The Path Ahead (JA#16/AOTC and stuff)

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    Alright,this is not only confusing,but looked a lot better in my notebook. [face_plain]


    The Path Ahead

    Revenge is not a Jedi trait...

    Qui-Gon threw open the door to the data room. Tahl,the woman he had loved,was dead, and her killer was still alive. Well,he would set that right.

    Hatred raged around him,like a storm in his head. Balog,the murderer,got up,reaching for his blaster. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan just stood there watching carefully. Obi-Wan's lightsabre glowed pale blue.There was another pale blue blade,somewhere far away. It slashed at something-what,Qui-Gon didn't know.
    He didn't care. He flung his own lightsabre at the comm unit. Sparks shot out,and smoke unfurled from the smashed circuits.
    Except there wasn't sparks and there wasn't smoke. Oh,there would be,there would be,but not right now.

    Balog fired his blaster,and Obi-Wan sprang forward to deflect the bolts. There was the blue again. The blue,the blue...
    And the green of his own weapon. But he could see only the blue. Someone else had been killed,taken away,leaving behind one she loved...

    Yes,Tahl had died! And part of his heart had died too. And all he cared about, all he wanted,was justice,revenge...


    He had seen Tahl's life slip away,and in the same second she died,his life had changed forever. Forever. There was no stopping it...there couldn't be...


    But there was someone else. Someone else who'd just seen a life slip away. ...
    Yes! Him! He'd just seen a life slip away,he life of one he loved!
    ...but it wasn't him. It was another....a Jedi like him,a Padawan...with a braid,clutching someone to him...
    But whatever had happened,Qui-Gon couldn't think about it,for Balog was running,and falling,and Qui-Gon would kill him,a life for a life..

    ...start down the dark path...

    Obi-Wan saw his Master raise his weapon over the man on the floor. He felt his heart clutch up horribly. For half a second,Qui-Gon was a young Padawan,standing over another one who was a killer,but not Balog...the fire burned on the


    They had promised to be friends forever,Qui-Gon and Tahl. But there had been another promise to a loved one...somewhere.
    And now,someone else had died..someone like Tahl in spirit,someone sort of familiar,even though he knew he had not met her...

    ...will it dominate your destiny.

    There was fury everywhere,a boy filled with rage...As Qui-Gon was about to deliver the killing blow,Balog's face took on the appearance of something else...some sand creature...perhaps an animal...
    Then he heard the voice.
    The voice was far away,both near and far...from both this time and another.

    He stopped dead where he was. The cowering man on the floor dared to look up. Obi-Wan and his Master locked eyes,both terrified.

    Master,came Obi-Wan's voice over their tattered bond. you mustn't...don't...I...I....

    Qui-Gon lowered his lightsabre,realising with horror what he'd nearly done. The path to the dark side had been placed in front of him,and he had nearly walked down it willingly. This would not bring Tahl back. Nothing would. He'd lost her,and he had so nearly lost everything else too.

    Far,far away,in another place and time,someone else,someone Qui-Gon knew very well indeed,had.


    Eh,I'll probably come back later and change a few bits...

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    A tad confusing, especially for those who haven't read JA#16, but its a good AU for what could have happened. Taken in with 'forever will it dominate your destiny', and I can see this happening. :)
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    ooh! Great job Sarah- very unique, original idea and you handled it nicely. :) I enjoyed it very much. It *could* be confusing if you haven't read JA 16 but then I have so who cares? ;)
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