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Resource The Plot Bunny Thread: Managed by Jade_Max.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by shanobi, Aug 26, 2002.

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  1. SilSolo

    SilSolo Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 5, 2004
    Leia is hidden with the Naberries and thinks that she's another one of their kids until she tries to run for the election to become queen, at which time Sola tells her everything and drops her off on Dagobah so that she could be trained as a Jedi.


    YJK Gen 2: Allana's story
    Allana trains at the Jedi Temple and she and her friends have some adventures similar to those of the original YJKs.
  2. Barbarossa_Rotbart

    Barbarossa_Rotbart Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 3, 2004
    I've got several new ideas:

    1. What if Leia was not a diplomat but a soldier with close-cropped hair and an attitude to match? Stranded on Tatooine after a hopeless battle she meets Luke and falls in love with him only to discover later that he is her brother.

    2. What if not Kenobi but Mace Windu was Anakin's master? Would Anakin fall to the Dark Side? Would he still marry Padmé in secret?

    3. The KotOR games have some pieces of technology (as personal shields and stealth field generators) which does not exist anymore fore millenia later. But what if some of that technology has been rediscovered in the years before the Battle of Yavin?
  3. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    I'm back! I think I'm only going to post new ideas every other day, or so....Unless I really can't help myselfe.:D

    1:This one you really can do anything with.
    [li]Basically it's just what Padme's family thinks of Anakin, when they first meet him. Just like there first impressions of him. Likes, disslikes. From everyone's P.O.V'S. And then after they find out he and Padme were married. (You decide when and how they find out.)[/li]

    2:A kind of AU ATOC fic.
    1)After chasing the assasin in the begining, Anakin is hurt, but does not tell anyone.
    2)Anidala of course.
    3)What happens when Anakins injury becomes too painfull and too much to bear?

    3:Obi-Wan(Still alive.) is able to share some of his memories (with help of the force. Not just telling, but showing.) with Luke, Leia, and Han.1)Some of just Anakin.
    2)Some of Anakin and Padme together.
    3)Some of Anakin and Obi-Wan on missions and traing and what not.

    4:On his way home Ruwee(Padme's dad.) finds a homeless/sick-ish 17 yr. old Anakin and brings him home.
    2)You decide if he's force sensitive.
    3)Padme's on vacation.

    5:Close to death a seriously injured 19/20 year old Anakin is transported to the future. ANH.
    1)Obi-Wan is [hl=crimson]NOT[/hl] killed by Vader. Not injured either!
    2)After rescuing Leia and back on the Falcon they find him.
    3)Anakin does [hl=deeppink]NOT[/hl] die.

    6:This is a fic where the Empire is formed earlier.
    While trying to escape and protect Padme ([hl=crimson]Not Obidala[/hl]!), Obi-Wan, and Padme find a non-jedi force-sensitive 16-17 year old Anakin who was caught up and injured in Riots that broke out as a result of the Empire. Anidala.

    7:The Nabberies(Sp?) neighbors adopt 16 year old non-force senstive Anakin.
    1)Anakin is slightly...Paranoic(As in he doesn't really trust new people, especially adults.)

    I think this is about it.
  4. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    Hello all! I'm back...again.

    1:Anakin has become ill with a very rare sickness.
    2)Ages:Anakin-17-20, Padme-22-25, Obi-Wan...(I have no idea how old he actually is, I assume he's around 10-15 years older than Anakin give or take a couple.)
    3)Could be something we have(as long as nothing like cancer or anything.),like Consumption for example.(I think its more commonly known as Teberculosis(Sp?), or something made up entirely...can't be too easily fixed.
    4)Anakin at first want's tries to hide the fact that he's sick(I don't know why, didn't think that far ahead.)
    5)How he's found out
    1:Collapses(or something like that) during a meeting with the Council.
    2:Collapses"" during a meeting with...members of the Senate.
    3:Does not get up when he ussualy does(Obi-Wan or someone finds him.)
    4:Something happens when he's practicing(alone or with other Padawans.)

    2:Instead of being found on Tattoine in TPM, Anakin is eventually sold by Watto and taken off planet.
    1)Eventually found by the Jedi, when he is like 15/16 yrs old.
    2)His new master is very crule.
    3)Becomes a Pleasure slave.
    4)As a result he is kept very weak and can't eat very much to keep him looking very young and...vulnerable? looking.
    5)Very poorly mistreated.
    6)Eventually becomes Anidala.

