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Star Wars The Old Republic - Renaissance

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheGoodImperial, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Bishomon

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    Feb 5, 2011
    IC: Ylyria Skyfire
    sith Lord tomb

    Ylyria jumped after Culain and followed him farther into the tunnel.

    TAG: Morkai, sarge221.

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  2. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    From your GM

    Hey people. After getting a hard punch to the head today I suffer from a bad case of migraine. Couldn´t write updates if my life depended on it, so my next one is postponed till tomorrow.

    Sorry if anybody waited for it.

  3. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    IC: Ashlae Starchaser
    Argazdan; City of Parzin; The Market

    [ul]Ashlae watched as the two men smashed in to eachother. She was almost lucky getting a third man in to the collision but that one managed to dodge and fired another round in to the already panicked crowd. Chaos was everywhere, people were screaming and the smell of burnt flesh was strong.

    Ashlae continued with her counter strike on the men who were not trained soldiers. It didn't matter, she was focused and intensed with the situation at hand. Her anger was getting the best the of her and she was about to make the two men pay, when she felt something far more dangerous within the force.

    One of the mask men in a golden mask fired a shot at a fourth attacker who was about to shoot Ashlae. But that wasn't where her attention was. No it was something different. Somewhere someone was about to do something that would create far more casualties.

    Then Ashlae finally saw it. The fifth man who was standing without attacking. There was a reason for that, beneath his robes Ashlae could see grenades. A dozen, maybe more. Blue and glowing he had a whole arsenal of fragmentation and cryoban grenades tied to his body.

    "TOD DER GOTTIN!" He screamed and grabbed one of the grenades on his chest.

    "Noooo!" Beq yelled and Ashlae felt him behind her.

    One of the men she had brought down grabbed her leg to keep her from moving. She turned around to kick the man that grabbed her leg. She needed to stop the man with grenades before he killed everyone including her. That is what a Jedi was supposed to do. She had to save everyone. But how could she. She was afraid. Her mind was racing on what to do.

    Ashlae knew that there was only one thing she could do. Drawing on the force with everything she had, including the fear and rage that a Jedi was not suppose to have. Ashlae threw her lightsaber at the fifth man trying hard to guide the blade through the man's chest before he could throw any grenades.

    "Please make it, Please make it in time." she pleaded as she watched the blade as it flew toward the attacker.[/ul]

    TAG: TGI

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  4. Winged_Jedi

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    Feb 28, 2003
    OOC: Thanks for the welcome, Sirak, Trim, TGI. It's a pleasure to be here. :)

    Leaving Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    "We leave for Caridan."

    Bao-Dur's only words to HK-47, accompanied by a brisk nod. Their reunion comes a little soon for his taste. He walks slightly in front of the assassin droid, and his companion remote whirs protectively around his head. He notes the gesture with a smile: the little guy still has his back.

    Any HK is a technical marvel, of course, and the 47 is of a calibre even above that. Efficient, deadly, superbly equipped. Its every word, every movement, provides a fascinating insight into the genius of its creator: the man the General had once followed into war. The man who Master Shan still speaks of. The man who Bao-Dur had annihilated a world for.

    "We're investigating a murder," says Bao-Dur as they reach the hangar. "You should have downloaded the briefing dossier by now. Mysterious kind of situation. Your brothers are involved. Any questions?"

    He pauses, and considers the HK's staggering processor speed.

    "Heck," he says, amending his last sentence, "any answers?"

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  5. Remix11

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    May 24, 2011
    Prince Lev Arris of Tion; The Opera of Courscant; Leaving

    Lev smiled to people and nodded. The composer of the Opera itself would soon arrive. "I have no interest in talking to the man who butchered the biography of my forefathers without beingallowed to punch him to hte face." He explained to one of the Opera´s assistance. The Chadra Fan nodded and with widened eyes retreated. Then he turned to the beautiful woman at his side.

    "I hope you aren't plan on simply bagging me and sending me on my way before the next curtain rises. I truly wanted to get to know you better." Alema winked at him and he showed her his broad smile in return. "Alema, a man throws away his toys perhaps, but never the daimonds he finds. Never the daimonds, my dear." They left through an exit nobody else was allowed to use and on the platfom outside only his speeder was waiting. He opened the door for her and smiled as he took the driver seat himself. The guards had by now given up to protest and watched it with obvious dissapproval. He did not ignore them. He really did not care enough about it to care to look at them.

    "I hope you like it fast. they told me there is not faster one produced in the core worlds than this one." Lev grinned and hoovered above the platform, before giving the speeder a push and dropping over the edge of the platform right into the traffic. He yelled out on joy, as the wind began to push back his hair.

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  6. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Sith Tomb

    Despite being well-experienced in battle, the Mandalorian didn't seem to expect his own fire to be turned around and sent back at him. Immediately shutting down his flamethrower, the warrior held his arms in front of his face as the flames swept over him. Unfortunately for the Sith, the armor that the Mandalorian wore protected him well against his own weapons and, other then the wisps of smoke that trailed from his heated armor, the man was unharmed.

    But he had been distracted. When the Mandalorian lowered his arms, Culain was there, his lightsaber coming around, severing through the neck of the warrior, and causing both head and helmet to go lying off to the side and clattering against the floor of the tomb. The body followed a moment later.

    Again the tomb was doused back into silence other then the humming of the lightsabers of both Culain and Ylyria. There was no sign that anyone had heard and, as the seconds ticked by, no one came to see what the commotion had all been about. They were free to move on undisturbed...for now.

    TAG: Morkai, Bishomon

    Sith Academy

    "I'm sorry to disappoint you," Yuthura replied as they walked to the back of the academy towards the exit that would lead them to the Valley of the Dark Lords. "But you can certainly expect a few traps. Even after the thousands of years that have passed since their construction and even Revan's occupation of Korriban during the Jedi Civil War, there are a lot of mysteries still undiscovered within the many tombs. This also includes the traps that guard them. Acid pools, lingering Sith magics, and creatures that have been locked up and are quite hungry."

    She went silent when Atton asked about any other information that she might've learned. Seeming to think about it for a moment, she finally replied, "Just suspicions. It could be quite possible that the intruders may not be interested in the tombs at all. Or rather, not interested in whatever treasures and artifacts they may uncover. I managed to take a closer look at their equipment when they had first landed. A lot of crates but, oddly, they lack a lot of tools that would be required to dig or set up a lengthy investigation. I managed to only look at a couple of them and they were filled with explosives. Quite a few of them and very powerful ones at that. At first I thought that the explosives are just to clear rubble but if the rest of their equipment involves more explosives...well...they certainly have enough to actually blow up a couple of tombs."

