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Star Wars The Old Republic - Renaissance

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by TheGoodImperial, May 9, 2011.

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  1. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
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    The Hammer-Class Raptor; Corvis Minor System; Approaching the Ereesi ship

    "Understood. The Firespray will move to your position as soon as central command confirms orders." he Foray-class, now named Firespray sounded eager to help. And Onasi should not have provided any problems. The question was would it be there in time?

    Craven hissed out as one shot hit their shields. ?That´s what they call a warning shot, I assume.? He laughed out.

    Behind him all the team began to prepare. A symphony of clicks and clacks, humming weapons and loading blasters. Zazza was still piloting the frigate and brought it to the rear of the ship, where they could enter. ?Narr, looks like we will land in a hot zone. I got ten Argazdan´s near the lock.? Zazza shouted to the leading officer.
    ?We´re not here to hold the Ereesi´s hands, are we? The more the better.? Robard Test coughed his words almost out, as he spit out his huttese cigar and stepped onto it. Preparing the heavy repeating blaster he hissed out air and looked at Narr. ?We´re ready.? He said. Test and Zazza were as long in the business as Shirzan herself. Test probably a few years longer. The younger soldiers looked up to him in a way they never could look up to a superior. His confidence gave them strength. And he had served under Shirzan for two years now. A rough but strong man. Two years. A long time, considering how low the life expectancy of Republic soldiers was.

    They felt the trembling, as they docked to the Ereesi ship and the Verpine immediately began to leap to the docking bay and began to cut through the hull of the Ereesi ship with a laser-torch.
    ?Out of the Praetorian´s fire arc, Lieutenant.? Craven reported and stood up now, preparing her rifle. They simply had the Ereesi between them and the Argazdan´s now. Using the bulkfreighter as a shield. Zazza secured the bridge and stood up herself. Her hands found her weapon without thinking.

    Then they heard the sound of heavy metal falling to the ground. ?Through!? A soldier screamed.

    Test looked at Shirzan. ?Ladies first or may I have this dance?? He asked and his repeater began to hum in anticipation.

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  2. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Xelon Tarn
    Coruscant Gardens

    They stepped into the grass fields by now and Xelon noted the good smell. But his focus returned tothe task at hand immediately. The Chancellor obviously appreciaated the return of the Jedi. Xelon had considered more trouble, but in the end the Jedi were a unique solution for a unique problem.

    "Any help from the Jedi with Admiral Onasi's issues would be excellent. If we can get the fleet back on its feet, it will free up assets." Xelon just nodded in agreement. Onasi himself had something like this. The Jedi had an open discussion if that was why someone backed the priates.

    "I shall of course direct ORI to forward any such information to the Order." Xelon nodded with a mild smile. "Thank you Chancellor. Much appreciated."

    "I have a few concerns, actually, that may require a Jedi's touch. Of course, Admiral Onasi needs assistance, but I also require someone to head into the Kanz Sector and keep an eye on things there. Informally, actually." Xelon looked at the Chancellor but did not show his relief about this problem coming from the Chancellor. He kept his mouth shot though. Not yet the right topic to talk about. He was about to deal with Kanz himself and he would not make it his first but his last topic.

    "I'd also like to keep the Jedi resurrection quiet, so as to keep our enemies off-balance. One or two Jedi is one thing, an Order is another." Cressa added an afterthought.

    "Certainly. We are to few and too weak to announce our return, yet." Xelon said. Obviously the Chancellor wanted to limit their power, too. But the Jedi did not desire power, even less than in their previous incarnation. Xelon´s studies told him though, that it might make power come even easier to them.

    "How many active Jedi can you contribute to the cause?" Xelon nodded. "We have about hundred members right now. Most are too young to serve the will of the force actively. But soon they would begin to finish their training. Right now we have 25 fully trained Jedi available. That´s very few, but still better than none. And those Jedi survived two wars and a purge. You can assume they are hard to overcome." Xelon smiled, as he thought how he himself had jumped from cover to cover, always hunted. Hiding. The Sith came up next.

    "Wait," said Cressa, as he considered the point about the Sith. "Do you believe that they are still extinct? Have we located Revan, or the 'Jedi Exile'? What about this 'Darth Traya' that I have heard so much about - orchestrating the Onderon Civil War and the Battle of Telos?"

    "Traya is dead." Xelon said with a smile. It were the good knew they had got from the Jedi who travelled with the Exile. "The Sith are not gone. Not yet. But they don´t hunt us, we are going to hunt them. The Jedi are beginning to discuss the creation of a special task foce for this mission. I am certain in due time we will talk more about it. Soon." Xelon knew Bastila wanted this group, but many Jedi were still concerned about the killer commando. "Concerning our friends." He made it clear how the Jedi saw the two Jedi in question. "Bastila Shan seems to have gathered some information, but is not yet ready to share. It is of course her privilege to decide if whatever mission they´re on could be endangered by sharing this knowledge." Interesting the Chancellor was concerned about it. Xelon wondered if he hoped Traya was dead or alive. Alive she would have secured him at least one more term of emergency rights, would she?

