~The Path That Lays Before Her ~ANH/AU

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  1. anya Skywalker Jedi Master

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    I loved it!i'm speechless!
    Thank you so much for not ending this one with a cliffhanger! ;)
  2. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Thirty-Three ~

    Palpatine looked into the glass ball that sat beside his Throne, in his court on Coruscant.
    It was a Gungan dream ball, from his homeworld of Naboo. He had required it years ago, just after the battle with his trade federation. The battle where he had first met his future apprentice, Anakin Skywalker.

    It had told him it would take years, before his vision of the future could take hold. Now, he had learned a even greater truth about what the ball had said of Anakin,the chosen one. It wasn't the chosen one he had first thought of. It was another that was destined to bring his Empire to its peek. That person, wasn't even born yet.

    He bore his evil gaze on the image of the person the Dream Ball displayed now. That person would help forfill the destiny of the new, yet unborn, chosen one. That person was the child's future mother.
    Leia Naberrie, of Naboo.
  3. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Thirty-Four ~

    Leia Naberrie and Obi-Wan Kenobi looked around the landing platform in the Mos Espa Space port with interest.
    " You want to leave the ship here?" Leia said dryly.
    R2-D2 hooted softly.

    " Even your droid thinks im right." Leia chimed.

    " Even droids, and young Jedi princess's can be wrong from time to time."

    " Oh, funny." Leia said, walking ahead.

    " Don't wonder to far away, Leia. This is a dangerous place."

    " Where do we start?" She smiled.

    " Follow me, young one."

    Mos Eisley Space port wasn't much diffrent. It was buzzing with activity, and hundreds of diffrent alien's, and humanoid's filled the paths of the city.
    But in this space port, a very furious Queen glared around, as the hot sun shined down on her.

    " I forgot how hot this place was." Snapped the Queen, grabbing at the neck of her dress.

    " Your Highness...Do you wish for clothes to be brought to you from the ship?" Asked Panaka.

    " No...And call me Padme. You don't want to bring attention to us. Don't you recall what happened to us the last time we were here?"

    Panaka grinned. " That was twenty years ago." He chuckled.

    " That long ago, huh?" She smiled. " Boy, aren't we getting old."

    " Speak for yourself, Padme." Panaka laughed.
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  5. anya Skywalker Jedi Master

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  6. jedi_yoda23 Jedi Youngling

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    That was wonderful! I can't wait for some more!!!
  7. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Thirty-Five ~

    Darth Vader watched the view of Alderaan vanish from the monitor screen on the main bridge of the Death Star.

    " Where are we going to now, master?" Luke asked, standing beside Vader.

    Vader looked to the boy, then back at the screen.
    " We are returning to the Tatooine System. Alderaan is in the Imperial grasp. We are no longer needed here." He said, his tone dark.

    " Tatooine, master? Why?" Luke demanded.

    " Very curious, you are..." Vader hissed. ***He smiled behind the mask******( Im starting to sound like that little old toad that always reminded me of my.... ....first master. But without the wings...)

    " Im sorry, master. I spoke out of line." Luke said, forcing a gentle smile. ( Why can't he leave Tatooine alone?)

    " I feel the force guiding me back there." Vader said, reading his thoughts. " Somthing is back there, that wasn't before. It might be the stolen data tapes." Vader then turned, and walked swiftly from the bridge. His cape flowing behind him in his wake.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Leia Naberrie were seated in the Cantina bar, looking around.

    " Alot of the main villiage looks like it was rebuild, Obi-Wan. Did somthing happen here?" Leia asked curiously.

    Obi-Wan snapped out of his daydream. " Oh, what?...Yes, actually. It did, years ago." Obi-Wan looked away. Clearly not wanting to say anything more.

    " Are you alright?" Leia asked, when Obi-wan was baring the faraway look again.

    " Uh....Leia, we should get on the move again."

    " Why, we haven't even spoken to anyone yet?"

    " Please, Leia. Lets get out of here."

    " Ok."

    Leia followed behind Obi-Wan, as they headed to the door.

    " Where do you think you are going, Little one, huh?" Hissed a creature from behind.