    If anything that made Yuthura more puzzled then anything else. As much as the idea of these old tombs of the Dark Lords being annihilated and ending their corrupting influence, she was wondering why someone would do it anyway, especially the band of mercenaries that had arrived. It all had to do with that client. Yuthura had seen what had to be the client and, admittedly, she had been a bit...unnerved. Something had felt very odd with that one and it was what caused Yuthura to request backup.

    Reaching the back of the Academy, Yuthura waved her hand to the doors that were partly open but whatever servos and electronics that would get them working had long-since died out. With some exertion of the Force, the Twi'lek was able to open the doors wider and a blast of sand and wind blew into the Academy. Not at all disturbed, she looked towards Atton before motioning her head outside. "Shall we?"

    TAG: CrystalFixation

    Eredeen Prime
    Energy Station

    When Cilarn reached the property of the energy station, he could clearly see what happened. The raiders had swept over the energy station, and a few lasers had shut it down which had left the village open for attack. There was still smoke but whatever fires had been bred had long since been extinguished due to Eredeen Prime's wind and cold. Once the attack on the village had been completed, the raiders apparently decided to head back to see what they could scavenge and see if any refugees would decide to try and get shelter there...which is
  7. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    [hl=black]Katarr; The Ruins; Surface of Katarr[/hl]


    The planet Katarr was a wasteland unlike any ever seen. The force felt almost absent there. It´s destruction had been absolute. Ens-Valoe Haalo, or EV as he was called by many, had not been aboard the Ravager when Darth Nihilus had taken the planet. He had seen his old master take other planets. But never had a destruction been that complete. Not a single microbe or bacteria had survived the hunger of the Dark Lord. A dead planet. That was what it was. A completely dead planet.
    It made it far from the perfect hiding spot, if you ran from a Sith. It was hard to miss the only force presence on the whole planet. Or in his case it were three.

    The Miraluka had come here to meditate. That much was obvious. But they were not who he had been looking for. They were not Visas Marr. They were just some Miraluka. Strong in the force like all their people, but not her. Yet the force tingled when EV sensed them. There was a connection to his prey. There was something of Marr on them. Like the remains of a presence that has stayed long among them.

    The moment EV felt this teint, this presence of visas Marr he also felt the alarmed feeling of the one Miraluka in their center. They knew now he was there. But they were not running.


    In the ruins of a city whose name was by now forgotten they knelt and seemed to wait. As if they knew he was coming. Or as if they expected some fate to fulfill itself on this barren rock called Katarr.

    Tag: bluebeast

    The Hammerhead-Class Justice; Above Telos; Holographic Communications Center

    Carth Onasi had waited for a reply from Mira. She was after all following up the last lead to Ion Tarsis and his Bloody Banner that he got. A Captain she had hunted down for over two weeks was his last hope. One of Tarsis Praetorian-class captains he was rumored to be. And if that was true he had to know where the pirates repaired, refueled and build these ships. The man was one of the few weak links in the surprising intact chain of command the pirates had build up. Damned, Carth wished he had such experienced personal. Every one of the crew of Ion Tarsis was a hero of the Mandalorian War.

    The holographic display of Mira appeared and Carth smiled at her.

    ?Good to see you. A lot happened here. The Bloody Banner has hit us hard in your absence. We lost two of our ships in a raid and we got some . . . other problems. Looks like the Argazdan Redoubt has entered Republic space. So please, please, tell me you got that Captain and the location of their shipyards??

    Tag: Trimaj

    Cockpit of the Raptor; Near Corvis Minor; Space

    They were too late. Once their ship came out of hyperspace they saw the Ereesi transport right before them. It was partially burning and a Praetorian-Class had flanked the ship. Proudly it´s transponder signal identified the ship as the Martyr. It was a warship of the Argazdan Redoubt.

    Shirzan Narr stood behind the pilots seat and watched the scene unfold. Three shuttles had visibly attached themselves to the Ereesi´s broadside. Zazza, the Togorian soldier who had taken the pilot seat leaned forward eyeing them. ?Paetorian-Class. Guess we´re pretty safe from their main guns. Only the turbo-lasers have a chance to get through our shields. But we only got a frigate.? She looked at Shirzan. She knew what that meant. Fighting the Praetorian in ship-to-ship battle seemed to make no sense. Their smaller frigate did not have that firepower. Craven cursed in a language non of them was familiar. Shirzan stood right behind him as he punched his console. ?Got a call. Ereesi send it on all frequencies.? He said then with a said voice. The hissing voice of an Ereesi came o
  8. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    For all those on Trevi IV.

    This is what the Prophet looks like:

  9. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Argazdan; City of Parzin; Market

    The force has the strange habit to make time seem irrelevant, even when it is all that truly matters. The lightblade of Ashlae Starchaser's lightsaber seemed to take it´s time ignite as the metal hilt circled towards it´s inevitable goal. Killing the nameless attacker with the grenades. The force guided the weapon, as did the emotions of Ashlae. Fear. Hate. But even fueled by such powers, the lightsaber did not seem to accelerate. The only hope was, that neither did the surrounding. Everything seemed to be frozen for a second. Beq screaming, another masked attacker falling after being shot. Commands. Screams. Dead civilians. Burning flesh. Crushing constructions of wood that held fruits and vegetables. Animals roar and try to escape.

    Panic. Fear. Despair. Death.

    And then the lightsaber reached the man. Suddenly back to normal time and with incredible, blinding speed. The burning eyes of the attacker grew hollow. His mouth opened, but did not close, as he fell to the ground. Both pieces of him.

    ?You. You killed him.? Beq coughed and looked to Ashlae. Then he smiled. All attackers were gone. All of them were dead. ?We´re save!? He yelled. And the people would probably have applauded the Jedi . . . they would probably have pulled her of her feet and carried her around like a great victor.

    But a simple beeeeeeeeeeeeeep kept them from doing so. And before Ashlae could do anything, the grenades of the man exploded. All the same time. And the world had never, never been as cold as in the milli-second the cryoban grenades reached Ashlae´s body.