    "Do you consider it prudent to assign me a secret Jedi bodyguard? One of your Corellian types, perhaps? Corellia has been very quiet since Malak was beaten, and I'm not convinced they've rejoined with open arms..." Xelon sighed and shook his head. "With our ressources that far stretched, I believe a bodyguard would be hard to come by, except you have a concrete fear a threat might be imminent only a Jedi can deal with. But I´ll certainly bring up the issue to Master Shan." Corellia meant trouble? Interesting. The Jedi had yet to get a clear picture of all political
  3. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Alema Vao
    Coruscant Skylanes
    [blockquote] "I hope you like it fast. They told me there is not faster one produced in the core worlds than this one." Lev grinned and hoovered above the platform, before giving the speeder a push and dropping over the edge of the platform right into the traffic. He yelled out on joy, as the wind began to push back his hair.

    ?Wheee!!!? Alema squealed like a little schoolgirl as they plunged into the congested skylanes of the capital. But on the inside she was screaming in terror. It was not that she did not like to go fast, what she did not like was the fact that she was not the one behind the controls.

    This is more like insanity than anything else. Oh well, I should have fun with this while I have the chance.

    She let her lekku wave gracefully behind her in the artificial wind that was created by the sheer speed of their flight. She slyly glanced over at the excited Prince, ?So, what did you have planned for the rest of your day?? She ripped her quick-release skirt free and let it fly away into the afternoon sky, ?I think my schedule just freed up drastically.? She flashed him an award winning smile and stroked his cheek with her finger.[/blockquote]TAG: Remix11
  4. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    Katarr; Ruins

    It was not the three of them, but one man who came to EV. His non-existent eyes blindfolded with a piece of red cloth and a vibroblade in his hand the force was obviously strong in him. Stronger than the natural affinity of a Miraluzka. Yet untrained and unshaped.

    ?You are the Sith, are you? I dreamt about you.? That was all he said, as he stood opposite of EV and Looked at him. Moved his head towards him and reached out into the force, to be more precise. As the man would never ?look? at anything.

    ?I come before you with an offer.? He then said and bowed.

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  5. TheGoodImperial

    TheGoodImperial Jedi Knight star 2

    May 17, 2009
    Coruscant; The Jedi Temple; The Garden

    Master Bindo had joined Bastila Shan in here meditation. Drawing deep from the river that was the force he felt the presence of the young woman on who all hope of the Jedi rested these days.

    The force they asked for guidance. But as their wish was granted, it was not what they had expected. It was a hooded figure. Appearing from the dark of the future. Powerful. And in his hand was a blue lightsaber. Shining, pulsing in the dark. A whisper was heard in the force.

    ?I am coming.?


    Then both Jedi Masters awoke out of their trance.

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    Coruscant; Astrology; Jedi Library

    The great halls of the Republic´s astrology labs were almost empty these days. Too much to do to calculate the journey of littlle blue dwarves or big red gas giants for next 10.000 years. Therefore Kender Volon, the Chief Astrologer of the Republic was quite happy to see someone of such high standing like a Jedi visit them.

    ?Master Jedi, I am very pleased to see you.? The Duros said and his small mouth smiled. He bowed his head and then turned to accompany the young Jedi. I have indeed found most of the designated planets you gave me. Only five I have not found. I am afraid Tython is among them. If the Jedi archieve is no longer holding it´s position, we may never again find it.? He sighed. ?The Jedi kept secrets, you know? Even from us.? With a smile he looked to the white haired young woman. ?But the other planet you have been looking for I found indeed.? He nodded.

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    Coruscant; Platform; Jedi Temple

    Aaron could feel the Jedi nearby, as the transport arrived on Coruscant. The galactic center was sprawling with life for those who could sense the force, but the Jedi temple was almost quiet now. Almost empty. Like a hall not lit by many candles, butt especially bright ones.

    The transport sat down and as the ramp touched the ground Aaron was brought to the exit by one of the Republic soldiers. ?We´re there, boy.? The Bothan who had found himand brought him here had done so for a Jedi. That much Aaron had learned on the flight. A Jedi Master called Queyl. Now outside the shuttle that Jedi Master, who was actually having the rank of a knight, waited for the boy. One of only two Selkath to ever learn the ways of the forceQuely had not taken the straight route to Jedihood himself. From what he heard the boy was not so different.

    ?Hello Aaron.? He greeted the younger man as he stood in the shimmering lighht of Coruscant´s seeting sun. ?Welcome to the Jedi Temple.?


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  6. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Ens-Valoe Haalo

    He had already begun to pull on the man's Force sensitivity, preparing for the snack, when he narrowed his eyes to slits. "An offer." The raspy, despisingly youthful voice said unquestioningly. For the moment, he ended his Force presence just outside the Miraluka's personal space. Ens-Valoe probed the area around them with the Force, a distant look in his yellow eyes, before his mind returned to focusing on the man.


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  7. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    Katarr, Ruins

    "In the orbit. Any second a ship will arrive there." The Miraluka said with a hint of disgust playing around his mouth. "They wanted to keep you budsy and then sacrifice itself, when the ship bombards our coordinates. My freinds I mean. They want to kill you, for what your Master did to this world." The man stepped forth. EV could feel the truth of his words, as he reached out with the force. Indeed the ship arrived in that moment. And the same time he felt the two Miraluka who had been left behind. They grew suspicious of their comrade.

    "But I want the true traitor of our people to pay. I know you hate her. And I know where we can find her. I know who knows. I could be useful to you, my Lord. If you train me in the arts of the Sith I shall be the one who leads you to Visas Marr and watch her as you consume her!"

    The drain had just begun to weaken the force in the young man. Now it rised again. His anger made him powerful. the other Miraluka felt it too. They would soon understand they were betrayed.