    Leia turned, and cried out. A small, slimey creature was facing her now. Cheaking her out, really. The creature, that had fast working wings, touched her hair.

    " A beautiful addition for Jabba, you would be, huh?" The Dug smiled.

    Obi-Wan stepped inbetween Leia, and the Dug.

    " She is not for sale." Obi-wan said.

    " Ahh, I see." The Dug said. " My people will take the woman anyway, huh?" Grinned the old Dug.

    Two, frog like guards, stepped forward.

    Obi-Wan activated his saber, when the two lunged at Leia. They were dead seconds later.
    Leia ran out of the cantina, as fast as she could go. It was all to much.

    " Leia, wait!" Obi-wan cried.


  8. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~~ Chapter Thirty-Six ~~

    Leia hurried outside of the cantina. Her heart was pounding in her chest.

    " Why did they want me?" She said aloud.
    The young princess then turned around, to see if Obi-Wan had followed her out. A hard grip closed on her shoulder from behind, and Leia screamed.

    Obi-Wan went at a full run, to outside. That had been the girl's scream. ( If anything happened to her...)

    " Oh My....Please don't scream like that. You hurt my ears. They are very sensitive, you know." Chimed the Droid, to the startled princess.

    " Who the hell are you?" Leia demanded hotly.

    " My name is C3-PO....I work for Watto, the Dug. Have you hered of my master?"

    " Yes....He's an old friend of mine." Leia said dryly. Looking toward the cantina.

    " Oh, really? Do you know when my master is returning for me then? This place is just terrible. Im in need of a good oil bath, for sure."

    " You get me, and my friend information on a rebellion officer, Captain Han Solo, Ill get you one." Leia offered.

    " Certainly. Oh, my. Thankyou."

    " no problem." Leia said.

    Obi-Wan then came running up to them. " Are you alright, Leia?"

    " Yeah, Im fine. We need to find a holo net interface. This driod may be able to help us. Lets go."
  9. Luke'sryb Jedi Youngling

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    Talk about family reunion.....sheesh....
    Leia/Kenobi/Artoo are in Mos Eisley to seek clues to Han's whereabouts. Padme and Panaka arrive at the same city searching for her lost twins. Now Darth Vader and Luke are heading to Tatooine for a fateful reunion of sorts. I love it!
  10. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    Actually Padme and Panaka are in Mos Eiesly. They will be with the others soon though. Glad you like my story though. :>
  11. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Thirty-Seven ~

    Padme lead the way threw the main city. Panaka followed close behind.
    " Where are we going, Padme?" He asked after several minutes.

    " To see a couple of old friends of mine. They may be able to tell us where we can find any rebellion officers here. They may be able to tell us where Leia is then."

    " Excuse me for saying so, Padme. Young Leia may not be pleased to see us, when and if, we find her."

    Padme knodded. " She is very much like her father in that way. When she doesn't want to be found, she usually can't be. This will be a challenge."

    " Did you have many experiences at finding her father, when he would leave for some unknown adventure?"

    " Not many. Not many at all."

    Panaka sighed, and continued to follow his Queen, on the long road ahead.


  12. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Thirty-Eight ~

    Leia Naberrie nearly hugged C3-PO when he said he had linked a file on the last Imperial location on Tatooine.

    " So what is it?" Leia said curiously.

    " Ahhh...Milady...Im terribly sorry to have to tell you this, but...." The Droid looked away. Afraid to continue.

    " But what?" Demanded Leia.

    C3-PO looked startled, but forced himself to continue. " A garrison arrived five minutes ago, Princess Leia, in Mos Eiesly Space port."

    Leia, and Obi-Wan, exchanged concerned looks.

    " Well, looks like we have some new friends to visit." Leia said.
  13. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Thirty-Nine ~

    Padme laughed aloud, when she saw Beru Lars rush from her farmhouse in the bright daylight.

    " Padme Skywalker, how are you?" Beru cried happily, as she hugged her friend.

    Padme winced at the use of her old married name. A name she had dropped, many long years ago.

    " Just Padme...Please." She whispered to Beru softly.