    But even when all feeling vanished from her body, she felt the death of everybody on the market.


    ?Don´t move. You´re skin could crack. You are still freezing.? The voice was caring, it was comforting. Warm water was touching Ashlae?s icy skin. She felt terribly cold. ?You will get better, soon. Don´t worry. You are save now Jedi Knight Ashlae Starchaser. Nobody will harm you.?

    Iliac of Argazdan smiled down on his patient. In the tent outside Parzin he had slowly brought her back to the living for two days. Now he knew she would soon recover. He felt it. Like he had felt she would come to that planet. He smiled once more down to her and pushed her hair away with the piece of cloth and the warm water coming from it.

    ?Tell my mother she will life. As the Goddess has foretold me.? Iliac said with a serious tone. The servant bowed and left, leaving Ashlae, frozen and exhausted, alone with the young man.


    Tag: JediTEEgirlo
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    May 17, 2009
    [hl=black]Somewhere in space; The Interdictor-Class Ship Insurrection; Holographic Room[/hl]


    The ship lay in space like a dead behemoth left from a great war. That was actually what it was. Dead. The fuel cells had used up the last remains of energy and the mysterious generators the Star Forge had provided had simply stopped working. Now it was little more than a piece of metal in space.
    Yet it was Lazaria´s home. The Sith nervously walked back and forth inside the holographic communications room. A chance and a curse. That was what the other sith were to her now.


    Lazaria had waited for over two hours. The man had showed nerves, by commanding her to waste important resources by establishing contact and then allowing himself to be two hours late. Yet, nothing of her anger showed as the picture of the aged and bald headed man appeared.
    ?Teuka.? She gasped.


    ?Hello my dear.? Teuka replied, as his larger-than-life image appeared before her.

    ?You are alive?? She asked and stepped forth. Her hand left her lightsaber for the first time in the hours of waiting. The touch of the cold metal calmed her, always. Now nothing could calm her down.

    ?Did you expect anything less of me?? Teuka asked, and his lips showed a disgusted spasm.

    Lazaria bowed her head. "No Master Teuka. Of course not."

    ?I heard of you Lazaria. Of you and your pathetic raiders. Using one of the old ships as a base, do you? Because you cannot even capture enough fuel to keep your ship going? When did you become so pathetic?? Teuka asked directly. Lazaria felt her anger rise.

    ?We cannot all have friends in high places. I do what I need to survive! I am a priate! But at least I still fight!? She hissed at the holography.

    ?Fight?? Teuka asked and his left brow raised slightly. ?The Bloody Banner, the Ubese Raiders, the Crimson Claw. They are pirates. Nobody ever heard of your little gang, Lazaria. No, you don´t fight. You have become a parasite. A minor one, so the host won´t cut you out.? Teuka spitted his words.

    ?I . . . ?

    ?You know I speak the truth. But don´t despair my dear. Don´t despair. You always have me. Do you?? Teuka now smiled. A smile like a deadly threat.

    ?The Sith are gone, Teuka. You hold no power over me anymore!? Lazaria was looking for the button to cut the communication. But she knew she wouldn´t.

    ?I have the power to call the Republic and tell them your location. Or to send a ship with fuel your way, lightly guarded. I have the chance to crush you or help you to rise above the current state of . . . slow decay.? Teuka leaned forward. His face and yellow eyes grew now to giant porprtions.

    ?What do you want?? Lazaria finally asked.

    ?Something simple. Something you would enjoy anyway. Something you need to do for both of us.?

    ?And what would that be?? Lazaria folded her arms.

    ?I want you . . .? Teuka sighed. ? . . . to kill Supreme Chancellor Cressa. Nothing more.?
    Lazaria´s eyes turned up. She stared at Teuka. The Chancellor. The man who ruled the Republic when their Empire fell. She indeed would have liked to kill him.

    ?You can get me near him?? Lazaria asked.

    ?Yes.? Teuka only replied.

    And Lazaria showed her teeth in a broad grin. ?Consider him dead.?

    ?I do, my dear. I very much do.?

    Kill Cressa.

  11. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    IC: Ashlae Starchaser
    Argazdan; City of Parzin; The Market

    [ul]It was if time stopped.

    Ashlae could feel her own fear as she pleaded for the lightsaber to hit the attacker with the grenades. It felt like forever. Would it make it in time, or would the vision she saw of destruction happen. She couldn't think of that right now, she had to hope that that the blade would make it in time and she could save everyone.

    Then with relief she saw the lightsaber piercing the man cutting him in half. The mouth of the attacker did not close as he fell to the ground. Ashlae felt better but something still didn't feel right.

    She could see in the background Beq smiling saying "You killed him."

    She guessed she was a hero to the people that were once afraid of her. Yet she still had uneasiness toward something, but still was not sure.

    She started to get up, she could sense the joy of the people and them gathering close to congratulate her. Then her fear went in to over drive. She knew it wasn't over.

    The grenades were still activated. She heard a sound.


    It would be the last thing she heard.

    Everything else went straight through her.




    The echo'd wails of despair in the force was tearing her inside and she could do nothing but feel it's wrath.

    Then all was silent.



    Her eyes slowly opened, everything was a blur. She could see a light hitting her eyes making her blink several times. She felt disoriented and tried to move. A voice nearby spoke to her, but she could not see for her vision was too blurred.

    ?Don´t move. You´re skin could crack. You are still freezing.? The voice was caring, it was comforting.

    She was shivering, and could not talk. Her throat was hoarse, and lost it's voice as if frozen as well. Though the water that she was in was warm. She felt like she was on the ice planet of Hoth.

    The voice spoke again.

    ?You will get better, soon. Don´t worry. You are save now Jedi Knight Ashlae Starchaser. Nobody will harm you.? ?..I?

    Her thoughts muddled unable to really comprehend. All she knew at the moment was she was freezing and exhausted. Her body shivered, she closed her eyes, trying to make sense of it all. [/ul]

    TAG: TGI
  12. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Shyrack Cave


    The screech of the shyracks told Kinry that he wasn't going to be finding any treasures in here.

    As deluded in the dark side as Korriban was, there were treasures to be found. Whether by the Sith or simple treasure hunters, there were artifacts that could lead to either terrible powers or large piles of credits. Whether it was the knowledge, the power, or the credits that someone could gain from them, they were valuable in several ways that could benefit whoever found them.

