Pittsburgh, PA The OUTLANDER Club (virtual bar thread like the Prancing Pony)

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  1. Abshalom Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 24, 2004
    Abshalom walks out of the club, stopping near a public com terminal not far from the club's enterance. She can sense someone focusing his attention on her. Unfortunately, its not Ghoulardix. Its the young braided Mandalorian.

    He must have realized she spotted him when he suddenly makes a very dramatic reappearance. Abshalom smiles briefly in approval. When stealth doesn't work often making a loud scene does, especially when done in a way that can get you grouped in with a particular set of people. With the loud music and customized speeder, most of the onlookers will indeed remember him but will classify him along with any other young male who styles himself as a player. He'll become an archtype rather than someone they can recall specific details about. Its a technique she's used with great success on many occasions.

    That he's obviously had some training is something she'll have to keep in mind, even if she did spot him. So trained, but realitively inexperienced. Unlike the Ithorian Jedi. Abshalom allowed herself a moment of intense annoyance. What was a Jedi doing in a dive like the Outlander's club anyway? Had her opposition gotten word of their interest in Senator Gothax? That could make things more interesting, but it didn't change the situation. Gothax had to go, simple as that. But in order to do that, she needed the information Ghoulardix had. Spit and Hades.

    Abshalom checked the area around her carefully. Ghoulardix had yet to exit the Club, at least as far as she knew. The Jedi's presence was still firmly inside the Club, along with the braided Mandalorian and . . . Abshalom paused in surprise and once more extended her senses, careful not to alert those within that she was checking their auras. The two drinking, card playing females were more than they appeared.

    It was definitely time to relocate this. Punching in a code in the public comm, using one of her throw away id codes, she left a quick email to the address she had been given to contact Ghoulardix. No doubt one that was as temporary and annoymous as the one she was using to contact him. The message was short, an address and a time.

  2. Abshalom Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 24, 2004
    Abshalom moved carefully, taking a round about route to her destination, several levels below where she started. She wasn't concerned that her image had been likely captured on the Outlander Club's security cams. The geometric design painted across her face did more than obscure her features to organic eyes. The gold accent to the black pattern contained micro electronics, that would blurr her features to any mechanical device. Computer enhancement of the blurred image would result in a face, that if researched through any record system, would turn up a file on a private citizen, no criminal or military record, that worked as an administrative assistant at Klive Klayhbourne Media Industries.

    What Abshalom was concerned about was the Jedi. With any luck, he would be so pre-occupied by the two unconcious men and would trust that he could find her id by using the club's security recordings, that by the time he turned his focus to her, she would have the information she needed and would be well on her way to completing her objectives.

    If luck was with her. Abshalom didn't like leaving things this important to luck. She must be cautious.

  3. jangofett219 Jedi Youngling

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    Josh browsed patiently through the security tapes in the Outlander Club's office, which is usually occupied by the owner but he went on vacation to a beach house on Kothlis. Josh sipped his coffee while watching every frame of the recent videos.
    He sees a blurred figure, pauses, and rubs his eyes.
    After repairing the image in a photoshop program, he notices the strange woman he had seen earlier. But in this image she does not have her mask [Edit: face paint.] The camera must have seen her from a different angle. He does a scan. The ID comes up as an innocent graphic designer [Edit: Administrative Assistant.]

    (Shouts out the door to bar area)
    Hey Forza, you know anything about Klive Klayhbourne Industries?
  4. Ghoulardix Jedi Youngling

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    Apr 14, 2004
    //drinks drnk while tryng to avoid eye contct with the girls playing some srtrange card game at the bar

    huh, what's taht?

    //looks down at his beeping datapad

    //to himslf: hmmm a message from that contact i was paid to deliver this information to. a new meeting place since this one was messed up by that hammerheaded jedi. not so far away so i acn probably get their pretty fast.

    //gets up out of chair and leaves bar without paying for his drink
  5. jangofett219 Jedi Youngling

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    May 2, 2003
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    (keeps looking at security tapes. Sees masked character.) Hmm. Suspicious. (Gives up for the night.)
    (Walks back to bar area.)
    Master Padrone, I give up. There's tons of weirdos that come in here all the time.
    (Loser approaches)
    Low-life: Ya wanna buy some death sticks?

    Josh: Are you blind fool? I'm Jedi! I chop arms off people like you! You will go to REHAB and rethink your life!

    Loser: I will go to REHAB and rethink my life.

    Josh: See what I mean? Day in and day out. I don't even know what I'm doing here.
  6. Abshalom Jedi Youngling

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    Mar 24, 2004
    Abshalom arrived at the new contact location. Another of the thousands of bars on Coruscant. Unlike the Outlander Club, the Flying Fox didn't even attempt to pass as anything other than a place to get drunk and perhaps find some temporary companionship.

    At the back of the bar, Abshalom was able to find an empty stool in an out of the way corner that still allowed her to keep an eye on the door. Waiting for Ghoulardix to show gave her time to think about the close call at the Outlander.

    //Ten thousand Jedi// Abshalom growled to herself //It has to be Padrone I run into. At least I know now that this disguise will hold. If he, of all beings, didn't recognize me even while talking face to face, then odds are no one else will. I can't believe I let Lerome talk me into operating on Coruscant. 'Only one I can trust with this' he tells me. Only one crazy enough, more likely.//

  7. Stina-Cri Jedi Padawan

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    after standing on the bar and singing stina-cri passes out for a few before waking up, slightly more sober.

    Hey Chris-Stacina...let's go bar hopping
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