    3:A Anakin comes home on leave from war fic.
    1)Padme does not know Anakin has come back until she gets home.
    2)When she gets there he is already asleep(he has got to be exhuasted with everything he has to do. I would be.)
    3)A little banged up, nothing to serious maybe some bruises and broken ribs.
    4)Padme not pregnent yet.

    4:This is a non-Jedi non-force sensitive Ani fic.
    1)Instead of being a Jedi Anakin is a Lutenit(I know I spelt it wrong. I did my best.)in the Republic Navy or whatever.
    2)He and Padme never met, before, but the meet at a Gala/Party of some sort.
    3)It is during the clone was.
    4)Of course it's Anidala.
    5)Anakin was a slave.

    5:This is a non-Jedi non-force sensitive Ani fic.
    1)Kinda like the last one, but still different.
    2)Anakin is 17 and a student at the Military Academy on Naboo...or the big city planet.
    3)He is somehome a friend of Darred's, even though he's obviously older than Ani if he's married to Sola.
    4)Darred invites Anakin to dinner at the Nabberies(Sp?).
    5)Padme is a Senator.
    7)Padme and Anakin heve never met before, you decide if he was a slave or not.

    6:A father/son fic between Anakin and Obi-Wan.
    1)Anakin 15/16 years old.
    2)For the first time since they've met Obi-wan see's the marks slavery has left on Anakin.
  5. CalaelAzasar

    CalaelAzasar Host of Quick-Games star 5 VIP - Game Host

    Mar 11, 2003

    Just wanted to know if anyone did anything with this, I've been off the boards for a while.
  6. Barbarossa_Rotbart

    Barbarossa_Rotbart Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 3, 2004
    This is most likely a challenge than a plot bunny:

    Write a short (short or long) about the Star Wars version of another show, novel, movie etc. The plot should remain the same, but you may adjust everything else, like changing the species of one or more characters from human into something else.
    Some examples:
    - Harry Potter: There is a Jedi enclave on the Planet Hogwarts where Harry and his friends are padawan learners and Voldemort is a Dark Jedi (or Sith Lord).
    - CSI: Instead of Las Vegas Grissom's (mostly human) team investigates crime scenes on Coruscant (but that could be any other planet).

    High school drama, soap operas, other SciFi series etc. are also possible, but in the case of SciFi or Fantasy series you have to replace technology, species etc. with Star Wars elements.
  7. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    Time for my everyother day idea/challenge(whatever you want to call it.) post!

    1:Anakin is somehow poisened(Sp?)
    1)This one you can really do anything with I didn't really think of that many things to go with it.
    2)Anidala is a must.
    3)Shortly before ATOC. Or Before ROTS. If you know how to make it work it can be during ATOC.
    4)I think that's it.

    2:Anakin falls into a coma.
    2)Post ATOC, Pre ROTS.
    3)How it happens is a up to you.

    3:Anakin has a father fic.
    1)Anakin is a Jedi. Still the Chosen-One, but he has a dad.
    3)Still a Padawan. You decide where within the time line it falls.
    4)Never knew about or met his father before.
    5)You decide how they meet.
    6)Anakin's father know he has a son, you deicde why he wasn't around.

    4:After Vader's death. I guess it would be a humor fic.
    1)Luke somehow finds a recording of Obi-wan trying to wake up Anakin.
    2)Anakin 19.
    3)Luke watches fid with Leia and Han...3PO can be there if you want.

    5:AU, Anakin never met Padme before fic.
    1)Anakin 19, Padme 24.
    2)Anakin is not a Jedi, or force-sensitive.
    3)Somehow Anakin is Famous, I don't know you can decide why.
    4)Ani has a 3 year old son (not Luke.) from a previous relationaship. (Unkown to most people, Padme included.)
    5)The mother is not in the picture. She just left didn't want the Baby, or really like Anakin, just using him.
    6)You decide how Anakin and Padme meet.
    7)Anidala of course.

    As usual make the story's long! And let me know if you decide to use them! Thankyou.
  8. Barbarossa_Rotbart

    Barbarossa_Rotbart Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 3, 2004
    An idea for a crossover between Star Wars and Stargate:
    Shortly before the Clone Wars Chancellor Palpatine is missing. Nobody knows that his body has been taken over by a Goa'uld. In the mean time the attacks of the sand people are increasing and Obi-Wan and Anakin are send to Tatooine to investigate the reasons for those attacks. They find a stargate and meet SG-1 who is under attack from Tusken raiders using Goa'uld technology. And some time later the learn that those sand people (and similiar attackers on other worlds) worship a man with glowing eyes who is also using the Force.
  9. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    So I know I said I would only post Plot Bunny's/Challenges everyother day. However this time I just can't help it, I was doing so good to! Thats it after this I'm going straight back on the wagon! Posting these things is like my drug of chioce, seriously! I'm like addicted. Anyway's on with the reason I'm here.