    Even the Jedi may find them interesting which would actually be quite the irony with Kinry's passion for treasure hunting. If he found anything, instead of turning it into whoever would have a fancy for it, he could always bring them to the Order...for a price. Whether they actually wanted to study the artifacts or destroy them, the Jedi could probably be convinced to taking the items. After all, there was the story of Atris and her large collection of Sith artifacts and perhaps such storage of items was something that others have done.

    But they wouldn't be found here. There had been a cave near the Sith Academy and while it could've possibly been a hiding spot for some remnant Sith and what treasures they may've gathered from the tombs, the fact that there was a nest of shyracks here was evidence that no one has been here for quite some time. A whole pack of shyracks flew through the air, screeching as they targeted Kinry, their claws reaching forward to slash at him while their mouths opened, revealing small but extremely sharp teeth that could be used to tear into his flesh.

    Fortunately, they were slow, small, and possibly the least dangerous thing that could be found on Korriban. But in large enough numbers they could wear down and kill their prey. Unfortunately for the shyracks, they chose a prey that may be too much for them.

    TAG: blubeast
  13. CrystalFixation

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    Nov 6, 2006
    IC: Atton Rand
    Location: Korriban, Sith Academy

    There would be traps undoubtedly, but Atton knew his way around a good trap when the situation called for it. Not as well as some of the others he had traveled with however, as he had learnt the hard way. Looking ahead, Atton watched Yuthura walking in deep contemplation. She had made a point about the mercenaries not being interested, which he was indifferent towards. If they were to destroy Sith tombs, he would not lose any sleep over it.

    After prying the doors from their positions with the force, Yuthura peeked out into the open. The howling wind and the abrasive sand, which had blasted away parts of the Sith statues, reminded Atton of how unyielding Korriban could be. She veered her head slightly, and uttered words that were almost lost in the wind.

    ?Let's go,? Atton nodded.

    With that, the scoundrel and the Twi'lek walked against the direction of the wind, and into the Valley of the Dark Lords. It wasn't a pleasant feeling, Atton noted, walking blindly into a situation of which he had no real comprehension, but it was a familiar one. Familiar enough to make him smile.

    TAG: Sarge221
  14. MyrialofKanz

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    May 10, 2011
    Myrial of Argazdan; Temple; Halls

    The play button was pressed and the scene unveiled. A wave of white death swept though the market and transformed those who tried to intervene into lifeless statues. Myrial leaned forward and her eyes burned with fascinated fire. "The Jedi?" Iliac turned his head towards his mother and smiled.

    "It is a miracle, but it looks like the cyroban grenades kept the fragmentation grenades from exploding. It looks like she is among those frozen. My men have recognized signs of life with her though." Myrial nodded. "The doing of our Goddess, no doubt. You want to go there, do you? My son, you still believe an infidel is tied to your destiny?" Myrial raised her head. Iliac met her eyes and nodded slowly. "I am. Mother." He pushed his hood over his head. "The visions could not be mistaken. I have to meet her."

    Myrial nodded and smiled. "Then so be it. I´ll arrange you to be transported to Parzin. Meet your little Jedi girl. And then, find those who organized this attack and make them pay. The Goddess will no longer accept any insurgency on this sacred planet!" Iliac nodded and watched his mother leave. He turned his head to the holography again, rewind it and pressed play to see it once more.

    The second the Jedi threw her lightsaber he halted the record. With two gestures the picture zoomed in. That face. The expression. Fear. Anger. Dedication.

    "We are not so different are we? Jedi?" He whispered and was left alone with his thoughts until the transport arrived.

    Tag: TheGoodImperial

    ooc: TGI asked me to clarify something. Iliac, Golias and Balazar of Argazdan are characters we share. Therefore we will play them both. He usually send me posts for approval when using them, though. they could be considered an extension of my character. Therefore I will take of Iliac for the scenes where he has to be played with TGI´s approval.


    Iliac of Argazdan; Desert near Parzin; a tent

    He body was still trembling from the icy touch of the fluid cooling fluids of the grenade. It was a miracle she was alive. But if you were the sun of a vessel of a Goddess you got used to miracles. He used a piece of cloth to spend her some warm water, by allowing it to drip into her mouth. The loss of fluid was worse when you got frozen than when you were burned he had read. Smiling down on her he looked at her pale body. She was wearing the traditional robes of an Argazdan woman. His servants had put her clothes on. As the son of the Prophetess he allowed himself no impurity and he was certain his thoughts would have been impure. He wished his brother would have adapted the same dedication to their Goddess. He was happy Balazar was not there to disturb this chain of events. But was it coincidence? Or had he spoken up to his mother because the Goddess wanted him to. So he would have to leave the planet? So he would not disturb fate from drawing it's circles into the golden sand of Argazdan?

    If so the Goddess certainly did no longer favor Balazar. She favored Iliac.

    The Jedi awoke. Iliac could do little else but wait for her to regain consciousness. ?Don´t move. You´re skin could crack. You are still freezing.? He warned her as he saw the tensing skin at her neck. His hand hurried there to spend some warm water. But he felt she would heal. The Goddess had not wished her to die. Therefore she would not die. ?You will get better, soon. Don´t worry. You are save now Jedi Knight Ashlae Starchaser. Nobody will harm you.?

    Iliac of Argazdan smiled down on his patient. Indeed nobody would do her any harm. In the tent outside Parzin he had slowly brought her back to the living for two days. Guarded by a small army of guards from the Temple. Now he knew she would soon recover. He felt it. Like he had felt she would come to that planet. He smiled once more down to her and pushed her hair away with the piece of cloth and the warm water coming from it.

    ?Tell my mother she will life. As the Goddess has foretold me.? Iliac said with a serious tone. The servant bow
  15. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Supreme Chancellor Cressa
    The Security Ministry, Courtyard

    [blockquote]Cressa was, despite himself, pleased by Xelon's manners, and the confidence he projected. He guarded his thoughts, nonetheless, gathering about him a similar perception and smiling broadly. "I would love a walk."

    He listened to Xelon announce to him that the Jedi were back in business, and Cressa had no difficulty with genuinely being pleased about it. He had a thousand situations that the Jedi could be used to resolve - as an uncentralised entity, that is. "That is excellent news, Master Tern. The Jedi are necessary components of a strong Republic - it is purely that the Jedi were weakened by external forces that all these wars occurred. With a strong Order we are all strong."