    " Of course, Padme. Welcome back, my friend."

    " Its good to see you. Where is Owen?" Padme said looking toward the house.

    " He, and our son, kev, went into town. They'll be back for supper. Come inside, and meet our daughter Griela."

    " A son, and a daughter for you. Im so happy Beru."

    " It took us awhile, but we had a child. Kev, we adopted. Griela was a suprise, you could say." Beru chuckled.

    " How old are your children now, Beru?"

    " Kev is sixteen. Griela just turned fourteen."

    Beru and Padme entered the home. " Please stay, you and Panaka?"

    Panaka smiled behind the two women, who had ignored him untill now."

    Padme looked to Panaka. " We will stay, Beru." She smiled, as Panaka shook his head.

  14. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Fourty ~

    Darth Vader stepped out of the speeder, and stalked toward the garrison Captain on Tatooine.
    A place that Han Solo once held...

    " Have you prepared Han Solo for exchange?" Vader hissed to the much smaller man before him.

    " Yes, Milord. Jabba the Hutt will give the Empire the location of the Rebels in the city here, for the exchange of Solo." The captain said.

    " Good. I sense that many things are afoot. This will be truely interesting." Vader smiled.

    " I agree, milord." The captain.

    Vader stopped suddenly, and looked toward the hills that housed the farming settlements in Mos Eiesly.

    *******A Soft, gentle flow of the force, reached into him, and warmed his very soul. It was a feeling that he had....a long time ago. A feeling that only one person in his life, could give to him....His beloved wife, who was long lost to him. His dear Angel... ( No, It can't be her....Can it?)
  15. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Fourty-One ~

    Darth Vader walked down the hill side, to see a very familer House ahead. A place he hadn't seen in nearly twenty years. Owen Lars House.

    Padme continued talking to Beru, and her daughter. Longing to see her own daughter again.
    ( Will I ever see Leia again?)

    Padme looked toward the front door, and froze. A strange sound of some sort of breathing resperator
    filled the room. ( Oh, no....It can't be....)

    " So, this is where you've been hiding from me." A dark voice hissed.

    Beru Lars, and her daughter, screamed, and fainted.

    Padme stood to her feet, as her worst nightmare was coming true. " Anakin..." she hissed, in her best Queen voice. A deep pain filled her soul, just at the sight of him now. ( So many betrayl's...)

    " Padme,...I...I have to do this...Im sorry." Vader then lifted a weapon from his robes, and fired. His wife hit the ground with ease.

    " Take her." He told a guard outside the house. " Then kill the other two."

    " Yes, sir."

  16. anya Skywalker Jedi Master

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    OMG!My city has a blackout for one nigth,and i have to catch up with a pege of new and great posts!Not that i'm complaining....... ;)
  17. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    Lol! Thanks. Ill likely post more before the nights out.
  18. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Fourty-Two ~

    Han Solo opened his eyes. ( Oh, that smell...I know where Vader sent me now.....)

    " Ahh, ha, ha, ha, haaaa." Laughed Jabba The Hutt.

    " Gee...its just so good to see you again to, Jabba.." Han said dryly. He could focuss his eyes now. It was Jabba's throne room he was in. He'd been out on the floor.

    Just then a young woman was shoved hard to the floor at his feet. Han bent down to help her.

    " Malana..." He whispered in suprise.


    Leia, Obi-wan, and the two droids stood outside of Jabba The Hutt's palace on Tatooine.

    " So this is the right place?" Leia said.

    " Yes...I never thought id return here again." Obi-wan said mysteriously.

    The Jedi Master, the Princess, and the Droids, then slowly entered the Palace doors.
  19. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Fourty-Three ~

    Vader walked behind the two guards that lifted his wife along the house rooms, toward the exit door. He was so engrossed in finding his wife, after nearly nineteen years of seperation, he never seen Padme's loyal Guard Panaka, or Owen Lars, come up behind him. Vader certainly wasn't expecting someone to strike him on the back of his machine-like suit. Which caused him to lose his breath, and fall to the floor unconcious.

    " My Queen...we have to get out of here now." Panaka hissed to Padme, as Owen cooly shot the two troops off his back. The General lifted the Queen in his arms, and followed Owen, and his family outside.


