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    well, where do i

    i am getting married in january (on the 27th), and will be moving to the montreal area... now, being an american, as most of you know, i will be un able to get work right away... i am looking at a few different options... one of which is working in new york while i am living in deux-montagnes qc... which doesnt sound that bad, since the border is only about an hour away (60ish miles) and the place i want to work at is just barely in new york... that way, i dont need to get a visa, and all of that crap...
    i just would like some prayer for the marriage, and for my employment while we are living in quebec... we are planning on moving to michigan roughly after 2 years... teri wants to do that, but not as much as i do... lol.
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    Uh, Spanky? I was told that was top secret...

    I will always be praying, of course.
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    I do not know if there is anyone around here but I just wanted to pray for my cousin and his 2 sons. They
    were killed when the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka.
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