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    Running down the hall, Serin couldn?t help but feel things were going just a little too easily. Her and Kalai?s connection to the force had returned, so they?d obviously gotten beyond where ever they had been hiding the Ysalamiri, but it seemed like they?d been running forever, without getting anywhere.

    As they rounded a corner, they saw a blast door closing in front of them. Picking up speed, they still couldn?t manage to reach it in time. Turning around to go back, they found themselves closed off as the doors behind closed as well.

    As they considered their options, Kalai suddenly turned towards the vents. A strange yellow mist was coming out. ?Gas!? Kalai exclaimed, reaching into her equipment pouch for a breathing mask.
    As Serin did the same, she looked around the room. ?We have to get out of here??

    Giving her mask to Aran so he could breath and, taking a deep breath while there was still air to be had, motioned for Kalai to go with her to the door. Igniting their lightsabers, the Jedi slowly pushed them into the thick doors, cutting away. As Serin started getting lightheaded, Kalai passed over her breath mask, a single SHARE coming through the force. Before too long, they were through, and heading back down the hall.

    Before long they were at another door. This one wasn?t a blast door, but rather what looked like one of the main ones. Signaling for the other two to hold back, Serin peered into the room, which seemed to be a small control room. Going in, it appeared empty, but intact. Kalai helped Aran in and he sat in a chair for a breather.

    OOC: omg! You wouldn?t believe how long it?s taken me to write this...it?s really busy at my work today...oh, and about my last post, I wrote that before I saw KnightHawk's post, so everyone please ignore it...
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    OOC: I suppose my last post does seem a little prepostoruous on second look...although I didn't intend it to be the main hangar, but just a small side-hangar. Nonetheless, you have a good point. And thanks to you all for helping me along.

    IC:Nodding a 'Thank you' to the two Jedi, Ilyx settled down in the chair and began to breath, slowly, calmly, allowing fresh air to circulate through his crushed lungs.

    "Uhh, I don't know if you've noticed but they've left the control terminal on...can any of you slice? If you can get me in, I should be able to play around with the base a little." enquired Ilyx.

    One of the Jedi - Kalai, her name might have been - nodded, and tapped away at the keyboard, accessing the base's central computer. Ilyx flashed her a smile, and then peered at the glowing datascreen, ready to unleash terror on the base - or maybe just switch off a few lightbulbs, depending on what the security was like.

    "Alright, where do we start?"

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    OOC: A hacker duel? Much obliged...


    Lance sensed that the Jedi had gotten into an access port, and released all unholy hellish profanities at the predicament he was now in. "Corporal, have a secutiry detachent blockade the doors to every computer access room in this building!" He then turned back to the data-link and began entering commands like a man possessed. Among the orders was a general call to code red, and a full lock-out of all access to major functions in the station. At the most, they would be able to penetrate lighting in the hangars.

    OOC: If you guys could manage to escape, I would be able to 'magically' fit two people in as a result. That is, if you don't mind being chased.
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    "OK, here goes." Ilyx hammered in the commands, all the time straining his mind, trying to remember the slicing he had been taught when he joined the Intel division. "Let's start with something easy..."

    The entire base was plunged into darkness.

    Two seconds later, the lights came back on and the alarms started to flash.

    "Sithspit! Security bypass! Damn it, I've flagged this station - they know where we are!"

    As the Jedi mobilised for combat, Ilyx returned to the console, doing all he could to lock doors and activate defenses, suprised at how the computer system could block his every move - it was almost as if there was a human controlling it...

    OOC:Bitter irony... :)

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    Lance looked at the monitor in front of him. There was a red blip near the East wing of the base. On closer inspeciton, it registered three life signs on sector 2A. "Corporal!" he shouted into his comm. "Send three DT IIs to sector 2A!" He then turned back to the console. [They will die soon,] he thought to himself in his native language.

    OOC: East 'wing'... Okay, so I have a bad sense of humor.
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    OOC: Hey guys, been sick and haven't had access to my work machine where I tend to formulate my posts. I'll read up and repost in a day or so. Apologies.

    EDIT - Read up, had time, posted response. So we're on Fest right? I'll go with that.

