~The Path That Lays Before Her ~ANH/AU

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    ~~This story is about what if Padme had never died, and was in ANH, and rasied Leia herself...

    ~ Chapter One ~

    Eighteen-year-old Princess Leia Of Naboo, watched her mother Queen Amidala cooly handle yet another diplomatic discussion with the horrible " Emperor" Palpatine, over her comm channel.
    When Amidala switched off the comm, the Queen gave her daughter a look. " What?... Still can't stand the grand Emperor?" Chimed the Queen.
    Leia chuckled. " No. Ill never get used to him, I guess."
    " He was once a powerful senator. His power got the best of him, sadly. It corupted and changed everything." Amidala said in a sad voice.
    " Perhaps we can change everything for the better, mother." Leia said mysteriously.
    Amidala's dark eyes narrowed. " What do you mean?"
    " Ive been speaking to the other senator's...Mon Mothma says..."
    Amidala cut her daughter off with a mere look.
    " You are the senator of Naboo Leia, but im still the Queen. I will not take advice from the leaders of Alderaan, and their dangerous ideas. Thats means, nither do you. Or I will have to force the election of a new Senator of Naboo. Is that clear, Senator Naberrie?" Amidala scowled.
    Leia's dark eyes flashed. " Of course, Queen Amidala." Leia bowed, and then stalked from her mother's Throne room, her red and blue robes trailing behind her.
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    Good Start!!

    Keep posting!!
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    Interesting beginning...please keep posting! :)

    aa :D
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    This is a great start! Will Luke still be Padme's son in this?
  5. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    Yep! Luke and Leia will still be twins.
  6. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Two ~

    Princess Leia stormed into her chambers on the second floor of the Theed
    Palace. Her mother's suite was just up above on the top floor. Leia had her
    own suite sense her thirteenth birthday. Also after alot of complaining of
    sharing quarters with her mother, and dozens of Handmaiden's that came
    and went at all hours. ( I should fix her, and just run off to join that
    Rebellion with Mon Mothma, and Bail Organa. There would be nothing
    she could do to stop me. Im eighteen now. Im not a child.)
    Leia Naberrie then rushed to her closets, to begin her packing.
    " Ill just show that mother of mine." Muttered Leia.

    Queen' s Quarters

    " Your Highness, a message from Tatooine for you." Said the Handmaiden
    Amidala smiled and stood from her bed. " Send it threw to my quarters."
    " Yes,Your Highness!" The young Handmaiden hurried away.
    Amidala stepped into her Comm center that was just off of her bed
    chamber. She sat down and punched afew buttons. The face of Obi-Wan
    Kenobi appeared on the screen.
    " Ben, hello. How are things with you?"
    " Uh, alright. I was calling to speak to you about Leia, actually."
    Amidala scowled. " I see."
    Ben ignored her scowl, and continued. " The twins are the age now where
    they could safely begin their training. Ive already started Luke. He is fairing
    very well."
    Amidala knodded. " Im pleased. I don't think Leia is ready to go to you
    just yet Ben. Leia has an political career now. She could very well take
    my place one day."
    " Im pleased for her, Padme. She needs to be trained to protect herself
    though. Even if she never became a full Jedi, the training would be good
    for her."
    " Why does she need to protect herself, Ben? He has never came back
    here to Naboo. He has never went after Luke. Leia is fine like she is." Amidala
    " Padme, please just listen to me..."
    The Queen's dark eyes flashed. Why should I? You and Sabe already have my
    Son. Why should I give up my daughter? Let Luke follow his father's path.
    Leia shall follow her own." Amidala out!"
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    ~ Chapter Three ~

    Leia Naberrie covered her mouth as she gasped outside her mother's chamber door.
    " Twins?, Training?, Luke? What by the force was her mother talking about? " I have no twin. I need for no training. I can well take care of myself. But what was she discussing about me? And just who is this Ben? Is he my father?" ( Anyone could be my father, actually. I know Naberrie is my mother's name. Not even once has she told me who my father was. If I ask, she says nothing to me. Its like he never excisted. And could I really have a twin brother named Luke? If I do, where is he? Why isn't he here?)" Thats it. Ill ask my mother now. If she lies, im leaving right now for Alderaan." Leia grabed the door handle, and stepped into her mother's rooms.