    "So," Cressa said, politely. "I assume all those internal issues have been resolved? No Covenants? No Revanchists? Central authority under Master Shan and a Council, one assumes? All the Sith artifacts kept under your sole oversight?"

    Big questions. Necessary ones, too, considering realities.[/blockquote]

    TAG: TheSithGirly
    IC: Atris
    Criton´s Point ? Library of Xer

    [blockquote]Atris made every effort to avoid acknowledging the voice. She had to focus upon the scroll, and its contents. Xerbel had found Korriban, ruled it, and moved to another world... which meant at least some Sith elements had been absorbed into the Tion Cluster or had been consolidated on this Kalsunor. She believed she had heard of a reference to that, elsewhere. She would need to check her records, back on her vessel.

    The appendix added her name to the scroll, and she scowled. 'R'... and Jovan. She knew that name, though 'R' was a perverse name. It read her name as 'Atris', and added 'Darth Traya' beside it. She scowled at the impudence of a piece of paper, and absently wondered how 'R' had concealed his identity from the magicks contained in the scroll. Atris agreed that she had several choices. Kalsunor, the Tion, or hunting down R, or Jovan. She stood, concluded it was necessary to head to the Tion, and see if she could find some leads to the fate of Xerbel, for now - his 'Empire' had to be the source of the corruption of the Sith.

    Atris stood up, and she looked at the scroll. With a growl, she knew she had to get rid of it. She ripped it, threw it aside, and turned to leave the room and speak to the librarian about R, Xerbel, Kalsunor and what Jovan had been hunting.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sirak
  16. Remix11

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    May 24, 2011
    Cilarn; Eredeen Prime; Station

    The cold seemed to vanish as his senses grew sharper. On the snowy dune over the station he went to his knees and tried to make vout the details. The improvised landing-field held the ship. But how many of them were down there? Impossible to say from here above. And the cold would not allow him to wait and spy on them. If he had known their numbers, formation and strategy he would have been certain he could have overcome them. Now it would be man against man. To the death. and hell, after what they did to the village he did not wanted it to be any other way.

    His hand closed tightly around his lightsaber hilt and with a leap he had not thought possible to perfom with his exhausted body he landed in the snowfield below. He found new strength, new dedication as he forced his way through the snow and to their ship. The Sith were inside, therefore the ship would only have his guard. Most likely right at the ramp where the loaded the ship. Cilarn planned his next move carefully. alarm would only complicate matters. And he was not powerful enough to keep the guard alive. hell, he did not wanted to keep him alive. They were sith. They were murderers. They had their chance to surrender.

    Two guards, everything more would be surprising. He breathed in as he approached the ship from the side that was not looking towards the station. His finger touched his lightsaber and he drew all strength from the force he could. then he made a powerful jump. Onto the ship, then down from it. swining himself into the ramp. ignite the lightsaber. Kill everybody inside with clean, fast, painless slashes of his weapon.

    Then to the bridge and kill the pilot. The man would be able to communicate with the team and he had to get rid of him, before this pilot alarmed them.

    It was a simple, elegant plan that would play out his major point of surprise towards the scum. His supernatural abilities could not be awaited on that planet. They would probably never realize what hit them.

    Cilarn felt almost sorry about that.

    Then he was in the air . . .

    Tag: Sarge221

    ooc: I will wait for CPL to get better, of course. And I was not sure how you handle combat, Sarge. So I did not describe how I kill the guards, but only how I plan to.
  17. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007

    [blockquote]Ens-Valoe Haalo

    Setting the fighter down just outside the city, Ens-Valoe dropped to the ground, embracing the force of the fall with his knees, landing gracefully. He could sense them, and he enjoyed the attention that they were giving him by noticing him as well and the fact that they had not run. Unfortunately for them, whatever reason they had decided to stay meant little. Whether they wanted a battle, curious about him, or were just too inept to know when they were in potential danger. No, potential danger was wrong. They were in danger. He cared for nothing in this Universe and their presence on Katarr only served to insult Lord Nihilus' destruction of life on this planet.

    He walked to the entrance of what was once a town, but nothing more than a ruin and stood there, amplifying his essence to overtake the entire area before pulling it back. He would let them come to him. He would not be chasing anyone down.

    Tag: TGI
    J. Kinry Tallaroba

    He grinned as he ran as fast as he could out of the cave. Who would have thought?! Well actually, shyracks were pretty common occurence and he should have been prepared, but the past was the past. He sent a quick message to his brother to get the speeder ready to go. It was at this peculiar moment that Kinry thought of the appointments that he and his brother had confirmed for the next month. Their business was taking off. Well kind of, they had a 100% success rate in all of their jobs so far, but it was a bit taxing with just two guys. That, however, had been a conscious decision between the two of them so they could split the profit 50/50, evenly and cleanly, without a bunch of fussing. He also realized that he needed to work on his cardio as he was already out of breath.

    Chomping his teeth together, Kinry pivoted on his left foot, stretched his hands towards the shyracks and pulled them to the ground with the Force. Disturbing, but not lethal force. The shyracks wouldn't be recovering quickly. "Sorry fellas, maybe next time." The young man turned around to continue his path back to the speeder, giving his brother an "X" with his arms, indicating that this adventure had not been all it could be.

    Tag: Sarge[/blockquote]
  18. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    OOC: Combined post with TGI

    IC: Shirzan Narr
    Cockpit of the Raptor; Near Corvis Minor; Space

    A feeling colder than a Hoth iceberg spread through Shirzan as she witnessed what was unfolding before her. The Raptor came out of hyperspace and there was the Ereesi ship, floating right before them, but the Argazdan had got to it first. Parts of the ship were burning, three shuttles latched onto its outer hull in various positions like parasites. And looming over the stricken ship was a Praetorian-Class, Almost obnoxious in the way it proudly transmitted its designation and signature. Shirzan clicked her tongue in frustration, her gloved fingers digging into the material of the chair she was standing behind. In the pilot seat Zazza leaned forward as she analysed the situation.

    ?Paetorian-Class. Guess we?re pretty safe from their main guns. Only the turbo-lasers have a chance to get through our shields. But we only got a frigate.?

    Shirzan nodded solemnly at her squad mates evaluation. It would be suicide to think their frigate could take on the other ship single handed. What she would have given at that moment for a star fighter squadron or three. She forced her eyes away from the scene unfolding outside as Craven swore in a language that Shirzan did not recognise. He punched away on the console in front of him

    ?Got a call. Ereesi send it on all frequencies.?

