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    Awe come on! I just found this one! Please post more!
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    ~ Chapter Twenty-Three ~

    The Death Star hovered in space around Alderaan.
    Darth Vader watched the viewscreen on the main bridge with a almost pained look on his face. No one could see that of course. ( Alderaan...)
    Waves of memories washed over him. Some good, some very bad. He looked to the person who just joined him on the bridge. Luke. His son. Luke had no idea of their connection yet. Their real connection anyway. Vader wanted to tell him someday. He had to ensure that Palpatine wouldn't bring any harm to him though, when he did. For that to happen, his son would have to be a Jedi. A dark jedi.

    " Sir, we are recieving a message from the planet." Chimed a comm officer.

    That startled Vader. ( A message?...I...) " Put it threw." Snapped Vader.

    It was Alieia Organa. Bail's wife.

    " Your highness. Greetings." Vader said in a sweet, but frightening voice.

    " What does the Empire want with my people?" The wife of Bail Organa hissed.

    " To destroy you, of course." Vader said.

    Luke winced beside him, but said nothing.

    " Please, you cannot...Please." Pleaded the woman. Luke thought she would be about fourty or so.

    " Do you have any other idea's, Your Highness?" Questioned Vader.

    Luke looked up at his master. ( Vader is playing with her..toying...Like a mouse and a cat)

    " We...We surrender to the Imperial Empire." The woman said in a defeated voice. Her eyes were filled with tears.

    Luke looked at vader. ( He is smiling...)

    " Good....Be prepared to recive a party to the surface, in five minutes. Vader, out."

    Darth Vader then stalked from the bridge, without a word to Luke.

    ( Just what have I gotten myself into?) Luke thought to himself. ( What ever it is, I don't think I'll be able to get myself out....Not with my life, anyway.)

    Luke looked out at the screen again to Alderaan. Apart of himself trying to not admit that his life was no longer his own. It was now Vader's.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sorry for the lack of updating lately, everyone. Ive been busy.
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    ~ Chapter Twenty-Four ~

    Bail Organa stared at the comm screen in his quarters on Yavin Four.
    ~~~Alderaan...Under attack....~~~~Imprisoned by the Imperial Empire...Help...~~~~~

    The message continued to move across his monitor in a scroll.

    Tears welled in his eyes. " No...Not my Alderaan...My people..."

    He jumped when the chime to his quarters sounded. " Enter." He barked.

    Leia Naberrie entered. " Sir...Is...Are you alright? I was just passing by, and..." She trailed off when she saw the look in his eyes.

    " The Empire has taken Alderaan, Leia. My people have fallen."

    " No." She whispered.

    The Prince choked back a sob. Leia touched his shoulder.

    The main comm center in his quarters sounded.

    " What is it?" Bail said hitting the power button.

    " We have a emergency message from Solo's shuttle craft." The officer said.

    Leia's face fell.

    " Put it threw here." Bail said.

    ~~~~~~~We have been boarded...Failed...Mission failed~~~~~~ A horrible scream then sounded from the message, then the message link went dead.

    Bail gave a look to the princess. Tears were falling down her face. He stood, feeling protective. He gave her a hug. " Come now, young Leia. We have to get to the main center." Bail then lead the princess from the rooms. Trying to hide his own pain, to help the people around him.
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    ~ Chapter Twenty-Five ~

    Isolder watched Leia enter the main military center with Bail Organa. She looked devestated.
    " So she hered about Solo..." He went over to her. " Princess Leia, are you alright?" he asked touching her shoulder.
    " Please..." She snapped, and pushed him away.
    Bail then stood between them. " Commander, the princess has just lost some dear friends. Please let us be. We have many things to attend to." Bail said harshly, and then lead Leia over to Mon Mothma, and Admiral Ackbar.
    " I won't lose you now Leia. Solo is out of the way. Perhaps I should do some digging on her prince charming. Then, I know she will forget about him, and accept me."

    Luke stalked to the main hanger bay of the Death Star. He was left in charge, as Vader went to the surface.

