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Beyond - Legends The prank side of the force. Wes Janson, Jedi Knight.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by _3MD_PsychoSniper, Nov 11, 2003.

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  1. _3MD_PsychoSniper

    _3MD_PsychoSniper Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 25, 2003

    I'm adding this so people can add it to any applacble index, dont bother asking me first, as I'll say yes.

    Title: The prank side of the force
    Author: _3MD_PsychoSniper
    Timeframe: YJK, right after crisis at crystal reef (for now, I might change it)
    Characters: WES JANSON, Kettch, Wedge, Luke, Corran, the YJK kids and others
    Genre: comedy mainly
    Summary: Luke discovers that Wes has force talent. Watch as Wes trains at Yavin IV and falls to THE PRANKSIDE OF THE FORCE
    Notes: what are notes for?? Note to self, delete this later, after prank on dad.


    Ok, I've asked around and looked around, and it seem's that I've gasp found a plot bunny that h asnt been used in ANY shape, form, or fassion. (If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me)


    This is of course an AU story.
    It takes place after the end of the YJK series.

    I'm still develpoing the fic, so I'm just putting up the first post to 'stake a claim' to the idea, so to speak.

    I'm going to proably write most of the story before I post more, unles this fic has more reviews that my other fic, .

    Anyway, please R&R, and rember that unless I get an inordinate number of upps it will be a week or two before more is posted.

    so here it is, the prolouge

    post 1-Proluge

    'I've got a bad feeling about this' thought Wes Janson. Wes was in the objective for the mission, namley the office of a general. He had just laid the package when he had a hunch he was about to get caught. Not admitting defeat easily, Janson quickly jumped into the air vent leading into the office. He had modified the cover to swilg up and down, making covert entryand exit much more simple. He crawled down the air shaft far enough to ensure that the target would not see him then waited. The target sat down, and begain to do papperwork and other activites, then opend the desk and cursed as something poped out. Suddenly Ewok music blared, and a Ewok shaped Ballon self inflated, all trigerd by the desk opening.
    "Yub Yub, Wedge" Wes mouthed off to himself. Wedge did not reply, as he did not hear the coment, but he continued loudly shouting. Not wanting to pass up such an oprotunity, Wed slowley slid backwards in the air shaft and exited, all made possible by the yelling general. Sneaking up behind the General, Wes grabed him in a chokehold and administerd a massive noogie, then ran out of the office slowing only to shout
    "Yub Yub Veggie."

    In the Brig 6 hours later he was still laughing to himself over the prank. The baloon had a holocam in it, and Wes couldnt wait to print out the picture of the expression on Wedge's face and give it to all the Rouge's, Wraith's, and anyone else who he saw. Wes was beganing to get hungry, when Luke Skywalker came in the brig.
    "Hey Luke, you planing a jailbreak?"
    "No, Wes. I posted your bail. What the sith were you thinking hiding in an airduct?"
    "I dunno, I just had a hunch that Wedge was about to come back."
    "Wes, you have been having a lot of hunches recently."
    "So hunches are not just the domain of Jedi, youre jealous."
    "Maybe, maybe not. I also have a huch. May I do a quick mindprobe?"
    "Sure, as long as you dont spoil my next Wedge prank."
    "I wont be readin any thoughts you might have Wes."
    Luke put his hands on Wes's head and concentrated for a moment, then suddenly he jolted backwards and fell on his rear as if shoved.
    "Wes" Luke said as he got back up "my suspicions were correct, you have force potentel."

  2. puppyglo

    puppyglo Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 25, 2003
    Wow! First post! Great start by the way!
  3. _3MD_PsychoSniper

    _3MD_PsychoSniper Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 25, 2003
    [does first reader dance]

    [edit]just so y'all know the beta spot for both of my fics is open
    Also, fell free to plug your fic here within good taste (just a quick mention, link, and summary), all I ask is that you plug one or both of my fics in return[/edit]
  4. BigE

    BigE Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 31, 2002
    I'm liking that start also...not to mention the title. ;)
  5. _3MD_PsychoSniper

    _3MD_PsychoSniper Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 25, 2003
    Ok, I just updated crossover, so I'll work on the next post for prank side now.

    dont worry, it will stay insane as Janson constantly uses his budding skills for the prank side
  6. _3MD_PsychoSniper

    _3MD_PsychoSniper Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 25, 2003
    post#2 -reactions

    "Janson has what?"
    Wedge was confused.
    "He's submitted retirment pappers to me" Gavin Darklighter, the commander or Rouge Squadron, replied.
    "Janson, retiring?" Wedge had still not regained his composure.
    "Wedge, cmon, he's been in the military his entire adult life. How come his retiring is so much of a suprise ?"
    "I just never took him for the retiring type. He has to much fun pulling Ewok pranks on us."
    There was a knock on the door, and Captain Corran Horn enterd the room.
    "Uh, sir's, I just got some disturbing news."
    "What, did Valyn help Booster smuggle gliterism ?"
    "Dont even joke about that Wedge." Corran shot Wedge a dirty look "I'm flying a supply shuttle to the Jedi Academy, as well as a new student. Wes Janson ."