    Luke Skywalker gentally picked up a small object in his trunk that was left to him by his mother.
    Not Sabe. His real mother. The dark haired woman that had abandon him in the dead of night. At least that was what always happened in his dreams of her. She said she loved him, and would explain everything one day. ( Where are you mother? Is this small necklace all I have left of you?) Luke placed the necklace around his neck. It was an odd shaped object that was at the end of it. Sabe had told him that it was the first gift that his father had given his mother.
    Luke opened up the dusty door that lead him into the sandy yard of the Kenobi farmstead on Tatooine. The twin suns blared brightly for so late in the day. It gave Luke a sense of comfort that perhaps that all he didn't know, was about to reveal itself.
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    I like this so far. Definately a new twist that I've never heard of. Keep going..
  9. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Four ~

    Han Solo stepped out of his ship, when he docked in the huge hanger bay of the Theed Palace. " Hey Chewie!" He shouted up the ramp at his partner.
    " Geeeerrrrrrrrraaaaaah" His Partner growled back.
    ( Chewie never did like being shouted at. It reminded him of when he was imprisoned by the Imp's.) " Hey Chewie, Im sorry, All right? Just get down here, will yea? This place is amazing!"
    Han stepped farther into the vast room. The ships shined brightly, and every one looked like new. ( They better not do any of this fancy stuff on my ship.) Murmered Solo. ( I just want some repairs, and thats it. Then we can be on our way.)
    Han was about to turn back toward the Falcon, when he suddenly froze in his tracks. A small darkhaired woman was arguing with a Naboo General.
    He was calling her princess. The princess had her long hair tied back in braids down her back. Her dark eyes flashed in the light of the hanger bay. She was amazing, and Han Solo was at a loss for words.
    Chewbacca finally left the Falcon, to find his partner no where to be seen. He gave a deep angery growl. Chewbacca began to explore the hanger bay, with sharp turns of his mighty neck.
    Finally, he could see his partner. He was staring at somthing. Chewbacca moved closer. Chewbacca then gave another growl that echoed the room. Han Solo nearly jumped out of his skin.
    " All right. Ill go and see about our repairs that the traffic controller offered us, ok? Han spat.
    Chewie gave another growl.
    " Don't worry. Ill get the repairs. Trust me..."
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    ~ Chapter continued...~

    Leia stopped aruging with Panaka. It was useless.
    ( He always sides with mother. If he wont take me off this water ball, ill find someone who will.)
    Leia then spotted a young space captain talking to a wookie. They were off-worlders, but perhaps they could help her get to Alderaan.
    Leia stormed up to them.
    The captain jumped, when she touched his shoulder.
    " Excuse me Sirs, but I would like to get transportation to Alderaan."
    Han looked the young woman over. She was even more amazing close up. " Uh, we actually are..."
    Leia cut him off. " What ever your pay is now, ill pay twice as much."
    Han's blue-grey eyes shot up. " Really?...Sixty thousand credits then, princess."
    " Done." Leia began to walk toward the ramp.
    " Upfront, princess, sorry."
    Leia scowled, then went up to him.
    She pulled out a huge pile of credit chips from her single bag. " Is that the right price?" She said dryly.
    " Oh yes, Your Highness. Right this way."
    Han lead the princess onto the ship.
    Chewbacca watched them go. The furious wookie then kicked over a nearby R2 unit, and stalked up the ramp, without the much needed repairs.
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    All ready I love it!
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    ~ Chapter Five ~

    Han got a quick clearance for take off, considering who his passenger was. " Hey princess, your people must not know you left yet, huh?" Han said turning to face the young woman seated behind his captain's chair in the cockpit.
    Leia looked out the main screen at the view of hyper space. " No...My mother doesn't know yet." The princess said softly.
    " Why you going to Alderaan alone?" Han asked facing ahead.
    " To join the Rebellion agains't the Imperial government."
    Han turned back to face her. His eyes wide. " What? Are you crazy or somthing?"
    Leia smirked. " I don't think so."
    " I mean...A young princess like you shouldn't be running around by herself. You could get into alot of troble, with those wild ideas of yours."
    Leia chuckled. " What are you now? My protection? You sound like my mother."
    " Hey sweetheart, maybe you should listen to her then. She sounds like a wise person."