    " Where did you get this shuttle? Its nearly destroyed?" Luke questioned the Captain.

    " We found it near Tatooine. We found four passengers aboard. Two are still alive."

    Luke took his gaze from the Rebel Shuttle.
    " What are their names?"

    " Captain Han Solo, of the Destroyer Executor, and his...Wookie friend...Chewbacca."

    " Take me to them." Luke said.

    " This way, sir."
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    ~ Chapter Twenty-Six ~

    Malana huged her mother. " Oh, mother...I can't belive he is dead. He can't be." Cried Malana.

    " Malana...ever sence I adopted you, when you were a little child...You've always thought the worst of things. Solo could still be alive."

    " Was my mother the hopeful one?" She asked Mon Mothma with a smile.

    " Even when...Your sister was taken from her...Your mother still had hope."

    Malana smiled sadly. Thinking of her lost younger sister. Malana recalled her real mother saying that the Empire had stolen her away, when learning she was strong in the force. Taken her to the evil Emperor himself. That was why her mother forbid her to follow her Jedi heiratage.
    She hadn't wanted to lose another daughter. Her last daughter....

    " Well thats the past. Mara is long gone. Han...I was hoping would be my future."

    " He could still be, Malana...He loved you to, did he not?"

    " I...I think so." She said.

    Luke grasped the back of the head of Solo. The traitorus Captain of the Executor. The one that was sent to capture some Queen of Naboo on a secret mission, and had failed. Also, he had joined the rebellion, with that Queen's daughter. Betraying the Imperials, His ship, and crew....Everyone that should matter to him. But did not.

    Luke released his hair. Han cried out.

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    Great posts! :)
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    OOh, this is twisted! I'm liking it! Keep up the good work!
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    ~ Chapter Twenty-Six Continued ~

    Han looked darkly up at his captor. The young man before him, had ice blue eyes, and a haunted desperate look about him.

    " Who the hell, exactally, are you?" Spat Han.

    " My name is Luke... Im a student of Lord Vader's."

    " Vader's student? Interesting....So you are a Jedi then to, huh?" Smirked Solo.

    " Im not a Jedi..Yet." Hissed Luke, stalking around the tiny interigation room.

    " You never will be, if you stay here, Kid." Said Han.

    " What do you mean? Vader is a very powerful Jedi. I will learn much from him."

    " Kid...Vader was a Jedi. Years ago. But then he joined up with the empire, and he wasn't a Jedi anymore."

    " And Just why not?" Luke hissed.

    " Because, he joined the other side Kid. The dark side." Han croked as the needle went into his arm.

    " How do you know this, Solo?"

    Han winced. Forcing himself to continue.

    " The stories of Skywalker were legendary in the Outer rim, for years. Expecially during the clone wars. Im suprised you never hered anything." Han said, bitting down the pain.

    " Skywalker?....Luke looked around the room, wildly. Are you saying Vader's name...was once...Skywalker?" Luke gasped.

    " Yeah, I am? Whats so important about that?" Asked Han, as the larger needle came closer.

    " My name is...Luke shook his head. Thats it. Down to business, Solo. Your games are not going to help you anymore. Now...Tell me where are those plans?" Hissed Luke, as he stepped closer to his prisoner, menacingly.

    " I don't...I..." Han then broke off, into another terrible scream, as the larger needle injected more drugs into his system.
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    ~ Chapter Twenty-Seven ~

    Leia looked around her quarters. It was very early in the morning. The room suddenly chilled her to the bone. She took her robe from her bedchamber door, and placed it around her.

    The princess jumped, startled, when a sound came from the other side of the door.

    " Who is it?" She questioned.

    " Its me, Your highness. Winter."

    Leia began to cry for joy. " Please, enter."

    " Princess, are you alright?" Winter asked.

    " I don't know, Winter...I just don't know." Leia greeted her friend with a hug, and let go of her.

    " How is mother? Asked Leia. I know you've been on Alderaan alot, lately...But have you the chance to return to Naboo yet?"