    Consciousness came slowley for Wedge Antilles.
    "Easy there Wedge, you just fainted." Corran spoke.
    "Uh, I think I was halucinating." Wedge still seemed dumbfounded.
    "No, Wedge, you wernt. Wes does have Jedi potentel. And as scary as the thought is, Luke is going to train him."
    "I need a drink" Wedge was stil in deep disbelief. Gavin spoke up.
    "Lets go to this nice little tapcafe I found. The Whyren's reserve there is of a particulary good year.
    "I'll buy. Gavin, Corran, is this real ?"
    "Yes Wedge it is. Youre going to have a bump on your head from that fall to prove it ."
    "Sith Spit. Wes is going to be using Jedi tricks to pull pranks on us now."
    Corran snorted in an attempt to keep from laughing. Wedge and Gavin stared at him with annoynce.
    "Guys, the 'Jedi Mind tricks' as you call them, happen to be my specility. I'll be immune to them, unless Wes is exceprionly good at it.
    The three friends went drank several bottles of Whyren's, and were still disturbed by the newest Jedi trainee.

    Ok, I know its short, but I couldnt think of how to end it for a while afterwards.
    Next Corran Shuttles Wes to the academy, and teaches him a little on the way.
    much to a certain ladies dismay, y'all will see what I mean once I post.
  7. Agent_Jaid

    Agent_Jaid Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 21, 2003


    There's only one other thing remotely like this... Holy force....

    POOR WEDGE!! [face_laugh]

  8. _3MD_PsychoSniper

    _3MD_PsychoSniper Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 25, 2003
    Not even Ewoks can save you now.

    Post 3

    "Corran, how are you going to pilot this shuttle with a hangover?"
    "I'm not going to pilot it Wes, you are. In return I'll give you a little instruction on the way to Yavin."
    "Ok, I'll pilot it."
    "Good padawan"
    "What did you call me ?" Wes seemed mainly curious about learning what he precived as a new curse word.
    "Padawan. Luke recently found some records of the old jedi order. Padawan was the rank of a trainee before he beacame a Knight. Actualy, my father was a padawan when the purges forced him to go underground ." the shuttle jumped to hyperspace.
    "Ok, Wes. Lets go to the ships hold." They walked into the hold and corran set a small coin on the ground and they both sat down on the floor
    "Ok Wes, I'm very weak with telekenitcs, but I can demostrate how to move this coin." The coin slowley, and irregulary, moved foward across the floor until it hit Wes's boot.
    "Ok Wes. Imagine the coin, now see it moving foward across the floor." Wes stared hard at the coin, nothing happend.
    "Awww, I was trying to throw it at you."
    "Thats why it didnt work Wes. You have to focus. It's not easy but can be done." Wes tryed again, concetrating so hard that he begain to sweat. The coin moved, barley.
    "WoooHoooooo I did it I did it I did it I did it" Wes envolped Corran in a massive hug, knocking him to the ground.
    "Uh, Wes. My wife would be jealous."
    "Oh, uh, sorry Corran."
    "Now Wes, keep pratcing on it for a few more hours. I'm going to go to bed. Try to not make that much noise.
    "Aww, cmon Corran. Besides, I doubt I'll do much more than I've done so far."
    "Maybe. maybe not. One thing is certain, you are trying to hard. Let the Force flow through you wes dont force it, let it guide you. Think of it like youre balancing a plate on a stick. If youre slow and careful it will work, but if you try to move to quick or force it to work it wont work for more than a second before breaking, and once you have praticed for a long time you can run along with the plate on the stick like a clown." Janson appeared mildly annoyed at the end of the analogy." Just focus and relax into it, instead of forcing it."
    "Ok, Corran. I'll try. If anything, I ought to be able to pull pranks on Wedge. Night Corran"
    What the sith was Luke thinking in deciding training Wes as a Jedi was Corrans Final thought as he went to sleep.

    PROPHEToftheCOUNCIL Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 11, 2001
    . 8-} This should be a fun read....
  10. Agent_Jaid

    Agent_Jaid Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 21, 2003

    Corran? Luke wasn't thinking... :p

  11. _3MD_PsychoSniper

    _3MD_PsychoSniper Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 25, 2003

    Yes, it will be.


    the poor jedi was thinking of allowing Janson to live up to his full potentel.

    poor Wedge
  12. maramijade

    maramijade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 17, 2000
    this most definately looks like a hummerous read. .. .

    hehehehe, the Rouge Squadron Jedi. . . Luke then Corran and now. .. dun dun dunnnnnn Wes. . . ;)

    good spin. ..
  13. Jaya Solo

    Jaya Solo Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 12, 1999
    Not poor Wedge, poor Luke! This is gonna be funny! Can't wait for more!
  14. _3MD_PsychoSniper

    _3MD_PsychoSniper Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 25, 2003
    maramijade-this most definately looks like a hummerous read. .. .

    yes, it does doesnt it

    good spin.