    So I just watched Twilight for the first time last night, because my two friends spent the night and one of the had the movie. I never got to watch it in the theaters, and I tried watching it on the computer, but I couldn't. (I have to say the whole time I was watching it I did nothing, but critazize it.) I do love the movie though! I should say that before I'm attacked by a hoard of angry Twilight fans. I DID like it! So here's my idea(s).

    1:So as you probably figured out from my monoloug this is a kinda Twilight Crossover, but it's more based off the movie then the book.
    1)Anakin would be Edward, but he is going to be called Anakin.
    2)Padme is Belle "".
    3)Anakin is also still a Jedi, but he didn't become one until sometime after he turned. You can change it to 16 if you don't want it to be 17, you don't have to though.(Just a suggestion).
    4)You have to show Anakin's change.(Still for the same reasons as in the book/movie.)
    5)Carlisle and them are the same there not going to be based off of anyone from Star Wars.
    7)Padme isn't like Bella as far as Characterization goes, she just acts like Padme. Same with Anakin.
    8)Padme never has any trouble with James or anyone. (If you haven't already guessed this is very loosley based on Twilight.)
    9)Padme is still 5 years older then Anakin and a Senator.
    10)You decide how people figure out what/who Anakin and his family are.
    11)He has to spend alot of time with his Family like they do in the movie.
    12)The baseball scene(altered) has to be there. With maybe Padme, Obi-wan and a couple more Jedi or whatever.
    13)James and them are in the story he just doesn't go after Padme.
    14)Attachment is still not allowed.
    15)Anidala of course.
    16)(I know its alot.)No danger of Anakin going Dark Side.
    17)Anakin can read people's minds(The other Jedi can't)
    18)You decide if he's still the Chosen-One.
    19)No one(include the Jedi) know Anakin is a Vampire.
    20)Padme's parent's aren't divorced.
    21)I think thats it. If I think of anything else to add to this I will.

    Now the second and final one for today.
    2:Anakin isn't a Jedi, or Force-sensitive.
    1)Anakin is around 16/17 years old.
    2)He is the only son of a rich family. (No it's not one of those where he and Padme are in an arranged marriage.)
    3)His parents are extremly succsesful and buisy.
    4)Anakin is generaly neglected(with occasional severe physical and mental abuse) by his parent's left in the care of the countless, contantly changing maids and Nanny's who don't speak basic and are generaly not very nice(they see him as a spoiled brat).
    5)He is constantly sent of to boarding/prep schools around the galxy.
    6)Alway's moving for his parents work.
    7)Put under exreme pressure to excell in everything he does and is constantly being groomed to take over his father's buisness.
    8)Has one nanny who has stayed with him since he was a baby. Padme's mom, Jobal( I think thats her name please correct me if I'm wrong.
    9)Padme and Anakin have never met.
    11)Jobal is more like Anakins mother then his real mom. When he's not away at school that is.
    12)Has to be a scene were Anakins parents forget his name, and his birthday.
    13)Something happens to Anakin(hurt/sick) and his parent's don't notice.
    14)After returning from vacation Jobal notices there is something terribly wrong with Anakin and gets him help.
    15)Eventually she takes him to visit her family, and Padme just happens to be on vacation.
    16)Anakin eventually goes back to his "family" and then back to school.
    17)Thats all I can think of after this you can do whatever with it as long is it goes with the plot.

    As always make them long, and please let me know when you use th
  10. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    Almost thought I wasn't going to be able to do anything on my computer today, its had a buch of viruses and I couldn't do anything. I wasn't even able to get to this site.

    1:This is a Post ATOC, Pre ROTS fic. The Sepratits have created a new weapon, which somehow causes Anakin to fall deathly ill. What happens when he collapses in the middle of a dangerous battle. Anidala.

    2:AU fic. Empire formed earlier and differently. The Emperor arrages a marriage to take place (2 months earliesy, 4 moths latest.) between 17 year old adopted son Vader(Anakin) and 24 year old Queen Amidala to form an alliences and ensure the safty of her people.
    1)Anidala of course.
    2)Anakin adopted by Palpetine when he was 3.

