Star Wars The O'reenian Civil War - An Unknown Regions Adventure

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    The O?reenian Civil War, An Adventure in the Unknown Regions

    Coruscant, Supreme Chancellor?s Office
    Interim Chancellor Paran Am-Ris replayed the transmission from the Unknown Regions for the twelfth time that evening, this time in the presence of his finest military leaders and advisors. Within the large, life-sized hologram an extremely tall Near-Human stood at attention, his powerfully built body formed from huge, bulging muscles. Opening his mouth to let out a clear, crisp and commanding boom the man declared ?I am Magnus Cassius, Ruler of the O?reenian people. Chancellor, although I doubt you have ever heard of us our people have long stood watch in the Unknown Regions, warding off threats that might one day encroach upon the Republic. Our people have long opposed the Sith, which you now find the galaxy plagued by and it was our hope to warn you of the coming invasion, but those karking Sith marauders conquered our homeworld. We have since thrown off the shackles of Sith oppression and extend our hand out to you in a request for aid. If you assist us defend our homeworld we will fight at your side til the bitter end against the Sith.?

    General Garza, head of the freshly formed Republic Special Forces looked up at the Chancellor, pursing her lips slightly before she spoke. ?Well what are we waiting for?? Chancellor Am-Ris smiled wryly and calmly replied ?I did some research. O?reen indeed appears in our logs, established in the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace War as a long range outpost to ward against future invasions. It was lost a long time ago.? Grand Master Satele Shan looked at the Chancellor curiously. ?Weren?t those outposts in the Unknown Regions?? Slowly the Chancellor nodded and replied ?Yes, far behind enemy lines. We now know nothing of the status of O?reen save that it was conquered. That and the current state between us and the Sith makes rendering any aid a violation of the Treaty of Coruscant. As such, any Republic?.. shall we say involvement, in this affair is to be off the record.? Slyly he winked ?After all the Republic maintains no presence in the Unknown Regions, right??

    Oppressor-class Battle Cruiser Komok-Da, Csilla system
    Darth Ramis sighed from the bridge of his flagship, the Komok-Da staring out into the vast emptiness of space surrounding the ice-ball of Csilla. He had named his ship after the famed Sith weapons master of ancient times and yet he had been for the past several months, sitting in on tedious Chiss diplomatic summits. Sometimes he swore the Sith?s new allies were tricking them and actually planning on boring them the Sith to death. Ramis? tired thoughts were soon interrupted by a call from the communications officer, Lieutenant Mithel. ?Sir, we?re receiving a transmission.? Ramis sighed, briefly covered his face with a gloved hand. ?Another Chiss diplomat asking the Sith to support his family in some dispute?? ?No sir,? said the Lieutenant. ?A transmission from the Dark Council.?

    Ramis bowed deeply as a deeply hooded figure appeared before him. ?My lord,? he whispered. ?Lord Ramis,? said the figure. ?A situation has occurred on O?reen. The Magnus has risen up and overthrown the governorship of the planet. As the nearest Sith force in the region you are to put the O?reenians back in their place.? Ramis looked up, grinning cruelly. ?Yes my master.? Finally he would see some action.

    Welcome gamers, to my first roleplay. Now as this is my first I?ll like characters to help me just as much as I help you with the story. This campaign takes place in the middle of the Galactic Cold War, years after the Sith re-emerged from hiding in the Unknown Regions and stormed the galaxy. However this campaign takes players away from the mainstream galaxy and into the Unknown Regions, focusing on the world of O?reen. For anyone unfamiliar with the world I will soon go into detail but if you?d like to conduct some research of your own that?s encouraged as well.

    O?reen was settled in the aftermath of the Gr
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    GM Approved!

    Affiliation: none, leaning towards sith
    Profession: EX-Jedi knight
    Age: 19
    Species: Farghul
    Personality: generally happy, but has a dark rage burning within her, and sometimes it shows through.
    Appearance: tan fur, black tunic (Jedi-like, think anakin's ROTS tunic) with knee-high dark brown boots.
    Weapon:golden-bronze lightsaber
    Biography:at under six months, she was taken from her parents and placed in the care of the temple. she quickly displayed an unusual talent for pyrokinesis, and was considered specially talented in force abilities. after she was knighted and given a padawan, she spent some time training her young student. on their first mission as a team, however, the padawan acted foolishly and was killed. in an extreme display of anger, she lit everyone on the ship on fire. when the council learned of this, she was expelled from the order. buying a ship with what little credits she had, she took off into space. she began to despise the Jedi, but the morals instilled in her still burn bright, And she is not evil. yet.
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    Looks interesting, cs being worked on
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    Very interesting. sending in my CS. had to start a new profile so might have to get it to you another way since i don't have 20 posts
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