The Oscars are crimiinals. Sith deserved better

Discussion in 'Revenge of the Sith' started by jb1007, Jan 31, 2006.

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    The final and last ever Star wars movie came and went andf only got one single nominatiion. Best Makeup

    Im sorry but Revenge of the Sith deserved more than just 1 damn nomination. It deserved all the sound effects and visual effects awards.

    The Phantom Menace which is a really crappy movie has 3 nominations while a much better movie called Revenge of the Sith only has 1 nomination

    That is the most disqusting thing i've ever seen the Oscars do. They give 3 nominations to a bad movie and 1 nomination to a great movie and the best enging to a series i've ever seen since Return of the King.


    I don't care what country you come from, you don't EVER shove aside Star Wars for a visual effects nomination.

    The Academy has brought dishonor to George Lucas. Lucas pulled his head out of his but and gave the Star Wars fans the movie that they wanted to see for nearly 30 years and the only good prequel.

    I thought the Oscars job were to nominate the films that deserve them.

    Doesn't Revenge of the Sith have great special effects and sound

    As for King Kong. I won't argue. That movie deserved to be there and in all its might. Peter Jackson is a worthy film for Star Wars to lose to

    But Chronicles of Narnia. That movies special effects came nowhere near Revenge of the Sith quality.

    What a shame? TSith deserved more. And the last 2 prequels deserve to have more nominations than the god awful Phantom Menace

    The Oscars are pricks

    I tip my hat to Peter Jackson in congradulatiing him for delivering one of the best movies of 2005 and salute Steven Spieldberg

    George, if you're reading this post. Don't be upset. You did great job with Episode 3 and I forgive you for Phantom Menace.

    Your series deserved a much better sound off from the Oscars. Now everyone will see what kind of crooks they are.
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