    3:A crossover with the movie "Cruel Intentions".
    1)Anakin/Sebastin, Padme/Annette.
    2)Thats basically it.

    4:Crossover with Hayden Christensen's movie "Life as a House".
    1)Anakin/Sam, Obi-Wan/Georfe,Dad, Padme/Just Padme, Alyssa is just Anakin's friend.
    2)Bassically just fallow the movie and...stuff.

    5:pre ATOC.Anakin just wants to be acknoledged. What is he willing to do to be noticed?
    3)Anakin 16/17 years old.

    6:Major AU, Pre ATOC. Nobody really knows what goes on behind colsed doors. Abusive Obi-Wan.
    1)Anakin 17/18 years old.

    7:post ATOC, Pre ROTS. Anakin hasn't been able to go single night without being plagued by terrible/torturing nightmares(not of Padme dying, some can be of possible future, mostly just really bad nightmares.). He goes for day's and nights at a time trying not to fall asleep. On top of that he is trying to hide his marriage to Padme frome everyone and stay on top of everything. No Anakin turning to the Dark Side.

    8:AU Post ATOC fic. The last thing Padme said to Anakin before he left for the war front/mission, was something very hurtful. Now he's missing(not false report he actually is.) and presumed dead(NOT really!). Padme deals with the guilt while the Jedi race to save him.
    2)Both P.O.V.'s(And other's of you can make it work.)
    3)Padme can somehow kinda communicate with Anakin in her dreams. He unconsiously sends messages to her.
  11. brodiew

    brodiew Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 11, 2005
    This just popped into my head this weekend.

    How did Sidious approach and convince the Trade Federation to blockade Naboo? Did he give them a show of Force? Do they know he's Palpatine? How did this go down?
  12. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    Have too keep up with my post's even if no one has written a fic out of them, I just have to. It's a drug to me.

    1:Complete AU. Anakin isn't a Jedi or Force Sensitive.While on a Senatorial "Mission" Padme meets Anakin who is a spoiled Prince.
    1)Padme 22. Anakin 17.
    2)Padme is engaged(Sp?) to Palo.
    3)MUST be Anidala.
    4)The reason Anakin acts like a spoiled brat is not because he is totally shallow or...what's the word...even really all the "mean"(for lack of a better word), but because while his parent's do give him what ever he asks for the don't really pay attention to him and generaly ignore him, you know stuff like that.
    5)Ton's of Ani-angst.

    2:AU. What if Anakin had a different Master than Obi-Wan or Qui-Gon?
    1) I don't really care who the other Master is as long as it's not Yoda, Dooku, or....Sidious. I do have a suggestion though, Master Windu.
    2)This one is bassically just what it say's. Except for the ever present Anidala, and Plenty of angst.

    3:Why did Anakin suddenly collapse in front of the Council?
    1)Obi/Ani have a father/son relationship.
    4)Anakin around 17/18 years old.
    5)You decide why he collapsed.

    4:Being the "Hero With No Fear" has consequences. Ever the "Hero With No Fear" Anakin rushes into a burning building on an extremly poor, un-advanced Planet to save Children trapped inside.
    1)The children are safe, but Anakin becomes trapped inside.
    2)Does become hurt, but not entierly like in ROTS he doesn't become as completley scared or anything, he eventually gets to a proper medical facility on another planet and is able to get rid of most the scaring and stuff.
    4)Father/Son realationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan.

    5:Anakin's mom does not die in ATOC.
    1)Anakin is able to get to his mom in time, she passes-out instead of dying. Before she regains concesnous(I know it's spelt wrong!) Anakin and Padme have to leave for Geonosis.
    2)Sometime Post ATOC, and Pre ROTS Anakin is able to visit his mother and family. Not right after ATOC.
    3)Anakin 2o years old. Going to change his age and say he was 18 in ATOC.
    4)Anakin has been Knigted.
    5)Anidala. Anakin and Padme have already had their first child, a baby boy. Not Luke.
    6)You decide if Anakin tells about being married to Padme.
    7)He did lose his arm.
    8)Lets just say because I/We can, that Shim's husband and family are not exactly happy with Anakin for just leaving and everything.
    9)Maybe Padme comes for a visit to...not right with Anakin after he's been there for a bit. With baby.
    10)You have to name the baby.

    6:Anakin becomes paralysed.
    1)You decide what happened.
    2)Post ATOC, Pre ROTS.
    4)Anakin is paralysed either from just waste down, or is completly Paralysed and has to completly learn of to walk and talk again.
    5)He eventually does.(See above if your confused.)

