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    critics would like you to believe. I honestly believe that critics have always had a ax to grind with Lucas with him making his films independently and going against the director's guild


    why would critics care about that?
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    i've always gotten the impression that critics hated Lucas since Star Wars because he tries to have it both ways. they're presented with something artsy that the masses are going to approve of. kind of the way indie kids love their favorite band until they go mainstream, and from then on there's a grudge. an "I liked Lucas until he sold out" kind of thing.

    i think this sentiment has spread to the fans who see younger generations liking Star Wars for seemingly different (ie, "WRONG") reasons. "they don't know Star Wars like I do. they can't!"
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    Hmm, I think you're on to something there. Good analogy!

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    The critics had their knives out long before GL left the DGA - that didn't happen until the release of ESB (over Irvin Kershner's credit not appearing at the beginning of the film). Not relevant, and no, the critics couldn't care less about such matters.

    But yes, right from the start there was snobbery from critics over a film which appealed so directly to the masses getting so much attention, while their beloved auteurs dug their own graves with their own self-indulgence, producing critical & commercial disasters like At Long Last Love, Sorcerer, New York New York and Heaven's Gate.
    Jaws and Star Wars didn't kill New Hollywood, they simply inherited it and unintentionally gave birth to a hideous breed of unimaginative imitators.
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