    Luke Skywalker stalked down the hill side that lead to the section where Vader was located. sand was getting in his eyes, but he didn't care. He had to get to that house....He just had to.


    Padme stirred awake, as Panaka hurried with her to outside. As he rushed toward the speeder, she could make out someone in the distance. He was tall, but not Anakin's height. Not by far. The young man in the distance looked like Anakin though. So much. With his sandy-blonde hair, and blue eyes....It was what she had pictured what Luke would look like now.
  20. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Fourty-Four ~

    Han lifted Malana to her feet. " What are you doing here, Mal?" He whispered.
    " I had to find you, Han." she said touching his cheek.
    He took her hand away gentally. " Mal, when we can, we really need to talk." He said.
    " Take him away." Jabba said. " Bring the woman to meeee. Hahaha." He laughed as Malana squirmed at his touch.


    Luke ran toward Panaka, who carried Padme in his arms.
    He knocked the man over, which sent the woman to the ground hard.

    Luke opened his lightsaber, and quickly finished off Panaka in one swift
    Padme screamed, and went to her fallen friend's side. she touched his face.
    " Im sorry." She whispered. She looked up at Luke. " How could you? How could you Luke?" She cried desperatly, wondering just how far her son had fallen to the
    dark already.
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    Poor Leia, she tries to rescue Han only to see her rival for him Malana there as well. Luke is a very confused kid.....first he's captured by Darth Vader and now he meets his mother, he unknowingly kills Panaka who is his mother's body guard.He still has no idea that she is. So write already....don't keep us in suspense any more.
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    ~ Chapter Fourty-five ~

    Leia watched Obi-Wan convince one of Jabba's guards to show them inside
    to see Jabba's court. ( I wonder if ill be that good someday...) Leia thought.
    Suddenly, the princess stopped walking. * HAN * ( I feel him...He's with Jabba.)
    Leia looked around the corridor furiously. " Obi-Wan, he is with Jabba..." Leia hissed softly to the Jedi Knight beside her, as they followed Jabba's guard.
    " Good. Very good. You're sense is getting stronger by the day, Leia. You will be a wonderful Jedi one day."
    Obi-Wan guided the princess to follow the guard. He kept quiet of the stiring of feelings within him. The danger sense of his that was blaring like a loud alarm. An alarm that had never been wrong. Ever.

    * * *

    Luke pulled Padme to her feet with force. Padme slapped him hard across his face.
    " How dare you treat me like this!" She cried.
    " How the hell do you know my name?" Luke demanded, shaking her.

    Luke and Padme turned toward the hut doors. Darth Vader was standing there, staring. He was badly hurt. Padme gasped.

    " Luke, she knows your name, becuase she is your mother!" Vader said.

    * * *
  25. Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master

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    ~ Chapter Fourty-Six ~

    Leia and Obi-Wan were now standing inside Jabba's throne room. It was dark, and Leia could barely see anything. She stood closer to the Jedi. ( Somthing is wrong.) She thought suddenly.

    Jabba woke up with a start, when the Guard awakened him. " Whaaaaat?" Demanded the Hutt.

    " We have guests. They want Solo."

    " You want Solo, huh? Hahaha. Solo, is right over there. See?" Jabba cackled. He pointed toward the far wall.

    Leia turned to see a beatened, and bloodied Han chained to the stone wall. He looked dead.

    " Han!" She cried, running over to his side. ( He can't be dead...I would know it.)

    She touched his face, and to her utter joy, Han opened his eyes. Han, however, did not push her away. Not this woman. Not Leia..." His Leia."
    " Hello Leia." He said, trying to force one of his familer, warm, grins.

    " Han...Oh Han." Leia planted a firm kiss on his cheek.
    ( Don't worry, Ill get us out of here.) She thought to him, smiling.

    He looked at her. A small, young, lovely woman. He then looked toward Jabba. Then back to Leia. " Well, goodluck then princess. You are going to need all you can get." She chuckled, then punched his chest playfully. " Gee, thanks." She said.

    * * *
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