NYC, NY The People vs George Lucas at Cinema Village (22 East 12th street) May 6th (2 weeks)

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    The documentary 'The People vs George Lucas' is playing at Cinema Village (22 East 12th Street) starting May 6th. (for 2 week I think)

    Official details here:

    Although the title can be read as a little harsh, the film ends with a hearty we love what George created. But along the way the documentary investigates topics the public submitted to the doc, the LFL decision to not release the original trilogy and possible even made it's preservation impossible, fan edits, Jar-Jar, Prequel disappointment, Special Edition disappointment, Holiday Special confusion, Indiana Jones adaptations, Does culture belong to the creator or the public or both. There are moments which are completely over the top, but there's also an infusion of fan creativity as the film contains many clips from the Star Wars Uncut project, which anyone could enjoy. So this movie offers a glimpse into a certain segment of fandom, and it also introduces the audience to aspects of creative works / society and the public which might affect your life.

    Here are some recent reviews from this NYC screening:
Thread Status:
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