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Discussion in 'Fan Design - Sites and Graphics' started by Grimby, Aug 11, 2009.

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    FYI - if you ever try to open Photoshop and it comes up with a message that you're running out of scratch space, and then an unrecoverable error, check how full your hard drive is (or whatever drive your scratch space is on) on your PC. I had this problem at work earlier this week. It turned out that some automated system save procedure that they have almost filled my hard drive. I got no messages about it being almost full. The only indication was when I tried to open Photoshop and I got the error. The problem was quickly sorted out by one of the help desk guys but I figured I'd pass it on in case someone here gets the issue.
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    That happened to me a lot on the school computers when I used Final Cut Pro. The culprit was usually excessive amounts of raw HD video.
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    Is final cut pro kinda sketchy??? I mean anything has issues with large footage files... just curious.
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    A new site was just launched by the guys who run This new site deals with graphic design.

    Most of what I've seen deal with Photoshop tutorials.