    IC: Just as The Rogue Knight entered Fest's atmosphere, just seconds shy from leaving hyperspace, Kai felt a jolt in the Force and then a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

    Serin's contact was gone.

    "Camden. Take her down."

    "Right. Sensors indicate a relativley large structure not far from where we are now - a complex of some sort - possibly a military istallation or some form of manufacturing facility?"

    "Could be what we're looking for. Master Skywalker's dossier did indicate there were strong rumors of the Remnant having fortified building plants and the like in this sector. Head for it."

    Kai flicked the comm switch to internal and typed in Liana's headset frequency.

    "Lia - you see anything below us?"

    A humm of static accompanied her response.

    "No. But we're still too far away, even for my Twi'lek eyes."

    Kai leaned back in his chair and with a sudden ferocity, the Force came to him again, the prickling sensation running down his spine like a warm rush of water.

    Serin and Kalai, another man in tow. In a small room. In THAT complex.

    Kai realised now that they were quite possibly being hunted now and that the time for words was over. His connecntion to Serin had returned, but it was barely tethered, possibly picking up interference - perhaps from the dark man? He stood up and put a hand on Camden's shoulder.

    "How close can you get us with the Rogue's stealth camouflage mode active before they pick up on something?"

    Camden furrowed his brow. The Stealth mode technology enabled the craft to hide from radar and visual sensors but it placed a great strain on the ship and could only be employed for up to a minute or two. Kai had been trying to work on a way to improve it but as always, time was against him.

    "Seeing as the system will only hide us for a few minutes before it shorts out, maybe within five hundred metres. No more."

    "Good. Set a course for somewhere in that mountain range. Just outside of sensor range. I'm goin in there. Alone."

    "What?! That's not going to happen Kai!"

    The intercom squealed.

    "I'm in agreement with Camden, Halicon." Liana's voice echoed over the communicator.

    Kai lowered his head.

    "Look. There's a being in there, of great and dark power. Stronger that either of you in the Force combined. He knows how to use his power and from what I've felt so far, he's relentless. I've dealth with people like this before which may give me an advantage. The two of you will stay at the landing spot and await my return. There's going to be no discussion on this."

    Camden sighed.

    "Yes, master."

    Kai patted the boy on the shoulder again and flicked the comm switch.

    "Lia? You got that?"


    "Yes, Halicon. I will accept your orders."

    "Good. Let's get on it then."

    With that, Kai left the room. Time was short, and he had to gather his equipment before they landed in a couple of minutes...

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    I am sorry to interrupt your current game, but another member has brought it to my attention, that I mis-placed a word. The word is ?Besiege? and it means to basically not keep me informed in which is the opposite of what I asked. The word I meant was ?beseech? [face_laugh] now I feel bad?Sorry for my mis-communication :) .
    Your Pal,
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    OOC, to Stridarious:

    I'm going to say this once. I don't mean to be harsh, but either you think before you post or I will just 'randomly' post an attack against you. Please take this as a friendly warning, for I do not want to hurt you, or anyone else here. Have a nice day.
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    OOC: I hate having to double-post, but... (Mutters something profane about a 90-minute time limit.)


    Lance loked up from the computer temrinal in shock. A ship had just appeared on the screen, and then vanished just as quickly. He called to the nearby engineer, who immediately took control of the computer terminal. "Put the station on black alert, leutenant!" he yelled. Such a command was rarely given, since black alert was a call for poison to spread through all of the ventilation shafts. The lights went out, and were not re-lit.

    Lance was outside within minutes, and upon his exit, he pulled out his comm-link. "Dark Trooper Omega One, aim at the door to sector 2A and fire a rocket at the doorway. Kill them if they try to escape!" He then went to work hunting for what he sensed was another Jedi. Damn, I'm just having one of those days, he thought to himself as he ignited his two lightsabers.
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    OOC:I don't think he'll be messing up our game again in a hurry :)

    As the Jedi turned to face the door, and extended their lightsabers, Ilyx was forced to give up on his slicing.

    I better help fight. There is no way I can get past the security locks in this place.

    The door shot open like a bullet, and there stood a ghastly Dark Trooper Phase II. All of a sudden, darkness fell, and the only source of light came from the Jedi lightsabers. "Ilyx!" shouted one of the Jedi, annoyed, but all he could offer was a shrug. "I didn't do this!" he countered. "Well see if you can override it anyway!" was the reply.