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  8. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    Ens-Valoe Haalo


    The Miraluka somehow knew of his hatred for Visas Marr. That surprised Ens-Valoe, but he would have to sort out how this was possible later. Looking down at the Miraluka, Ens-Valoe nodded his head. "Your friends will sense that you have betrayed them. What will you do about them?" Ens-Valoe began making his way back to his fighter, if there was a bombardment coming, he couldn't be anywhere in the vicinity of the ruins of this city.

    However, he had another problem. He had been found with relative ease and the information that the Miraluka had on him was astounding, as he had disappeared off the map years ago. It was disturbing. It was a puzzle. The Sith Lord had known that revisiting Katarr would be risky, but still...As his mind rolled it over, he looked up at the sky. When the ship would appear, he would then strike.

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    WINKWINK Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    Aaron, coruscant

    Aaron sat quietly as the transport he was on neared the Jedi Temple, reaching out with the force to read those around him.
    The Bothan sitting near him felt what he had learned to interpret as arrogant and condescending, reinforcing this theory by referring to him as boy the entire time they had been in contact. He had taken this to mean that the Bothan, who's name he had not even learned, might be a potential threat and he had considered sending a Force spike through his chest as a preemptive strike, logically sound but not morally. Or was it even logically? Sometimes he wondered if he had inherited his fathers Lapses.

    Compartmentalizing he also attempted to study the many strong presences he felt to their front, this was somewhat harder for him for he had never been good at reading people, only learning to weed out the most glaring emotions but none of the subtleties. What he sensed was... ponder-some. Confusion and purpose at he same time? this made no sense. The jedi as a whole? not likely, probable that he was sensing many people, maybe even those outside of the temple.

    The Bothan stood and motioned with his head for Aaron to follow, not even giving the courtesy of speech. Again Aaron wondered if this Bothan was a potential enemy. He was probably over thinking it.

    ?We´re there, boy.?
    Ah so it can speak

    The bothan led him to an aquatic looking being with a strong, and calm, presence in the force.

    ?Hello Aaron.Welcome to the Jedi Temple.?

    Aaron looked at the Jedi and said simply. "Ok"


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  10. Jedi_Corin_Daan

    Jedi_Corin_Daan Jedi Knight star 3

    Nov 6, 2010
    IC: Marcus Daan
    Location: the Quiet Knight

    The tension was beginning to build. What could possibly be taking Satale so long? Marcus wondered. Perhaps this was a bad idea.

    No, no, if it enabled him to return to the Order, then it was the right thing. He wanted that so much. Of course, up until now it had not been likely that they would want him back. Especially Bastila. He had been on Revan's ship when Bastila's team of Jedi attacked. He had even tried to stop them, and had nearly gotten both himself and his brother killed in the process. Marcus looked down at his arm, the scar where the skin had been burned by the explosion still showing grotesque and unnatural. He still didn't remember the explosion itself, although he had been told that it had been caused when Malak fired on Revan's ship. He winced. How could Bastila and the other Jedi ever accept him as a brother after that?

    But if he did something heroic, something that demonstrated he was no longer a Sith, then perhaps they would accept him. Now he had that chance, and he wasn't going to throw it away.

    Marcus got up and began pacing. His steps eventually led him to the cockpit of the Quiet Knight.


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  11. MyrialofKanz

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    May 10, 2011
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    Iliac of Argazdan; Tent; Desert

    He kept her sleeping ofr a day and only when he felt the strength returning, he brought her some food and awakened her gently by touching her shoulder. Hopefully she felt better now. "Ashlae? I brought some food. Spoiled meat and rice. It is simple, but I think it will give you some strength back." He whispered almost, assuming she would wake up with a headache. Putting down the plate in the tent next to her he sat down on the box near the entrance and watched her. "I am Iliac. I found you and made sure you got through this." He said with a calm voice. "You were the only one who survived, I am afraid. These infidels killed sixt people."

    He folded his hands and watched her. He had never met a Jedi. Jedi. It reminded him of something. "Oh, I think . . ." He grabbed to his left where Ashlaes clothes were lying. Now she was wearing onl a tunic. He drew her lightsaber from them and handed it to her. " . . . you might feel saver with that one, right? I think it took some damage, but one side still works." He handed her lightsaber to her. Indeed the explosion had damager one of it's ends badly. Iliac smiled as he saw the Jedi woman with her lightsaber. He nodded and allowed her to take in everthing, eat and . . . ask questions. He assumed she would have questions. Although in truth she hadn't. She only had not learned to listen to the Goddess yet. So she could not hear the answers.

    "I am glad you are here." He said then and wondered himself why he did that.

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    Myrial of Argazdan; Temple; Private Rooms

    No word from Balazar or Iliac. Myrial felt the urgency of the recent events to vanish from her soul. The tension became patience. The time became slower. She did not like the feeling. It felt like dying. It felt like the time running out and you watching.

    The Goddess was silent now and she knew why. Before the first death, all she could do was waiting for destiny to unfold.

    Her eyes had to have closed while she was thinking. Because they snapped open as Golias came charing into the room. "Mother! Message from the Martyr!" He yelled. Myrial smiled.

    "Let me guess. They are approachign the Eresi and the Republic is fighting back for our ancient enemy." Golias froze and nodded. "How did you . . ."

    "A vision the Goddess gave me. The Ereesi are not yet extinct."

