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Discussion in 'Philippines' started by DARTHMAULDER, Aug 12, 2002.

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    DARTHMAULDER Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 16, 2000
    Hey! why don't we make one for the OT as well? Here are the categories.

    1.Best Character (male)
    2.Best Character (female)
    3.Best Character (alien)
    4.Best Character (droid)
    5.Best Planet
    6.Worst Planet
    7.Worst Character (male)
    8.Worst Character (female)
    9.Worst Character (alien)
    10.Worst droid
    11.Best line
    12.Best action scene
    13.Best extra
    14.Worst extra
    15.Best costume
    16.Worst costume
    17.Best gadget
    18.worst gadget
    19.Best scene (in terms of effects)
    20.Best scene (in terms of acting)
    21.Best Vehicle
    22.Worst Vehicle
  2. jedi_ginny

    jedi_ginny Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 25, 2002
    1.Best Character (male) - Han Solo (oooh... Harrison Ford....)

    2.Best Character (female) - Well, as usual, there ain't very many females there, so I'd say.... uh.... Princess Leia

    3.Best Character (alien) - Y.O.D.A

    4.Best Character (droid) - still R2D2

    5.Best Planet - Tatooine always makes for an interesting adventure....

    6.Worst Planet - Dagobah! Ick!

    7.Worst Character (male) -

    8.Worst Character (female) -

    9.Worst Character (alien) -

    10.Worst droid - the one that blew up when Luke and Uncle Owen bought it from the Jawas

    11.Best line - "I am your father!" (best line in film history! ;) )

    12.Best action scene - hrmmm.... although I loved all the lightsaber duels, the one that stuck to my mind most was the one where everyone was Jabba's prisoner (except Lando, of course), and they were gonna be fed to "the Mighty Sarlaac". that whole sequence was fun! ;)

    13.Best extra - I can't remember all of them right now... hrmmm.... The folks from the Max Rebo band were very very cool, and that swamp thing that spit Artoo was funny. :) (yes, some weird choices there!), heck even that Rancor caretaker was funny!

    14.Worst extra - hrmmm... none really...

    15.Best costume - Darth Vader!

    16.Worst costume - Jabba. because he had none! hahaha!

    17.Best gadget - LIGHTSABER!!!

    18.worst gadget -

    19.Best scene (in terms of effects) - Vader vs. Luke

    20.Best scene (in terms of acting) - I like the scene where Han is about to be frozen.

    21.Best Vehicle - Millenium Falcon!!!

    22.Worst Vehicle - uh.... none in my book.

  3. StompboXX

    StompboXX Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 13, 2002
    1.Best Character (male) - Luke Skywalker. whiny-assed and all. Love the mullet.
    2.Best Character (female) - Leia
    3.Best Character (alien) - Yoda
    4.Best Character (droid) - R2D2
    5.Best Planet - Tatooine, I guess. Hoth was just one big ball of ice.
    6.Worst Planet - Hoth
    7.Worst Character (male) - none.
    8.Worst Character (female) - none.
    9.Worst Character (alien) - the Imperial spy in ANH. I swear he must have been Gonzo turned Sith.
    10.Worst droid - Threepio. It was a good thing Leia pulled the plug on him in TESB
    11.Best line - "I am your father." Classic.
    12.Best action scene - there wasn't any real action there. maybe the speeder chase in ROTJ
    13.Best extra - the Scot who got his arm cut off in the cantina
    14.Worst extra - again, the Gonzo Imperial spy
    15.Best costume - Yep, Darth Vader.
    16.Worst costume - Lando Calrissian's. Too Las Vegas-y for me.
    17.Best gadget - but the saber, of course.
    18.worst gadget - Threepio's comlink in ANH.
    19.Best scene (in terms of effects) - the opening scene of ANH
    20.Best scene (in terms of acting) - the Bespin duel
    21.Best Vehicle - the Millenium Falcon
    22.Worst Vehicle - can't think of any.
  4. jedinov

    jedinov Jedi Youngling

    Jan 4, 2001
    Hey, here's my list but, mind you, I based this not only on the 5 movies but on all the Star Wars novels and material I've been exposed to. So...

    1.Best Character (male)- Han Solo, can't beat the most well-rounded rogue in the galaxy
    2.Best Character (female)- Leia, all around tough bitch, and she's REALLY cute in that bikini
    3.Best Character (alien)-Chewbacca, there's more to the furball than he let's on, and his death in Vector Prime was so memorable
    4.Best Character (droid)- R2D2, don't you guys realize, w/o this droid walang Star Wars?!
    5.Best Planet- Coruscant, its got a lot of history
    6.Worst Planet- Bespin, its a ball of gas
    7.Worst Character (male)- Lando Calrissian, an excuse in the 70's to put a blaxploitation dude in SW
    8.Worst Character (female)-Mara Jade, can't figure how the Emperor's Hand can wind up being Mrs. Skywalker
    9.Worst Character (alien)- Salacious Crumb, hate the monkey
    10.Worst droid - EV9-D9 Torture Droid, any droid that can make another droid scream must be REALLY hateful
    11.Best line - "May the Force Be With You."
    12.Best action scene - Death Star Trench Chase, most spoofed and most gut-wrenching for me when I was a kid
    13.Best extra - Aurra Sing, MORE, MORE, MORE!!!
    14.Worst extra - Jocasta Nu, Jedi Temple Librarian, whodve thunk that even in the SW universe librarians were that stinky?!
    15.Best costume - Boba Fett!!!
    16.Worst costume - that Rancor Keeper yucky!
    17.Best gadget - lightsaber
    18.worst gadget - Amydala's grappling gun, what do they use that for when there's no need to scale the castle walls
    19.Best scene (in terms of effects)- Yoda raising that X-wing out of the swamp
    20.Best scene (in terms of acting)- Han's farewell in the Carbonite Chamber
    21.Best Vehicle - X-WING!!!(close second is Luke's landspeeder which I loved when I was a kid I told my dad to lose the wheels on the car)
    22.Worst Vehicle - Slave One, always made me wonder how this "plantsa" could fly


    DARTHMAULDER Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 16, 2000
    Date Posted: 8/12 9:26pm Subject: THE OT PINOY'S CHOICE AWARDS!!
    Hey! why don't we make one for the OT as well? Here are the categories.

    1.Best Character (male)= Darth Vader (He's the main man)

    2.Best Character (female)= Leia (the one and only...)

    3.Best Character (alien)= Yoda deserves an award!!

    4.Best Character (droid)= R2D2 is one badass droid

    5.Best Planet= Hoth (plain and simple but appealing)

    6.Worst Planet= Bespin (who cares if Bespin gets blown-up by the Death Star?)

    7.Worst Character (male)= Lando (too cheesy)

    8.Worst Character (female)= If the Rancor is a female...

    9.Worst Character (alien)= Greedo (CRISP!)

    10.Worst droid= Jabba's gate droid

    11.Best line= "May the force be with you..." ('nuff said)

    12.Best action scene= The final space Battle over in VI

    13.Best extra= Uncle Owen (uhmmm... I'm not sure why...)

    14.Worst extra= Admiral Aackbar ("It's a trap!" I hate that line)

    15.Best costume= Vader (superb!)

    16.Worst costume= Luke's Tatooine costume

    17.Best gadget= a nice colorful lightsaber

    18.worst gadget= -

    19.Best scene (in terms of effects)= The Special Edition celebration in the end.

    20.Best scene (in terms of acting)= The " I am your father" ala Telenovela scene

    21.Best Vehicle = The Falcon (nuff' said)

    22.Worst Vehicle = speeder bike (too dangerous)

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