    He said, his voice strained. Through a loud speaker on the console a bout of static filled the cockpit followed by the distinctive hissing voice of an Ereesi male

    ? . . . is the Ereesi freight*tztz* Camolon, this is an emergency call to all nearby ships. We are under attack. We have women and children aboard, please if you hear this ...?

    The communication abruptly cut off, and Shirzan snapped her head back up to look out of the viewport. The Martyr opened fire on the Ereesi ship communications array, the device exploding in a ball of orange fire.

    ?Sensors indicate fighting inside. I guess the Argazdan´s are having fun.?

    Craven sighed and looked at her. Zazza hissed angrily, her body language tense.

    ?We can?t just sit here and watch!?

    She said as she monitored the sensors. Shirzan leaned forward to get a better look. On the sensor screen a mixture of red and green indicators flashed in and out of life, the red enemy indicators outnumbering the green. The Argazdan forces had the upper hand. Shirzan swore under her breath. The display produced a rough set of numerical statistics. Their frigate could not hold enough people for a full evacuation, and from where she was she couldn?t see if the escape pods had been deployed. If they wanted to get the Ereesi survivors away from the Argazdan ship they would have to use the Ereesi?s own transport. It wasn?t going to be easy. Not only would they have to board and fight the hostile forces that were currently engaging the Ereesi refugees, they also had to get Velix safely to the hyper drive in order to repair it. All the while being outnumbered and in the cross hairs of the Praetorian class ships turbo lasers.

    ?Craven I need their shield readings and any other system data the scanners can pick up! Schematics, access points, location of the hyper drive core anything you can get?

    She ordered. "You get it in a second." Craven scowled and turned forward again to punch numbers into the console. Immediately schematics turned up. He began downloading them as fast as possible.If she was going to lead her team inside the Ereesi ship while it was under fire, she needed assurances that the distressed ships shields would hold and they would be able to give the verpine enough time to get the hyper drive fixed. She turned to Velix, a serious look on her face. Carth said he was the best, but with very little information regarding the condition of the damaged drive core and the ship in general she needed to ask him

    ?I?m sorry to ask you this but how long could it take to get that hyper d
  19. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Xelon Tarn
    Gardens of Coruscant

    The Chancellor responded in an equally diplomatic way as he was addressed. Xelon lead the way as they began their conversation and actually much more than in the Temple of the Jedi Xelon felt at home in this arena.

    "I assume all those internal issues have been resolved? No Covenants? No Revanchists? Central authority under Master Shan and a Council, one assumes? All the Sith artifacts kept under your sole oversight?" The Chancellor was not one to loose time. Good. Xelon silent hoped to catch the ride of Zariz, as she might be heading into his direction. One possible direction. One of many.

    "Neither Covenants or Revanchists have survived the war." Xelon said and smiled a bit. considering how worshipped Revan was these days, one could have argued they were the true Revanchists. But that was nothing to be discussed. "And indeed Master shan has the central authority. The process of forming a new council has begun, but we must choose wisely. For now it has a lower priority as we try to regain our ability to intervene into the worst of crisis first." This was not entirely true. Or from his stand point it was an absolute truth. Bindo had tipped th balance to a Jedi Order without a council. But eventually the Council would be formed. It was inevitable. Bastila Shan was in command so long. No matter how she considered her suggestions, the Jedi had taken them like orders. They had followed ever word. The Sith artifacts . . .

    "And all dangerous artifact are secured. Actually the security is more advanced than it was before. That countless dangerous pieces vanished thrugh the Sith`s reign is well known I suppose. We will soon begin to track down th most dangerous of those." Xelon nodded in agreement. The most important points had been brought up by the Chancellor.

    "Indeed we have already begun our work again. Bastila Shan has decided to answer Admiral Onasi´s call for assistance. As the reinforcments of the Republic seem to face . . . political difficulties, I hope the Jedi can probably help the Admiral to make a breakthrough and secure the area." Xelon sorted the points he wanted to talk about in his head. Personal matter last. And indeed he planned to gain the Chancellor's support in a very important project.

    But first things first. "We would like to ask the Republic to help us in the restoration of the Order, actually. I am certain the ORI has records of Jedi? Some might be known who haven´t been reached by our calls? And we would like to be informed of any reports of possible force-sensitivity. With our numbers, we can only cover a limited space. The Republic´s help would be much appreciated, therefore." Xelon used Bastila´s wording of the request almost word by word. "We would also like to know of any crisis that might need our talents." Xelon added. "Especially those that have to do with the Sith."

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    The Mule
    Hanna, Chandrilla

    Ubese. Hundreds of them if he had to make an educated guess. Hidden by the force The Mule sat on the ceiling of one of the medium sized towers and watched thoe men spread through the city. An army to find the man he was menat to find. An arm between him and his goal.

    Well, they seemed to know nothing of the institute. A last advantage he had. They searched the city. He had a place. If the target ever made it to the institute.

    He had to hurry.

    Plans were onl as effctive as their execution.

    He had to hurry, or he would only find the corpse and the certainty he had been beaten.

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  20. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Trevi IV, Desert, Near the crashsite

    The Mandalorians climbed their mounts and with the howling sound they took off. Far away Lyle could see their ship touching down. It looked much larger than the Sith´s ship. Probably containing many more men. The Basilisk were heading there. Probably to report and receive further instructions. And certainly to organize a search party.

    ?You are a Jedi.? Ono said. It was a simple remarking comment, without the enthusiasm or admiration kids usually had for the Jedi Knights. The boy stared at Lyle for a second and only then began to look around. ?We need to go. If they find us they will kill both of us.? He said without a sign of fear.

    Tag: Sarge

    Trevi IV, Chambers of Commerce, Market

    The Prophet smiled as at Devlesa Avilan and nodded. He seemed to have indeed perceived the well hidden concerns of the man but the smile was like a silent agreement not to speak of them.


    ?Have no fear, I am here to help. Four tests await you and not even I dare to predict if it will be you or your pray that is will perish. Yet, I am here to help. Otherwise I would never have allowed you to find me. What is it you desire to know about, then? The past? The presence? The future??