    I was rolling on the floor when I thought of it.

    I still say its an origonal plot bunnie cause I was unable to find were anyone else had done it before, someware somehow someone certanily has done this before me but until I know of them I'm gona keepthat line up there.

    Jaya Solo--

    Not poor Wedge, poor Luke! This is gonna be funny! Can't wait for more!

    Yes, poor Wedge. Wes realized that Jedi skill aided pranks dont work on Jedi (he learns the hard way) but they work just dandy on non Jedi.

    yes, it is going to be funny

    you cant wait for more ? Well I'll have to finish the next part first.

  15. Lorax

    Lorax Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 1, 2003
    Lol! This sounds like its going to turn out to be extremely hilarious!

    Poor Corran... stuck in a shuttle with Wes all the way to the Academy.

    Lovin' it!!!
  16. _3MD_PsychoSniper

    _3MD_PsychoSniper Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 25, 2003
    Its even worse, he's teaching Wes stuff that can be misused for the prankside.

    And did I ever say all alone ?

    Wes wouldnt go without Lt. Kettch.

  17. Jaya Solo

    Jaya Solo Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 12, 1999
    :: clears throat :: Hi. I'm teh beta for this story now. :: looks around nervously :: I am, right?
  18. _3MD_PsychoSniper

    _3MD_PsychoSniper Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 25, 2003
    I didnt know if you wanted to beta both, but YEAH go ahead.

    I'll send you more on this one once I have it, but I just finished a large section for crossover.

    (6-7 pages in word she says)
  19. _3MD_PsychoSniper

    _3MD_PsychoSniper Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 25, 2003
    Ok, the following was beta'd by the wonderful Jaya Solo.

    Part 4

    When Corran woke up in the morning he saw something odd on the holo game table that served as the morning, mid day, and evening meal table as well.

    It was an Ewok in NR flight orange apparently dancing. And singing?
    'What the Sith? Corran wondered. Corran walked over to Lt. Kettch, picked him up, and shouted into the comlink in the Ewok?s hand, "Janson!" Loud. Really loud.

    Corran heard a thump from a supply cabinet and a curse as someone jerked, banging his head Corran assumed.

    Before Wes could exit, Corran took a small hydro spanner and jammed in into the lock of the locker, trapping Wes inside.

    "Okay Wes, don?t hit the door and break my spanner. Use the Force to move it. If you get out within 10 minutes you get breakfast." Corran smirked, "and Wes... clear your thoughts. Remember 'of the Darkside hunger is.'"

    Surprising Corran, curses did not emanate from the locker.

    Suddenly, Wes exited the locker next to the one he had been in. "Oops, I removed the barrier between the two last night. I sorta fell asleep, and had a dream about you locking me in."

    Corran sighed. "Well, since you?re out so quick, you make breakfast."

    "Awww, I did something smart and I have to make breakfast. Goodie, I get to make meself a lot to eat."

    Corran rubbed his head
  20. Jaya Solo

    Jaya Solo Jedi Knight star 5

    Jul 12, 1999
    Wonderful post! Not that I'm biased or anything. ;)
  21. _3MD_PsychoSniper

    _3MD_PsychoSniper Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 25, 2003
    yer not biased
    yer b'eta'iased


    BTW lurkers and readers, Me and Jaya just finished a plot session as to were to go with the plot of this fic.

    Be sure to have diapers on whenever coming here, cause it'll be funny enough to need them.

    No teasers

    We want to suprise you.

    Shock and Awe, Janson Style.


    I'm adding this to both of my most recent posts in my fics.

    Plugging yer fic IS allowed here. I dont mind. Dont ask. Just read these rules. If you actualy read my fic, you'll see these rules so you should always know them b4 posting.

    follow these rules.
    -Dont post within 3 posts of another plug
    -dont post more than once (unless its a differnt fic, then wait a few pages on 25 posts per page view or edit the inital plug and add it in.)
    -make it short and simple, describe the plot, and whose in it/pairings and a link.
    -You can make refrences to your fic and DWB DRL problems, but dont JUST do that. Also mention the fic or reply to someone's statement.
  22. Jez_3-14159265358979

    Jez_3-14159265358979 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 13, 2001
    Wes, a jedi? I think i'm going to be sick...

    Just watch, Wes single handed will be the down fall of the jedi.

  23. _3MD_PsychoSniper

    _3MD_PsychoSniper Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 25, 2003
    If you think his pranks at Yavin will be bad(Its so obvious that he'll do that that I wont deny it) then wait til he actualy DISLIKES someone.

    Poor sith morelike. He'll drive em nuts THEN attack.
  24. Lorax

    Lorax Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 1, 2003
    Oh man! I can't wait to read what'll happen at Yavin!

    And Wes has a co-conspirator now.
    <i]It was an Ewok in NR flight orange apparently dancing. And singing?[/i]

  25. Agent_Jaid

    Agent_Jaid Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 21, 2003

    O_O *laughs* Oh Force!! [face_laugh] Wes is incorrigible....

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