honor lifted off of the lush green moon of Yavin. With in seconds she was racing off on her next adventure. But the memories of the last one would always remain.

    THE END ( for me at least)
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    Brilliant RPG. Absoloutley brilliant.


    Sundown at the Jedi temple. Goodbyes had been said, new friends had dissapearedinto. Ilyx sat in the midst of the battlefield, looking into the sun, his new "toy" (the lightsaber) clipped to his belt along with his sniper rifle.

    Taking a deep breath of the jungle air, he found himself moved by the adventures he had had.

    Of course, there would be more.

    But for now, he was content to stay at the Academy, as head of the security and intelligence department.

    For now, at least.

    The sun faded on Yavin, closing the book on this adventure.

    Staring into darkness, Ilyx felt a tear on his eye.

    Nothing really, in the grand scale of things. But in the name of the Force, everything.

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    ::As Bain's Mandalore scouts and warriors searched the land, they found him near the temple. He was shot in the unprotected part of his chest and it seemed it happened a few days before. They lifted his body, but he moved::

    Jeno: Sir, we must get you to the Vengeance...

    Bain: No, leave me here. My time is coming...

    ::As Prince Bain of the Cheln spoke those last words, fhis body began to glow and disappeared. But, just as the Emperor had done, Bain cloned himself. Back on the ship, his only cloned body became animated. Bain vowed to continue on as ruler of Cheln, but to use only the Light Side that he now had a new feeling towards::

    I know, it's cheesy, but hey, I can't actually kill my favourite RP character... :D

    You Rebel Scum!
    ~Bôba Fe++
    I'm Baaack
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    And if you want, you can join my newest try, Unholy Battleground. Glad to see ya again. :)
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