    " Yes, I did Leia. And, ive come with a visitor for you."

    " Oh, no...You didn't bring mother here?"

    " No...General, please come in." Winter called.

    Leia's eyes went to her bedroom doorway.

    There, in her very bed chamber, stood Obi-Wan Kenobi.
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    ~ Chapter Twenty-Eight ~

    Han opened his eyes. " Where the heck..." He stopped speaking, when he recalled where he was.

    " Oh, great...Perfect." ( Ive been captured.)

    Leia kissed his forhead. " You'll be out of here soon." She whispered.

    He backed away from her. " Is this some sort of trick? You can't be here." He told the Leia before him.

    " Why not? Because you say so?" The princess said dryly.

    Han smiled. " No. You weren't on the mission with me."

    He closed his eyes. Willing the dream image of Leia to leave him. He missed her already.

    He opened his eyes. She was gone.

    Leia opened her eyes in her quarters. After her talk with Obi-Wan Kenobi, she had never felt so tired. So, she decided to take a nap.
    The dream she just had, still had a firm place in her memory. She had a dream about Solo. Her Han..He was alive somewhere. He was scared, and alone, and missing her. Her. Not Malana.

    " Ill find you Han. I promise you. Then, we can be together." Leia then got up, Dressed, and left her rooms.
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    ~ Chapter Twenty-Nine ~

    Leia entered the communications center, in the Yavin Base. Her hair was tied in a braid down her back, and she was wearing a white military uniform. Only in the Rebellion now, less than a year, and she already bore the rank of commander.
    If her mother knew, she'd have a fit. A princess in a rebellion military~~~ Leia smiled, as a familer pang hit her. She missed her mother, and home. With the Empire on the rise, and the fall of Alderaan, Leia had no idea when she could ever return home again.~~~~~Alderaan. It was such a beautiful planet....Why couldn't the Empire leave it be? It reminded her of childhood memories of her own world. So peaceful...So lovely. Peace...The thought ran furiously threw her mind now....By the stars...If Alderaan could fall, why not Naboo to? A deep pain in her heart struck her.
    " Mother, Ill be home soon. I promise you." Leia vowed in a whisper.

    " Admiral Ackbar?" Leia said aloud, seeing the Rebel military leader.

    " Oh, hello Princess Leia."

    " Any word on the effort to help Alderaan?, or any information on the data tapes?"

    Ackbar scowled abit. " By getting the data tapes, we would be helping Alderaan. The Death Star was already in the Tatooine system."

    Leia's face went pale. " No. Tatooine?" She said softly. ( Han was in the Tatooine system, before he was boarded...)

    " Princess, we will look for your friends, but these two matters must come first."

    Leia knodded. Her heart ruling over her train of thought. " I understand, Ackbar." The princess said. She began to stalk from the room.

    " Princess Leia, where are you going?" Ackbar said loudly across the chamber.

    " A place where I should have weeks ago. Im going to find Han..." The young princess then left the chamber, leaving a shocked Admiral in her wake.
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    ~~~~~~~~~~Again sorry for that week or so of not updating my story. Ive been busy. Ill be updating this alot over the next two days or so. :)
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    Now Leia is going to Tattoine!I cant wait to read more! :)
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    ~ Chapter Thirty ~

    Leia threw her last luggage bag, onto her shuttle storage space, under her craft, and closed the hatch with a bang.

    " Going somewhere, Princess Leia?" Said a soft voice behind her.

    Leia jumped, startled, and turned to face the person behind her. " Obi-Wan, im going. I have to find Han."

    " You plan to do that alone? " He asked. His tone gentle.

    " If need be, yes."

    The older man chuckled softly. " You sound like your mother."

    " Gee, thanks." Leia said dryly.

    " May I come with you?" The Jedi asked.

    " As long as you don't try to stop me, please do. I could use your help."

    " I promise Leia. Ill only help you with your task at hand."

    Leia knodded to him. Feeling she could trust this man. " Let us go then?"