    Golias folded his arms. His brows moved together. "What does it mean? Are we at war?"

    Myrial stood up and shook her head. "Not yet. Not yet. But it means . . . it has begun!"

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  12. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Shirzan Narr
    The Hammer-Class Raptor; Corvis Minor System; Approaching the Ereesi ship

    Just as Shirzan finished addressing her squad, the comm channel flared back to life and a voice crackled through the cockpit. It was the Foray-class, and it sounded like they were more than willing to come to their aid.

    "Understood. The Firespray will move to your position as soon as central command confirms orders."

    The Foray, now officially designated the Firespray, cut off their transmission and Shirzan mentally nodded her head in approval. It was reassuring that the vessel had agreed to help out so quickly, but at the same time she prayed that the Firespray would make it to them in time and not be held up by the central command. Suddenly the Raptor shook, a shot from the enemy vessel striking the ships front shield.

    ?That?s what I call a warning shot I assume?

    Craven laughed out. Behind him the squad began to prepare, the noises of blasters being loaded and set, clicking and clacking and the hum of weaponry coming to life. It was a very familiar scenario for the Zabrak soldier, a time to prepare, but also for some people, a time to reflect. As she put her hand on her heavy pistol, Zazza spoke up from the pilot seat as she skilfully navigated the frigate to the access point at the rear of the ship.

    ?Narr, looks like we will land in a hot zone. I got ten Argazdan´s near the lock?

    ?Looks like the Martyr informed them of our arrival?

    She replied dryly as she pulled the heavy pistol out of the holster at her side, making a thorough check that the weapon was in optimum working order. A gruff voice caught her attention and she looked to the side to see the human male spit out the remains of a hutesse cigar and extinguish it under his foot.

    ?We´re not here to hold the Ereesi´s hands, are we? The more the better.?

    Shirzan shot a knowing look at Robard Test. The man always had a way of inspiring the younger soldiers within the units he served with, he had a strong air of confidence that radiated from him and thus gave his comrades strength. Also having served under Shirzan for two years Shirzan herself put a lot of trust in him and held great respect for him. Sure he may have appeared a bit rough around the edges to some people, but nobody could deny he was a strong and dedicated soldier.

    ?Settle down Test?

    She chided as she made the last of her checks, the reassuring click and hum of her blaster rifle resonated through the air. The frigate shuddered then, as Zazza successfully docked the vessel with the Ereesi ship. Velix sprang into action, using a high powered laser torch to cut through its hull. Craven and Zazza secured their posts before prepping their own weapons.

    ?Out of the Praetorian?s fire arc, Lieutenant.?

    ?Good work?

    She responded to the Iktotchi trooper, The sound of heavy metal connecting with the ground reverberated though the Raptor as Velix finally cut his way though. One of her soldiers screamed a confirmation that they now had access. She felt Test looking at her

    ?Ladies first or may I have this dance??

    She resisted the urge to roll her eyes at Robard, but a small smirk managed to work its way onto her face at her comrades chivalrous but out of place remark.

    ?Dance huh? How?s your quickstep?

    And with that remark Shirzan?s focus returned to the task at hand. The tense atmosphere in the cockpit was almost palpable. She was ready, her squad was ready. Taking a deep breath in, she gripped the rifle in her hands a little tighter, the feeling of the cool metal seeping through her gloves

    ?You know our objective, its time to get to work, Move Out!?

    She yelled, her voice strong. She raised her blaster rifle into a ready position and quickly exited the Raptor with her unit. Taking a position in front of Velix, she could feel her heart rate increasing, her blue eyes scanning the surroundings intently, ready for anything.

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  13. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: The Man Poul and known as Criton
    Chandrila, Hanna, Hanna Institute of Antiquities

    Reluctantly he was sure that Cale had agreed, perhaps his was sad pleading look, but even yet his own face was more a mystery than that of the person to agreeing to go with him. A short stop here and through and perhaps?no. ?An Ithorian blocked there way, and with the shear size of the being the word block was not an idle way of stating the being stepping in the way. He looked at Cale as the being started to speak, he was uncertain, was this normal?

    ?Master Criton. I am very pleased to see you. When you missed our appointment I was afraid something unpleasant had happened to you!? He talked in heavy accented basic with his two mouths. But he was obviously happy to see the Man called Poul. Or was that Master Criton?

    He wasn?t sure yet, as for Master he got nothing from the title, perhaps it was merely a way to mark his title in antique blasters.

    ?Look, you got big hammerheaded friends.? Cale smirked.

    For some reason he felt ire at Cale for that remark, though he wasn?t sure why. Instead of focusing on that he focused on the alien in front of him, an Ithorian if his memories motes that now yet shined dimly held the truth within their gems. Studying him confused him further, and having no idea of how or why to mask his expression he showed it plainly, ?I was shot, and I do not know. . .? Loath in a part of him he looked back at Cale battling the bare truth that was the spaces unoccupied within his mind. ?I do not know beyond awakening and who I?ve met since.?

    Cale had seemed distracted, but he paid it little mind, this was possibly someone that knew who and what he was! Nothing else so captured his attention as this individual before him, not the Ubese outside and not a feeling his unspeaking mind so echoed without reason because of it.

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  14. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    IC: Ashlae Starchaser
    Desert near Parzin; a tent

    [ul]Dream Sequence:

    [[ She was on an unknown planet with her master, Arlen Toms. Together they were on the run hiding from Sith. They stopped by a market in town to get a bite to eat. They felt safe for the moment. "Master why didn't the Jedi Council help Revan in the Mandelorian Wars? He was a great Jedi, one that will for sure be remembered as a legend." she said with a furor of fascination and exuberance.