    Turning back to the console, Ilyx began to tap away, vaguely aware of a small red projectile travelling from the Dark Trooper towards the escape party.

    OK, start with this room. I'll lock onto the nearest electrical device, and re activate it.

    The diagnosis popped up onto the screen, and to Ilyx's surpise it said that the device was active.

    What? The light has gone off!

    It was at that point that Ilyx realised he had managed to hack into the computer-controlled rocket.

    OFF! OFF

    The bomb stopped, inches away from the Jedi, hovering harmlessly.

    The three combatants stood there, confused.

    Then the Dark Trooper opened fire.
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    OOC: Sorry I've been so quiet, I've been flat on my back with the flu

    IC: As the group was plunged into darkness, Kalai cried out "Ilyx!", sounding more harsh than she had intended. Really she just wanted him to try to do something about the lights. Realizing it was futile, they decided to make their escape.

    When the phase II trooper appeared, the Jedi set themselves to a defensive stance, heading backwards down the hall with Aran behind them.

    Serin didn't even risk a glance behind her as she called out, "If there's anything that you can do to try and open our path out of here, Commander Aran, please do it."

    Before she knew what was happening, Serin realized there was a rocket heading straight for her. Before she could act, it stopped dead in its tracks. Quickly looking back at the commander, she realized he'd been able to hack it's systems. She gave the soldier a small smile as Kalai sliced through the rockets propulsion system, so it fell harmlessly to the floor.

    All of a sudden, the Dark Trooper opened fire. Quickly calling on the force to impove their reaction speed, the Jedi madly deflected blaster bolts. Yelling at Ilyx to get going, Serin levitated both her and Kalai's fall back blaster pistols to the soldier, just hoping he was still able to use them.

    "Find us a way out of here! Hurry!" Kalai yelled, looking at the shoulder, dropping her concentration for a half a second. Seeing a shot coming straight for her, Serin went into a spin, deflecting one shot. Just as she was about to deflect a second, she was hit by the realization the Jedi who'd contacted her, Kai, wasn't very far. Her concentration broken for a second, she was hit in the left should and knocked to the floor.

    "Ow! Oh, you nerf herder, how could you be so stupid?!" she berated herself as she winced in pain, still deflecting shots with her good arm. Getting back to her feet, the group got to another section of hallway as a blast door came down between them and the Dark Trooper.

    Leaning against the wall, Serin pulled a bacta patch from the pouch on her belt and looked at her two companions. "Reinforcments are here. Somewhere."

    Just then there was the familiar hiss from the ventilation shafts as a cloud of gas started pouring out. "Oh not again..." Kalai said, reaching for her breath mask again.

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    OOC: Is it just me or has Stridarious posted that same message in just about every other RPG thread in use at the moment? It's actually beginning to get on my nerves and the asinine use of markup codes does the same.

    Bah. Just venting.

    IC: The Rogue Knight dropped into a gulley just outside of sensor range,the stealthy array having done it's job to a degree of perfection. Kai bid his two companions farewell and set out on his infiltration mission.

    He could sense their disdain about his plan like salt in seawater but in a way, he was thankful for their concern. It reminded him he wasn't alone.

    Thank you both. May the Force be with you.

    Kai ran through the thicket of forrest and mountain ranges between the complex and his landing point. He was clad only in black, his leather coat flowing behind him like a living thing, snapping in the wing like the tail of a beast. Two blasters were slung in cross-over holsters at his sides beneath the coat and the battle-staff was attatched to the back of his coat. It had folded down to a more manageable size, the twin 'blades' able to retract into the central hilt when not in use. His lightsaber hung at his belt, silver metal glinting in the darkness of his costume.

    He rarely wore Jedi robes - they seemed so formal and in truth, he felt less than worthy of them at times, given his own brush with the dark side of the Force. Besides, he was more comfortable in his dark garb and it seemed to suit him more.

    The terrain proved little of a obstacle for the Jedi who'd spent a year living in the Tyrolian wilderness and soon he was at the entrance of the base. Shrouding himself in the protective cloak of the Force, he slinked from shadow to shadow, almost invisible to the untrained eye.