    " Of course. But may I take a guest along with us?"

    Leia looked around. She could not see, or sense, anyone near by. " Who?"

    " This droid. He has travled with me, for many years. We may need his help." Obi-Wan stepped aside, to reveal his R2 unit, squirming by him to see the Princess.

    " Certainly." Said Leia.

    The R2 unit cried out happily, at sight of the Princess.

    Leia smiled.
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    ~ Chapter Thirty-One ~

    Padme Naberrie stalked to the hanger bay, with five handmaidens, and two guards, chasing after her.

    " Im going to find my children. That is all there is to it." Snapped the Queen. ( Im tired of waiting.)

    " Your Highness. Perhaps we should contact the General?" Said a guard.

    " No." Padme said coldly. The Queen then rushed to her ship.

    " Get it ready to go, in one hour's time." She told a nearby Piolet.

    " Of course, my Queen."

    "As for the rest of you. Leave my sight, NOW."

    The handmaidens knodded, and stepped back. The guards did, after a cold, furious glare, from their Queen. The group then left the Ruler alone.

    " Padme, to Panaka." She said into her comm badge that she wore on her wrist.

    " Yes, My Queen?"

    " Im leaving for Tatooine. That was the place where a group of Rebels was last seen, so thats where Ill start my search. Ready a group to go with me."

    " Right away, Queen Amidala. Panaka out."

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    **trip's and nearly falls off the cliffhanger**
    Help!I'm hanging from a cliffhanger!

    Oh,that was great!Now it's just a family reunion.....A family reunion that can go really bad!I cant wait to read more. :)
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    ~ Chapter Thirty-Two ~

    Han Solo opened his eyes, in the dark chamber he was being held in. " Hello?....Chewie?" He choked.
    All the time he had been taken prisoner by this...LUKE...He still hadn't seen the Wookie.
    " Ill get to yeah, old buddy! I promise." He said aloud.

    " Talking of Your Wookie companion?" A deep voice bellowed.
    Han winced. ( Thats Vader...He's finally found me. Oh, man...If he learns who im really working for...Im a dead man.)

    " Im curious though Solo...Who is this Leia...That you keep whispering about in your sleep? Vader hissed. Do you have a wife back home?"

    Han glared furiously at Vader, after focusing his gaze.
    " No, I don't have a wife! Leia is no one important. Don't worry." Han snapped.

    Vader looked away thoughtfully. " Really? That is not what I sensed from you Solo. You really don't lie very well."

    Han cried out in pain, when more needles entered his body. It was much worse this time. Nothing like what Luke did to him at all.

    " Ill show you Solo. Ill show you what happens to my officers who betray me." Vader growled.

    Leia jumped awake in her sleep. She was having nightmares again. The little blonde haired boy...Her mother..Han..But this time...Someone else had entered her dream, and killed her mother. Right in front of her. He was tall, dressed in dark black robes...And he knew her name. LEIA! He had hissed. His breathing had been haunting. Nothing like she had ever hered before in her life.

    " Leia, are you alright?" Obi-Wan Kenobi asked in the Captain's seat beside her in the cockpit.

    The princess looked to him quickly. She had almost forgotten that she wasn't alone. She couldn't even sense the person beside her. He was indeed very powerful in the force. Almost as strong as the Evil one in her nightmare.

    " Yes...Ill be alright. Leia smiled. Just afew bad dreams lately."

    " Visions?" Asked Obi-Wan.

    " I...I never thought about it. Perhaps...I guess." Leia admitted.

    " Perhaps I think you are having visions, young one. That is what I picked up from you in your sleep. You were very frightened weren't you? Out of control over what was happening?"

    " Yes...That is how I felt."

    " If we get afew moments in our trip, Ill teach you afew lessons on how to have more control."

    " Thankyou." Smiled Leia.

    " No problem. Its important that a Jedi have control over their feelings, thoughts, and emotions."

    Leia knodded. Before she could reply, she fell back asleep.
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