    Her master stared at her, then shook his head. " I believe that you are too indulged with the story of Revan. He has not always done things that should be revered. Yes he saved the Republic in the end. But honestly this mess that were in now, is because of him. So Ashlae heed Revan's mistakes, and make it a path that you will not follow."

    She nodded to her master, showing that she understood. In reality she didn't. Revan was her master in a way. He was what she strives to be. To her Revan was greatness in all it's glory. It didn't matter to her that he was a Sith, before he returned to the Jedi. He was a force to be reckoned with no matter what his allegiance he was. Was it only Ashlae that saw the truth? Ashlae believed this maybe so.

    They were on the run again on different planet. Her master told her to stay behind. He was going to fight the enemy. It was a Mandelorian. The fight lasted awhile. A stab in the force as if there was a void. Her master was struck down. The pain and shock of it all was too much for Ashlae to bare. She was all alone and the Mandelorian was coming toward her.

    "Noooooooooooooo! she yelled as she cried out to her master. Angry and frustrated, she gathered the force with all of the pain she felt inside and struck down the Mandelorian that killed her master. It felt good this feeling, yet so wrong.

    She was on the ground pleading for her lightsaber to hit the mask man with the grenades. The joy of the people including beq could be felt until it happened. The grenades went off and the pain of everyone seared through the force like a crescendo, straight through Ashlae. ]]

    "Nooooooo!" she cried out as she opened her eyes. She was breathing hard. She looked around to see where she was. Nothing was familiar. Was she dreaming. She had no idea where she was. She noticed she was wearing only a tunic. This was strange. She wondered how she got in these clothes. She was very exhausted plus she had a bad headache. She laid her head down and fell asleep.

    "Ashlae? I brought some food. Spoiled meat and rice. It is simple, but I think it will give you some strength back." said a whispering voice.

    She opened her eyes slowly and groggily. Her headache still there but not as bad as before. She saw a young man with a plate next to her. His voice was familiar, but she had no idea who he was.

    "I am Iliac. I found you and made sure you got through this." He said with a calm voice. "You were the only one who survived, I am afraid. These infidels killed six people."

    The dream was no dream. It really happened. "Thank you for helping me."

    She really was grateful for his help. She though him quite attractive. She blushed at him than shook her head. Keep it together. she moved around nervously trying to hide her feelings.

    "Oh, I think . . ." He grabbed to his left where Ashlaes clothes were lying. He drew her lightsaber from them and handed it to her. " . . . you might feel saver with that one, right? I think it took some damage, but one side still works."

    She took the lightsaber. The damage wasn't too bad. Atleast one side still works. She thanked him again. Now Ashlae had so many questions to ask.

    "I am glad you are here." he said. Ashlae gave him a smile.

    "I'm sorry your people died. I tried to save everyone, but I guess I was not quick enough." she looked down not wanting to see his face. The pain of their death still haunted her. Remembering Beq's smile when he greeted her. She had to be stronger that was the only way she could save peop
  15. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Valley of the Dark Lords, Outside Shyrack Cave

    Atton sensed a sudden surge in the Force and Yuthura suddenly halting and raising a hand in a signal to stop told him that he wasn't the only one.

    "Someone's here," she whispered, her voice becoming quiet as she continued on their path more cautiously this time. One hand went to her belt and she pulled out her lightsaber. Thumb almost touching the activation stud, the Twi'lek motioned Atton to follow her.

    There came distant shrieks down the path that they were traveling to and, again, Yuthura held out a hand to signal another stop while she murmured, "There's two of them. One further down the path towards the Valley, stationary right now. The other..." Her brow furrowed as she concentrated. "Coming closer. Down from the path that leads to the old cave that's commonly infested with Shyracks. Wait..."

    When Kinry reached the fork - one path leading back to the Sith Academy, the other leading down to the Valley where his brother waited -, he only had a moment of warning before a wave of Force energies slammed into him, lifting him off his feet before slamming him back to the ground. Even then he would hear the snap-hiss of a lightsaber activating and with a turn of his head he would see the Twi'lek - dressed in the old uniform of the teachers of the Sith Academy - charging at him, leaping and swinging the red blade of her lightsaber down upon him.

    TAG: blubeast, CrystalFixation

    Eredeen Prime
    Energy Station

    The planet's howling winds managed to keep the flutter of Cilarn's cloak and the snap-hiss of his lightsaber from being heard by the two guards that were stationed on the ramp. When the young Jedi dropped, is lightsaber lashing out, the first guard didn't even have time to even notice that death was upon him when the energy blade cut straight through his armor and then the flesh and bones of his torso. The clatter of the pieces dropping and then rolling down the ramp alerted the second guard, who turned to face the intruder. He only had time to raise a hand to his helmeted head, keying a comm and-


    He didn't finish. The same blade that had killed his partner now sliced through his helmet, slicing into his comlink and his cranium.

    Unfortunately for Cilarn, there had not just been only the two guards at the ramp and the Force warned him about the presence of another within the troop bay just as he stepped inside. Whether he was just a guard that wanted to get out of the cold or, in fact, was an officer that was content with issuing orders within the warmth of the ship while his men searched in the cold it was hard to say. But the man that Cilarn now confronted wore the same silver armor of the troopers outside and the blaster rifle that he lifted towards Cilarn upon seeing him was the standard-issued blaster of the Sith.