    Luke Skywalker chuckled softly, when Ben's old droid, R2-D2, came hurrying into his chambers.
    " Somthing wrong R2?" Luke asked, as he read a holo book.
    " BEEP!...BEEP!...BURP...BEEP!
    Luke laughed. " Yeah right. A team of stormtroopers are outside talking to Ben right now. Good one R2."
    " BEEP, BEEP...Woooooooo." R2 wined.
    Luke bolted up in his bed. " You're not joking..." Luke rushed to the door, and hurried outside in the bright sunlight, to find Ben.
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    ~ Chapter Six ~

    Amidala, with hard dark eyes, stared out her window of her personal rooms.
    " When did she leave?" The Queen hissed.
    " Reportedly, just two hours ago." The Handmaiden Racella said softly.
    " You are the captain of my daughter's bodyguard, and you just learned of this?" Demanded the furious Queen.
    " Im sorry, Milady, yes."
    Queen Amidala turned to face her. Her eyes cold, and unfeeling.
    " Have you any idea how much danger my daughter is in now? If anything comes to harm her, or anyone, you will pay dearly for not doing your job. I promise." Hissed the Queen.
    Racella winced, then hurried from the Queen's presence.
    Amidala watched the woman go. The Queen's hard face fell, into the look of a devestated, worried, mother. " Oh, my sweet Leia...You have no idea what is waiting out there for you. Be safe my child. Return home safe." The Queen said in the soft and gentle voice of Padme. A voice, the Queen relized, she hadn't used in a very long time.

    Darth Vader looked out the viewer on the bridge of his Star Destroyer, Executor. It gave a huge view of the sand world of Tatooine. The place where that Princess of Alderaan Rachaldra Organa had sent the stolen data tapes. ( Ill make her pay for bringing me back here. To this place. A place I vowed to never return to again. After my ...mother...) Vader blinked his eyes inbehind his mask. He sensed somthing. A great pull in the force. It was raging from the planet below. Calling out to him....

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    ~ Chapter Seven ~

    Princess Leia lead the way off of the Falcon, with her head held high. ( Im finally going to be where I belong. I feel it...)
    Prince Bail Organa and an aide was there to greet her, across the bridge, that the Falcon rested on. Leia recalled her first trip to Alderaan, at the age of four, with her mother.
    Her mother had instructed her to keep close, but to enjoy the trip. They had stayed for a week. Leia had met the Princess Of Alderaan, and her adopted sister Winter. Leia had got along with Winter the most.
    " Good to see you again, Your Highness!" Leia said smiling.
    Bail managed a weak smile. " My deepest appoligies, Princess Leia. Im not my self today. My eldest daughter...She has been reported killed in space battle by the senate." Bail said sadly.
    Leia's face fell. " I am sorry, Prince Organa. I had no idea..."
    " It is alright, young Leia. Please, you and your escorts, please follow me to quarters." The Prince lead the way to the guest suites in the Aldera Palace. Leia felt right at home. A warm sense of belonging.
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    Yikes!!! That's all I needs is for ol' Vader to discover his son Luke. Why are the Stormies talking to Ben?
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    ~ Chapter Seven Continued...

    Leia Naberrie and Han Solo had settled into thier seperate quarters, and then met up in the hallway to go to supper together.
    Han smiled when he saw the princess. Her hair was up, and tied into a large braid that framed her face. Leia was dressed in a blue outfit that the young aide had given her. Han felt he was going to burst in his clothes. It wasn't often he had to dress like this. He didn't like it.
    " So princess, will that prince guy be joining us?" Han grinned.
    Leia frowned deeply at him. " Not likely. His daughter has just been reported killed remember?"
    Han's face fell. " Oh, yeah. Sorry."
    " Will the walking carpet be joining us?" She said dryly.
    Han scowled. " No. Chewie hates crowds."
    Leia looked to his arm.
    Han knodded when he finally got the idea. " Oh, here." Han gave the princess his arm. While they walked away, Han wondered why he was passing up a meal with his buddy, to eat with a snobby, stuck up princess...After a moment, Han gave a good look to Leia. ( Chewie doesn't have those eyes...)
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    Ah! But both are brown... Just kidding, I really liked it.
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    ~ Chapter Eight ~

    Rebel Base, Yavin 4....

    Isolder watched the young rebel leader, Malana Garial, as she watched the communications room with great interest. From where he was seated, he could make out the name Organa, and Alderaan. Also the name Naberrie. The name Organa he knew, but Naberrie...He couldn't place at all. ( Is Naberrie coming here?)
    The Hapen Prince moved closer.