    The Jedi made his way into the main complex and no sooner had he arrived, the Force told him that there was combat afoot somewhere in the building.

    A Dark Trooper fights the two Jedi and their soldier friend. Just above me.

    Kai moved with the speed of the Force, avoiding security cameras by running up the walls and out of the field of view. He was concerned that the security was so minimal but he surmised that the main focus must be on finding the fugitives.

    He found the path that lead up a level and went up it.....

    ...to hear the slamming of blast door and to be confronted witht the mechanised form of a Phase II Dark Trooper.

    The mechanical beast turned and Kai felt Serin's now-familiar sensation in the Force. She and her companions were behind the door - the very one blocked by the DT.

    The trooper fired and Kai's reflex reactions kicked in, the Jedi cartwheeling to one side to avoid the blast as the DT raised it's weapon again, tracking Kai's path. Realising that blasters would be no match for the DT's armour and would merely buy him a few seconds, the Jedi's hand went to his lightsaber.

    The emerald blade ignited, just in time for Kai to deflect a bolt away from his chest. Whilst he was skilled enough in his defense to relfect the bolts away, he'd not studied the art of bouncing shots back at enemies as well as he'd focused on his offensive capabilities. As such, he was only able to deflect the shots into the walls and ceiling.

    The DT upped it's rate of fire and Kai had to employ a few ducks and jumps to avoid being struck. One blast shot so close to his left shoulder he could feel the heat of the beam and a slight sizzle of anger entered him.

    Calm, Halicon. Be calm.

    Reasserting his willpower, Kai started charging towards the DT, relaxing in the Force. Breaking into a run, he closed the gap and kept deflecting shots. When he was less than two metres away, he ducked under a blast to one knee. The DT refocused on him and he could hear the servomotors of the machine working overtime as the gun-arm trained down on him.

    Sidestepping, he hacked upwards and the edge of the green blade sliced into the weapon. Remebering the tough armour of the Phase II DT, Kai put the strength of the Force into the
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    OOC: Of course I'm here... Monday thru Friday.


    Lance was stalking his way around the base when he sensed one of the DT units go off-line. The Jedi must be nearby, he thought to himself. Rounding a corner, he immediately came upon the strangely-garbed Jedi. A pair of lightsaber blades extended from Lance's hands, both a mix of blood and darkness. He gripped the handles tightly, channeling his energy through the weapons. [Greetings, Jedi,] he said in Corellian. [I welcome you to your graveyard.] With that, he summoned a choking assault and lunged forward, the Dark Side being used to subdue his target for an easy kill...

    OOC: And so the fight begins... react in any way you wish.
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    "What?" Ilyx responded with disbeleif. "Someones come to rescue us?"

    The Jedi finished off the story of how Kai Halicon had telepathically communicated with them, guiding himself in towards the base. Ilyx grinned, sheepishly. "Jedi..." he muttered, in awe. "So, where is he?" Lightsaber sounds came from behind the door. "Say no more." Ilyx turned back to the console, hammered in a few commands, and the door shot open, revealing their rescuer.

    Who was, currently, in the middle of a lightsaber duel with the one known as KnightHawk.

    Before Ilyx knew it, the Jedi has joined the battle, their lightsabers flaring up in an instant.

    Ah, meleé combat was never my strong point.

    Ignored for the moment, Ilyx turned back to his console, trying to reclaim control of the discarded rocket.

    I may not be able to join in the duel, but I can still help my friends...

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    Lance noticed the door fly open as if it had been ripped by a demon. Immediately, he saw a group of Jedi, accompanied by the injured commander. He then had his advantage, and thus the end to the fight. He remembered his skill in the Force, and channeled it to accelerate his movements. He released the first Grip attack, and veered away from the three Jedi, instead lunging towards the Republic operative. With his speed, he wound up behind the soldier before anyone could react. "Make one false move, and the commander dies!!" He then brought one of the lightsabers up to Commander Aran's throat, ready to decapitate the soldier.

    TAG: Anyone involved in the fight on Fest.
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    Bain: There's nothing of interest here. Squadron, retreat.