    And when he pulled the trigger, the blaster bolts that leaped from the rifle and towards Cilarn were the same deadly red bolts of any ordinary rifle.

    TAG: Remix

    As I mentioned before, if your characters encounter anyone that don't have their names bolded, you're free to do with them as you wish. Just don't go overboard :p

    Lyle Sevik
    Trevi IV, Desert

    The Force seemed to be with Lyle on the part about not getting caught by the Mandalorians. The dual howls told him that the Basilisks were now taking off and how they receded gave him the comforting assurance that they were, in fact, flying away from them. It was only when he counted to three, however, that Lyle felt safe enough to raise himself out from under the sand to track where the Mandalorians were heading. He saw the larger ship not too far in the distance and the specks that were the war droids were heading right towards it.

    That would be the main ship then which possibly had more Mandalorians or some other men that seemed to have such interest in the crash site. Best for Lyle to get moving before they decided to conduct a more thorough search.

    ?You are a J
  16. Remix11

    Remix11 Jedi Youngling

    May 24, 2011
    Cilarn - The Shuttle - Eredeen Prime

    Cilarn felt the shot before it reached him. His blade moved into position in a speed his mind could never have ordered it to. The blaster bolts reflected and with a hiss through his teeth he began moving closer. Reflecting hsots he made sure they were not hurled back at the man. Only when he reached him he realized he wanted to feel the pressure on his hands when his blade cut through the armor. Through the man. His blade raised and he realized how much he wanted the man to die.

    Cilarn had to leap to the side as he hesitated. Cursing himself for giving the enemy such an opening he reached out with his free hand and the force send a wave though the mans body that hammered him into the wall. Cilarn was over him, before he collapsed. His hand made a gesture and the rifgle flew away, while his second allowed the lightsaber to rotate once around his hand. Then the tip of the energy blade stopped right before the man's masked face. A Sith, remember? An enemy.

    But Cilarn's masters had put too much effort into his trainign to allow himself to be overcome by hatred now. He cursed and cut down. the energy blade did not severe the man's head, but only cut through the comm-unit at the left of the helmet. Then another wave of force energy hammered the man into the wall and with one fluid move changed direction and followed Cilarn's hand hurling the unconscious Sith trooper out of the shuttle. In the cold he would die, too. But Cilarn would give him a chance. He would not have to give in to this terrible need.

    Breathing heavy from exhaustion Cilarn rested his hands on his knees for a second and turned around. Only now the idea the Sith could have heard the half-completed call of the second guard. They were probably on their way here. And he still had to secure the cockpit he reminded himself.

    But by the force, did he really wanted to leave these monsters behind? What if someone stumbled onto them? What if they found a way to reach the next nearby village?

    How many were they?

    Does it matter?

    Could he fight them? All of them?

    Does it matter?

    No it didn´t. He did not allow them to ravage another village full of innocent people. He could not. A Jedi could not allow it. His hand stretched away from him and the only comm-unit he had left working, the one of the first kill, flew into his hand. "This is Jedi . . . this is Cilarn." Oh, what a great way to introduce yourself. Fool.

    "Throw away your weapons and come out and I will take you into custody. Or if you think I am making myself a fool out here just come out and we´ll see who dies." Cilarn drew another wave of strength from hte force. He felt the exhaustion in his body. It was probably the last boost he could afford to summon.

    Tag: Sarge221

    Prince Lev Arris of Tion - Traffic - Coruscant

    He had to avoid a huge freighter by pushing the speeder left and raised it just in time to not crush into the speeding vehicles on collosion course. "Hoooooooow!" He yelled out and dove down as a patrol tried to get behind him. dropping through full speed traffic was a 25% chance of hitting something. But hell, you lived only once, did you? the speeder stabilized itself right beneath the traffic lane, turned and he returned to moderate speed, now appearing to be terribly slow and lame. Getting back into the traffic he grinned at Alema. Then he remembered the question. "I have this terrible boring date with the Duchess and Chancellor and all that tonight. Need to go there. but until then . . . I am all yours, Alema. All yours."

    Taking the left he brought the speeder down on the luxurious platform at the leftside of his tower. His giant tower throwing over most of Coruscant's cultural district. "My treasure master told me from what I pay per day I could feed all of Nal hutta for a week." he laughed. then looked at Alema. "Hell, why would I wanna do that? I asked back." He laughed out. then he looked at Alema. Suddenly he leaned forward and kissed her. He
  17. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    J. Kinry Tallaroba

    Kinry smirked arrogantly as he saw the woman coming at him with a lightsaber. He rolled out of the way of her downward slash and onto one foot, igniting his own blade. Still grinning, he pushed a palm out to face her. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, you need to calm down, baby." He balanced his blade's hilt on his hand, testing its weight. "See, I'ma not too good at these things and I don't like to think of myself as a man who hits women, but I will defend myself. Now, why don't you put that there blade away and go on back to where you come from?"

    The young man pushed the palm through his hair, knowing that his suggestion was likely to be ignored. Why in the world was this twi'lek attacking him? He sent an even stronger sense of urgency to his brother, he would likely need to be picked up. The look in this lady's eye showed that the lass meant business.