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    Chandrila, Hanna, Hanna Institute of Antiquities

    Cale looked at Poul. ?Sure. Sure. I´ll be right behind you.? E said after a moment of thinking. And keeping his hand on his blaster, he followed Poul in. They did not get far, until a massivve Ithorian blocked their way. ?Master Criton. I am very pleased to see you. When you missed our appointment I was afraid something unpleasant had happened to you!? He talked in heavy accented basic with his two mouths. But he was obviously happy to see the Man called Poul.

    ?Look, you got big hammerheaded friends.? Cale smirked.


    Outside two speeders arrived. Both unloaded more Ubese. Cale saw it and looked, but said nothing, as they did not behave aggressive so far.

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  21. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007

    When humans first settled the Kanz Sector in long forgotten times, VIGO had already been old. None of the species nearby had even legends of it´s creators. The people had settled there and since then someone had always lived on VIGO. But only now and in this age the gargantuan space station would come into the focus of galactic events. And it would not be the enigma of it´s construction that would change the fate of millions, but the mystery of it´s destruction . . .

    - From the Holocron of Jedi Master Gnost-Dural

    [hl=black]Kanz Sector, Sector 8880001, VIGO Station[/hl]


    The journey had been a long one. The Kanz sector, since it had left the Republic had been hard to enter. The powerful Argazdan Redoubt these days had closed most of the hyperlanes and pathways into and out of the system. Satale had therefore chosen the independant Lorrd as their only possible entry point and had then made a series of microjumps until they reached the space station. It was an unpleasant welcome. As they jumped out of hyperspace, they saw swarms fighters around the station. And four Praetorian-class frigates were lingering between them and the hangar.

    ?By the Gods! Argazdan. They are attacking my station! My wife is in there!? Satale screamed and looked at the Jedi in despair.


    Tag: Daan, dreven

    [hl=black]Tion, Tion City, Library[/hl]

    ooc: Move you a little forward, Sinre

    The plant Tion was covered by giant oceans. Atris had been allowed to come there without problems. That was actually surprising, as on her way she had received the note of the Librarian of Xer that she was no longer welcome there. He did not have seemed to have forwarded this info to the government of the sector, though.


    Above the blue planet a warfleet had awaited her, but had cared little for her small transport. Dozzens of ships were in orbit and considering that Tion could not be attacked directly from the outside, it was a testament of troubled times inside the Tion Hegemony. Once she had reached Tion City, a miracle of construction that rised from the ocean into the sky amidst the greatest of all oceans and far away from any landmass, she had realized how serious these troubles were. Guards were everywhere. And the speculation who had killed the heir of Tion and if the same person might have been responislbe for the failing health of their ancient monarch . . . was everywhere.

    It was not why Atris was here, though. And nobody did concenr her with it. He reputation as a Jedi Master had been enough to grant her to enter the library and main archieve. Looking for traces that were 25.000 years old was certainly hard enough. But the access made it a little easier. Little had remained of the records of the ancient Xim. Or surprisingly much. The names of the Jedi Masters of that time, who had only recently begun to call themselves Jedi at all, where lost to history for centuries now. On ossus the last of such konwledge had burnt. But Tion kept records so far back. And indeed Atris found to entries about Xerbel the Conquerer. A transfer fromhis early years and the sacking of Beregen. Both a decade before he recorded his encounter with the Sith. After that nothing. Nothing. Also no word about Kalsinor. The planet did not exist to charts or maps in the library. Whatever Xerbel had done, he had obvioulsy not returned to Tion. And nobody had been abel to go looking for him, as the Hutts avanged the bloody crusade against them and raided the worlds of Xim´s Empire.

    After three days, nothing did show up. Not a word. The Sith had been forgotten, until the Great Hyperspace War served as a painful reminder. Kun. Revan. Before that, there was nothing.

    ?Fruzztrating, izn it??
  22. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    IC: Ashlae Starchaser
    Desert near Parzin; a tent

    [ul]She was trembling, she still felt as if she was frozen in carbonite, her vision was still blurred and her voice was still hoarse. She could sense that she was not alone. The person that was beside her had been with all along, caring for her. She could not thank him or even ask who he was. The coldness that she felt was to deep within her to show gratitude. The exhaustion nullified any such reaction.

    She had many questions, but felt useless in her condition. All she could do is wait until she recuperated from her injuries. Her mind was racing trying to remember the past events that had brought her to this state. It was all a blur much like her vision.

    Was this young man her savior? Did he pull her from a wreckage?

    It hurt just to think about such things. Her body shivered uncontrollably. She was not ready for the answers nor to ask any questions. It didn't take a healer to know this.

    She heard a whisper in her ear, a voice that sounded soothing.

    "You are where you have always meant to be. On Argazdan. Where you died and have been reborn. I am Iliac. And together - you and me - together we will change everything."


    How could she have died, there were no memories to show her. Her mind felt like a glacier trying to melt. Nothing was working.

    Argazdan? ...What place is this?

    Again her memory failed her. Trembling harder than before she tried desperately to remember, to move but could not in the end. She was tired. It took too much effort to even lift her head.

    The voice spoke once again. Soothing her thoughts.

    "You can rest now. I will guard you. Nobody will cause you any harm. Sleep and dream, Jedi Ashlae Sunrider. Sleep and dream."

    Is that who I am Ashlae Sunrider?

    She was too tired to think. Her body finally relaxed, her mind was now at peace.

    She was now dreaming.[/ul]

    TAG: MyrialofKanz, TGI

    WINKWINK Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    Name: Aaron
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Corelia
    Gender: Male
    Thin, around six feet, brown hair grey eyes, in good shape
    think a younger hugh Luarie [DR House for those of you who don't know] for the face
    Rank&Affiliation: Jedi, but they may not like him so we'll see
    The Force: Yes
    Weapons: body. the force.
    Equipment: None

    He sits on his bench, waiting for the transport that will take him from his old life into the next at the temple on courscant and the order that is being rebuilt. He feels nothing.
    He watches a mother and her offspring, bonding with each other,sharing something he shall never have. He feels nothing.
    He reflects on his past life, of his step father who may or may not have been his real father. Of how he suspects that the man was not in his right mind. Of his disappearance when he was a child. Of how he suspects that he is dead. He feels nothing.