    ::Bain and his pilots returned to the flagship. Bain entered the bridge where Taryn was standing watch::

    Bain: Taryn, set course for Fest. I fear what I sensed earlier was an early warning.

    Taryn: Sir, warning for what?

    Bain: I sense a great Jedi presence.

    Taryn: Jedi? How?

    Bain: I don't know. We will see when we arrive. Set course and come with me.

    Taryn: Lieutenant, set course for Sector 31-4. Fest.

    ::Taryn turned to follow Bain from the bridge. They walked for a short time without speaking::

    Bain: Commander, I am afraid that I have been to harsh. My father was an Imperial Commander, yet understanding.

    Taryn: No, sir. You have been...

    Bain: No, no. I need to control my anger.

    Taryn: What shall I do?

    Bain: Nothing. I am only telling you this because of what I am to do. I will take a small leave of absence until we reach Fest.

    Taryn: But, sir.

    Bain: No, I must.

    ::With that, Bain walked briskly away and turned into his chamber::

    Taryn: One Standard month to Fest.

    You Rebel Scum!
    ~Bôba Fe++
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    Kai grit his teeth, supressing the urge to call to the dark side. In just seconds, the dark man had appeared and attempted to confront him - only to be interluded upon by Serin, Kalai and their accompanying military companion who's name Kai had not gathered yet.

    Halicon stood between the dark one and the Jedi, looking much like a dark wraith in the black swirling coat, the only illumination on him the eerie green glow of his saber blade, casting light and shadows on his face. It was a stand-off:

    The Dark Man has the soldier; I could tap into the Force and try something, but he's already proven that he's more than capable in the use of the Dark Side.

    Kai wagered that for now, his thoughts were not visible to the dark stranger but he realised that time was of the essence. He lowered his blade and glanced backwards at his companions.

    He caught sight of one of the Jedi - her eyes were a curious green-grey and her dusty hair was braided and tied far from her field of view. She was attractive, poised and confident.

    Serin....I recognise her thoughts.... she's far more beautiful than I imagined...

    The slightly younger one, blue blade in hand was obviously Kalai and Halicon got the impression that although she was possibly afraid, she made no efforts to show it.

    Reminds me of me when I was in my teens...

    He rememebered the situation and turned to the dark stranger.

    "You have the advantage, it'd seem. But it's a poor one - holding hostage the only one in this room who's untouched by the Force. Not exactly honourable...."


    Kai exhaled and spoke again.

    "I'm Jedi Master Halicon. I have no desire to fight you, nor see any of these three persish. Can we not come to some sort of arrangement?"

    Kai kept his saber low, but the grip on the hilt remained firm. He was taking a chance here - and if it didn't pan out, things could get messier....

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    ::As Bain exited hyper-sleep, Taryn entered his chamber::

    Taryn: Sir, we are nearing Fest.

    Bain: How long?

    Taryn: We will be in its orbit in .25 Standard hours.

    Bain: Good. Have Fury ready for me.

    Taryn: Yes, sir.

    ::Bain entered the bay and readied his ship. He took off with his 4 wings and flew towards Fest's surface::

    You Rebel Scum!
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    Lance scoffed at the proposal as he sensed a group of fighters streak down from the stars. His allies would soon arrive. Then again, perhaps he could work this out to his favor. "Serin, Kalai, Ilyx... You three are aware that the base is under black alert and has been gassed to capacity. To all of you I relate this last fact about the base we are near: It has no use anymore. Your Republic recon teams could blab about it to no end. It's purpose is complete already." He turned to the hostage crisis at hand. "As for releasing the prisoner..." He withdrew a comm-link. "DT Phase I release. Three units." Three Phase I Dark Troopers appeared from out of the ground, a secret elevator bringing them up from obsscurity. "Kai, Serin, and Kalai. Defeat the three troopers here, without any outside interference, and I will release the hostage and you can go about your business. Fail, and he dies." The three DT units readies their swords...
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    OOC:Message to the Jedi - I can't really do much at the moment, so hurry up and bail me out :)

    As the three Jedi flipped into battle, Ilyx felt his legs wobble, turning to jelly, as he teetered on the brink of certain death.
    Sith spawn, it looks like this is the end...
    The snap-hiss of three lightsabers igniting filled the air, but it brought Ilyx no comfort. Spotting the case of E-11 blasters mounted on a wall nearby, however, gave him hope.
    If only I could reach them...stang, if only I had the Force!