    7)What things on Jambiim(Sp?) had went differently?
    1)Anakin is the one captured/tortured instead of Obi-Wan.
    3)I think thats kinda it.

    As always make 'em long and with plenty of angst!

  13. brodiew

    brodiew Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 11, 2005
    I read through all of your bunnies, Anakin21, and saw some excellent ideas. PT is not my wheelhouse, nor is Anakin Skywalker, but I'm looking to branch out. I may yet take one of your ideas.
  14. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    Ah, here is another plot bunny.

    What if Obi-Wan saves Qui-Gon from dying and Qui-Gon takes Anakin as his Padawan, however Obi-Wan almost dies and when he wakes from his coma he is depressed and constantly sick. Anakin visits Obi-Wan, trying to make him feel better and even as years pass Anakin still does not give up. Obi-Wan won't see Qui-Gon, and as his depression continues he shoves everyone else away until Anakin is the only one he will speak to, although it is not often.

    Anakin turns to the darkside and Order 66 is issued. Anakin attacks the Temple with the Clones, but he saves Obi-Wan and as many of the younglings as he can. He, Obi-Wan, younglings, and even Padme, escape Coruscant and flee to the outer rim. Now the catch is that Anakin is a Sith, or at least using the darkside.

    Will Obi-Wan snap out of his depression?
    Will Obi-Wan turn to the darkside or will Obi-Wan save Anakin from the darkside?

    Siri is still alive and at some point encounters Obi-Wan after Order 66.
    Qui-Gon and Yoda are still alive and are hiding out on Dagobaoh.

    If you're interested then please pm me. If you have questions then please pm me.
  15. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    Hello, everyone!

    1:A Father/Son Fic between Anakin and Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan comforts 16 year old Anakin after he has a nightmare.
    1)Not Slash.
    2)Lets just say that for the sake of the story Anakin doesn't just have nightmares as visions. He has them all the time and their really bad.
    3)I don't have that many ideas for this one so all the more room for you to make it up...and long!

    2:AU. Attatchment has always been allowed. Padme introduces Anakin to her family.
    1)Anakin is still a Padawan. 16/17-ish. Padme is a Senator. 23/24-ish. (I changed the age difference, you'll see why when you look down.)
    2)Padme's father doesn't like Anakin(I don't know decide.) Her mother doesn't like it (because Anakin is so much younger), but TRIES to accept it because she knows it would make Padme happy.
    3)As a Senator and Former Queen of course pleopl(Reportes or who ever) find out about her relationship with Anakin, and of course point out the obvious age difference and make a huge scandle over it.
    4)Even though there is the whole scandle thing she still remains a Senator and Anakin is still a Padawan/Jedi.
    5)Gotta be some angst of know the usual.

    3:padme's thoughts while watching Anakin sleep, after their married ATOC, and then further into their marriage while he's on leave. Not ROTS. This one can basically be a one-shot, if you want it to be longer I'm not complaining.

    4:Another Obi/Ani Father/Son Teen fic. Obi-Wan's reaction the first time Anakin is seriously hurt.
    1)Anakin 16-18. (Of course he's been hurt before, but nothing to serious.)
    2)...Ummmmmmmmmmmm, yeah.....I think thats it.
    3)Plenty of angst.

    5:AU. Anakin is not known as the "Hero with no Fear", but in stead the "Prince of Darkness."
    2)Can be Pre-empier, or Post-Empire(In which case it would have happened earlier.)
    3)Anakin 17. Padme 23.(I know I changed the age diff.)
    4)You decide if he's even called Anakin or something else(Not Vader.).
    5)Anakin is not a Jedi, but he is force sensitive.
    6)He was adopted by Palps.
    7)Anakin and Padme have never met before. But Palps wants Ani and Padme to get togethet...maybe to produce an Heir I don't know.
    9)Anakin is in the public light alot.
    10)Anakin doesn't really go around killing other people like in other stories. And he's not really Palp's go to person either.
    11)That being said it doesn't mean he's all that good either, I mean the whole thing with the idea is "Prince of Darkness."
    12)Anakin doesn't go around sleeping with a bunch of girls like in other stories(there nothing wrong with those stories.) I just don't thing Palps would really allow that.

  16. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    Hello all!

    1:Exactly just what exactly did Anakin and Padme's father talk about in ATOC? We never really find out. Only a few requierments. Anidala, Angsty, and ....thats about it.