    Tag: Sarge, Crystal
  18. CrystalFixation

    CrystalFixation Jedi Youngling

    Nov 6, 2006
    IC: Atton Rand
    Location: Valley of the Dark Lords, Korriban

    Atton knew they were not alone, nobody ever was on Korriban, as this Jedi was about to discover. A tidal wave of force energy ripped through the air and took the man off his feet, throwing him against the hard rocky surface like a ragdoll. He barely had time to recover before Yuthura was upon him with a powerful lightsaber strike. Rolling to the side, he only slightly managed to evade Yuthura's sudden onslaught. His own blade buzzed to life and apparently knowing she would be quick to attack once more, he shoved his palm out hoping to at least break her offensive.

    Atton heard as he tried to reason with her, but he knew it would not work.

    ?Although any display of concern I have for your welfare is a false pretense, I still think it's worth saying that Korriban isn't a good place for people like you to be prancing around. In other words, go away.?

    TAG: blubeast1237, Sarge221
  19. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    J. Kinry Tallaroba-Korriban

    Kinry noticed a voice coming from behind the twi'lek. Kinry nodded his head in a greeting towards the new voice, but didn't take his eyes off the armed twi'lek. He gave out a little laugh. "Now see, that's exactly what I was trying to do. I was just on my way out, when you people decided to a'come looking for a fight."

    He then narrowed his eyes. "And I don't prance."

    Tag: Sarge, Crystal
  20. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Platform on Coruscant

    The wind cooled her face and she allowed her hair to be moved back by it. Telborn and Paladin boarded the ship. the bothan Jedi and the boy from Corellia who did not wanted to be knight. she wondered if any of both realized how important this mission was. not because the Pirates were dangerous. Certainly they were. When someone called a Jedi, they were always serious threats. But this mission could define how the galaxy saw them. Were they still able to deal with dangers? Could they protect the people? With the force as their ally no jedi would doubt that. But the public . . . they knew that Jedi were threats, but could they be their protectors again?

    Zariz intended to answer this with a confident YES, but she knew this was not an easy mission. something was odd about these pirates and she could not shake the feeling Ion Tarsis was just a little bit too lucky with his avoidance of Onasi. As she felt the insecurity of Paladin, she padded him on the shoulder.

    "Telborn, will you take the piloting chair? I would like to go over our mission with the young one here." She smiled and turned into the backpart of the ship. It was a nice ship, but the main thing was it got her from a to b and that was enough. Once there she had the feeling they would need something far bigger and more powerful to get the situation under control.

    Tag: TGI
  21. dreven_Aarkanin

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    Jul 9, 2010
    OOC: I'm back!

    IC: Keth-Omm
    aboard the Quiet Knight

    Keth started as a loud noise came from the cockpit. Probably Satale. The other Jedi heard it too, apparently, because he rose as well. Keth let Daan take the lead, and walked behind him into the cockpit. thoughts of destiny swirled through his head. could this be where the asteroid was? would it be that simple? or easy?

    "What is it, Satale?"

    TAG: Daan, Sirak
  22. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Donvan "Captain" Vliet
    Trevi IV; Trevi-City; The Chambers of Commerce

    Aside from pushing a particularly unlucky chap off a rail "on accident," it had been a rather uneventful trip to find the Chamber of Commerce. Hell, that poor fellow had probably even lived. That little detail had made Donvan chuckle just a little - perhaps he was growing soft in his old age? - but there were more pressing matters to attend to.

    "Bold speech, Mr. Prophet," the Captain grumbled in his distinctive rasp. "Ain't nobody called me 'Devon' and lived for nigh on 30 years. But I'll just tell ya' it's Donvan now, if you got me, seein' as I ain't five no more and, well, seeing as my recent influx of potential cash has left me in a mood decidedly unlike my usual hot headed self." Ordinary men would probably think this sort of tone rather presumptuous, possibly foolhardy, but over the years Donvan Vliet had learned that the key to negotiation was to act like you were in control, even when you weren't. Cocksure moxie went a long way in this profession, dig?

    Devlesa took the first steps - bravado, groovy, definitely something that warranted a positive remark later - and Vliet followed suit. "Although from the sound of it, least if I may be so forward, sounds like you might got a better offer."

    He removed his hat and held it against his chest in a gesture of good faith. "I assure you, we're listenin' all intent-like."

    TAG: Matt, Sirak

    OOC: While I was typing this update, it occurred to me that Donvan totally ought to have a south-central accent with lots of bad slang thrown in. So I wrote that.:p

    Apologies for the delays, I've had a lot of bollocks going on with real life.
  23. MyrialofKanz

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    May 10, 2011
    Iliac; Argazdan; Tent in the desert

    He smiled as he saw in her face how irritated she was. His hands lay on his legs, as she inspected her weapon. He had none. His life lay in the hands of the Goddess.

    "I'm sorry your people died. I tried to save everyone, but I guess I was not quick enough." She looked down, probably not wanting to see his face.

    "I know Ashlae. I know. You would have saved her if you could. I think it was not meant to be. They are now with our Gods and are no longer doomed to suffer in htis plane of existence. But I am eternally grateful you tried to save them. Beq was a dear friend of mine. I saw you were the last to experience his eternal kindness." Iliac nodded.

    "How did you save me? I can't believe I'm alive. I should be dead...but saved me how?" And again Iliac gave her a gentle smile. She had to know, did she? She had to feel it. "I was only a vessel for my Goddess to do her will. Or . . . the force as you Jedi prefer to call her. It was my place to save you. Without you being hurt, without all those people dying, I would have never found you." He laughed a bit. "The ways of the Goddess are strange, sometimes. They really are."