    " Leia Naberrie will be joining us?....Wonderful!
    But what of Solo?....You think so?...Just wonderful...We can use all the piolets we can get..." Malana then shut down the comm, and pulled a lock of brown hair from her face.
    Isolder smiled. ( Malana was a lovely woman...His mother would never approve of a union though. Malana wasn't royalty...Isolder's thoughts briefly touched on the last woman he had loved...She had been ripped from his life, before they could even think of marriage...Will I ever find someone that pleases her?....And myself?) The prince smiled sadly at Malana again, and then turned around and exited from the room.

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    ~ Chapter eight continued...

    Leia hid a smile, when Han spilled soup in his lap. ( He has no manners, or really any taste, but there was just somthing about him...That I really like. If mother was here, and saw who my date for the evening was, she would have one serious...)Leia grinned, not carrying the thought any farther.
    " Oh, uh, sorry Your Highness." Han forced a smile, as he patted his lap with a large napkin.
    ( Boy, I bet she just loves me now...Im in my late twenties, and I spill my soup all over my...)
    " Han?"
    Han looked at the princess.
    " Yes, Princess Leia?" He hissed.
    " In private, just call me Leia, ok?" She said softly.
    He gave her a look. ( So im aloud to call the snobby princess by name in private...Im so thrilled.) He thought dryly.
    " Of course,...Leia."
    The princess of Naboo smiled.

    ~ Tatooine, Kenobi Homestead ~

    Luke rushed into the sandy yard. " father?" He shouted. ( He knew Ben wasn't his father, and Sabe wasn't his mother. But at this moment, they felt more like his family at this moment, than in any other point in his life.) " I feel cold..."
    Luke now could see Ben talking to a group of stormtroopers, and top of the sand hill.
    The name Skywalker he could hear plainly. ( What do they want with me?)
    Luke jumped when he could hear Ben's voice in his mind. ( Stay down Luke!)
    Luke jumped to his feet, when he hered a snap hiss sound. ( Thats a lightsaber sound...) Luke got up, and saw Ben Kenobi finish the three stormtroopers with ease. ( Run Luke, Now...Sabe could be endanger.) Luke ran as fast as he could to find his foster mother. ( Maybe that was the coldness I sensed before...Sabe.)
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    ~ Chapter Nine ~

    Luke burst threw the doors of the home. He hurried into the kitchen. On the floor, he saw a body face down, in a white and blue dress. " Sabe.. No." He thought in horror. " Oh no...Sabe. Im so sorry." Luke fell to his knees infront of his fallen foster mother. Blood covered the floor.( Others had come, and had killed her. But why? Why would they kill the wife of a Tatooine farmer?) Luke swollowed. ( I don't know exactally why. It was because of me though. I couldn't get here to save her in time.) Luke's face fell a pale white. He quickly got to his feet in fright, when he hered a horrible breathing sound enter the small kitchen. Luke stared at the being now before him. The man in the mask was huge. A huge black shadow. " You will come with me, now. He hissed in a cold dark voice. " Your life here is over. Your foster mother is dead, because of you."..."Come with me. I will give you a whole new life."...Darth Vader outreached a large right hand, and Luke, his Son, took it in his own...

    Leia hugged her arms suddenly. " I feel so cold.." She whispered.
    Han embraced her from behind. He looked up at the stars, outside of his suite.
    " Just hang on to me sweetheart. Everything will be fine."
    Leia leaned into him. The coldness stayed however, and buried deep into her heart.
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    Will Amidala tell Leia the truth now that something terrible has happened on Tatooine. They are twins after all, if Luke is cold then Leia is likewise. This is good. More Please. :D
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    ~ Chapter Ten ~

    ~ Aldera Palace, 2 days later

    Leia Naberrie smiled as the older Prince Organa hugged her goodbye. " It was good to see you again, Leia, dispite what has happened... Ill see you on Yavin in another week or so." Bail said.
    Leia knodded. " I look forward to it." Leia stepped aside, when Han and Chewbacca approched Bail Organa.
    The Prince of Alderaan smiled fondly at them. " It was good meeting you both." Chimed the Prince.
    Han gave the man a nervous look. He was unsure of what to say. " It was interesting meeting you as well, Your Highness." Han said smiling forcfully. Leia grinned. She had to give him an A, for effort. She took his hand to lead him away. " Lets go, Solo." Han looked down at her. " Yeah,...Sure."