    2:padme's thoughts as she sits next to an unconsies(Sp) Anakin after the Battle of Geonosis. Anidala of course, Anakin did lose his arm, Angsty.

    3:Vader's crew (somehow, you decide) find out more about him. The stuff they find out is up to you, except its before the suit and his turn.
    Thats basically it, the rest is up to you....shocking I know.

    4:Luke, Leia, and Han are all transported to the past, more specifically ATOC.
    1)Starts at the beggining of ATOC.
    3)You decide why they ended up in the past.
    4)Anakin does still lose his arm.
    5).....I don't really think theres much more I can think of.

    5:A crossover with X-men, any where from the movies to X-Men:Evolution the cartoons.There are two choices I came up with if you choose to do this one.
    1-None of the X-Men characters are based off of the Star Wars character or vise-versa they just meet somehow, for some reason that is up to you.
    2-Anakin would be Scott form the X-Men universe you decide how that works. I do have an idea for it if you need help, but it would take up a bit of room if I posted it now. So if you want to you can ask and I'll let you know.

    6:During the Clone Wars 19 year old Anakin is seperated form Obi-Wan(He's on another assingment) and put in charge of an entire fleet, as a result he must constantly prove him self to the others that he is able to command them.
    6)Anakin is the youngest, everyone else is alot older.
    7)The others are mad, as they feel that they have more of a right than Anakin to be in charge.
    8)Anakin knows no one, he is the only Jedi present.
    9)After Geonosis, so Anakin just lost his arm and married Padme.
    10)Tons of Ani-angst and Anidala.
    11)The crew is really.....what's the word.....I don't want to say mean, but thats the only word I can think of, they cnostantly pull tricks on Anakin trying to get a rise out of him, and get him to quit.
    12)The crew doesn't realize just how younge Anakin really is, and think he only got were he is, is threw people really high up.
    13)Anakin gets hurt somehow, maybe while trying to prove that he is good enough.

    7:After ATOC, After Anakin loses his arm he has to go threw painfull surgeries to try and fix his arm onyl to end up with having to get the fake one, and the process of his slow and painfull recovery/physical therapy.
    15)Padme realizes just how close she came to loseing Anakin and contimplates asking him to marry her.
    16)Have to include how the stress on losing his mother and his arm in such a short period of time really effect Anakin.
    18)Father/Son relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan.
    19)Complications arise from Anakins arm puting his health in turmoil.

  17. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    Hello everybody!

    1:eek:n Padme and Anakin's wedding night, Anakin is the one unsure of their first time together. So this one is basically like a one-shot, if you want to make it longer go ahead.
    *Some of you are probably wondering why/how I came up with this idea...I'll tell you. Simpley because it seem's like in every book, movie, fic or whatever its always the guy asking the girl if she's sure about it or, the girl being really unsure. I figure (no offense guys!), I figure that there are some guy's out there in the world who really are like I don't want to say the girl in the relationshpi, but in my PERSONAL OPINION I look at it as a kind of sterotype with everyone alway's putting the girl in the "vulnerable" position, why can't it be the guy for once?! Once again: ATTENTION TO ALL MALE READERS I MEANT NO OFFENSE IN ANYWAY!!!!! Anyway's enough of my rambling.*

    2:Luke, Leia, and Han are all transported back in time, to just after Anakin is seriously injured.
    1)Pre ATOC-Anakin is 17, Post ATOC-Anakin's 20-ish.
    2)Anidala, they were married if you go with Post ATOC, Anidala even if you went Pre.
    3)Father/Son relationship between Obi-Wan and Anakin.
    4)I have know idea why they went/sent to the past.
    5)Was not to try and stop Anakin from turning though.

    3:pre ATOC fic. During a mission Anakin and Obi-Wan have no choice, but to stay at a pleasure house. What happened to make Anakin so quiet and withdrawn, and uncomfterable? Especially around women?
    7)Obvious Ani-angst.
    8)Father/Son relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan.
    10)Anakin 17-18 yearls old.

    This one you can't really do unless you watch the show Supernatual and are up to current events. Before I go on, I have to say this is NOT a crossover between Star Wars and Supernatural. I got this idea from last week's episode.

    4:Anakin alway's calling Padme an angel, but what if Anakin was really the angel? Not like the ones on Iego. Like the Angel's with Supernatural, you know the whole Heavan and Hell thing, and there totally awesome and cool without being all fluffy and halo's.
    11)Anakin is an angel obviosly! However he doesn't have to posses anybody in order to iteract with others. The body he is in is his own, not somebody else's.
    12)No one, but Anakin know's he is an angel.
    13)It is Anidala.
    14)You really have free reing on this one. If you need any help with it just ask. Same goes for all my ideas.