    Iliac took his cup of water and drank. She had many questions. Wouldn´t he if he was in her position? She had died and returned from the dead. And for someone believing in such a limited understanding of the Goddess such miracles had to be confusing.

    "Who were those men in the masks and why did they attack the people of the market?" Iliac raised a brow. Their masks were those of the Templars of our Temple. The sacred guardians of our planet." Iliac stood up and opened the door by pushing aside one of the planes that served as a door. Outside stood four men in exactly the same outfit.


    "They wore these robes for they knew they would be trusted and reach the market undisturbed by anybody. They were terrorists. People who hate us for our believe. People who cannot accept people did no longer bestow them with power, but turned to the church to lead them. They are the slaves of despots who roar in furstration over their loss of power." Iliac looked out and then turned back to Ashlae. "They are criminals." He then summarized his words with one term. Criminals.

    "Now do you allow me one question? What is a jedi like you doing here on Argazdan? It has been a long time since any Jedi was here. A very long time." He gave her a sad smile. This last Jedi . . . he had heard abotu him. But it had been too long. She was not here because of him. She was here for other reasons. Probably she did not even knew it.

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  24. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    Oboard the ?Lightbringer?, Entering the Gordian Reach, Talusa-System

    Zariz was still going over the data with Paladin, when the alarm suddenly went off. From the cockpit they heard the sound of explosions and the ship trembled as it was thrown of it´s course. Immediately it regained it´s course and they could feel Telborn pulling her up hard.

    ?Maybe someone should get up here who is better in this, we got company.? Telborn yelled over comm.

    Arriving in the cockpit telborn gave way for whoever was ready to fly. ?Gravity mines. They must have known we´re coming through.? He whispered almost. Something about him was angry. ?I counted six. They came from the nearby asteroid belt the second we dropped to real space. Heavy fighters. Unknown origin.?


    The next two came after them, howling like dogs as their laser canons sprayed red fire at the Jedi ship.

    Tag: tjace, Fin

    Coruscant, Jedi Temple, Platform

    The Selkath looked at the boy and curiously folded his arms. His large fishhead lay aside and he seemed to take in the boys presence for a second. ?You are neither concerned nor are you anxious, boy? Aren´t you excited about returning to the Jedi Order?? The Selkath asked with his deep voice. It wasn´t hard to read a certain concern out of his voice.

    Not far away Aaron could see a group of boys looking at him, as if they were curious. A gesture of the selkath and an elderly woman brought sthem away. Obviously the Jedi knight was concerned. Very concerned.

    Tag: Winkwink

    The Hammer-Class Raptor; Corvis Minor System; Entering the Ereesi ship

    The tenion was so thick you could cut it with a vibro blade. They breathed in and entered the ship. Hostile territory they called this in military terms. Test barked out a ?clear? and brought his gun into position. Using both hands, he held it right at the door. The Verpine cracked a few times in anticipation and then took position behind Shirzan. Zazza and Craven stayed near their boss. Then a kick from Robard Test and the metal plate clashed to the door.

    ?Gimme a few of those genocidal bastards and I´ll show them my quick steps!? He yelled at Shirzan and rushed in. The soldiers followed him, as they did so often. At least a few steps they followed him with the bravery of young soldiers who believe in what they´re doing, but then they stopped. It was worse than the first ship. A lot worse. The walls were covered with blood. Children?s blood. The body parts that lay around everywhere belonged to bodies not older than five to ten. ?Bastards!? Craven spited out. It was a distraction for all of them. It almost cost them a life.

    ?DOWN!? Zazza saved Craven´s head as she pulled him to the ground just in time. A orange ball of fire burned into the wall behind him. At the end of the corridor their first two opponents had taken cover. Men in silver masks and dark blue robes looked like specters in the steamy halls of the dark ship´s interior. Firing from their long lances precise shots they showed no fear or hesitation, at seeng the republic troops. One of Shirzan´s men fell to the ground. Hit in his chest plate he threw himself from one side to the other screaming. Before another could be hit Test and Zazza had begun returning fire.

    ?Contact!? Someone screamed from the other side. A group of these masked warriors came charging down the corridor from behind. Trapped between both groups the platoon had to fight.

    The Argazdan´s did not like their slaughter to be interrupted. They did not like it one bit.

    Tag: Leigh

    Katarr, Ruins and beyond

    The Miraluka turned and looked back at his people. Certainly they had felt his betrayal, but not their own. How could they follow Marr? How? He drew his sword and turned to announce his plan to kill them all for the Sith. But the creature was already on his way to his fighter.

    The eyeless warrior si

    WINKWINK Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 15, 2008
    IC Aaron


    Oh dear It is upset Aaron thought, with no malice intended by thinking of this being as an "It". You could never tell with species you hadn't encountered before.

    Maybe I should smile and he started to before deciding that no, that wouldn't be a good idea. Perceptive beings always became uncomfortable when he smiled, which was the exact opposite of what it should have made them feel. Perhaps his studies were faulty in some way.

    "Of course I am excited" he lied, mimicking the proper body language as much as possible "why wouldn't I be?" He could sense the concern exuding from the being and lamented his lack of contact with other force users. What must he feel like to them?

    Maybe I should have smiled


    TAG Good Imperial, anyone else near by
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