    ~ Naboo ~

    Padme stared off into space, with sad dark eyes. ( Where are you, Leia?) She wrapped her dark black, Queen robe, around herself more. Her thoughts then shifted to a place where she hadn't let them go in many long years. It ripped her heart out to do so. ( My Son...Oh, Luke...I miss you dearly. I know Sabe would have been a good mother to you. Im so sorry I never had the chance...) Her thoughts broke off. She wouldn't go there. It was dangerous to do so. A danger to her Son's very life. That was why she had refused to tell Leia about who Luke was, before she had ran off to who knows where, with that Space Captain. Now both of her children could be endanger, and Padme would have really no way of knowing.

    ~ Tatooine ~

    Obi-Wan ( Ben ) Kenobi, stood at his wife Sabe's funeral prye, that was about one hundred feet from their home of nineteen years. They had married on Naboo twenty-three years ago, just before the clone wars had first broke out. After nearly five years of fighting, it had ended, but the Empire had risen, and Darth Vader. Leaving the young Queen of Naboo in fear, and alone, with Infant Jedi twins. Then Obi-Wan's life had changed forever. His wife agreed to take Anakin's son into her protection, and the Queen would raise her daughter on Naboo, as Leia Naberrie. Obi-Wan had hated, and feared raising Anakin's son. Would he make the same mistake with the new child, as he did with the old? After a short time though, Obi-Wan had loved Luke as his own. Now, Eighteen years later, Luke was gone, and his beloved wife was dead. Many thoughts had entered his mind, of what happened. He pushed away the worst, and held hope that Luke would return to him, unharmed. But then, he really had no idea what Darth Vader's plans were for Anakin Skywalker's son.
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    ~ Chapter Eleven ~

    ~ Yavin 4

    Han Solo, and Leia Naberrie, walked with Chewie, threw the docking bay, lead by the Base commander, Malana. " Im very pleased that all three of you will be joining us. We can use any new help we can get." Malana smiled at Han Solo. Han blushed, and Leia scowled. Solo saw Leia's face, and grinned. ( So the princess cares after all?) Han wouldn't exactally admit to himself though, of how much that pleased him.

    Isolder's eyes nearly shot out of his head, when he saw the new people walking in with Malana.
    The small woman, with the wookie, and the tall man, was beautiful. Her deep brown eyes shined brightly in the light of the chamber. Then the woman was looking at him. She gave a slow smile. Isolder grinned. ( She must be Leia Naberrie. A woman I will certainly make a point of knowing.)

    Leia blushed deeply, as the handsome commander from across the room, continued to stare at her.
    ( He is huge...Those muscles...)
    Leia forced a smile at Han, as he took her hand in his own. Leia wasn't certain on how she felt about the Commander, but she was feeling somthing for this man before her. Somthing deep, and real. Leia wasn't going to throw her feelings for Han away, just for one little growing crush, from across the room. No way...
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    ~ Chapter Twelve ~

    Leia watched Han talk to Malana in the eating hall of the Yavin 4 base. They were laughing, and smiling. AND holding eachothers hands...( I leave him alone for an hour, and he runs around with her...?) Scowling, Leia went to the counter to order her meal, and then sat by herself in the farthest corner. ( Sure...I was talking to the Hapen Commander for the past hour, in the docking bay, but Han shouldn't be...Shouldn't be with Malana.) Leia then frowned sadly. She had no claim to Han Solo, but afew shared embraces, and a kiss or two. Malana had every right to be having a meal with him. The woman was more Han's age, than herself. Leia was only eighteen-years-old. Han was twenty-six, who had no idea of her real age. Malana was at least twenty-five or more.
    Leia frowned more deeply. ( Im just a girl to him. Malana is a woman....But Isolder...He was another story all together.)

    Luke Skywalker stepped onto the taris, outside of his quarters in the ancient palace Darth Vader had taken him to. Luke had asked him why he had chosen this place as a home. The planet was mostly made up of water, and had very few land masses. The bit of land that there was, it was amazing. Grassy green hills, and flowing trees. But the city itself was in ruins. Scattered farmers and few others, lived all threw out the hills. Vader had said the city reminded him of a place of long ago. A place where he had a small piece of happiness in his life. Luke had then asked why doesn't he just return to that world? Vader had only said, He had no right to. Luke often feared Vader. But in small moments, he felt drawn to him somehow. Like there was an unsaid connection between them. Like a...Luke just couldn't exactally place it. One day soon, He vowed that he would know everything.
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