    5:This one is a crossover with Harry Potter.
    15)Either with Harry's parent's and all them or with Harry and his friends...or both...differnet stories though not the same one.
    17)Either the Jedi go to their galaxy for some reason(not a mission.) and stay at Hogwarts, or they go to the Star Wars galaxy, and stay at the Temple.
    18)Pre ATOC. Anakin 17-18.
    19)Everyone(Student's/Padawan's) is basically the same age.
    20)Maybe Harry and Anakin, or Anakin and...Sirius both like Padme(mixes it up a little), Anakin wins of course.

    I think thats it for today. Buh-bye, see y'all thursday!
  18. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    Hello, hello, hello!!!!

    1:This is a mush/fluff fic for Anakin and Padme. Take's place between ATOC and ROTS.
    Padme helps Anakin relax while he's home on leave after he's been gone for a long time at the front/war.

    2:AU Fic. Padme and Anakin never meet on Tatooine because her ship never had to land their.
    1)Somehow Anakib and Padme meet.
    2)Anakin 18, Padme, 23.
    4)Angst as always.

    3:The Jedi(for some reason unknown to me) decide to do like an exchange student program.
    5)The Padawan's go to another school, and see what life would be like if they went to normal school.
    6)Anakin is one of the Padawan's, Ani-Centric fic.
    7)Some sort of angst, maybe Anidala if you can make it work.
    8)That's about it, you can basically do whatever.

    4:ATOC fic, Padme's thoughts durring Anakin's nightmare on Naboo.Can be a one-shot, if you want to make it longer I'm not complaining.

    5:Between ATOC and ROTS. Padme comforts Anakin after he has a nightmare thats worse than usual. Not about Padme dieing!

    6:AU fic. Anakin is a not slave. You decide if he's force sensitive.
    9)Anakin is taken away from his abusive home.
    11)Angst mandatory as always.
    12)Anakin 15/16 years old. Padme 20/21.

  19. Seremela

    Seremela Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 12, 2008
    Brodiew, if no one takes this up, 'Cloak of deception' by James Luceno is about this. I liked it a lot.

  20. brodiew

    brodiew Jedi Master star 5

    Oct 11, 2005
    Ahhh. I never read that one. Thanks for the heads up, Seremela.
  21. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    Hello everyone!
    *~Before I get started I gotta tell you guy's something. So yeasterday in my Earth Science class, my teacher really scared me. So I'm walking past his desk to get a book so I can do my work, and right as I'm about to bend down and get one he just all of a sudden say's "I gotta call your mom." I immidetly start getting scared thinking I'm in trouble (which is like almost impossible for least in school, because I like never talk except to my friends.) and so I all "What? Why?", you know what he say's...."Because your arm's are as white as the frosting on this cake." He had cake on his desk. Don't know why, but I just felt like telling you that.~*
    Anyway's back to the reason I'm here.

    1:Just exactly how does being the "Poster Boy" actually effect Anakin? Include Pro's and Con's, other than that you decide what to do with it....Anidala!

    2:Anakin tries to hide a serious injury from everyone.
    1)Anakin and Obi-Wan, Father/Son relationship.
    2)If there's any pairing Anidala of course.
    3)Pre ATOC Anakin 16/17 yrs old, Post ATOC-Pre ROTS Anakin 19-21 yrs old.

    3:After Vader's death 3PO somehow gets his memory back.
    Thats basically it, you can do whatever.

    4:Right after Anakin and Padme are married in ATOC. Anakin still not fully healed mentally or physically from the loss of his arm, or able to spend his wedding night with Padme is called away to help fight at the war front.
    4)Anakin/Padme obviously.
    5)Come's back 6 months to 1 year later.
    6)Still a Padawan not yet knighted.
    7)Again you can basically do whatever you want with this.

    Ok, so this is a really REALLY weird idea here.
    5:Not really a crossover. Anakin is not a Jedi, bit instea...ok brace yourself for this one...a contestant on a version of America's Next Top Model.....he win's of course.
    8)You have to start from the very begging of the selection to all the to the winner...Anakin Lol.
    9)Insted of all girls it's all boy's.
    10)Obi-Wan is not a contestan, but he does make an appearence. Maybe as Anakin's father or brother you decide.
    11)Anidala, your goin to have to figure out how that works 'cause I have no idea.
    12)This is not a humor fic. I mean it can have humor but thats not the Genre.
    13)Judges and everyone are the same as on the show.
    14)I don't know I can't think of anything else. If you need any help with this one just ask, I'd be happy to, I know this oneis kinda out there.
  22. LadyNomad

    LadyNomad Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 3, 2009
    How about a story involving how CP30 ended up being the entity being worshiped by the Ewoks?

