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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Jango313, May 17, 2006.

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  1. Jango313

    Jango313 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 30, 2002
    Paris, 1881. It is a wondeful time. Many frequent the local theater; the Opera Populaire. This theater holds a interesting story. Some of you may recall the strange affair of the Phantom of the Opera, a mystery never fully explained. The Opera Ghost, as the Phantom was sometimes known, haunted the Opera leaving messages of threats or warnings, detailing how the theater should be run in his view. If these messages are ignored, a disaster will occur. The Ghost also demands a salary of 20,000 francs a month. Messieurs Debienne and Poligny, the currents managers, are retiring and leaving the theater to two new managers, who are oblivious to the Opera Ghost, Messieurs Richard Firmin and Giles André. Firmin and André are looking to change the theater, with fundings from their new patrons, Comte Phillipe de Chagny and his younger brother, Vicomte Raoul de Chagny. Christine Daaé is a uprising soprano who has known Raoul since childhood. The Phantom has also been taking an interest to Miss Daaé and has been giving her voice lessons in secret, under the guise of the Angel of Music.

    This is a RPG based off the Gaston Leroux story and the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. You may pick an existing character or create one yourself. Whoever wants to be the Phantom has a special role. He is working in secret, possibly murdering someone or kidnapping people. We will be following the overall story, with some minor alterations, this being a RPG, afterall. Taking some elements from the musical, you may post in song. I don't want this to be just us quoting the musical, I want to keep it a game.



    "Wandering child, so lost, so helpless, yearning for my guidance," Erik sang to Christine as he watched her walk through the graveyard. SHe was so beautiful in the moonlight. If only she loved him....


    Christine heard her Angel. She sighed and sang, sadly, "Angel or father, friend or Phantom, who is it there staring?"

    Get the idea? Songs will happen rarely, as I try to focus on story, I will make a post of when to start what song.

    1. No god-moding
    2. Send Character sheets to me through PM to approve them.
    3. If you have any suggestions, I'll be happy to listen to them. Just PM me.
    4. You may have up to two characters.
    5. Try to follow the overall story, but that doesn't mean, don't be original. Make Raoul and Christine feud at some moments, perhaps.
    6. Have fun.
    7. One minor note, every character is eligible for a sudden death. Blame the Phantom, not me.


    I, myself, will be playing as the Persian, Nadir Khan, and Debbiene and Poligny.

    Erik, The Phantom - Tenor
    Christine Daaé - Soprano
    Raoul de Chagny - Baritone
    Phillipe de Chagny - Baritone
    Richard Firmin - Baritone
    Giles André - Baritone
    Madame Giry - Soprano
    Meg Giry - Soprano
    Carlotta Giudicelli - Soprano
    Ubaldo Piangi - Tenor
    Joseph Buquet - Baritone

    For Character information see [link=][/link]

    Character Sheet

    Voice Range: (Tenor, Soprano, etc)

    Reminder - PM the sheets to me.

    I see this RPG not working somehow... Oh well.

  2. Eirate_rules

    Eirate_rules Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 22, 2005


    Name: Meg Giry
    Age: early 20's
    Height: 5 feet 6 inches
    Weight: 150 pounds
    Appearance: Blonde straight hair, blue eyes, tall, thin
    Personality: friendly, but quiet. loves to dance
    Voice Range: Soprano
    Biography: Meg's mother, Madame Giry, works at the Opera Populaire, and Meg is training there to be a ballerina. She has been Christine's best friend for many years, and loves her as a sister.

  3. rabe_rocks

    rabe_rocks Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 28, 2005
    Character Sheet
    Name: Madame Giry
    Age: Late 40's
    Height: 5 feet 8 inches
    Weight:162 lbs
    Appearance: tall, and thin with straight black hair in a braid wrapped in a bun
    Personality: dear,kind, responsible and compassionate
    Voice Range:Soprano
    Biography: Madame Giry is a tender, loving woman, mourning for the loss of her husband, Monsieur Jules. Madame Giry has been assigned to be the caretaker of the box seating in the Paris Opera House. She has one daughter, Meg Giry. She is like a mother to Cristine. She is an accomplice, or a messenger of the Phantom, she carries messages from him to the managers - and also transfers the Ghost's monthly 'salary' of 20,000 Francs. But she knows more about this phantom then most people, about his past.
  4. MissingNo

    MissingNo Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 13, 2006
    Name:Christine Daae
    Height: ?? (I don't know how tall Christine is.)
    Weight: Uhh... I'll take a guess... 157?
    Appearance: Long, curly, brown hair
    Personality: Hmm... Shy?
    Voice Range:Soprano
    Biography: Uhh... Christine's father died when she was 7 years old. She's lived there ever since. Hmm... Sorry, I don't pay attention to Christine...

  5. MissingNo

    MissingNo Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 13, 2006

    Name:Ana Daae
    Age: 17
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 155
    Appearance: Long Blonde hair and blue eyes.
    Personality: Shy most of the time...
    Voice Range:Soprano
    Biography: Christine's cousin, Ana, lived in London for most of her life. She always wanted to meet Christine, so she went to Paris and lives there. Christine and Ana never met before, and Christine's father never told Christine that he had a brother...
  6. Digi_Raver

    Digi_Raver Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 14, 2006

    Name: Robin Darcy
    Age: 19
    Height: 5ft 7in
    Weight: 130lbs
    Appearance: Short blonde wavy hair (past the shoulders) usually worn up, pale, fair skin and an unsusaul shade of blue color for her eyes.
    Personality: Despite her incapabilaty of seeing, she makes up with her beautuful singing voice, and the Phantom takes note of that. She is polite and quite, I wouldn't say she's "shy". She kind of has low self-eestem, because, well, she doesn't know what she looks like.
    Voice Range: Soprano
    Biography: She has always been an orpahn, when she became of age, she left the orphanage and came to the Opera House, she knows Madame Giry fairly well, and she agrees to keep Robin at the Opera House to learn to sing and to dance(even thought many people laugh at the idea of a blind woman can learn to dance...) She met the met the Phantom, once. And she wishes to learn more about him...

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