    His father was a Jedi master who left the order that called him unethical and dangerous, how the man ever made Master Aaron didn't know. He was called unethical for his experiments on younglings to try and strengthen there connection to the force, Aaron suspects he tried multiple forms of torture and use of the force to mold them into his fathers view of perfection. Maybe in his deranged mind he didn't realize it was torture. Maybe he didn't care.
    When discovered he ran. The luckiest day of his life he told Aaron years later. Because it was that that allowed him to accomplish his greatest creation, his son. Aaron doesn't know if his father impregnated his mother himself or just found some desperate women to dominate, but it matters little. Using the force constantly on the women and baby throughout the pregnancy Aaron was born with a deep affinity to the force. He is not now, nor will he every be a power house like some other force users, but find the right point on a diamond, and with the slightest effort it will break.
    Another effect of his fathers influence, Aaron felt no emotion. What better weapon to use against the Sith? what more perfect Jedi could there be than one that could feel no anger, love, jealousy, fear hate... or empathy? For while he would never be tempted to hatred, Aaron also had no sense of good and evil. Right and wrong yes, his father made certain of this and now the question of right or wrong dominated every decision of Aarons life. But if he did wrong instead of right? It meant nothing, other than that he had been wrong. And this was very important to Aaron for in his lack of emotion, all he had was intellect, and intellect does not like to be wrong.
    "Kill that baby. No it would be wrong. Why? I do not know. What if by killing that baby you would save ten more? no, it would still be wrong."

    Another of his fathers theories was to use science in concert more traditional means of training in matters of the Force.
    "Move that rock. How did you do it? I exerted my will upon reality on a molecular level, either through air pressure or directly to the rock. Good, now tear the rock apart piece by piece."
    "Create fire. How did you do it? I excited the atoms, made them jump around and vibrate. It's not working. Hmm, so there are flaws still in my theories"
    "create a small black hole boy and contain it. Father you are having another lapse in judgment. Do as I say Boy! Father it's not working, and if it did we would both be killed"
    "The Force is more than just physics boy, it is power itself, energy just waiting to be tapped into and change the world around it. This is where the physics comes in, once we find out which laws it obeys and which it doesn't, then you will be a true terror to behold . What is a terror father?"

    Aarons father disappeared when he was eight years of age and Aaron had to continue his studies on his own alone on the streets. Alone because his mother died in child birth, or that is what his father told him. Aaron suspects that is not the case, and that his father in one of his lapses killed her. He has many theories of what happened to his father, but most of them end with him dead. He
  24. tjace

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    Feb 11, 2008
    IC: Paladin Halcyon
    Coruscant; Jedi Temple; Platform

    Paladin stood on the platform, regarding the ship that would carry him to distant star systems in search of the Bloody Banner pirates. It was a good ship, he saw. While it might not put up much of a fight, you would be hard pressed to find something faster. A lot of good that?ll do us if we run into the Black Admiral. He felt a strong wind, as is common in the upper layers of Coruscant, where steel meets sky. He wondered where it would take him if he gave himself over to it. Not that he was willing to make such a surrender.

    Zariz had asked him to be a part of her team, and he had gladly accepted. It was strange to have someone that believed in him again. I guess it shows how little I believe in myself. Of course there?s more to being a Jedi than throwing things around. And there is more to being a hero than charisma or strength, as the man we are being sent to help, Admiral Onasi, has proved. I look forward to working with this legend to bring down a threat to the Republic.

    Like the wind, there was much unknown about this mission. What awaited among the stars? Would they find the Bloody Banner? Even his companions were a mystery. He knew Zariz, a little, but this Bothan, Teborn, was a complete stranger. Paladin felt a thrill go through him. But was it excitement, or fear?

    Tag: TGI, Fin, TSG, littleD
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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Atris
    Tion, Tion Cluster, Outer Rim

    [blockquote]Atris resisted the urge to be concerned by the Rakatan. She had known that some of the species had made their way into the galaxy following the defeat of Malak, and species experts had thus been able to identify a reticent species in the Tion Cluster. So there was a connection between the Rakata and Lehon.

    And Atris had heard that there was a connection between the Rakata and the Sith, though what was unknown. Between Xerbel and the Rakata, she felt like she was edging closer to some grand conspiracy. She absently wondered if Kalsunor was a Tionese world, but, after three days, she had found practically nothing. To be meet a Rakata, a species known for hiding even in the Tion, was some luck at last.

    Atris was being worn down by all of this looking, and searching, and harassment being received from the dark side, an ever present whisper in her ear. She hadn't been bothered to interact with the Sith Holocron for some time, before Criton's Point, and had simply chosen to ignore it.

    And so, when the Rakata confronted her, she was too tired to decide what 'Kzzzerr' meant. She concluded it was probably a reference to Katarr. That caused her all manner of regret, and fear, for she thought so few knew of that. Her tone turned aggressive, and she felt a spark jolt between two of her fingers. She sheathed her hands in her sleeves, before scowling at the Rakata. "Who are you?"

    ?And what do you want?"[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sirak
    IC: Cressa
    Gardens of Coruscant

    [blockquote]Cressa vaguely walked in the direction of the central fountain, but was purely focused upon Xelon. His proposals were not unwarranted, nor unwanted. He was pleased. "Any help from the Jedi with Admiral Onasi's issues would be excellent. If we can get the fleet back on its feet, it will free up assets."

    And then Xelon asked a question. So the Jedi had not completely reassembled their members. Interesting. "I shall of course direct ORI to forward any such information to the Order. I have a few concerns, actually, that may require a Jedi's touch. Of course, Admiral Onasi needs assistance, but I also require someone to head into the Kanz Sector and keep an eye on things there. Informally, actually. I'd also like to keep the Jedi resurrection quiet, so as to keep our enemies off-balance. One or two Jedi is one thing, an Order is another." Cressa added an afterthought. "How many active Jedi can you contribute to the cause?"

    "Wait," said Cressa, as he considered the point about the Sith. "Do you believe that they are still extant? Have we located Revan, or the 'Jedi Exile'? What about this 'Darth Traya' that I have heard so much about - orchestrating the Onderon Civil War and the Battle of Telos?"

    "Do you consider it prudent to assign me a secret Jedi bodyguard? One of your Corellian types, perhaps? Corellia has been very quiet since Malak was beaten, and I'm not convinced they've rejoined with open arms..."

    Cressa was throwing information at the Jedi, in a hope that he'd get what he wanted out of the discussion.

    Not that he'd really decided what that was, to be honest. But that was the skill of a politician; making the best of any situation.[/blockquote]

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