    Takes place in the Clone Wars.
    Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin, and the clone troopers got caught by the Ewoks.
    A Scene in which Anakin uses CP30 to scare the Ewoks while having fun.

  23. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    Hello everybody, hope every mother on the boards had a wonderful mother's day yesterday.

    1:ATOC fic. Instead of the ususal Anakin ask's Padme to marry him, Padme is the one doing the asking.Include her thoughts and descisions leading up to the question and when she asked him, including his response. After that its up to you wether or not you go further with maybe after she ask's.

    2:How did Anakin become the "Hero With No Fear"?What did he do to earn the title, he was so graciously given? Was he badly hurt?
    2)Father/Son Obi-Wan Anakin relationship.

    3:Anakin has always had nightmare's and not just visions of possible futers either. However, he never really lets on to how much they torment him. Just how badly do they really effect him?
    4)Father/Son, Anakin Obi-Wan.

    4:Crossover with the movie Stop-Loss.
    6)Anakin/Brandon, or Anakin/Steve. You decide which characrer he is.
    7)Whcihever you choose it's Anidala.
    8)Start from before they do in the movie, 'cause they show a bit of what happened to them before they came home, but not alot.(From this point on I'm sorry if there are more typos then usual, I just got my hand slamed in the screen door when I was letting my dog out.)

    5:A Crossover with the Tv show on Showtime. "The Tudors."
    10)Two choices on how to go about this, either
    1-There is no Padme, or
    2-Instead of the 6 wives there are 7 and Padme is one of them.
    11)I can't really explain this one it would take a bit, but if your interested in this one, PM and I'll give you more specifics. If you need any help at all, let me know and I'll do my best.
  24. GuNgAnFaN3090

    GuNgAnFaN3090 Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 16, 2008
    I've got a couple plots here. Hopefully someone else will have the time for them that I can't give.
    Both of them have probably been done...

    1: Luke goes to the Organa's and Leia to the Lars' instead of the other way around. Maybe Luke becomes a Rebel instead of Leia.

    2: YJK. A Relative of one of the PT Jedi is found and trains at the temple. Related to Plo Koon/Kit Fisto/Qui-Gon...
    And at the Jedi academy they can learn about their family tree with Holocrons and Luke's help.
  25. Anakin21

    Anakin21 Jedi Knight star 1

    Dec 30, 2008
    Hello, I know it must have been shocking to not see me name here like everyday almost. I actually didn't run out of ideas I just momentarily becme obsessed with "The Tudors" from Showtime, and didn't really feel like posting.

    1:Kind of a Padme centric fic. Basically just Padme's thought and worries from Anakin and her family on Naboo, to everything inbetween. Post ATOC, Pre ROTS. Anidala.

    2:ATOC fic. Anakin and Padme after he loses his arm. Padme's thoughts and reactions when she finds out what happened, Anakin relazation that he lost his arm, Obi-Wan and Padme talking about stuff while watchig unconcious Anakin on the way home stuff like that. Anidala.

    3:post ATOC. Pre ROTS fic. Awhile after losing his arm Anakin is granted a solo mission in an effort to help out with the war. When he comes back its obviose that something happened(PTSD(Post Tramatic Stress Dissorder). (What heppened....I don't know you tell me.)
    2:eek:bi-Wan, Anakin Father/Son.
    3:Anakin still a Padawan.

    4:Kind of an Anidala fic. Either Padme's mother and father, or one, or the other talk to Anakin and basically tell him that he's not good enought for Padme.
    6:Anakin 19. You decide if he's a Jedi or not, and if he is, if attachement is allowed.

    5:Clone wars fic. Anakin is still a Padawan, but to make up for the dwindeling numbers of Jedi he, and Obi-Wan are seperated and sent on different missions and what not.
    7:Anakin angst fic. (What else is new right? Lol!)
    9:Father/Son, Anakin, Obi-Wan.
    10:pre ROTS.

    6:Cossover fic, with either the movie "Boot Camp" A.K.A "Straight Edge" or the "Boot Camp" by Todd Strasser, which are very much alike. Anakin main charater obviously if you want more details PM, I don't feel like typing alot right now.

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