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TOR The Old Republic Forum: Rules, FAQ & Feedback

Discussion in 'Games' started by The2ndQuest , Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. The2ndQuest

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    Jan 27, 2000

    -Discussion of non-TOR games (with exception to organic, related elements such as references/connections to the prior Knights of the Old Republic games within The Old Republic) and other general gaming subjects should be taken to the [link=]Games Forum[/link]. There is a [link=]TOR discussion thread[/link] in that forum that these topics can be posted in as well.

    -TOR storyline discussion (so far as it applies to the topic of discussion for a thread) and it's relationship with other Expanded Universe materials should take place in [link=]the designated storyline discussion thread[/link], the [link=]general TOR discussion thread[/link] or in the [link=]Literature Forum[/link] (which is centered around discussion of the entire EU).

    You are still permitted to bring up the EU and TOR storyline in threads during the evolution of the conversation, but it shouldn't become the main topic of discussion outside the designated threads.

    However, if you have a storyline-related thread subject you feel deserves a dedicated off-shoot thread in the TOR forum, you must Private Message a forum Moderator for approval first (but note there will be a limit on such threads at any given time).

    -Fan Clubs (character-specific, etc) will be directed to the [link=]Expanded Universe Community forum[/link] (or other social-based thread, if appropriate).

    -Fantasy "Versus Threads" are not permitted. This does not apply to gameplay-based inquiries such as "Who would win if I put a smuggler up against Darth Superevil at this point in the game?" but rather hypotheticals such as "Could Darth Superevil beat Darth (Revan/Bane/Vader/Caedus/Krayt)?".

    -Speculation versus "wishlisting": Unless specifically designated in a thread, do not bog down speculation topics with "I wish"ing. Speculating about potential gameplay and content changes helps further the discussion of the game's evolution, while "I wish they would dump this system and make it like World of Warcraft!" does not.

    -Out-of-Game Role Playing: Forum guidelines and related threads regarding this subject will be forthcoming as we approach the games release. Until then, role-playing threads/posts will be redirected to the [link=]Role Playing Forum[/link].

    -Fan Fiction: Fan fiction will not be permitted in the TOR forum. Also please avoid sharing/posting/messaging any fanfic content to (or in the presence of) any VIPs involved with the TOR game or greater Expanded Universe works. All fanfic should be taken to the appropriate [link=]Fan Fiction forum[/link].


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.