Story [The Patriot] Benjamin Courts Elizabeth

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    Title: Benjamin Courts Elizabeth
    Author: rehtul-minnau
    Characters: Benjamin Martin, Elizabeth Putnam
    Timeframe: Before the events in The Patriot; (1756)


    Charles Town, South Carolina

    It might have been a lovely day, had it not been for the heat. The air was oppressively hot, windless and stifling - though as much could only be expected on a summer day in the South. Wagons rolled slowly across the cobble-stone street, the horses drawing them lulled into a state of laziness and stupor by the intolerable heat; their driver was not faring much better.

    This seemed to be the state of every person on the crowded street, save one dark-haired young man, who was, with very brisk stride, making his way down the sidewalk, tipping his hat to the ladies he passed. His pace slowed as he reached his destination - the large, imposing figure of a white house. He glanced at the wildflowers he held; they where slightly wilted, due to the heat as well as to the thoughtless manner in which he had occasionally swung them as he walked. He grimaced, and attempted to straighten the bouquet, only to shake his head and sigh as his endeavors proved to be in vain. He then looked back toward the house, cleared his throat, removed his hat, straightened his jacket, which had become somewhat unkempt in his haste, and started toward the front door.

    He had not gotten far - perhaps mid-step - when an idea struck him. A rather sly expression came to his face as the idea grew into a plan. He stepped off the pathway and toward a small white gate, leading to the back of the house. A side window was open, and he, unwilling to be seen by whomever might be inside, and by one person in particular, maneuvered gracefully underneath it, hiding the flowers behind him as he went. He rounded the corner of the house with the utmost stealth, carefully stepping around a considerably deep puddle of water in order to avoid soiling his nice clothes. He found the back door to be open, and, just within the house, to his delight, was a slight, delicate form, bending over an unseen object. He grinned gleefully as he softly approached the young woman, intent on taking her by surprise.

    He had nearly reached her; he was close enough to touch her - he reached out to tap her shoulder....she suddenly spun around, and in one smooth, lithe movement, threw a bucketful of water squarely into his face. He, completely and utterly taken aback, found himself standing in a newly-created puddle of soapy water, his clothes drenched, his neatly pulled-back hair plastered down in a most ridiculous fashion, his mouth agape as the water dripped off the end of his nose.

    The young woman was every bit as shocked as he, and for the moment could only stand and stare at him, as he was at her. He then regained his composure.

    "Good afternoon, Elizabeth." He smiled gallantly and most absurdly at her as he presented the flowers, which, to his mild surprise and complete relief, had managed to escape the deluge due to his having had them behind his back. He then laughed, carelessly shaking the water from his hair. At this, Elizabeth found her voice again, and, as she took the flowers from him, she laughed as well.

    "Good afternoon, Benjamin." Her voice sounded as delicate and gentle as she looked. "I apologize for having drenched you. I was pouring out the wash-water, and I must say, I was not expecting anyone to be standing there."

    "It is perfectly alright. Indeed, in this weather, a good soaking is quite refreshing."

    "I believe I would be inclined to agree with you on that; but standing there in wet clothes must be miserable. Please, come inside; you can dry off in front of the fire."

    Benjamin thanked her and entered the house, where he was greeted by the uncomfortable warmth of the large kitchen fire. As he situated himself before the hearth, Elizabeth placed the flowers in a vase.

    "They are lovely."

    He smiled as he watched her bury her nose in the midst of them, closing h
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