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    Lance noticed Ilyx's head turn slightly to the side, and saw the case of E-11s. Fortunately, they were of no immediate threat, having been fully discharged and stripped of their firing pins. "Don't waste your time, Commander," he said coldly. "The weaponry in that stand is abslutely useless. All of it." He then pulled out a pair of handcuffs, which he used to bind the commander to a far wall. The only thing in reach was the titanium handhold which held the handcuff. Lance then began speaking in Corellian, again. [As for your friends... I'm sure they will have some success in this fight.]

    OOC: Now I'm confident that you can't do anything. Except struggle, that is...
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    OOC - Hey guys im back! Now where were we ...

    While fighting, Kalai saw the commander fall weakly to the ground. The dark side user then handcuffed him to a pipe in the wall. Struggle as he might his effort was in vain. She felt Ilyx's life force getting weaker and weaker.

    "Not much time"

    She thought to her self, before parrying what seemed like endless blaster fire. During a split second of chance, she saw from the corner of her eye she saw what looked like the handcuffs titanium handhold which the commander was cuffed to. Looking at Serin and Kai, they seemed to be fighting off the enemys with relative ease.She sent a message through the force.

    "Ive got an idea, hold them off as best you can"

    Parrying a few more bolts, she reached out with the force. The titanium handhold started to shake ...

    TAG - Anyone

    ps. Sorry if i get the plot wrong, ive been away a while. if anythings wrong just tell me.
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    OOC: You don't seem to be getting anything wrong with the plot, and welcome back. I hope we did ok with Kalai while you were away.

    IC: Clenching her teeth against the pain in her shoulder, Serin heard Kalai's call to keep them busy. Looking towards the dark force user, she tried using the force to push him back some, and then, with a fancy display of acrobatics, sommersaulted between him and the commander, offering defence until Kalai could take care of whatever she had in mind.
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    Kalai watched as Serin went into a series of somersaults. Kalai's command of the force wasnt perfect but was sufficient. Concentrating very hard, she lunged out her hand and the handhold began to break from the wall. Exerting one more huge effort she lunged out her hand and force pulled loose but not completely off, Distracted by the presence of the one codenamed knighthawk. Breathing heavily and felling tired, a small amount of fear began to stir within her, Trying her best to hold it back and hide it as she felt him approaching through the still darkened room

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    OOC: Personally, I'm switching the plot around right here, right now. This will not follow "Jedi Outcast" to the letter. Sorry to disappoint any die-hard fans/players of that game or its series. This should be fun...


    And indeed Lance was approaching, with a torrent of rage in him. His message system had gone off, and the memo left there was not something he enjoyed reading. "DT units!" he bellowed angrily. "Stand down! You are dismissed!" He looked around, watching as the droids lowered their swords and left the scene. "It appears," Lance said, looking at all three Jedi, "that the higher-ups in the Imperial Remnant have called for a peace meeting, and that all project leaders are to meet with the New Republic on Coruscant to negotiate terms of an armistice. In that case, you are all free to go." He turned to Ilyx, and noticed that the titanium bar was severely shattered, despite hanging on the wall, and that the officer was barely conscious. "I must commend you, all three of you. I sense much power in you." He then tilted his head slightly to the left, towards the prisoner. The handcuffs gently released themselves from their locked positions, and the commander fell forward, very weak. "It would be prudent of you all to get him to a medical center ASAP. Meanwhile, I have an Imperial admiral to kill." This last comment was a pointed threat to Admiral Fyyar, who was very luckily nowhere near the system at that point in time. "Go. Before I have you slaughtered anyway." He then retreated, gas mask on, to the hangar, so as to prepare his ship for the flight to Coruscant.


    Galak was very upset. He had just finished sending the peace message, and he was worried that a treaty would be ready before everything was concluded with the Reborn. If a treaty was finished before the Jedi were ready, the diversion tactic would be a total failure. "Damn you, Desann!" he yelled, screaming through his otherwise empty quarters at the top of his lungs.
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